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Title Togu.Audio.Line.TAL-U-NO-LX.v4.2.7.Incl.Keygen-R2R
Category PC
Size 42.32MB

Files List
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08-15 Bass.vstpreset 5.63KB
11 Strings 1.vstpreset 5.52KB
12 Strings 2.vstpreset 5.54KB
13 Strings 3.vstpreset 5.56KB
14 Organ 1.vstpreset 5.55KB
15 Organ 2.vstpreset 5.61KB
16 Organ 3.vstpreset 5.61KB
17 Brass.vstpreset 5.62KB
18 Phase Brass.vstpreset 5.62KB
21 Piano 1.vstpreset 5.66KB
22 Piano 2.vstpreset 5.63KB
23 Celesta.vstpreset 5.61KB
24 Mellow Piano.vstpreset 5.67KB
25 Harpsichord 1.vstpreset 5.66KB
26 Harpsichord 2.vstpreset 5.65KB
27 Guitar.vstpreset 5.66KB
28 Synthesizer Harp.vstpreset 5.65KB
31 Bass 1.vstpreset 5.61KB
32 Bass 2.vstpreset 5.62KB
33 Clavichord 1.vstpreset 5.66KB
34 Clavichord 2.vstpreset 5.66KB
35 Pizzicato Sound 1.vstpreset 5.70KB
36 Pizzicato Sound 2.vstpreset 5.78KB
37 Xylophone.vstpreset 5.61KB
38 Glockenspiel.vstpreset 5.62KB
41 Violine.vstpreset 5.57KB
42 Trumpet.vstpreset 5.63KB
43 Horn.vstpreset 5.64KB
44 Tuba.vstpreset 5.64KB
45 Flute.vstpreset 5.65KB
46 Clarinet.vstpreset 5.70KB
47 Oboe.vstpreset 5.71KB
48 English Horn.vstpreset 5.69KB
51 Funny Cat.vstpreset 5.71KB
52 Wah Brass.vstpreset 5.67KB
53 Phase Combination.vstpreset 5.67KB
54 Reed 1.vstpreset 5.63KB
55 Popcorn.vstpreset 5.55KB
56 Reed 2.vstpreset 5.61KB
57 Reed 3.vstpreset 5.62KB
58 PWM Chorus.vstpreset 5.54KB
61 Synthesizer Organ.vstpreset 5.74KB
62 Effect Sound 1.vstpreset 5.62KB
63 Effect Sound 2.vstpreset 5.70KB
64 Space Harp.vstpreset 5.59KB
65 Funk.vstpreset 5.64KB
66 Space Sound 1.vstpreset 5.64KB
67 Mysterious Invention.vstpreset 5.62KB
68 Space Sound 2.vstpreset 5.60KB
71 Percussive Sound 1.vstpreset 5.56KB
72 Percussive Sound 2.vstpreset 5.66KB
73 Whistle.vstpreset 5.59KB
74 Effect Sound 3.vstpreset 5.60KB
75 UFO.vstpreset 5.55KB
76 Space Sound 3.vstpreset 5.56KB
77 Surf.vstpreset 5.51KB
78 Synthesizer Drum.vstpreset 5.55KB
80s Synth.vstpreset 5.69KB
A11 Brass.vstpreset 6.16KB
A12 Brass Swell.vstpreset 6.22KB
A13 Trumpet.vstpreset 6.16KB
A14 Flutes.vstpreset 6.22KB
A15 Moving Strings.vstpreset 6.19KB
A16 Brass & Strings.vstpreset 6.22KB
A17 Choir.vstpreset 6.23KB
A18 Piano.vstpreset 6.14KB
A21 Organ I.vstpreset 6.15KB
A22 Organ II.vstpreset 6.17KB
A23 Combo Organ.vstpreset 6.17KB
A24 Calliope.vstpreset 6.24KB
A25 Donald Pluck.vstpreset 6.14KB
A26 Celeste.vstpreset 6.16KB
A27 Elect. Piano I.vstpreset 6.20KB
A27 Elect. Piano II.vstpreset 6.16KB
A31 Clock Chimes.vstpreset 6.10KB
A32 Steel Drums.vstpreset 6.19KB
A33 Xylophone.vstpreset 6.15KB
A34 Brass III.vstpreset 6.17KB
A35 Fanfare.vstpreset 6.22KB
A36 Strings III.vstpreset 6.20KB
A37 Pizzicato.vstpreset 6.15KB
A38 High Strings.vstpreset 6.21KB
A41 Bass Clarinet.vstpreset 6.25KB
A42 English Horn.vstpreset 6.19KB
A43 Brass Ensemble.vstpreset 6.21KB
A44 Guitar.vstpreset 6.20KB
A45 Koto.vstpreset 6.21KB
A46 Dark Pluck.vstpreset 6.17KB
A47 Funky I.vstpreset 6.11KB
A48 Synth Bass I.vstpreset 6.10KB
A51 Lead I.vstpreset 6.18KB
A52 Lead II.vstpreset 6.20KB
A53 Lead III.vstpreset 6.22KB
A54 Funky II.vstpreset 6.13KB
A55 Synth Bass II.vstpreset 6.10KB
A56 Funky III.vstpreset 6.15KB
A57 Thud Wah.vstpreset 6.20KB
A58 Going Up.vstpreset 6.07KB
A61 Piano II.vstpreset 6.13KB
A62 Clav..vstpreset 6.14KB
A63 Frontier Organ.vstpreset 6.18KB
A64 Snare Drum.vstpreset 6.08KB
A65 Tom Toms.vstpreset 6.13KB
A66 Timpani.vstpreset 6.11KB
A67 Shaker.vstpreset 6.13KB
A68 Synth Pad.vstpreset 6.11KB
A71 Sweep I.vstpreset 6.18KB
A72 Pluck Sweep.vstpreset 6.21KB
A73 Repeater.vstpreset 6.13KB
A74 Sweep II.vstpreset 6.20KB
A75 Pluck Bell.vstpreset 6.19KB
A76 Dark Synth Piano.vstpreset 6.18KB
A77 Sustainer.vstpreset 6.13KB
A78 Wah Release.vstpreset 6.19KB
A81 Gong.vstpreset 6.16KB
A82 Resonance Funk.vstpreset 6.05KB
A83 Drum Booms.vstpreset 6.08KB
A84 Dust Storm.vstpreset 6.11KB
A85 Rocket Men.vstpreset 6.12KB
A86 Hand Claps.vstpreset 6.11KB
A87 FX Sweep.vstpreset 6.15KB
A88 Caverns.vstpreset 6.02KB
Acid roma.vstpreset 6.16KB
Acid roma2.vstpreset 6.19KB
Air.vstpreset 5.74KB
alan DM.vstpreset 5.94KB
Alone In The Dark.vstpreset 6.19KB
Alpha Juno.vstpreset 5.69KB
American Ninja.vstpreset 6.20KB
Analogue Bass.vstpreset 6.16KB
Apollo Pad.vstpreset 5.65KB
Ar.vstpreset 6.18KB
ARP 80sFeel TH.vstpreset 5.77KB
ARP Airborne 90-130 bpm.vstpreset 6.24KB
ARP BASS 1981 110-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.13KB
ARP Bass Arpeggio FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
ARP BASS Cyborg Threat 90-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.20KB
ARP BASS Dark 110-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.13KB
ARP BASS On The Run 110-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.16KB
ARP BASS Rumble 110-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.08KB
Arp-Begert-consence-80 Year's.vstpreset 6.28KB
ARP Berlin School Arpeggio FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
ARP Chase 95-120 bpm (best on lower keys).vstpreset 6.14KB
ARP Circles Arpeggio FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
ARP Cold Thinking Arpeggio FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
ARP Cruise Control 100-120 bpm.vstpreset 6.15KB
Arp-depth-squach.vstpreset 6.23KB
ARP Electricity 90-130 bpm.vstpreset 6.17KB
ARP Endless 110-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.13KB
ARP Going Strong 95-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.13KB
ARP KS-TD Arpeggio FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
Arp Machine.vstpreset 6.25KB
ARP Miami 100-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.22KB
ARP Play2Notes TH.vstpreset 5.77KB
ARP PlayChords4SID2 TH.vstpreset 5.78KB
ARP PlayChords4SID3 TH.vstpreset 5.77KB
ARP PlayChords4SID TH.vstpreset 5.78KB
ARP Play Just One Note FMR.vstpreset 5.73KB
ARP PortaPeggio 85-150 bpm.vstpreset 6.14KB
ARP PWM LFO Arpeggio FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
ARP Random Arpeggiated PWM FMR.vstpreset 5.80KB
ARP Raspy Guitar Chords 100-130 bpm.vstpreset 6.21KB
ARP Ravers Arp FMR.vstpreset 5.77KB
ARP Reflections 110-145 bpm.vstpreset 6.19KB
ARP Shimmering Plucks 105-140 bpm.vstpreset 6.20KB
ARP Simple Filler (85-120 bpm).vstpreset 6.22KB
ARP Spirals (90-120 bpm).vstpreset 6.19KB
ARP Stringish Arp FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
ARP String Machine Arpeggio FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
ARP Swinging Arpeggio FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
ARP Warrior 60-80 bpm.vstpreset 6.20KB
ARP Wisteria Spot FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
BA Arcade.vstpreset 6.07KB
BA Bass-ic.vstpreset 6.09KB
BA Bass Layer (add to more low frq bass).vstpreset 6.24KB
BA Big Sweeper.vstpreset 6.04KB
Back To 80's.vstpreset 6.25KB
BA Didgeridoo.vstpreset 6.13KB
Bad Religion.vstpreset 6.12KB
BA Just Saw.vstpreset 6.05KB
BA Legator.vstpreset 6.05KB
BA Mechanoid.vstpreset 6.05KB
BA Reso.vstpreset 6.16KB
BAS Acid Bass 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
BAS Acid Bass 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.56KB
BAS Acid Bass 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.57KB
BAS Acid Bass 4 FMR.vstpreset 5.57KB
BAS Basso Profondo FMR.vstpreset 5.73KB
BAS Hooverish Bass FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
Basic Pad.vstpreset 5.74KB
BA Slap.vstpreset 6.14KB
BAS Love Bass FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
BAS Pulse Bass 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
BAS Pulse Bass 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.54KB
BAS Round Bass 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
BAS Round Bass 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
Bass Mod.vstpreset 6.24KB
BAS Square Bass FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
BAS Synth Bass 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
BAS Synth Bass 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
BAS Wire Bass FMR.vstpreset 5.55KB
BA Tempo Synced Sustain.vstpreset 6.13KB
BA Upper frq Bass LFO Gated.vstpreset 6.21KB
BA Wood.vstpreset 6.12KB
BA Zapper.vstpreset 6.08KB
BE Icy Caverns.vstpreset 6.08KB
Bell Synth.vstpreset 5.69KB
Bend Me Bass.vstpreset 5.68KB
Berlin.vstpreset 6.11KB
Big Lead.vstpreset 5.68KB
Blizzard.vstpreset 5.73KB
Boards Of Canada.vstpreset 6.20KB
Body Movin.vstpreset 6.21KB
Brass1.vstpreset 6.15KB
Brassy Bass.vstpreset 5.68KB
BR Brassificial.vstpreset 6.19KB
BR Mellow Brass.vstpreset 6.17KB
BR Moving.vstpreset 6.29KB
BR Ripples.vstpreset 6.16KB
BRS Brass 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
BRS Brass 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
BRS Brass 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
BRS Brass Pad 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
BRS Brass Pad 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
BRS Brass Pad 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
BRS French Horn FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
BR Simple Brass.vstpreset 6.17KB
BR Simple Drifty Trumpet.vstpreset 6.25KB
BRS Low Brass FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
BRS Phase Brass FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
BRS Prophet Brass FMR.vstpreset 5.56KB
BRS Trumpet FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
BRS Tuba FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
BR Sweet Brass.vstpreset 6.26KB
BR Touch and Release.vstpreset 6.23KB
Brushhub.vstpreset 5.89KB
BS 80sPop TH.vstpreset 5.73KB
BS Action TH.vstpreset 5.78KB
BS BubbleDub TH.vstpreset 5.70KB
BS Drifter TH.vstpreset 5.75KB
BS FlaciedSeq_Tamed TH.vstpreset 6.18KB
BS FlaciedSeq TH.vstpreset 6.17KB
BS Floored TH.vstpreset 6.20KB
BS Funky TH.vstpreset 6.18KB
BS Funkytown TH.vstpreset 6.17KB
BS Hairy TH.vstpreset 6.14KB
BS Rezor TH.vstpreset 6.09KB
BS Supremacy TH.vstpreset 6.21KB
Capitan Future.vstpreset 5.68KB
Caverns.vstpreset 5.61KB
Chillin R2D2.vstpreset 5.65KB
CHO Church Choir FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
Choir.vstpreset 5.72KB
CHO PWM Chorus A FMR.vstpreset 5.58KB
Chorus Melody.vstpreset 5.74KB
CHO Voice Chorus FMR.vstpreset 5.73KB
CHO Voice Chorus Too FMR.vstpreset 5.64KB
Classic Arp 1.vstpreset 6.24KB
Classic Arp 2.vstpreset 6.24KB
Classic Arp and Noise 3.vstpreset 6.27KB
Classic Saw Bass.vstpreset 5.62KB
Complex.vstpreset 6.15KB
Crying Cats.vstpreset 6.10KB
Crystal Drops.vstpreset 5.64KB
Dark Drones.vstpreset 6.21KB
Dark Pluck.vstpreset 5.71KB
Dark Roads.vstpreset 5.72KB
Deep Bass.vstpreset 5.67KB
Deep Drop In.vstpreset 5.67KB
Depeche Bass I.vstpreset 5.74KB
Depeche Bass II.vstpreset 5.92KB
Desert.vstpreset 6.11KB
Dirty Bend Bass.vstpreset 5.77KB
Disco Bass.vstpreset 6.15KB
Disharmonic feedback.vstpreset 5.69KB
Distor.vstpreset 5.92KB
Dorian Brass.vstpreset 6.12KB
Double Chorus Trancer.vstpreset 5.60KB
Downstable.vstpreset 5.91KB
Drainer.vstpreset 5.89KB
Dream Arp.vstpreset 5.70KB
Dream Strings.vstpreset 5.73KB
Dream Synth.vstpreset 5.60KB
DRM Crash Cymbal FMR.vstpreset 5.61KB
DRM Hi-Hat Closed FMR.vstpreset 5.60KB
DRM Hi-Hat Opened FMR.vstpreset 5.62KB
DRM Kick and Snap FMR.vstpreset 5.60KB
DRM Kick Drum 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.54KB
DRM Kick Drum 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.56KB
DRM Kick Drum 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.57KB
DRM Kick Drum and Toms FMR.vstpreset 5.59KB
DRM Ride Cymbal FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
DRM Snare Drum 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.56KB
DRM Snare Drum 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
DRM Snare Drum 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
DRM Snare Drum 4 FMR.vstpreset 5.58KB
DRM Snare Gun FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
DRM Synth Drum 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.56KB
DRM Synth Drum 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.56KB
DRM Synth Drum 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.58KB
DRN Deep Drone FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
DRN JX-3P Drone FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
DRN LFO and Echo Drone FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
DRN Sequence Like Drone FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
DRN Waving Bass Drone FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
Dubbletake.vstpreset 5.95KB
Egypt.vstpreset 5.89KB
ElectricTruphet.vstpreset 6.17KB
Engine.vstpreset 6.09KB
Enter the Twirl.vstpreset 5.69KB
Eso Drops.vstpreset 5.72KB
Etheral.vstpreset 5.63KB
Ethereal.vstpreset 5.67KB
F-16.vstpreset 6.14KB
Fat Roland.vstpreset 5.68KB
Fat Sweep.vstpreset 5.71KB
Fat Velo Bass I.vstpreset 5.78KB
Fat Velo Bass II.vstpreset 5.74KB
Favorite Keys.vstpreset 5.79KB
Finger Bass.vstpreset 6.16KB
Flange Synth.vstpreset 5.64KB
Frozen River.vstpreset 6.16KB
Full Spectrum.vstpreset 6.16KB
Funky Mod Bass.vstpreset 5.78KB
fx-01.vstpreset 6.16KB
fx-2.vstpreset 6.17KB
fx-3.vstpreset 6.23KB
FX Apache (host synced).vstpreset 6.02KB
FX Background Noise (atmosphere).vstpreset 6.18KB
FX Falling Filter ZAPs.vstpreset 6.00KB
FX Filter ZAP.vstpreset 5.96KB
FX Galaxian.vstpreset 6.10KB
FX Noise sweep - more decay=longer sweep.vstpreset 6.10KB
FX Pluck that spring.vstpreset 6.12KB
FX Thud.vstpreset 6.04KB
FX Wobbly mid-high.vstpreset 6.14KB
Game Over.vstpreset 6.06KB
German Beer.vstpreset 6.23KB
GTR Acoustic Guitar FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
GTR Chorused Ovation FMR.vstpreset 5.79KB
GTR Jazz Guitar FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
GTR Overdrive Guitar FMR.vstpreset 5.77KB
GTR Steel String Guitar FMR.vstpreset 5.74KB
Hagan.vstpreset 5.92KB
Hardcore.vstpreset 6.06KB
Hashtag.vstpreset 5.97KB
Hawnt.vstpreset 5.87KB
Hold Jaco.vstpreset 5.75KB
Huge Lead 80's.vstpreset 6.16KB
Joe Sound.vstpreset 5.65KB
JP.vstpreset 5.64KB
Juno 6 Hoover.vstpreset 6.14KB
Juno Electric Piano.vstpreset 6.15KB
Jupe.vstpreset 5.92KB
Jupeshort.vstpreset 5.93KB
Jupiter.vstpreset 5.71KB
Kathodo.vstpreset 5.91KB
KBD Celesta FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
KBD Classic Clavinet FMR.vstpreset 5.81KB
KBD Clavichord 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
KBD Clavichord 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
KBD Funk A FMR.vstpreset 5.60KB
KBD Funk B FMR.vstpreset 5.62KB
KBD Harpsichord 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
KBD Harpsichord 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
KBD Synthi Clavinet FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
Kraft Velo Bass.vstpreset 5.76KB
KS Arcade Memory.vstpreset 6.19KB
KS Back Home.vstpreset 6.22KB
KS Broken.vstpreset 6.23KB
KS Brooding.vstpreset 6.13KB
KS Buzz.vstpreset 6.10KB
KS Cabinet.vstpreset 6.18KB
KS Chip.vstpreset 6.15KB
KS Clean Electric Guitar.vstpreset 6.30KB
KS Credits.vstpreset 6.18KB
KS Dreamy Keys.vstpreset 6.21KB
KS Duck!.vstpreset 6.08KB
KS Fading.vstpreset 6.23KB
KS Game Over.vstpreset 6.19KB
KS Greece.vstpreset 6.17KB
KS HonkyTonk.vstpreset 6.18KB
KS MarimbOrgan.vstpreset 6.22KB
KS Neon.vstpreset 6.18KB
KS NightLights.vstpreset 6.27KB
KS Palm Beach.vstpreset 6.24KB
KS Pixel Highway.vstpreset 6.23KB
KS ResOrgan.vstpreset 6.16KB
KS Schreechy Organ.vstpreset 6.18KB
KS Siberia.vstpreset 6.12KB
KS Slow PWM Keys.vstpreset 6.23KB
KS Soft Plucked Strings.vstpreset 6.30KB
KS Synth Organ.vstpreset 6.24KB
KS Tender Moments.vstpreset 6.23KB
KS Tropical Keys.vstpreset 6.19KB
KS Troubled.vstpreset 6.18KB
KS Uno Piano.vstpreset 6.28KB
Lagon.vstpreset 5.92KB
LD A little Proggy.vstpreset 6.23KB
LD Ambushed.vstpreset 6.18KB
LD E Guitar.vstpreset 6.17KB
LD HotTransistors TH.vstpreset 6.18KB
LD In Your Face.vstpreset 6.21KB
LD Junodays TH.vstpreset 6.26KB
LD PWMed TH.vstpreset 6.18KB
LD PWM Lead.vstpreset 6.20KB
LD Spinner.vstpreset 6.16KB
LD Sweeper.vstpreset 6.16KB
LD Sweetie TH.vstpreset 6.20KB
LD Thin Drifter.vstpreset 6.21KB
LD Timex TH.vstpreset 6.25KB
LD Toaster TH.vstpreset 6.15KB
LD Trumpy.vstpreset 6.14KB
Lead Sequence.vstpreset 6.29KB
LED Big Lead 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.77KB
LED Big Lead 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.77KB
LED Calliope FMR.vstpreset 5.62KB
LED Flutey Vibrato Solo FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
LED LFO Lead FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
LED Meeaow Lead FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
LED PWM Lead FMR.vstpreset 5.77KB
LED Reed 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.60KB
LED Reed 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.60KB
LED Silk Road Lead FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
LED Sing Like a Cat FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
LED Spartacus II FMR.vstpreset 5.74KB
LED Spartacus III FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
LED Spartacus IV FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
LED Square Lead FMR.vstpreset 5.78KB
LED Tin Whistle FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
LED Violin FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
Letgoa.vstpreset 5.99KB
Letgoagain.vstpreset 5.96KB
Letgoagainer.vstpreset 5.96KB
LFO Bass.vstpreset 5.67KB
LFOer.vstpreset 5.61KB
LFO Lead.vstpreset 5.65KB
Lorand.vstpreset 5.85KB
Lovely Pad 1.vstpreset 6.16KB
Lovely Pad 2.vstpreset 6.19KB
Lovely Pad 3.vstpreset 6.22KB
Lovely-SeptIrema.vstpreset 6.20KB
Lovely Synth-001.vstpreset 6.19KB
Lovely Synth-002.vstpreset 6.13KB
Lovely Synth-003.vstpreset 6.23KB
Lovely Synth-004.vstpreset 6.17KB
Lovely Synth 05.vstpreset 6.18KB
Lovely Synth 06.vstpreset 6.24KB
Lowsquares.vstpreset 5.88KB
Lowsquarp.vstpreset 5.85KB
Lowsquarp2.vstpreset 5.96KB
Lute.vstpreset 5.61KB
Mad Strings.vstpreset 5.73KB
Magic Pad.vstpreset 6.15KB
Mellow LoFi Lead.vstpreset 5.75KB
Meow.vstpreset 5.70KB
MFX Effect Sound 76 FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
MFX Effect Sound Five FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
MFX Effect Sound Four FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
MFX Effect Sound One FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
MFX Effect Sound Seven FMR.vstpreset 5.83KB
MFX Effect Sound Six FMR.vstpreset 5.79KB
MFX Effect Sound Three FMR.vstpreset 5.74KB
MFX Effect Sound Two FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
MFX Inverted Filter PWM FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
MFX LFO and Echo FMR.vstpreset 5.74KB
MFX Low Harp Endless Tail FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
MFX Mysterious Invention FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
MFX Space Sound 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
MFX Space Sound 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
MFX Space Sound 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.73KB
MFX Spartacus VIII FMR.vstpreset 5.78KB
Midnight.vstpreset 6.13KB
Modern.vstpreset 6.18KB
Mono Filter Bass.vstpreset 5.76KB
Mono Pulse Bass.vstpreset 5.73KB
Monosynth.vstpreset 6.21KB
Mute Records.vstpreset 5.75KB
Natural Swing.vstpreset 6.16KB
Nice Filter Sweep.vstpreset 5.66KB
Nice Strings.vstpreset 5.72KB
Noise Bass.vstpreset 5.75KB
Noise Chorus Sweep.vstpreset 5.76KB
Octer.vstpreset 5.87KB
Oldschool Or Future.vstpreset 6.17KB
Orbit Melody.vstpreset 5.60KB
ORG Another Organ FMR.vstpreset 5.73KB
ORG Church Organ Full Pipes 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.77KB
ORG Church Organ Full Pipes 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
ORG Church Organ Gated FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
ORG Church Organ Positive FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
ORG Jazz Organ FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
ORG Organ 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.60KB
ORG Organ 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.62KB
ORG Organ 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.60KB
ORG Spartacus IX FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
ORG Spartacus X FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
ORG Spartacus XI FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
ORG Spartacus XII FMR.vstpreset 5.77KB
ORG Synthesizer Organ 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
ORG Synthesizer Organ 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
Orion.vstpreset 5.64KB
OSC Filter.vstpreset 5.71KB
OW Bass.vstpreset 5.63KB
Oxygen Filter Bass.vstpreset 5.80KB
PAD Bass Pad FMR.vstpreset 5.60KB
PAD Big Synth Pad 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
PAD Big Synth Pad 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.73KB
PAD Bright Strings.vstpreset 6.20KB
PAD Camelpoo TH.vstpreset 6.30KB
PAD Chariots VG Brass FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
PAD Classic Sweep Pad FMR.vstpreset 5.77KB
PAD Collider.vstpreset 6.17KB
PAD Dive Into The Deep FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
PAD Dolphinae TH.vstpreset 6.29KB
PAD Dusty Organ.vstpreset 6.17KB
PAD Forever Pad FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
PAD Gummiben TH.vstpreset 6.12KB
PAD High Res Pad FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
PAD Hoiy Mass FMR.vstpreset 5.64KB
PAD In the twilight zone.vstpreset 6.17KB
PAD Jitter.vstpreset 6.24KB
PAD Massive Pad 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.74KB
PAD Massive Pad 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
PAD Meditation Pad 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
PAD Meditation Pad 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
PAD Meditation Pad 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
PAD Metal Fog.vstpreset 6.24KB
PAD Metal Rotor Pad FMR.vstpreset 5.82KB
PAD No Way Back.vstpreset 6.21KB
PAD PWM Pad FMR.vstpreset 5.64KB
PAD Quartz.vstpreset 6.23KB
PAD RandomTemper TH.vstpreset 6.27KB
PAD Reedy.vstpreset 6.18KB
PAD Reso Pad FMR.vstpreset 5.73KB
PAD Rise the Pulse FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
PAD Shadows.vstpreset 6.18KB
PAD SIDdreams TH.vstpreset 6.25KB
PAD Slow Chorus.vstpreset 6.23KB
PAD Sparkle in her eyes.vstpreset 6.26KB
PAD Spartacus I FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
PAD Spartacus V FMR.vstpreset 5.79KB
PAD Stargazing.vstpreset 6.30KB
PAD Sweeper.vstpreset 6.20KB
PAD Thin and Slow.vstpreset 6.16KB
PAD Thin and Square.vstpreset 6.20KB
PAD This Is It FMR.vstpreset 5.78KB
PAD UnstableFilters TH.vstpreset 6.27KB
Pad Up And Down.vstpreset 6.29KB
PAD Woosh Pad FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
Pd_Ghabnmilo.vstpreset 6.09KB
Perc. Pluck.vstpreset 5.68KB
Phasing Island Bass.vstpreset 5.63KB
PL A bit drifty.vstpreset 6.11KB
PL Brassy Zap.vstpreset 6.06KB
PL Dreamcatcher.vstpreset 6.21KB
PL Dreamy Plucks.vstpreset 6.23KB
PL Fluorescent.vstpreset 6.17KB
PL Happy Days (arp me).vstpreset 6.17KB
PL HiRes.vstpreset 6.09KB
PL Lazy Day.vstpreset 6.19KB
PL Percussive Synthpop Pluck.vstpreset 6.20KB
PL Serenity.vstpreset 6.19KB
PL Shorty.vstpreset 6.16KB
PL Steely.vstpreset 6.16KB
PNO Another E P FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
PNO Bright Rhodes FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
PNO Classic E P FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
PNO Mellow Piano FMR.vstpreset 5.74KB
PNO Piano 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
PNO Piano 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
PNO Sweet Tines FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
Portamento Bass.vstpreset 6.18KB
PRC 1 bit Tom.vstpreset 6.17KB
PRC Cheap Tom.vstpreset 6.17KB
PRC Chiff Attack FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
PRC Clicks FMR.vstpreset 5.61KB
PRC Crystal Bells FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
PRC Dual SynRes Percussion FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
PRC Electronic Tom.vstpreset 6.13KB
PRC Glockenspiel FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
PRC Noisy Jungle.vstpreset 6.11KB
PRC Percussion 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.54KB
PRC Percussion 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.54KB
PRC Percussion 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.54KB
PRC Percussion 4 FMR.vstpreset 5.56KB
PRC Pizzicato Sound 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.74KB
PRC Pizzicato Sound 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
PRC Popcorn FMR.vstpreset 5.59KB
PRC Steel Drum FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
PRC Synth Gamelan FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
PRC The Tech Pluck FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
PRC Thump Bass Drum FMR.vstpreset 5.62KB
PRC Toy Rimshot.vstpreset 6.09KB
PRC Xylophone FMR.vstpreset 5.61KB
Pulse Drop.vstpreset 5.61KB
Pulse Drop.vstpreset 6.30KB
Pulse Drop Pad.vstpreset 5.69KB
Pwim.vstpreset 5.91KB
R2R.nfo 14.25KB
Rainer.vstpreset 5.90KB
Rave Trip.vstpreset 6.06KB
Release.vstpreset 5.65KB
Resquare.vstpreset 5.97KB
Resquarer.vstpreset 5.97KB
Rev Sweep.vstpreset 5.67KB
Robots.vstpreset 5.65KB
Scape-Lovely-Pad.vstpreset 6.21KB
Scape-Lovely-Pad2.vstpreset 6.17KB
Scape-Lovely-Pad3.vstpreset 6.06KB
Scary Movie.vstpreset 6.16KB
Self Destroy.vstpreset 5.72KB
Seq.vstpreset 5.62KB
SFX Noise Bubbles FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
SFX Noise I.vstpreset 5.66KB
SFX Noise II.vstpreset 5.64KB
SFX Noises.vstpreset 5.66KB
SFX Space Sound 4 FMR.vstpreset 5.62KB
SFX Surfing the Waves FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
SFX Swoosher TH.vstpreset 6.09KB
SFX UFO Landing FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
SFX Wind.vstpreset 5.65KB
Shmee.vstpreset 5.90KB
Shockler.vstpreset 5.93KB
Shoon.vstpreset 5.94KB
Skeptor.vstpreset 5.85KB
Sloe.vstpreset 5.90KB
Slow Phaser.vstpreset 5.68KB
Soft Brass.vstpreset 6.18KB
Sother.vstpreset 5.65KB
Space Chimes.vstpreset 5.60KB
Space In The Place.vstpreset 6.21KB
Space Sweep.vstpreset 5.68KB
Sparkles.vstpreset 6.06KB
Startup.vstpreset 5.48KB
Steamsh.vstpreset 5.91KB
STR Bright Strings.vstpreset 6.24KB
STR Cinematic Strings.vstpreset 6.22KB
STR Drifter.vstpreset 6.26KB
STR Eminent Strings FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
STR Full Strings FMR.vstpreset 5.80KB
STR Galaxy Strings.vstpreset 6.24KB
String Pad 106.vstpreset 5.61KB
STR Low Strings FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
STR Mellow Strings.vstpreset 6.20KB
STR Prophet Strings FMR.vstpreset 5.58KB
STR PWM Strings 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
STR PWM Strings 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
STR Soft Strings FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
STR Spartacus VI FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
STR Spartacus VII FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
STR String Ensemble FMR.vstpreset 5.79KB
STR String Machine FMR.vstpreset 5.79KB
STR Strings 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.63KB
STR Strings 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
STR Strings 3 FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
Submarine.vstpreset 6.12KB
Super Funky Lead.vstpreset 5.73KB
Super Jumper.vstpreset 5.69KB
Super Rezz.vstpreset 5.60KB
Sustain Bells.vstpreset 6.24KB
Sustainer.vstpreset 5.61KB
Sweep I.vstpreset 5.63KB
Sweep II.vstpreset 5.69KB
SY Airy.vstpreset 6.17KB
SY Backwards.vstpreset 6.17KB
SY Beyond the Horizon.vstpreset 6.22KB
SY Big Juno.vstpreset 6.24KB
SY Candyfloss.vstpreset 6.27KB
SY ChipSweeper TH.vstpreset 6.04KB
SY Emerald.vstpreset 6.15KB
SY Fairy.vstpreset 6.16KB
SY Feathers.vstpreset 6.18KB
SY Filtergating.vstpreset 6.18KB
SY Fluffy Keys.vstpreset 6.24KB
SY Hugh and Reedy.vstpreset 6.20KB
SY I Have A Pluck TH.vstpreset 6.16KB
SY Intoxicated.vstpreset 6.28KB
SY Marauder (gated).vstpreset 6.18KB
SYN Chariots VG Harp FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
SYN Dreamy Poly FMR.vstpreset 5.76KB
SYN Dynamic Polysynth FMR.vstpreset 5.86KB
SYN Fluctuation Keys FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
SYN Gated Bright Synth FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
SYN Harpe Laser FMR.vstpreset 5.80KB
SYN Harpsynth Poly FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
SYN Percussive Polysynth FMR.vstpreset 5.74KB
SYN Phase Combination FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
SYN Please Release Me FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
SYN PWM Chorus B FMR.vstpreset 5.65KB
SYN PWM Chorus C FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
SYN PWM FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
SYN PWM Sound FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
SYN Raw Saw-Square FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
SYN Raw Saw-Sub FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
SYN Reed 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.62KB
SYN Slow Polysynth FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
SYN Space Harp FMR.vstpreset 5.67KB
SYN Synthesizer Harp FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
SYN Synth Harp LFO FMR.vstpreset 5.79KB
Synth Bass I.vstpreset 5.70KB
Synth Bass II.vstpreset 5.70KB
Synth Bass III.vstpreset 5.67KB
SYN VH Jump FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
SYN Wah Brass FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
SY Reed but not Reed.vstpreset 6.18KB
SY Squadron (gated).vstpreset 6.20KB
SY Subsiding.vstpreset 6.19KB
SY Sugar.vstpreset 6.23KB
TAL_KeyGen.exe 936.07KB 3.85MB
TAL-U-No-LX-V2.aaxplugin 7.75MB
TAL-U-No-LX-V2-64.dll 7.55MB
TAL-U-No-LX-V2-64.vst3 7.70MB
TAL-U-NO-LX-V2-installer.pkg 10.27MB
Terminator.vstpreset 6.19KB
That Synth.vstpreset 5.67KB
Thichran.vstpreset 5.95KB
Thicki.vstpreset 5.94KB
Thickthin.vstpreset 5.95KB
Thud Wah.vstpreset 5.69KB
Tooth Fairy.vstpreset 6.07KB
Transmitter.vstpreset 5.69KB
Triger Brass.vstpreset 6.16KB
Tristram Cary.vstpreset 6.11KB
Tutch.vstpreset 5.89KB
Ugly One.vstpreset 5.61KB
Ultra Deep Bass.vstpreset 5.64KB
Vangelis.vstpreset 6.19KB
Vibbapad.vstpreset 5.95KB
Vibrato Organ.vstpreset 6.14KB
Vince.vstpreset 5.65KB
voice construct - ;).vstpreset 6.23KB
voice construct 2 - ;).vstpreset 6.25KB
Voices.vstpreset 5.72KB
Volution.vstpreset 5.89KB
Vommus.vstpreset 5.83KB
Warm Pad.vstpreset 5.67KB
Warm String Pad.vstpreset 5.65KB
Water Love.vstpreset 5.72KB
WND Clarinet FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
WND English Horn FMR.vstpreset 5.72KB
WND Flauto Dolce FMR.vstpreset 5.69KB
WND Flute 1 FMR.vstpreset 5.70KB
WND Flute 2 FMR.vstpreset 5.71KB
WND Oboe FMR.vstpreset 5.75KB
WND Ocarina FMR.vstpreset 5.66KB
WND Pan Flute FMR.vstpreset 5.68KB
Wonderland.vstpreset 5.66KB
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Russia (RU) 9
Kazakhstan (KZ) 3
Mexico (MX) 3
Japan (JP) 2
Hungary (HU) 2
Argentina (AR) 2
Chile (CL) 2
United States (US) 2
Spain (ES) 1
Panama (PA) 1
Ukraine (UA) 1
France (FR) 1
Israel (IL) 1
Thailand (TH) 1
Total 31
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