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Title DaF kompakt A1-B1
Category Other
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Audio-CD 1_01.mp3 523.98KB
Audio-CD 1_01.mp3 451.33KB
Audio-CD 1_02.mp3 443.57KB
Audio-CD 1_02.mp3 367.66KB
Audio-CD 1_03.mp3 339.90KB
Audio-CD 1_03.mp3 339.08KB
Audio-CD 1_04.mp3 876.23KB
Audio-CD 1_04.mp3 788.88KB
Audio-CD 1_05.mp3 1.06MB
Audio-CD 1_05.mp3 565.21KB
Audio-CD 1_06.mp3 2.48MB
Audio-CD 1_06.mp3 295.82KB
Audio-CD 1_07.mp3 444.80KB
Audio-CD 1_07.mp3 179.90KB
Audio-CD 1_08.mp3 332.55KB
Audio-CD 1_08.mp3 301.53KB
Audio-CD 1_09.mp3 1.06MB
Audio-CD 1_09.mp3 359.90KB
Audio-CD 1_10.mp3 1.02MB
Audio-CD 1_10.mp3 333.37KB
Audio-CD 1_11.mp3 1.06MB
Audio-CD 1_11.mp3 350.51KB
Audio-CD 1_12.mp3 1012.96KB
Audio-CD 1_12.mp3 480.31KB
Audio-CD 1_13.mp3 426.43KB
Audio-CD 1_13.mp3 288.06KB
Audio-CD 1_14.mp3 725.21KB
Audio-CD 1_14.mp3 458.27KB
Audio-CD 1_15.mp3 946.84KB
Audio-CD 1_15.mp3 624.80KB
Audio-CD 1_16.mp3 2.22MB
Audio-CD 1_16.mp3 727.66KB
Audio-CD 1_17.mp3 1.10MB
Audio-CD 1_17.mp3 1.07MB
Audio-CD 1_18.mp3 1.85MB
Audio-CD 1_18.mp3 599.49KB
Audio-CD 1_19.mp3 1.01MB
Audio-CD 1_19.mp3 812.15KB
Audio-CD 1_20.mp3 1.08MB
Audio-CD 1_20.mp3 589.70KB
Audio-CD 1_21.mp3 1.13MB
Audio-CD 1_21.mp3 526.43KB
Audio-CD 1_22.mp3 553.78KB
Audio-CD 1_22.mp3 383.98KB
Audio-CD 1_23.mp3 1.10MB
Audio-CD 1_23.mp3 510.10KB
Audio-CD 1_24.mp3 861.13KB
Audio-CD 1_24.mp3 293.37KB
Audio-CD 1_25.mp3 945.62KB
Audio-CD 1_25.mp3 567.25KB
Audio-CD 1_26.mp3 616.63KB
Audio-CD 1_26.mp3 324.80KB
Audio-CD 1_27.mp3 455.82KB
Audio-CD 1_27.mp3 252.96KB
Audio-CD 1_28.mp3 873.37KB
Audio-CD 1_28.mp3 397.86KB
Audio-CD 1_29.mp3 351.74KB
Audio-CD 1_29.mp3 232.55KB
Audio-CD 1_30.mp3 537.86KB
Audio-CD 1_30.mp3 302.35KB
Audio-CD 1_31.mp3 1012.96KB
Audio-CD 1_31.mp3 359.90KB
Audio-CD 1_32.mp3 660.72KB
Audio-CD 1_32.mp3 254.19KB
Audio-CD 1_33.mp3 1.08MB
Audio-CD 1_33.mp3 321.13KB
Audio-CD 1_34.mp3 1.68MB
Audio-CD 1_34.mp3 653.78KB
Audio-CD 1_35.mp3 1.52MB
Audio-CD 1_35.mp3 469.70KB
Audio-CD 1_36.mp3 1.49MB
Audio-CD 1_36.mp3 544.80KB
Audio-CD 1_37.mp3 930.10KB
Audio-CD 1_37.mp3 503.57KB
Audio-CD 1_38.mp3 921.13KB
Audio-CD 1_38.mp3 639.90KB
Audio-CD 1_39.mp3 581.53KB
Audio-CD 1_39.mp3 255.82KB
Audio-CD 1_40.mp3 1.21MB
Audio-CD 1_40.mp3 683.17KB
Audio-CD 1_41.mp3 530.92KB
Audio-CD 1_41.mp3 205.21KB
Audio-CD 1_42.mp3 492.96KB
Audio-CD 1_42.mp3 210.92KB
Audio-CD 1_43.mp3 765.21KB
Audio-CD 1_43.mp3 382.35KB
Audio-CD 1_44.mp3 493.37KB
Audio-CD 1_44.mp3 399.49KB
Audio-CD 1_45.mp3 305.21KB
Audio-CD 1_45.mp3 140.31KB
Audio-CD 1_46.mp3 1.14MB
Audio-CD 1_46.mp3 477.04KB
Audio-CD 1_47.mp3 798.68KB
Audio-CD 1_47.mp3 388.88KB
Audio-CD 1_48.mp3 591.33KB
Audio-CD 1_48.mp3 379.90KB
Audio-CD 1_49.mp3 1.06MB
Audio-CD 1_49.mp3 218.27KB
Audio-CD 1_50.mp3 1.25MB
Audio-CD 1_50.mp3 297.04KB
Audio-CD 1_51.mp3 807.25KB
Audio-CD 1_51.mp3 215.82KB
Audio-CD 1_52.mp3 555.41KB
Audio-CD 1_52.mp3 488.88KB
Audio-CD 1_53.mp3 984.80KB
Audio-CD 1_53.mp3 728.47KB
Audio-CD 1_54.mp3 1.16MB
Audio-CD 1_54.mp3 212.96KB
Audio-CD 1_55.mp3 1.50MB
Audio-CD 1_55.mp3 494.59KB
Audio-CD 1_56.mp3 2.23MB
Audio-CD 1_56.mp3 746.02KB
Audio-CD 1_57.mp3 1.12MB
Audio-CD 1_57.mp3 907.66KB
Audio-CD 1_58.mp3 1.44MB
Audio-CD 1_58.mp3 218.68KB
Audio-CD 1_59.mp3 1.39MB
Audio-CD 1_59.mp3 289.29KB
Audio-CD 1_60.mp3 906.84KB
Audio-CD 1_60.mp3 648.47KB
Audio-CD 1_61.mp3 1.34MB
Audio-CD 1_61.mp3 462.76KB
Audio-CD 1_62.mp3 1.12MB
Audio-CD 1_62.mp3 268.06KB
Audio-CD 1_63.mp3 1.55MB
Audio-CD 1_63.mp3 715.82KB
Audio-CD 1_64.mp3 1.43MB
Audio-CD 1_64.mp3 521.94KB
Audio-CD 1_65.mp3 971.33KB
Audio-CD 1_65.mp3 440.72KB
Audio-CD 1_66.mp3 2.28MB
Audio-CD 1_66.mp3 338.27KB
Audio-CD 1_67.mp3 1.51MB
Audio-CD 1_67.mp3 402.35KB
Audio-CD 1_68.mp3 842.35KB
Audio-CD 1_68.mp3 783.57KB
Audio-CD 1_69.mp3 560.31KB
Audio-CD 1_69.mp3 315.82KB
Audio-CD 1_70.mp3 1.21MB
Audio-CD 1_70.mp3 452.96KB
Audio-CD 1_71.mp3 1.17MB
Audio-CD 1_71.mp3 428.06KB
Audio-CD 1_72.mp3 591.33KB
Audio-CD 1_72.mp3 217.86KB
Audio-CD 1_73.mp3 938.27KB
Audio-CD 1_73.mp3 537.45KB
Audio-CD 1_74.mp3 1.28MB
Audio-CD 1_74.mp3 528.88KB
Audio-CD 1_75.mp3 1.90MB
Audio-CD 1_75.mp3 608.88KB
Audio-CD 1_76.mp3 204.80KB
Audio-CD 1_77.mp3 205.21KB
Audio-CD 1_78.mp3 452.96KB
Audio-CD 1_79.mp3 515.82KB
Audio-CD 1_80.mp3 484.80KB
Audio-CD 1_81.mp3 451.33KB
Audio-CD 1_82.mp3 592.55KB
Audio-CD 1_83.mp3 490.92KB
Audio-CD 1_84.mp3 645.21KB
Audio-CD 1_85.mp3 664.80KB
Audio-CD 1_86.mp3 759.90KB
Audio-CD 1_87.mp3 237.86KB
Audio-CD 1_88.mp3 613.78KB
Audio-CD 1_89.mp3 503.57KB
Audio-CD 1_90.mp3 587.25KB
Audio-CD 1_91.mp3 1.71MB
Audio-CD 1_92.mp3 673.78KB
Audio-CD 1_93.mp3 553.37KB
Audio-CD 1_94.mp3 532.15KB
Audio-CD 1_95.mp3 759.08KB
Audio-CD 2_01.mp3 857.45KB
Audio-CD 2_01.mp3 843.98KB
Audio-CD 2_02.mp3 2.08MB
Audio-CD 2_02.mp3 462.76KB
Audio-CD 2_03.mp3 1.63MB
Audio-CD 2_03.mp3 504.80KB
Audio-CD 2_04.mp3 2.00MB
Audio-CD 2_04.mp3 730.92KB
Audio-CD 2_05.mp3 1.27MB
Audio-CD 2_05.mp3 486.02KB
Audio-CD 2_06.mp3 1.08MB
Audio-CD 2_06.mp3 251.74KB
Audio-CD 2_07.mp3 1.22MB
Audio-CD 2_07.mp3 610.51KB
Audio-CD 2_08.mp3 1.61MB
Audio-CD 2_08.mp3 558.68KB
Audio-CD 2_09.mp3 2.65MB
Audio-CD 2_09.mp3 557.86KB
Audio-CD 2_10.mp3 738.68KB
Audio-CD 2_10.mp3 594.19KB
Audio-CD 2_11.mp3 1.84MB
Audio-CD 2_11.mp3 631.74KB
Audio-CD 2_12.mp3 1.15MB
Audio-CD 2_12.mp3 811.33KB
Audio-CD 2_13.mp3 722.35KB
Audio-CD 2_13.mp3 498.68KB
Audio-CD 2_14.mp3 1.06MB
Audio-CD 2_14.mp3 442.35KB
Audio-CD 2_15.mp3 918.27KB
Audio-CD 2_15.mp3 497.04KB
Audio-CD 2_16.mp3 1.56MB
Audio-CD 2_16.mp3 419.49KB
Audio-CD 2_17.mp3 1.05MB
Audio-CD 2_17.mp3 394.19KB
Audio-CD 2_18.mp3 1.34MB
Audio-CD 2_18.mp3 1.25MB
Audio-CD 2_19.mp3 815.82KB
Audio-CD 2_19.mp3 448.88KB
Audio-CD 2_20.mp3 1.47MB
Audio-CD 2_20.mp3 337.45KB
Audio-CD 2_21.mp3 499.08KB
Audio-CD 2_21.mp3 147.25KB
Audio-CD 2_22.mp3 978.68KB
Audio-CD 2_22.mp3 169.70KB
Audio-CD 2_23.mp3 514.59KB
Audio-CD 2_23.mp3 146.02KB
Audio-CD 2_24.mp3 323.57KB
Audio-CD 2_24.mp3 192.55KB
Audio-CD 2_25.mp3 267.25KB
Audio-CD 2_25.mp3 162.35KB
Audio-CD 2_26.mp3 282.76KB
Audio-CD 2_26.mp3 216.23KB
Audio-CD 2_27.mp3 1.85MB
Audio-CD 2_27.mp3 140.72KB
Audio-CD 2_28.mp3 1.09MB
Audio-CD 2_28.mp3 137.86KB
Audio-CD 2_29.mp3 2.07MB
Audio-CD 2_29.mp3 133.37KB
Audio-CD 2_30.mp3 2.02MB
Audio-CD 2_30.mp3 844.39KB
Audio-CD 2_31.mp3 1.62MB
Audio-CD 2_31.mp3 334.59KB
Audio-CD 2_32.mp3 1.42MB
Audio-CD 2_32.mp3 756.63KB
Audio-CD 2_33.mp3 1.35MB
Audio-CD 2_33.mp3 285.21KB
Audio-CD 2_34.mp3 1.56MB
Audio-CD 2_34.mp3 391.33KB
Audio-CD 2_35.mp3 1.42MB
Audio-CD 2_35.mp3 695.41KB
Audio-CD 2_36.mp3 2.77MB
Audio-CD 2_36.mp3 752.15KB
Audio-CD 2_37.mp3 785.62KB
Audio-CD 2_37.mp3 559.49KB
Audio-CD 2_38.mp3 688.47KB
Audio-CD 2_38.mp3 550.10KB
Audio-CD 2_39.mp3 784.39KB
Audio-CD 2_39.mp3 296.23KB
Audio-CD 2_40.mp3 1.18MB
Audio-CD 2_40.mp3 552.15KB
Audio-CD 2_41.mp3 633.37KB
Audio-CD 2_41.mp3 352.15KB
Audio-CD 2_42.mp3 2.21MB
Audio-CD 2_42.mp3 668.47KB
Audio-CD 2_43.mp3 1.31MB
Audio-CD 2_43.mp3 778.68KB
Audio-CD 2_44.mp3 999.90KB
Audio-CD 2_44.mp3 335.00KB
Audio-CD 2_45.mp3 1.34MB
Audio-CD 2_45.mp3 1.29MB
Audio-CD 2_46.mp3 1.52MB
Audio-CD 2_46.mp3 802.35KB
Audio-CD 2_47.mp3 1.62MB
Audio-CD 2_47.mp3 561.53KB
Audio-CD 2_48.mp3 774.19KB
Audio-CD 2_48.mp3 445.62KB
Audio-CD 2_49.mp3 1.05MB
Audio-CD 2_49.mp3 446.02KB
Audio-CD 2_50.mp3 1.73MB
Audio-CD 2_50.mp3 354.19KB
Audio-CD 2_51.mp3 1.35MB
Audio-CD 2_51.mp3 365.62KB
Audio-CD 2_52.mp3 1.34MB
Audio-CD 2_52.mp3 356.63KB
Audio-CD 2_53.mp3 1.15MB
Audio-CD 2_53.mp3 421.13KB
Audio-CD 2_54.mp3 1.90MB
Audio-CD 2_54.mp3 392.15KB
Audio-CD 2_55.mp3 467.66KB
Audio-CD 2_55.mp3 321.13KB
Audio-CD 2_56.mp3 610.10KB
Audio-CD 2_56.mp3 486.02KB
Audio-CD 2_57.mp3 607.66KB
Audio-CD 2_57.mp3 425.62KB
Audio-CD 2_58.mp3 613.37KB
Audio-CD 2_58.mp3 477.04KB
Audio-CD 2_59.mp3 1.30MB
Audio-CD 2_59.mp3 557.45KB
Audio-CD 2_60.mp3 780.72KB
Audio-CD 2_61.mp3 551.33KB
Audio-CD 2_62.mp3 635.00KB
Audio-CD 2_63.mp3 488.47KB
Audio-CD 2_64.mp3 555.00KB
Audio-CD 2_65.mp3 428.88KB
Audio-CD 2_66.mp3 614.59KB
Audio-CD 2_67.mp3 641.94KB
Audio-CD 2_68.mp3 520.31KB
Audio-CD 2_69.mp3 499.49KB
Audio-CD 2_70.mp3 382.76KB
Audio-CD 2_71.mp3 443.57KB
Audio-CD 2_72.mp3 460.72KB
Audio-CD 2_73.mp3 529.29KB
Audio-CD 2_74.mp3 621.94KB
Audio-CD 2_75.mp3 437.04KB
Audio-CD 2_76.mp3 467.25KB
Audio-CD 2_77.mp3 304.80KB
Audio-CD 2_78.mp3 367.66KB
Audio-CD 2_79.mp3 493.78KB
Audio-CD 2_80.mp3 584.80KB
Audio-CD 2_81.mp3 432.96KB
Audio-CD 2_82.mp3 468.06KB
Audio-CD 2_83.mp3 489.70KB
Audio-CD 2_84.mp3 574.59KB
Audio-CD 2_85.mp3 448.47KB
Audio-CD 2_86.mp3 2.91MB
Audio-CD 2_87.mp3 1.00MB
Audio-CD 2_88.mp3 484.39KB
Audio-CD 2_89.mp3 497.86KB
Audio-CD 2_90.mp3 539.49KB
Audio-CD 2_91.mp3 501.13KB
Audio-CD 2_92.mp3 2.78MB
Audio-CD 2_93.mp3 627.25KB
Audio-CD 2_94.mp3 420.31KB
Audio-CD 2_95.mp3 483.57KB
Audio-CD 2_96.mp3 578.68KB
Audio-CD 2_97.mp3 602.35KB
Audio-CD 3_01.mp3 1.95MB
Audio-CD 3_02.mp3 590.92KB
Audio-CD 3_03.mp3 1.35MB
Audio-CD 3_04.mp3 1.18MB
Audio-CD 3_05.mp3 755.41KB
Audio-CD 3_06.mp3 635.41KB
Audio-CD 3_07.mp3 654.59KB
Audio-CD 3_08.mp3 457.86KB
Audio-CD 3_09.mp3 558.68KB
Audio-CD 3_10.mp3 1.64MB
Audio-CD 3_11.mp3 1.40MB
Audio-CD 3_12.mp3 1.37MB
Audio-CD 3_13.mp3 2.97MB
Audio-CD 3_14.mp3 1.58MB
Audio-CD 3_15.mp3 2.28MB
Audio-CD 3_16.mp3 872.55KB
Audio-CD 3_17.mp3 467.66KB
Audio-CD 3_18.mp3 1.85MB
Audio-CD 3_19.mp3 1.95MB
Audio-CD 3_20.mp3 1.42MB
Audio-CD 3_21.mp3 847.66KB
Audio-CD 3_22.mp3 1.56MB
Audio-CD 3_23.mp3 755.82KB
Audio-CD 3_24.mp3 354.59KB
Audio-CD 3_25.mp3 474.59KB
Audio-CD 3_26.mp3 393.78KB
Audio-CD 3_27.mp3 485.21KB
Audio-CD 3_28.mp3 1.30MB
Audio-CD 3_29.mp3 550.92KB
Audio-CD 3_30.mp3 1020.72KB
Audio-CD 3_31.mp3 1.09MB
Audio-CD 3_32.mp3 983.98KB
Audio-CD 3_33.mp3 436.63KB
Audio-CD 3_34.mp3 533.37KB
Audio-CD 3_35.mp3 1.41MB
Audio-CD 3_36.mp3 1.51MB
Audio-CD 3_37.mp3 1.44MB
Audio-CD 3_38.mp3 1.36MB
Audio-CD 3_39.mp3 821.53KB
Audio-CD 3_40.mp3 1.16MB
Audio-CD 3_41.mp3 447.66KB
Audio-CD 3_42.mp3 2.02MB
Audio-CD 3_43.mp3 1.26MB
Audio-CD 3_44.mp3 1.33MB
Audio-CD 3_45.mp3 1.23MB
Audio-CD 3_46.mp3 1.00MB
Audio-CD 3_47.mp3 2.11MB
Audio-CD 3_48.mp3 1.26MB
Audio-CD 3_49.mp3 1.61MB
Audio-CD 3_50.mp3 1.31MB
Audio-CD 3_51.mp3 1.03MB
Audio-CD 3_52.mp3 2.15MB
Audio-CD 3_53.mp3 1.30MB
Audio-CD 3_54.mp3 897.04KB
Audio-CD 3_55.mp3 719.08KB
Audio-CD 3_56.mp3 192.96KB
Audio-CD 3_57.mp3 469.29KB
Audio-CD 3_58.mp3 497.86KB
Audio-CD 3_59.mp3 217.45KB
Audio-CD 3_60.mp3 222.76KB
Audio-CD 3_61.mp3 114.59KB
Audio-CD 3_62.mp3 112.15KB
Audio-CD 3_63.mp3 149.29KB
Audio-CD 3_64.mp3 138.68KB
Audio-CD 3_65.mp3 125.62KB
Audio-CD 3_66.mp3 327.66KB
Audio-CD 3_67.mp3 202.35KB
Audio-CD 3_68.mp3 191.74KB
Audio-CD 3_69.mp3 253.37KB
Audio-CD 3_70.mp3 176.63KB
Audio-CD 3_71.mp3 197.04KB
Audio-CD 3_72.mp3 152.55KB
Audio-CD 3_73.mp3 187.25KB
Audio-CD 3_74.mp3 199.49KB
Audio-CD 3_75.mp3 257.86KB
Audio-CD 3_76.mp3 176.63KB
Audio-CD 3_77.mp3 196.23KB
Audio-CD 3_78.mp3 177.86KB
Audio-CD 3_79.mp3 184.39KB
Audio-CD 3_80.mp3 216.23KB
Audio-CD 3_81.mp3 169.70KB
Audio-CD 3_82.mp3 152.96KB
Audio-CD 3_83.mp3 749.29KB
Audio-CD 3_84.mp3 387.25KB
DaF kompakt A1-B1. Ubungsbuch - 2011.pdf 208.98MB
DaF kompakt A1-B1 Grammatik - 2012.pdf 52.78MB
DaF kompakt A1-B1 Kursbuch - 2011.pdf 195.10MB
Untitled1.mp3 2.01MB
Untitled1.mp3 343.03KB
Untitled10.mp3 3.27MB
Untitled10.mp3 996.22KB
Untitled11.mp3 3.06MB
Untitled12.mp3 1.16MB
Untitled13.mp3 1.03MB
Untitled14.mp3 755.55KB
Untitled15.mp3 2.37MB
Untitled16.mp3 1.69MB
Untitled17.mp3 255.13KB
Untitled18.mp3 383.27KB
Untitled19.mp3 783.41KB
Untitled2.mp3 3.69MB
Untitled2.mp3 665.15KB
Untitled20.mp3 255.43KB
Untitled21.mp3 326.74KB
Untitled22.mp3 3.21MB
Untitled23.mp3 128.42KB
Untitled24.mp3 719.71KB
Untitled25.mp3 1.37MB
Untitled26.mp3 983.19KB
Untitled27.mp3 2.46MB
Untitled28.mp3 128.42KB
Untitled29.mp3 628.50KB
Untitled3.mp3 5.13MB
Untitled3.mp3 310.86KB
Untitled30.mp3 2.97MB
Untitled31.mp3 145.53KB
Untitled32.mp3 319.42KB
Untitled33.mp3 3.99MB
Untitled34.mp3 187.88KB
Untitled35.mp3 5.44MB
Untitled36.mp3 3.40MB
Untitled4.mp3 1.44MB
Untitled4.mp3 479.17KB
Untitled5.mp3 2.35MB
Untitled5.mp3 559.29KB
Untitled6.mp3 2.89MB
Untitled6.mp3 527.12KB
Untitled7.mp3 5.53MB
Untitled7.mp3 413.75KB
Untitled8.mp3 3.99MB
Untitled8.mp3 319.24KB
Untitled9.mp3 5.41MB
Untitled9.mp3 2.50MB
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