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Lesson 1. Introduction.mp4 34.75MB
Lesson 10. Module Introduction.mp4 5.53MB
Lesson 100. Module Introduction.mp4 4.62MB
Lesson 101. Handling File Access.mp4 25.09MB
Lesson 102. Reading Data From a File.mp4 15.19MB
Lesson 103. Reading Multi-Line Content.mp4 38.11MB
Lesson 104. Using the with Block Statement.mp4 18.86MB
Lesson 105. Adding File Access to our Blockchain.mp4 95.65MB
Lesson 106. Converting Strings Into Python Objects.mp4 189.73MB
Lesson 107. Storing Data with Pickle.mp4 70.34MB
Lesson 108. Comparing Pickle & JSON.mp4 3.76MB
Lesson 109. Changing the Project Back to JSON.mp4 28.26MB
Lesson 11. Understanding the REPL and Data Types.mp4 12.30MB
Lesson 110. Why we need Proper Error Handling.mp4 8.35MB
Lesson 111. Wrap Up.mp4 5.32MB
Lesson 112. Module Introduction.mp4 2.50MB
Lesson 113. Finding Logical Errors with the Debugger.mp4 76.79MB
Lesson 114. Finding Syntax Errors.mp4 22.69MB
Lesson 115. Using try to Find Runtime Errors.mp4 54.48MB
Lesson 116. Which Errors Should you Handle.mp4 30.53MB
Lesson 117. Adding Error Handlers to our Blockchain.mp4 32.96MB
Lesson 118. Wrap Up.mp4 9.67MB
Lesson 119. Module Introduction.mp4 2.97MB
Lesson 12. Working with Variables.mp4 32.58MB
Lesson 120. What is Object Oriented Programming.mp4 9.34MB
Lesson 121. Understanding Classes.mp4 4.50MB
Lesson 122. Creating a Class.mp4 27.23MB
Lesson 123. Comparing Classes, Instances & Dictionaries.mp4 15.12MB
Lesson 124. Understanding Class Attributes.mp4 28.23MB
Lesson 125. Constructor & Instance Attributes.mp4 30.23MB
Lesson 126. Printing Classes with Special Methods.mp4 46.52MB
Lesson 127. Private & Public Attributes.mp4 39.77MB
Lesson 128. Understanding Inheritance.mp4 81.21MB
Lesson 129. Planning Blockchain Classes.mp4 4.20MB
Lesson 13. Working with Numbers.mp4 30.16MB
Lesson 130. Adding a Block Class to the Blockchain.mp4 137.04MB
Lesson 131. Saving Custom Class Objects via .json.mp4 51.93MB
Lesson 132. Adding a Transaction Class.mp4 217.68MB
Lesson 133. Inheritance in Action.mp4 62.21MB
Lesson 134. Adding a Verification Helper Class.mp4 133.60MB
Lesson 135. Initialising the Node Class.mp4 64.60MB
Lesson 136. Turning the Blockchain Into a Class.mp4 106.24MB
Lesson 137. Adding a Node Class.mp4 148.14MB
Lesson 138. Understanding Instance vs Class vs Static Methods & Attributes.mp4 21.04MB
Lesson 139. Using Static & Class Methods on the Verification Class.mp4 52.46MB
Lesson 14. Using Operators.mp4 15.57MB
Lesson 140. Using Private Attributes in the Blockchain.mp4 44.20MB
Lesson 141. Properties vs Attributes.mp4 48.86MB
Lesson 142. Wrap Up.mp4 10.01MB
Lesson 143. Module Introduction.mp4 4.24MB
Lesson 144. Creating Packages - Module Bundles.mp4 47.31MB
Lesson 145. The pycache Folder.mp4 7.79MB
Lesson 146. Module Docstrings.mp4 9.04MB
Lesson 147. Controlling Exports.mp4 40.20MB
Lesson 148. Understanding Execution Context & __name__.mp4 40.82MB
Lesson 149. Why we Need a Private & Public Key Transaction Protection.mp4 23.23MB
Lesson 15. Understanding a Special Behaviour when Working with Numbers.mp4 20.77MB
Lesson 150. Using Anaconda to Install Third Party Packages.mp4 67.96MB
Lesson 151. Generating Keys with a Third Party Package.mp4 50.85MB
Lesson 152. Connecting the Node & the Wallet.mp4 73.74MB
Lesson 153. Generating Keys on the Node.mp4 56.17MB
Lesson 154. Saving & Loading Keys to Files.mp4 100.32MB
Lesson 155. Creating Transaction Signatures.mp4 87.78MB
Lesson 156. Adding a Signature to our Transactions.mp4 38.30MB
Lesson 157. Verifying Signatures.mp4 93.80MB
Lesson 158. Improving the Verification Logic.mp4 67.50MB
Lesson 159. Wrap Up.mp4 4.58MB
Lesson 16. Working with Strings.mp4 12.51MB
Lesson 160. Module Introduction.mp4 4.77MB
Lesson 161. HTTP Requests - The Basics.mp4 17.63MB
Lesson 162. Understanding API-Endpoints URLs.mp4 10.20MB
Lesson 163. Data Formats.mp4 11.92MB
Lesson 164. Planning our API.mp4 7.28MB
Lesson 165. Setting Up our Environment with Flask.mp4 86.37MB
Lesson 166. Adding our First Route.mp4 110.02MB
Lesson 167. Installing Postman.mp4 18.24MB
Lesson 168. Adding a POST Request.mp4 80.59MB
Lesson 169. Setting Up Routes to Manage our Wallet.mp4 83.63MB
Lesson 17. Working with Lists.mp4 21.73MB
Lesson 170. Returning Funds.mp4 66.74MB
Lesson 171. Adding Transactions.mp4 125.51MB
Lesson 172. Fetching Open Transactions.mp4 41.36MB
Lesson 173. Testing the Public Key.mp4 23.29MB
Lesson 174. Adding a User Interface.mp4 27.92MB
Lesson 175. Optional Configuring our UI - Creating a Wallet.mp4 163.94MB
Lesson 176. Optional Configuring our UI - Loading a Wallet and Adding Mining & Transactions.mp4 157.18MB
Lesson 177. Exploring our UI.mp4 31.60MB
Lesson 178. Wrap Up.mp4 5.97MB
Lesson 179. Module Introduction.mp4 3.60MB
Lesson 18. Adding & Removing List Items.mp4 21.99MB
Lesson 180. Adding Node Management Methods to the Blockchain.mp4 80.10MB
Lesson 181. Setting Up Routes to Add Nodes.mp4 76.44MB
Lesson 182. Adding a Remove Node Route.mp4 51.34MB
Lesson 183. Adding get_Nodes to get all Nodes.mp4 14.92MB
Lesson 184. Attaching a Node User Interface.mp4 115.91MB
Lesson 185. Running Multiple Nodes.mp4 120.72MB
Lesson 186. Sending Requests from within Python.mp4 137.17MB
Lesson 187. Broadcasting Transactions - Adding the Function & Route.mp4 168.57MB
Lesson 188. Broadcasting Transactions - Testing & Fixing Errors.mp4 67.83MB
Lesson 189. Broadcasting New Blocks Adding the Function & Route.mp4 149.52MB
Lesson 19. Preparing the Blockchain - The Theory.mp4 4.93MB
Lesson 190. Broadcasting New Blocks Informing the Peer Nodes.mp4 135.80MB
Lesson 191. Broadcasting Transactions Testing.mp4 39.18MB
Lesson 192. Solving Conflicts.mp4 73.50MB
Lesson 193. Understanding Consensus.mp4 14.96MB
Lesson 194. Finding Conflicts.mp4 120.48MB
Lesson 195. Implementing a Consensus Algorithm.mp4 222.43MB
Lesson 196. Testing Consensus.mp4 38.01MB
Lesson 197. Wrap Up.mp4 3.31MB
Lesson 198. Module Introduction.mp4 1.89MB
Lesson 199. Don't Forget PEP 8.mp4 26.93MB
Lesson 2. What is Python.mp4 76.29MB
Lesson 20. Installing our IDE.mp4 32.83MB
Lesson 200. Using PEP 8.mp4 125.57MB
Lesson 201. Using Comments.mp4 3.21MB
Lesson 202. Diving Deeper Into Python.mp4 75.30MB
Lesson 203. Improving the Blockchain.mp4 170.12MB
Lesson 204. Congratulations.mp4 17.55MB
Lesson 21. Using Functions to Add List Items.mp4 24.94MB
Lesson 22. Accessing the Last List Item.mp4 19.31MB
Lesson 23. Adding Arguments to Functions.mp4 14.11MB
Lesson 24. Understanding the return Keyword.mp4 23.16MB
Lesson 25. Using Default Arguments.mp4 27.97MB
Lesson 26. Working with Keyword Arguments.mp4 17.17MB
Lesson 27. Using the input Function.mp4 26.44MB
Lesson 28. Avoiding Repetitive Code Execution.mp4 16.84MB
Lesson 29. Understanding the Variable Scope.mp4 41.56MB
Lesson 3. Setting Up Python.mp4 55.19MB
Lesson 30. Exploring the Official Documentation.mp4 28.14MB
Lesson 31. Adding Comments and Doc Strings.mp4 39.85MB
Lesson 32. Structuring Multi Line Code in Python.mp4 18.26MB
Lesson 33. Wrap Up.mp4 13.71MB
Lesson 34. Module Introduction.mp4 3.84MB
Lesson 35. Understanding Loops - Theory.mp4 9.93MB
Lesson 36. Creating a for Loop.mp4 27.34MB
Lesson 37. Creating a while Loop.mp4 27.01MB
Lesson 38. Understanding Conditionals - Theory.mp4 3.63MB
Lesson 39. Adding if-else to our Blockchain.mp4 64.58MB
Lesson 4. Writing our First Python Code.mp4 70.64MB
Lesson 40. Working with elif.mp4 28.38MB
Lesson 41. Understanding break & continue.mp4 29.83MB
Lesson 42. Improving our Code with Loops & Conditionals.mp4 61.50MB
Lesson 43. Understanding Boolean Operators - is & in.mp4 20.78MB
Lesson 44. The not Keyword.mp4 6.75MB
Lesson 45. Understanding with and or.mp4 10.31MB
Lesson 46. Grouping Conditionals.mp4 15.07MB
Lesson 47. What About switch in Python.mp4 6.03MB
Lesson 48. Verifying our Blockchain.mp4 102.39MB
Lesson 49. Using Conditions inside the while Loop.mp4 19.87MB
Lesson 5. What is the Blockchain.mp4 100.06MB
Lesson 50. Using else in Loops.mp4 20.50MB
Lesson 51. Adding the range Function.mp4 47.86MB
Lesson 52. Wrap Up.mp4 10.29MB
Lesson 53. Module Introduction.mp4 7.40MB
Lesson 54. Understanding the Required Data Structure for our Blockchain.mp4 22.75MB
Lesson 55. Working with Iterables.mp4 19.25MB
Lesson 56. Choosing the Right Datastructure.mp4 13.91MB
Lesson 57. Transactions with Dictionaries & Tuples.mp4 74.72MB
Lesson 58. Unpacking the Tuple.mp4 38.82MB
Lesson 59. Mining Blocks.mp4 52.08MB
Lesson 6. Course Outline.mp4 64.07MB
Lesson 60. Hashing Previous Blocks.mp4 63.56MB
Lesson 61. Understanding List Comprehensions.mp4 38.34MB
Lesson 62. And What are Dict Comprehensions.mp4 7.89MB
Lesson 63. Combining List Comprehensions & if.mp4 14.44MB
Lesson 64. Improving the Blockchain Validation Logic.mp4 79.43MB
Lesson 65. Managing a List of Participants in the Blockchain.mp4 33.28MB
Lesson 66. Calculating Balances.mp4 71.12MB
Lesson 67. Rewarding the Miners of our Blockchain.mp4 29.67MB
Lesson 68. Verifying Transactions.mp4 63.36MB
Lesson 69. Understanding Reference vs Value Copying.mp4 38.66MB
Lesson 7. Python Alternatives.mp4 61.85MB
Lesson 70. Working with the Range Selector.mp4 37.31MB
Lesson 71. Understanding Shallow vs Deep Copies.mp4 14.49MB
Lesson 72. Comparing is & ==.mp4 8.01MB
Lesson 73. Diving Deeper Into Iterable Methods.mp4 55.24MB
Lesson 74. Understanding the all & any Functions.mp4 74.63MB
Lesson 75. Comparing Iterables.mp4 32.43MB
Lesson 76. Wrap Up.mp4 13.06MB
Lesson 77. Module Introduction.mp4 3.52MB
Lesson 78. Comparing Strings & Lists.mp4 24.72MB
Lesson 79. Understanding the format Method.mp4 52.95MB
Lesson 8. Understanding the Python Versions.mp4 31.50MB
Lesson 80. Escaping Characters.mp4 10.72MB
Lesson 81. Formatting Strings Conveniently with f.mp4 7.00MB
Lesson 82. Adding String Formatting to our Project.mp4 21.88MB
Lesson 83. Understanding the map Function.mp4 12.40MB
Lesson 84. Working with Lambda Functions.mp4 13.17MB
Lesson 85. Reducing Lists.mp4 71.31MB
Lesson 86. Unpacking Function Arguments.mp4 35.75MB
Lesson 87. Fixing a Bug.mp4 54.22MB
Lesson 88. Wrap Up.mp4 6.21MB
Lesson 89. Module Introduction.mp4 4.05MB
Lesson 9. How To Get The Most Out Of This Course.mp4 46.47MB
Lesson 90. Exploring the Python Standard Library.mp4 28.51MB
Lesson 91. Importing Packages - Theory.mp4 16.49MB
Lesson 92. Importing hashlib to Create a Unique Hash.mp4 72.64MB
Lesson 93. Using Other Import Syntaxes.mp4 23.37MB
Lesson 94. The Proof of Work.mp4 23.33MB
Lesson 95. Adding the Proof of Work to our Blockchain.mp4 59.55MB
Lesson 96. Including the Proof of Work in our Mining Function.mp4 90.02MB
Lesson 97. Fixing a Hash Order Fault.mp4 76.69MB
Lesson 98. Splitting Up our Code.mp4 52.31MB
Lesson 99. Wrap Up.mp4 8.24MB 6.62MB
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