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Title Tinsley Ellis - Discography (1986-2020) [FLAC]
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00. (HTOA).flac 32.23KB
00. (HTOA).flac 27.19KB
01. All I Think About.flac 28.97MB
01. Can't You Lie.flac 23.45MB
01. Diggin' My Own Grave.flac 28.97MB
01. Drivin' Woman.flac 29.91MB
01. Front Street Freeze.flac 30.73MB
01. Hell or High Water.flac 33.89MB
01. Highwayman.flac 19.91MB
01. If The River Keeps Rising.flac 25.65MB
01.jpg 27.17MB
01.jpg 23.19MB
01.jpg 31.14MB
01. Last One to Know.flac 32.70MB
01. Leavin' Here.flac 22.75MB
01. Say Too Much.flac 41.50MB
01. Seven Years.flac 29.21MB
01. Sound Of A Broken Man.flac 32.89MB
01. Still In The Game.flac 30.57MB
01. Sunlight Of Love.flac 30.85MB
01. To The Devil For A Dime.flac 28.80MB
02. Cool On It.flac 31.51MB
02. Cut You Loose.flac 33.01MB
02. Don't Know Beans.flac 26.36MB
02. Givin' You Up.flac 35.62MB
02. Hey Hey Baby.flac 24.83MB
02. Hooked.flac 24.83MB
02.jpg 22.82MB
02.jpg 18.05MB
02.jpg 33.84MB
02. Just Dropped In.flac 26.30MB
02. Let Him Down Easy.flac 43.23MB
02. Midnight Ride.flac 33.77MB
02. Mouth Turn Dry.flac 38.04MB
02. Nothing But Fine.flac 26.24MB
02. Pawnbroker.flac 23.52MB
02. Sassy Start.flac 30.96MB
02. Slip and Fall.flac 29.81MB
02. Somebody.flac 26.42MB
02. Texas Stomp.flac 11.69MB
03. A Quitter Never Wins.flac 36.57MB
03. Callin'.flac 23.31MB
03. Gamblin' Man.flac 38.75MB
03. Get To The Bottom.flac 35.32MB
03. Give It Away.flac 27.91MB
03. Hong Kong Mississippi.flac 22.65MB
03. Ice Cream In Hell.flac 29.00MB
03.jpg 21.95MB
03.jpg 21.32MB
03.jpg 31.49MB
03. Loneliness Is Here To Stay.flac 23.14MB
03. Me Without You.flac 33.23MB
03. Mystery to Me.flac 35.31MB
03. Sign Of The Blues.flac 26.01MB
03. Speak No Evil.flac 37.90MB
03. Standing On The Edge Of Love.flac 26.12MB
03. Surrender.flac 33.73MB
03. The Milky Way.flac 39.25MB
03. You Picked A Good Time.flac 25.57MB
04. Anything But Go.flac 24.29MB
04. Detour.flac 24.65MB
04. Foolin' Yourself.flac 31.52MB
04. Hard Work.flac 20.23MB
04. I'll Get Over You.flac 22.61MB
04. I've Made Nights By Myself.flac 16.65MB
04. I Got Mine.flac 28.59MB
04. It's Not Funny.flac 31.95MB
04. It Takes What it Takes.flac 41.94MB
04. Love Comes Knockin'.flac 15.68MB
04. Panhead.flac 21.79MB
04. Put Me Where You Want Me.flac 20.47MB
04. Second Thoughts.flac 26.33MB
04. Soulful.flac 22.22MB
04. What Have I Done Wrong_.flac 29.74MB
04. You're Gonna Thank Me.flac 39.15MB
05. All In The Name Of Love.flac 33.07MB
05. And It Hurts.flac 17.27MB
05. Anthem For A Fallen Hero.flac 29.56MB
05. Are You Sorry_.flac 46.57MB
05. Born In Georgia.flac 28.60MB
05. Crime Of Passion.flac 21.47MB
05. Hole In My Heart.flac 42.28MB
05. Hungry Woman Blues.flac 24.29MB
05. Kiss This World.flac 26.52MB
05. Sailor's Grave On The Prairie.flac 9.66MB
05. See No Harm.flac 26.06MB
05. Stuck in Love.flac 41.29MB
05. Tell The Truth.flac 29.28MB
05. The Big Chicken.flac 18.33MB
05. The Next Miss Wrong.flac 18.15MB
05. The Other Side.flac 29.82MB
06. Autumn Run.flac 39.58MB
06. Circuit Rider.flac 28.09MB
06. Early In The Morning.flac 31.86MB
06. Fender Blender.flac 20.19MB
06. Get It!.flac 29.35MB
06. Greenwood Chainsaw Boogie.flac 11.38MB
06. Hot Potato.flac 21.28MB
06. I Walk Alone.flac 23.35MB
06. La La Land.flac 38.32MB
06. Real Bad Way.flac 26.16MB
06. Should I Have Lied.flac 23.15MB
06. Sit Tight Mama.flac 27.99MB
06. The Axe.flac 39.20MB
06. The Night Is Easy.flac 28.31MB
06. The Only Thing.flac 22.86MB
06. Too Much Of Everything.flac 32.78MB
07. All Rumors Are True.flac 26.71MB
07. Bringin' Home The Bacon.flac 42.91MB
07. Change Your Mind.flac 27.07MB
07. Come Morning.flac 15.11MB
07. Deaf, Dumb, Crippled And Blind.flac 27.75MB
07. Don't Cut It.flac 23.02MB
07. Double Eyed Whammy.flac 22.10MB
07. Fuzzbuster.flac 27.71MB
07. Leave Me.flac 35.54MB
07. Left of Your Mind.flac 27.73MB
07. My Love's The Medicine.flac 29.01MB
07. No Stroll In The Park.flac 32.31MB
07. Peace And Love.flac 33.57MB
07. Satisfied.flac 19.56MB
07. Tulane.flac 22.72MB
07. When I Howl.flac 22.98MB
08. All I Can Do.flac 28.42MB
08. Break My Rule.flac 20.00MB
08. Cold Love, Hot Night.flac 29.39MB
08. Don't Turn Off The Light.flac 32.07MB
08. Evil Till Sunrise.flac 21.24MB
08. Fountain of Youth.flac 18.97MB
08. Freddy's Midnight Dream.flac 30.12MB
08. Freeway Soul.flac 24.90MB
08. Harder To Find.flac 47.29MB
08. My Restless Heart.flac 28.46MB
08. Party Of One.flac 23.52MB
08. She Wants To Sell My Monkey.flac 18.96MB
08. Side Tracked.flac 19.99MB
08. So Many Tears.flac 26.78MB
08. The King Must Die.flac 37.48MB
08. Time To Quit.flac 60.77MB
09. Amanda.flac 29.39MB
09. Bad Dream.flac 22.71MB
09. Berry Tossin'.flac 32.04MB
09. Dixie Lullaby.flac 23.12MB
09. Estero Noche.flac 25.91MB
09. Everything.flac 27.00MB
09. Everything And Everyone.flac 28.38MB
09. I Take What I Want.flac 26.94MB
09. Look-Ka-Py-Py.flac 20.59MB
09. Love Bomb.flac 25.93MB
09. Love Me by Phone.flac 35.24MB
09. Must Be The Devil.flac 29.95MB
09. One Sunny Day.flac 26.84MB
09. Sugaree.flac 23.02MB
09. That's My Story.flac 49.67MB
09. Wanted Man.flac 24.58MB
10. As The Years Go Passing By.flac 21.23MB
10. Catalunya.flac 39.66MB
10. Dangling By A Thread.flac 25.16MB
10. Feelin' No Pain.flac 50.45MB
10. Her Other Man.flac 22.92MB
10. If That's How He Loves You.flac 29.80MB
10. In From The Cold.flac 34.88MB
10. Kiss Of Death.flac 39.12MB
10. Loving For Today.flac 40.35MB
10. Saving Grace.flac 57.25MB
10. Sleep On It.flac 44.09MB
10. The Bottle, The Book, Or The Gun.flac 29.96MB
10. The Hulk.flac 23.77MB
10. The Sun Is Shining.flac 23.98MB
10. Unlock My Heart.flac 26.82MB
10. Wild Weekend.flac 19.32MB
11. 12 Pack Poet.flac 36.35MB
11. Bush Doctor.flac 20.92MB
11. Free Man.flac 24.15MB
11. Grow A Pair.flac 30.86MB
11. Look What You Done.flac 32.53MB
11. Mr. Night Time.flac 24.47MB
11. Now I'm Gone.flac 36.74MB
11. Stare at the sun.flac 28.74MB
11. Ten Year Day.flac 32.20MB
11. Your Love's Like Heroin.flac 41.72MB
12. Everyday.flac 35.32MB
12. Lucky Lou.flac 18.16MB
12. Mercy Mercy Mercy.flac 31.85MB
12. Red Dress.flac 21.19MB
12. Rockslide.flac 25.71MB
12. Set Love Free.flac 17.76MB
12. Shadow Of Doubt.flac 19.30MB
12. The Last Song.flac 47.59MB
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Back Inlay.jpg 11.48MB
Back - Inlay.jpg 14.50MB
Back - Inlay.jpg 16.04MB
Booklet.jpg 635.51KB
Booklet-2.jpg 1.30MB
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Ellis, Tinsley - Georgia Blue.accurip 2.60KB
Ellis, Tinsley - Georgia Blue.cue 1.86KB
Ellis, Tinsley - Georgia Blue.log 3.42KB
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Tinsley_Ellis_-_Fanning_The_Flames_-_Back_[covertarget_com].jpg 146.17KB
Tinsley_Ellis_-_Fanning_The_Flames_-_Front_[covertarget_com].jpg 78.23KB
Tinsley_Ellis_-_Fanning_The_Flames_-_Inlay2_[covertarget_com].jpg 110.59KB
Tinsley Ellis - Cool On It.accurip 3.16KB
Tinsley Ellis - Cool On It.cue 1.70KB
Tinsley Ellis - Cool On It.log 3.38KB
Tinsley Ellis - Fanning The Flames.accurip 2.86KB
Tinsley Ellis - Fanning The Flames.cue 1.72KB
Tinsley Ellis - Fanning The Flames.log 2.09KB
Tinsley Ellis - Fire It Up.accurip 3.96KB
Tinsley Ellis - Fire It Up.cue 1.79KB
Tinsley Ellis - Fire It Up.log 3.21KB
Tinsley Ellis - Get It!.accurip 1.65KB
Tinsley Ellis - Get It!.cue 1.89KB
Tinsley Ellis - Get It!.log 2.91KB
Tinsley Ellis - Hell or High Water.accurip 3.88KB
Tinsley Ellis - Hell or High Water.cue 2.09KB
Tinsley Ellis - Hell or High Water.log 3.18KB
Tinsley Ellis - Ice Cream In Hell.accurip 1.75KB
Tinsley Ellis - Ice Cream In Hell.cue 1.88KB
Tinsley Ellis - Midnight Blue.accurip 1.65KB
Tinsley Ellis - Midnight Blue.cue 1.91KB
Tinsley Ellis - Midnight Blue.log 2.94KB
Tinsley Ellis - Moment Of Truth.accurip 3.60KB
Tinsley Ellis - Moment Of Truth.cue 2.30KB
Tinsley Ellis - Moment Of Truth.log 3.18KB
Tinsley Ellis - Red Clay Soul.accurip 1.65KB
Tinsley Ellis - Red Clay Soul.cue 1.92KB
Tinsley Ellis - Red Clay Soul.log 2.95KB
Tinsley Ellis - Speak No Evil.accurip 2.61KB
Tinsley Ellis - Speak No Evil.cue 2.27KB
Tinsley Ellis - Speak No Evil.log 3.18KB
Tinsley Ellis - Storm Warning.accurip 3.73KB
Tinsley Ellis - Storm Warning.cue 1.77KB
Tinsley Ellis - Storm Warning.log 3.17KB
Tinsley Ellis - The Hard Way.accurip 3.25KB
Tinsley Ellis - The Hard Way.cue 2.45KB
Tinsley Ellis - The Hard Way.log 3.80KB
Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love.accurip 1.64KB
Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love.cue 1.65KB
Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love.jpg 7.37MB
Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love(cd).jpg 1.95MB
Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love(matrix).jpg 426.20KB
Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love 001.jpg 12.64MB
Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love 002.jpg 6.07MB
Tinsley Ellis - Tough Love 003.jpg 2.55MB
Tinsley Ellis - Trouble Time.accurip 2.53KB
Tinsley Ellis - Trouble Time.cue 1.73KB
Tinsley Ellis - Trouble Time.log 3.78KB
Tinsley Ellis - Winning Hand.accurip 1.65KB
Tinsley Ellis - Winning Hand.cue 1.91KB
Tinsley Ellis - Winning Hand.log 3.28KB
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