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Title Gumroad - The BlenderBros Hard Surface Game Asset Course (Blender 2.9) (2021)
Size 11.24GB

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01 Blocking Out The Mesh.mp4 41.93MB
02 Finishing The Blockout.mp4 38.35MB
03.png 8.44KB
03 High To Low Poly Discussion.mp4 10.52MB
04 Secondary Details.mp4 106.20MB
05 Secondary Details Pt. 2.mp4 102.08MB
06 Bevels.mp4 59.82MB
07 Creating The Shell.mp4 72.02MB
08 Detailing The Shell.mp4 96.28MB
09 Design Talk.mp4 134.56MB
10 Structural Designs.mp4 175.60MB
11 Finishing The High Poly.mp4 211.38MB
12 High To Low Poly Pt. 1.mp4 108.83MB
132hkhzlfekrkfwvqxxeoq.exr 822.45KB
13 High To Low Poly Pt. 2.mp4 67.38MB
14 High To Low Poly Pt. 3.mp4 115.84MB
15 UV Unwrapping Pt. 1.mp4 130.68MB
16 Uv Unwrapping Pt. 2.mp4 180.79MB
17 Optimizing Texture Space.mp4 55.21MB
18 UV Unwrapping Pt. 3.mp4 116.39MB
19 Why You Must Triangulate Your Mesh.mp4 39.23MB
1rvoegftm0ekwcv1epuqbw.png 6.41MB
20 Low Poly Triangulation Pt. 1.mp4 123.83MB
21 Low Poly Triangulation Pt. 2.mp4 100.91MB
22 High Poly Triangulation Pt. 1.mp4 128.44MB
23 Fixing Triangulation Problems.mp4 15.82MB
24 High Poly Triangulation Pt. 2.mp4 106.48MB
25 High Poly Triangulation Pt. 3.mp4 109.60MB
26 High Poly Triangulation Pt. 4.mp4 126.57MB
27 Baking Preparation.mp4 65.94MB
28 Final Unwrap.mp4 82.47MB
29 Importing Into Marmoset.mp4 67.93MB
30 Fixing Bake Issues In Blender.mp4 351.37MB
31 Baking In Marmoset.mp4 190.32MB
32 Fixing Ao Bake Issues.mp4 56.67MB
33 Intro To Substance Painter.mp4 114.69MB
34 Texturing In Substance Painter Pt. 1.mp4 102.72MB
35 Texturing In Substance Painter Pt. 2.mp4 67.46MB
36 Alphas In Substance Painter.mp4 60.11MB
37 Final Result.mp4 13.55MB
38 Exporting Maps.mp4 6.56MB
39 Importing Into Unreal Engine.mp4 92.54MB
3gvc8n9pges8_vqoatx8mw.png 593.11KB
3jewmif3ieeosufc7ir3ta.png 587.11KB
40 Portfolio Rendering.mp4 897.87MB
41 Photoshop Post Processing.mp4 63.57MB
Addons endorsed by Blender Bros.pdf 221.71KB
asset_low_uvs_AO.1001.png 5.93MB
asset_low_uvs_BaseColor.1001.png 11.19MB
asset_low_uvs_Metallic.1001.png 132.27KB
asset_low_uvs_Normal.1001.png 8.65MB
asset_low_uvs_Roughness.1001.png 1.15MB
bake_final_ao.png 9.17MB
bake_final_curve.png 5.62MB
bake_final_matid.png 69.99KB
bake_final_normal.png 7.41MB
Baking Holes - How Does It Work.mp4 17.98MB
Baking In Substance.mp4 15.03MB
Bevel Strategy For Game Assets.mp4 29.04MB
BlenderBros Game Asset Instructions.pdf 143.24KB
c0x7e35vs0izkv2vo3du4q.png 581.38KB
dr_2rn-al0ofumuabe2uvq.png 298.40KB
f4wwm5mnukuxar-uurmbbw.png 681.62KB
GA_1_Albedo.png 10.31MB
GA_1_AO.png 8.26MB
GA_1_Final_Fix.xml 835.69KB
GA_1_Metalness.png 7.21MB
GA_1_Normal.png 9.21MB
GA_1_rma.png 18.91MB
GA_1_Roughness.png 11.54MB
GA_ao.png 9.11MB
GA_curve.png 5.65MB
GA_matid.png 316.53KB
GA_MT.tbscene 21.43MB
GA_normal.png 6.66MB
GA_Terminal_Final_Mesh_and_Render_FINAL_FIX_MATS_PLUGGED_PACKED.blend 287.04MB
GA_Terminal_Final_Mesh_and_Render_FINAL_FIX_MATS_PLUGGED_PACKED.blend1 287.04MB
GA_Terminal_LP_Final_Mesh_and_Render_FINAL_FIX4.fbx 846.34KB
GA_Terminal_LP_HP_Final_Mesh_and_Render_FINAL_FIX4.fbx 6.23MB
GA_Terminal_LPFinal_Mesh_and_Render_FINAL_FIX4.fbx 846.34KB
GA1_high.fbx 8.63MB
GA1_low.fbx 715.67KB
GA1_MT.tbscene 20.69MB
GA1_SP_Final.spp 121.15MB
GA1 Final.blend 25.39MB
GAC.jpg 1.31MB
GAC.psd 82.09MB
GAC.tif 20.67MB
Game Asset Terminal 00 Intro Video.mp4 26.83MB
Game Asset Terminal 01 Modelling.mp4 35.63MB
Game Asset Terminal 02 Modelling.mp4 98.95MB
Game Asset Terminal 03 Modelling.mp4 45.19MB
Game Asset Terminal 04 Modelling.mp4 68.30MB
Game Asset Terminal 05 Modelling.mp4 60.54MB
Game Asset Terminal 06 Modelling.mp4 80.87MB
Game Asset Terminal 07 Modelling.mp4 121.53MB
Game Asset Terminal 08 Modelling.mp4 95.85MB
Game Asset Terminal 09 Modelling.mp4 95.47MB
Game Asset Terminal 10 HP optimisation.mp4 83.73MB
Game Asset Terminal 11 HP optimisation.mp4 112.42MB
Game Asset Terminal 12 HP optimisation.mp4 110.01MB
Game Asset Terminal 13 LP creation.mp4 183.25MB
Game Asset Terminal 14 LP creation p2.mp4 83.86MB
Game Asset Terminal 15 LP check.mp4 87.61MB
Game Asset Terminal 16.mp4 85.33MB
Game Asset Terminal 17.mp4 61.05MB
Game Asset Terminal 18.mp4 146.65MB
Game Asset Terminal 19.mp4 179.74MB
Game Asset Terminal 20.mp4 89.38MB
Game Asset Terminal 21.mp4 108.77MB
Game Asset Terminal 22.mp4 370.50MB
Game Asset Terminal 23.mp4 194.01MB
Game Asset Terminal 24 Lp Tr1.mp4 207.84MB
Game Asset Terminal 25 Lp Tr2.mp4 277.78MB
Game Asset Terminal 26 Hp Tr1.mp4 171.81MB
Game Asset Terminal 27 Hp Tr2.mp4 260.49MB
Game Asset Terminal 28 Mt.mp4 201.92MB
Game Asset Terminal 29 QM Issues.mp4 69.57MB
Game Asset Terminal 30 AO and Normal Maps Fixing.mp4 119.51MB
Game Asset Terminal 31 Qm Texturing.mp4 157.78MB
Game Asset Terminal 32 New Rendering.mp4 602.33MB
Game Asset Terminal 33 Photoshop Editing.mp4 44.10MB
Game Asset Terminal 34 Why You Should Not Bake Maps In Bllender.mp4 72.43MB
Game Asset Terminal 35 Final Tips And Tricks.mp4 205.61MB
Game Asset Terminal 36 Vanilla Blender Tools Vs Addons.mp4 16.89MB
Game Asset Terminal 37 Unreal Import.mp4 64.27MB
GA render 1.tif 20.95MB
GA render 1 vid rec.psd 158.59MB
GA render 1 vid recbb.jpg 1.38MB
GA text texturing_Meta.xml 980B
h-7.jpg 1.14MB
lomoef5llkgjp73btfwytg.png 300.57KB
Mismatched Curvature.mp4 12.18MB
Non-Destructive Boolean Management.mp4 9.49MB
Normal Blender.png 14.79MB
pj_edonifuqolagybltjag.png 585.71KB
Preview.png 2.64KB
qgofo4yu-ukjqfhscmdkqq.png 4.20MB
qriewkzdokmdoegmcfi9dg.png 396.42KB
Quads Vs Ngons.mp4 216.29MB
R-57.png 7.20KB
robco industries.png 110.63KB
roybhngltekqsifr9k2bvq.png 499.71KB
sqv1gob66kybtaogvg6ptq.png 753.39KB
strips.jpg 1.37MB
Triangulation.mp4 56.14MB
white strip_.png 150.86KB
y9md_ykjquibyofg8r9p6w.png 9.22MB
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