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Title Creative Shrimp - 50 Modeling Issues From Hell in Blender 2.8 (2020)
Size 4.63GB

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00_Introduction.mp4 65.50MB
A_01_After subdiv model collapses.mp4 52.43MB
A_02_Selecting a loop.mp4 8.48MB
A_03_Supporting loops dont follow my main loop.mp4 27.99MB
A_04_Z-Fighting.mp4 17.17MB
A_05_Seams.mp4 19.98MB
A_06_Wrinkles.mp4 28.22MB
A_07_Should I avoid poles.mp4 115.72MB
A_08_Adding loops to curved surfaces.mp4 52.49MB
A_09_Adding detail in just one place.mp4 67.20MB
B_01_Invisible polygons.mp4 12.81MB
B_02_Faceted look.mp4 11.05MB
B_03_Autosmooth is locked.mp4 11.50MB
B_04_Smooth shading is too smooth.mp4 22.01MB
B_05_Smooth shading is flat.mp4 17.03MB
B_06_Change bevel profile without editing polys.mp4 14.42MB
C_01_Cutting details into curved surfaces.mp4 143.24MB
C_02_Half car half pancake.mp4 205.69MB
C_03_Revert subdivision.mp4 45.15MB
C_04_Im still getting subdivision pinching.mp4 265.13MB
C_05_Triangular wedge.mp4 72.28MB
D_01_Icons and patterns.mp4 73.16MB
D_02_Bend high poly cable like a spline.mp4 30.49MB
D_03_Smooth out wires.mp4 63.69MB
E_01_Flat ngon surface is glitchy.mp4 18.41MB
E_02_ZBrush doesnt read Blender ngons.mp4 25.46MB
E_03_Model deforms in ugly way.mp4 45.18MB
E_04_My mesh full of ngons.mp4 47.70MB
E_05_All quad doesnt bevel well.mp4 45.33MB
F_01_Do I have to mesh everything.mp4 50.45MB
F_02_Rotary details - mesh level.mp4 109.13MB
F_03_Rotary details - object level.mp4 43.80MB
F_04_Automotive curves arent smooth enough.mp4 31.54MB
F_05_Map highpoly mesh to curved surface.mp4 32.36MB
F_06_Modifiers dont work as expected.mp4 40.92MB
F_07_Deform compound object.mp4 23.95MB
F_08_Make geometry thicker.mp4 51.92MB
F_09_Mirrored mesh intersects itself.mp4 31.14MB
F_10_Mirror slicing plane.mp4 11.87MB
G_01_How to slice panel.mp4 47.82MB
G_02_Boolean non water tight.mp4 132.44MB
G_03_Boolean workflow is inefficient.mp4 101.27MB
G_04_How do you integrate plugs.mp4 76.07MB
G_05_Kitbash object looks out of place.mp4 66.33MB
G_06_High poly boolean makes beveling impossible.mp4 44.68MB
G_07_Subdiv after boolean.mp4 46.33MB
G_08_Model indentation.mp4 46.21MB
H_01_Problem with wide bevels.mp4 50.43MB
H_02_Artifacts after beveling part 1.mp4 101.55MB
H_03_Artifacts after beveling part 2.mp4 45.69MB
H_04_Impossible to bevel.mp4 66.26MB
H_05_Variable radius fillets Blender.mp4 91.54MB
I_01_No1 problem of all time.mp4 36.63MB
I_02_Align faces between objects.mp4 41.08MB
J_01_Object light leak.mp4 37.16MB
J_02_Mesh intersection.mp4 34.27MB
K_01_Straighten an edge.mp4 17.30MB
K_02_Lofting shapes.mp4 100.86MB
K_03_Multi-angled groove.mp4 92.05MB
K_04_Swap the mesh.mp4 42.43MB
L_01_Reducing polycount on a cylinder.mp4 50.13MB
L_02_How to extract piece of mesh.mp4 67.11MB
L_03_Extracting from a subd mesh.mp4 137.50MB
L_04_Meshed text is horrible.mp4 37.70MB
L_05_Optimize a quad mesh without altering curvature.mp4 19.56MB
M_01_Mesh has too many polygons.mp4 240.60MB
M_02_wth is with my scene.mp4 27.27MB
M_03_Move compound objects with modifiers.mp4 39.66MB
MIFH Extra Assorted Levels of 18.31MB
MIFH Project 48.07MB
N_01_Exported mesh looks not as intended.mp4 77.75MB
O_01_Model detailed cutouts.mp4 41.22MB
O_02 Rotate topology 45 degrees.mp4 15.41MB
O_03_Model structural frame part 1.mp4 53.28MB
O_04_Model structural frame part 2.mp4 31.63MB
O_05_Model structural frame part 3.mp4 20.63MB
O_06_Making corners part 1 - modeling a 90 corner.mp4 29.87MB
O_07_Making corners part 2 - more corners.mp4 31.16MB
O_08_Making corners part 3 - random angled corners.mp4 33.02MB
O_09_Making corners part 4 - procedural corners.mp4 79.35MB
O_10_Making corners part 5 - an angled frame.mp4 53.40MB
P_01_Model looks different on render.mp4 53.61MB
P_02_Projected topology is screwed.mp4 13.53MB
P_03_The file is corrupted.mp4 11.59MB
Ref_01_Reducing polycount.mp4 115.31MB
WTH_01_Everything is cloth.mp4 18.47MB
WTH_02_What the.mp4 10.51MB
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