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Title [] Udemy - Full-Stack Web Apps with Meteor and React
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001 Welcome Asking Awesome Questions.mp4 27.05MB
002 Section Intro.mp4 6.51MB
003 Installing Meteor Linux macOS Windows.mp4 8.84MB
004 What Is Meteor and Why Should I Use It.mp4 21.05MB
005 Need a Text Editor Try Atom.mp4 4.77MB
006 Hello Meteor.mp4 23.08MB
007 Section Intro.mp4 11.88MB
008 Exploring the Final Score Keep App.mp4 3.14MB
009 Stripping down the Meteor Boilerplate App.mp4 36.41MB
010 ES6 Aside - Importing and Exporting.mp4 32.34MB
011 ES6 Aside - Advanced Importing and Exporting.mp4 15.49MB
012 Installing React and Exploring JSX.mp4 36.50MB
013 Render Complex HTML with JSX.mp4 15.23MB
014 DB Planning and Rendering Static Data.mp4 35.27MB
015 What is NoSQL.mp4 5.11MB
016 Creating a MongoDb and MiniMongo Collection.mp4 26.60MB
017 Quering Data on the Client with MiniMongo.mp4 25.81MB
018 Rendering Players List.mp4 21.16MB
019 Inserting Players via a Form.mp4 25.38MB
020 ES6 Aside - Arrow Functions.mp4 32.89MB
021 Arrow Function Refactor.mp4 9.17MB
022 Removing Player Documents.mp4 18.77MB
023 Updating Player Documents.mp4 29.73MB
024 Section Intro.mp4 8.75MB
025 What are React Components.mp4 14.39MB
026 ES6 Aside - Classes Part I.mp4 26.26MB
027 ES6 Aside - Classes Part II.mp4 32.70MB
028 Your First React Component.mp4 24.89MB
029 Props Prop Types and Prop Defaults.mp4 31.34MB
030 Prop Type Update.mp4 8.57MB
031 Custom Component Methods.mp4 22.75MB
032 Creating the Player Component.mp4 20.98MB
033 List Based Components.mp4 15.58MB
034 Conditional Rendering with JSX.mp4 9.66MB
035 Rendering Everything with an App Component.mp4 21.02MB
036 Querying and Sorting Player Documents.mp4 18.20MB
037 Section Intro.mp4 10.16MB
038 SCSS and Atmosphere Packages.mp4 23.86MB
039 CSS Reset and Header Styling.mp4 29.07MB
040 SCSS Imports.mp4 17.68MB
041 Styling the App List.mp4 22.45MB
042 BEM Naming.mp4 35.73MB
043 BEM Challenge.mp4 12.58MB
044 Styling Player with Flexbox.mp4 30.84MB
045 Using 3rd-Party React Components FlipMove.mp4 27.62MB
046 Calculating Player Standings with ES6.mp4 39.07MB
047 Dynamic Classes and SCSS Functions.mp4 26.30MB
048 Bonus Meteor and React Developer Tools.mp4 36.92MB
049 Section Intro.mp4 7.22MB
050 Learning Burnout - This Is Important.mp4 18.44MB
051 Exploring the Short Lnk App.mp4 3.79MB
052 Client-Side Routing Options.mp4 21.59MB
053 Setting Up React-Router.mp4 31.30MB
054 Setting Up Routes.mp4 30.74MB
055 Navigating Between Routes.mp4 33.27MB
056 Component State and Signup Form.mp4 30.29MB
057 Creating User Accounts.mp4 47.66MB
058 Logging In.mp4 25.09MB
059 Logging Out and Tracking Auth Status.mp4 43.61MB
060 Private and Public Routes.mp4 36.02MB
061 Showing Meteor Error Messages.mp4 15.32MB
062 Schema Validation.mp4 74.26MB
063 New User Validation.mp4 45.13MB
064 Refactoring Router Code.mp4 27.96MB
065 Bonus Robomongo.mp4 15.05MB
066 Section Intro.mp4 8.09MB
067 Overview of Methods Publications Subscriptions.mp4 13.28MB
068 Setting up an Insecure System - Part I.mp4 25.32MB
069 Setting up an Insecure System - Part II.mp4 32.04MB
070 Creating Publications and Subscriptions.mp4 27.53MB
071 Advanced Publications.mp4 23.36MB
072 Creating and Calling Methods.mp4 36.77MB
073 Building links.create Method.mp4 33.99MB
074 Method Validation.mp4 35.20MB
075 Node HTTP and Connect.mp4 45.59MB
076 Redirecting Shortened Links.mp4 30.31MB
077 A Short Video about Short IDs.mp4 10.76MB
078 Section Intro.mp4 8.08MB
079 Single Responsibility with React.mp4 26.18MB
080 Stateless Functional Components.mp4 32.57MB
081 Creating LinkListItem.mp4 25.51MB
082 Copying Link URL to Clipboard.mp4 34.96MB
083 A State Challenge.mp4 17.60MB
084 Hiding Links with Method Methods.mp4 33.87MB
085 Meteor Session Variables.mp4 22.38MB
086 Filtering Links via Form Elements.mp4 17.52MB
087 Controlled and Uncontrolled Inputs.mp4 37.14MB
088 Setting up Link Analytics.mp4 32.14MB
089 Working with Time.mp4 49.14MB
090 Creating Modals with React-Modal.mp4 27.74MB
091 Setting up Modal Errors.mp4 31.33MB
092 Section Intro.mp4 11.96MB
093 SCSS Setup and Architecture.mp4 10.91MB
094 Breaking Out Configuration.mp4 31.10MB
095 Finishing off Login and Sign Styles.mp4 31.79MB
096 Button Styles.mp4 33.46MB
097 Reusing Styles with Modifiers.mp4 39.65MB
098 Private Header Styles.mp4 23.20MB
099 Styling Filters and Page Content.mp4 15.06MB
100 Styling Items and Empty Items.mp4 32.29MB
101 Adding react-flip-move.mp4 11.40MB
102 Section Intro.mp4 9.37MB
103 Installing and Configuring Git.mp4 15.44MB
104 Adding Git to Your Meteor App.mp4 25.42MB
105 Git AddCommit Workflows.mp4 20.55MB
106 Generating an SSH Key.mp4 19.61MB
107 Pushing and Pulling from GitHub.mp4 25.51MB
108 Setting Up Heroku.mp4 10.50MB
109 Deploying Meteor Apps to Heroku.mp4 28.05MB
110 Common Developer Workflow.mp4 11.29MB
111 Deploying Score Keep.mp4 21.75MB
112 Section Intro.mp4 7.68MB
113 Exploring the Notes App.mp4 4.55MB
114 Creating MeteorReact Boilerplate.mp4 30.90MB
115 The Meteor Test Command.mp4 18.91MB
116 Exploring Mocha and Expect.mp4 30.12MB
117 Using An Assertion Library.mp4 22.76MB
118 Testing User Validation.mp4 27.94MB
119 Testing Meteor Methods.mp4 27.97MB
120 Testing Note Removal.mp4 36.45MB
121 Testing Note Updating.mp4 40.48MB
122 Testing Note Updating - Part 2.mp4 14.59MB
123 Testing Meteor Publications.mp4 21.39MB
124 Section Intro.mp4 9.28MB
125 Enzyme 101.mp4 38.50MB
126 Mocking Functions with Spies.mp4 40.41MB
127 Setting Up React-Meteor-Data.mp4 28.11MB
128 Testing Login.mp4 30.68MB
129 Testing Login - Setting Inputs and Submitting.mp4 41.52MB
130 Testing Signup.mp4 43.47MB
131 Section Intro.mp4 5.95MB
132 Adding and Counting Notes.mp4 33.73MB
133 Rendering Notes.mp4 37.08MB
134 Rendering Notes - Part II.mp4 29.24MB
135 Rendering Empty List Item.mp4 45.14MB
136 Selecting Notes.mp4 23.45MB
137 Test Fixtures.mp4 31.20MB
138 Highlighting Selected Note.mp4 34.81MB
139 The Editor Component.mp4 33.08MB
140 Editor Input and TextArea.mp4 23.87MB
141 Setting up Logout to Work with New Routes.mp4 44.13MB
142 Setting up Logout to Work with New Routes - Part II.mp4 23.39MB
143 Removing Notes.mp4 38.75MB
144 Testing The Editor.mp4 33.63MB
145 Testing The Editor - Part II.mp4 39.54MB
146 Loading Newly Created Notes.mp4 34.33MB
147 Deploying The App.mp4 16.87MB
148 Section Intro.mp4 9.10MB
149 Customizing Auth Pages.mp4 22.75MB
150 Creating the Side-By-Side Layout.mp4 22.13MB
151 Styling Sidebar and Main Container.mp4 34.32MB
152 Styling the Editor.mp4 42.07MB
153 Styling the NoteList.mp4 44.50MB
154 Media Queries.mp4 30.16MB
155 SCSS Media Query Mixins.mp4 39.13MB
156 Mobile Menu Part I.mp4 41.95MB
157 Mobile Menu Part II.mp4 41.01MB
158 Favions Momentum Scrolling and Final Deployment.mp4 32.87MB
159 New Feature Ideas.mp4 4.78MB
160 Thats It.mp4 18.59MB
161 What Are You Working On.mp4 14.46MB
162 Free-Mini Courses.html 852B 16.54KB 17.66KB 18.13KB 18.81KB 19.56KB 18.90KB 19.60KB 20.46KB 20.46KB 67.83KB 73.49KB 85.07KB 86.12KB 94.57KB 57.52KB 71.18KB 41.96KB 44.18KB 42.09KB 43.63KB 44.05KB 44.11KB 44.40KB 45.26KB 44.27KB 43.81KB 43.79KB 45.92KB 45.80KB 46.71KB 47.02KB 47.59KB 48.59KB 73.91KB 79.07KB 76.40KB 89.57KB 94.28KB 93.65KB 99.73KB 101.97KB 109.59KB 109.12KB 110.24KB 114.42KB 121.22KB 121.24KB 116.72KB 125.29KB 136.77KB 139.13KB 149.68KB 155.04KB 167.08KB 191.11KB 182.03KB 199.36KB 8.27KB 8.78KB 8.59KB 8.81KB 8.68KB 8.66KB 8.70KB 7.08KB 6.09KB 8.04KB 7.66KB 8.10KB 8.56KB 8.20KB 10.44KB 10.69KB 10.30KB 8.38KB 8.51KB 9.41KB 10.08KB 8.91KB 9.35KB 9.95KB 10.06KB 14.20KB 14.78KB 17.72KB 10.84KB 10.87KB 12.18KB 12.52KB 12.42KB 13.60KB 13.63KB 13.91KB 8.44KB 9.00KB 10.30KB 10.39KB 10.69KB 6.13KB 7.21KB 7.00KB 7.25KB 7.54KB 7.45KB 7.66KB 12.59KB 12.59KB 13.28KB 11.37KB 11.88KB 11.63KB 12.00KB 11.88KB 12.02KB 13.02KB 13.97KB 15.08KB 14.23KB 14.65KB 14.58KB 14.51KB 15.00KB 14.79KB 15.69KB 15.19KB 14.92KB 15.17KB 15.78KB
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