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Title Jilax.Serum.Presets.Vol.1-RESONANT
Category PC
Size 64.20MB
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Bass G.wav 74.51KB
Bass - In Your Mind Main Bass.fxp 4.66KB
Bass - Ketamine Main Bass.fxp 395.84KB
Bass Shot - Clean Dubstepish.fxp 109.56KB
Bass Shot - Clean Wobble.fxp 722.51KB
Bass Shot - Dubstep Bass.fxp 895.82KB
Bass Shot - Dubstep Bass 2.fxp 1.85MB
Bass Shot - Fm Wob.fxp 1.25MB
Bass Shot - Kick Shot.fxp 2.29KB
Bass Shot - Pitcher.fxp 4.77KB
Bass Shot - Reso Wob.fxp 348.75KB
Bass Shot - Reverb Bass.fxp 5.17KB
Bass Shot - Reverse Bass.fxp 256.26KB
Bass Shot - Slap Bass.fxp 74.58KB
Bass Shot - So deep, Adele is rolling in it.fxp 2.30KB
Bass Shot - Soft Reverse.fxp 707.39KB
Bass Shot - Square Phrase.fxp 25.17KB
Bass Shot - Stereo Saw.fxp 359.10KB
Bass Shot - Stereo Square Bass.fxp 2.21MB
Bass Shot - Stereo Wob.fxp 906.67KB
Bass Shot - Trash Square.fxp 4.42KB
Bass - Simple Main Bass.fxp 5.17KB
Bass - Soul Main Bass.fxp 140.12KB
Bass - Stereo Sub Pad.fxp 194.64KB
Fx - Long Riser.fxp 5.12KB
Fx - Signature Square Pad.fxp 2.07MB
Fx - Vocal Gate.fxp 1.11MB
Hihat.wav 19.14KB
Kick G.wav 74.51KB
Layer - Bass Layer (Key_E) Sample Me!.fxp 4.87KB
Layer - Bass Layer (Key_F) Sample Me!.fxp 9.44KB
Layer - Chord Bass Layer.fxp 5.36KB
Layer - Electro Bass Bonkers.fxp 129.98KB
Layer - Heathens Bass Layer.fxp 54.15KB
Layer - Perc Layer.fxp 5.28KB
Layer - Saw Bass Layer.fxp 16.56KB
Layer - Sub Layer.fxp 1.84MB
Lead - Acid Reverbfilter.fxp 5.26KB
Lead - Glider.fxp 21.96KB
Lead - Reality Code Acid.fxp 5.50KB
Lead - Walter White.fxp 4.49KB
One Shot - Angry.fxp 665.88KB
One Shot - Another Chord Shot.fxp 5.35KB
One Shot - Bitcher.fxp 2.07MB
One Shot - Chord Phrase.fxp 72.33KB
One Shot - Chord Pluck.fxp 5.19KB
One Shot - Chord Reverse.fxp 16.99KB
One Shot - Classy Pluck.fxp 5.70KB
One Shot - Crush That Weirdo.fxp 1.27MB
One Shot - Dark Pluck.fxp 521.33KB
One Shot - Dark Pluck 2.fxp 368.80KB
One Shot - Deeper.fxp 1.81MB
One Shot - Deep Phrase.fxp 583.76KB
One Shot - Deep Pluck.fxp 72.14KB
One Shot - Deep Reso Shot.fxp 109.40KB
One Shot - Dog Bark.fxp 5.28KB
One Shot - Double Stab.fxp 2.39KB
One Shot - Double Wob.fxp 5.29KB
One Shot - Fat Supersaw (Play 2 Octaves Togheter).fxp 2.07MB
One Shot - Filter down.fxp 5.26KB
One Shot - Filter Stab.fxp 239.22KB
One Shot - First Hit.fxp 507.13KB
One Shot - First Hit 2.fxp 1.82MB
One Shot - Flange Stab (Key_G#).fxp 2.07MB
One Shot - Fm to the bone.fxp 188.14KB
One Shot - Gritty.fxp 19.52KB
One Shot - Gritty 2.fxp 1.84MB
One Shot - Growlify.fxp 190.15KB
One Shot - Growl Stab.fxp 711.96KB
One Shot - Hollow Wob.fxp 4.93KB
One Shot - Hollow Wob 2.fxp 1.98KB
One Shot - Hyperspace.fxp 160.08KB
One Shot - Mega Trumpet.fxp 2.12MB
One Shot - Modern Talk Shot.fxp 50.32KB
One Shot - Most Basic Shot.fxp 5.18KB
One Shot - Phaser Stab.fxp 362.96KB
One Shot - Pitch Stab.fxp 2.07MB
One Shot - Pluckero.fxp 5.14KB
One Shot - Reality Code Growl Shot.fxp 4.37KB
One Shot - Reso Shot.fxp 479.10KB
One Shot - Reverb Shot.fxp 1.97KB
One Shot - Robo Pluck.fxp 113.51KB
One Shot - Sexy Chord Wob.fxp 1.90MB
One Shot - Sexy Chord Wob 2.fxp 4.13MB
One Shot - Square Fm Pluck.fxp 253.72KB
One Shot - Square Squelch.fxp 5.17KB
One Shot - Substance Stab.fxp 5.16KB
One Shot - Talker.fxp 2.31KB
One Shot - Talker 2.fxp 318.46KB
One Shot - Talker 3.fxp 4.69KB
One Shot - Vocal Shot.fxp 277.68KB
One Shot - Vocal Synth.fxp 432.13KB
One Shot - Weird Phaser Shot.fxp 4.52KB
One Shot - Yalla.fxp 87.81KB
Pad - Magical Chords.fxp 1.84MB
Pad - Square Glider.fxp 2.07MB
Perc - Tonal Cinematic Drum.fxp 2.19MB
Perc - Tonal Noise Perc.fxp 4.64KB
Pluck - Chord Me.fxp 2.11KB
Pluck - Cleaner Than Your Kitchen.fxp 2.22KB
Pluck - Magical Pluck.fxp 1.86MB
Pluck - Nice Bell.fxp 2.07MB
Pluck - Noise Pluck.fxp 2.07MB
Pluck - Vock.fxp 308.99KB
Preview.wav 6.06MB
Resonant.nfo 25.40KB
Snare.wav 37.60KB
Distribution statistics by country
Vietnam (VN) 6
France (FR) 2
United States (US) 2
Russia (RU) 2
Spain (ES) 1
Mexico (MX) 1
Argentina (AR) 1
Thailand (TH) 1
Brazil (BR) 1
Ukraine (UA) 1
Total 18
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