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Title Spider-Man - The Animated Series (1994)
Size 30.30GB

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01 Doctor Strange.mkv 494.68MB
01 Guilty.mkv 455.11MB
01 Night of the Lizard.mkv 489.20MB
01 The Insidious Six.mkv 570.20MB
01 The Wedding.mkv 519.94MB
02 Battle of the Insidious Six.mkv 574.20MB
02 Make A Wish.mkv 496.19MB
02 Six Forgotten Warriors.mkv 444.12MB
02 The Cat.mkv 410.43MB
02 The Spider Slayer.mkv 445.90MB
03 Attack of the Octobot.mkv 443.07MB
03 Hydro-Man.mkv 590.24MB
03 Return of the Spider Slayers.mkv 522.12MB
03 The Black Cat.mkv 423.96MB
03 Unclaimed Legacy.mkv 471.48MB
04 Doctor Octopus - Armed and Dangerous.mkv 433.99MB
04 Enter the Green Goblin.mkv 420.85MB
04 Secrets of the Six.mkv 516.82MB
04 The Mutant Agenda.mkv 458.77MB
04 The Return of Kraven.mkv 439.56MB
05 Mutants' Revenge.mkv 503.46MB
05 Partners.mkv 438.94MB
05 The Menace of Mysterio.mkv 554.62MB
05 The Rocket Racer.mkv 461.61MB
05 The Six Fight Again.mkv 445.79MB
06 Framed.mkv 471.56MB
06 Morbius.mkv 442.90MB
06 The Awakening.mkv 430.49MB
06 The Price of Heroism.mkv 480.29MB
06 The Sting of the Scorpion.mkv 561.14MB
07 Enter the Punisher.mkv 520.36MB
07 Kraven The Hunter.mkv 425.74MB
07 The Man Without Fear.mkv 455.94MB
07 The Return of Hydro-Man (Part 1).mkv 454.25MB
07 The Vampire Queen.mkv 394.97MB
08 Duel of the Hunters.mkv 547.74MB
08 The Alien Costume (Part 1).mkv 474.17MB
08 The Return of Hydro-Man (Part 2).mkv 414.20MB
08 The Return of the Green Goblin.mkv 455.82MB
08 The Ultimate Slayer.mkv 500.05MB
09 Arrival.mkv 431.60MB
09 Blade, The Vampire Hunter.mkv 442.90MB
09 The Alien Costume (Part 2).mkv 467.33MB
09 The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson.mkv 502.97MB
09 Tombstone.mkv 490.76MB
10 The Alien Costume (Part 3).mkv 506.89MB
10 The Gauntlet of the Red Skull.mkv 541.21MB
10 The Immortal Vampire.mkv 408.02MB
10 The Lizard King.mkv 499.72MB
10 Venom Returns.mkv 477.57MB
11 Carnage.mkv 421.79MB
11 Doom.mkv 464.51MB
11 Tablet of Time.mkv 457.64MB
11 The Hobgoblin (Part 1).mkv 645.52MB
11 The Prowler.mkv 451.84MB
12 I Really, Really Hate Clones.mkv 447.96MB
12 Ravages of Time.mkv 450.09MB
12 The Hobgoblin (Part 2).mkv 505.71MB
12 The Spot.mkv 461.19MB
13 Day of the Chameleon.mkv 494.84MB
13 Farewell, Spider-Man.mkv 448.18MB
13 Goblin War.mkv 481.83MB
13 Shriek of the Vulture.mkv 485.54MB
14 The Final Nightmare.mkv 500.71MB
14 Turning Point.mkv 488.53MB
ReadMe.nfo 522B
Thumbs.db 176.50KB