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Title Red Dead Redemption 2
Category Games
Size 112.50GB

Files List
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amd_ags_x64.dll 161.50KB
american.txt 25.47KB
anim_0.rpf 3.87GB
appdata0_update.rpf 2.73MB 1.28MB 1.03MB 1.33MB 1.06MB 3.97MB 894.95KB 174.93KB 129.98KB 85.06KB 44.93KB 682.24KB 679.56KB 1.53MB 1.53MB 191.18KB 147.68KB 94.55KB 52.05KB
audio_rel.rpf 5.82MB 1.29MB 1.03MB 178.62KB 134.02KB 85.10KB 44.98KB 832.31KB 778.19KB 1.72MB 1.63MB 193.45KB 149.43KB 847.28KB 829.26KB 1.71MB 1.40MB 118.92KB 90.82KB 265.05KB 264.69KB 897.50KB 879.49KB 2.97MB 3.17MB 227.18KB 187.63KB 133.11KB 102.58KB 908.32KB 711.38KB 119.54KB 90.92KB 266.86KB 266.25KB
bink2w64.dll 371.50KB
chinese.txt 47.22KB
chinesesimp.txt 46.52KB
common_0.rpf 8.05MB
d3d12.dll 1.82MB
data_0.rpf 274.15MB 1.30MB 1.03MB 207.82KB 187.23KB 1.50MB 1.50MB 187.96KB 142.19KB
dlc.rpf 114.34MB
dlc.rpf 2.62GB
dlc.rpf 466.98MB
dlc.rpf 956.10MB
dlc.rpf 2.68GB
dlc.rpf 295.89MB
dlc.rpf 2.55GB
dlc.rpf 1011.35MB
dlc.rpf 282.87MB
dlc.rpf 388.66MB
dlc.rpf 122.04MB
dlc.rpf 107.16MB
dlc.rpf 1.19MB
dlc.rpf 385.24MB
dlc.rpf 3.29MB
DSETUP.dll 87.84KB
dsetup32.dll 1.72MB 41.42KB
dxilconv7.dll 1.39MB
DXSETUP.exe 524.84KB 91.81KB 1.19MB 989.48KB 1.30MB 1.03MB 174.18KB 129.31KB 190.11KB 144.51KB 53.40KB 20.23KB 119.58KB 91.00KB 270.47KB 270.69KB
french.txt 49.49KB
german.txt 49.13KB
hd_0.rpf 985.02MB
index.bin 45.70KB
italian.txt 48.61KB
japanese.txt 60.48KB 1.27MB 1.02MB 176.55KB 130.54KB 682.66KB 682.10KB 1.53MB 1.53MB 192.50KB 149.33KB 847.49KB 830.00KB 1.71MB 1.40MB 53.86KB 21.39KB 118.22KB 90.95KB 263.31KB 262.72KB 922.32KB 909.64KB 735.14KB 744.32KB 230.42KB 192.66KB 134.97KB 106.88KB 915.28KB 750.04KB 121.68KB 91.49KB 270.84KB 271.54KB
korean.txt 55.75KB
levels_0.rpf 329.49MB
levels_1.rpf 7.94GB
levels_2.rpf 7.95GB
levels_3.rpf 7.96GB
levels_4.rpf 7.95GB
levels_5.rpf 7.95GB
levels_6.rpf 7.92GB
levels_7.rpf 6.58GB 825.08KB 799.08KB 1.69MB 1.38MB 53.77KB 21.35KB 119.47KB 91.54KB 245.31KB 220.95KB 1.02MB 1016.35KB 1.88MB 1.54MB 53.32KB 20.80KB 118.66KB 90.57KB 268.60KB 266.62KB
metadata.dat 1.84MB
mexican.txt 48.51KB
movies_0.rpf 1.94GB
MUSIC_2T.rpf 210.25MB 844.34KB 785.04KB 1.72MB 1.63MB 45.06KB 18.06KB 192.15KB 144.79KB 970.85KB 942.79KB 1.82MB 1.48MB 53.24KB 21.34KB 118.94KB 90.51KB 267.54KB 266.22KB 84.02KB 44.30KB 1.35MB 1.07MB 178.09KB 134.78KB
oo2core_5_win64.dll 913.50KB
packs_0.rpf 970.98MB
packs_1.rpf 4.03GB
PEDS_00.rpf 356.93MB
PEDS_01.rpf 354.25MB
PEDS_02.rpf 354.18MB
PEDS_03.rpf 432.98MB
PEDS_04.rpf 588.98MB
PEDS_05.rpf 224.72MB
PEDS_06.rpf 255.99MB
PEDS_07.rpf 641.58MB
PEDS_08.rpf 773.75MB
PEDS_09.rpf 634.19MB
PEDS_10.rpf 1.52GB
polish.txt 50.15KB
portuguese.txt 48.96KB
RDR2.exe 85.49MB
RDR3.Resident.rpf 314.91MB
RESIDENT.rpf 493.68MB
rowpack_0.rpf 352.90MB
russian.txt 70.50KB
S_MISC.rpf 3.19GB
S_RE.rpf 684.32MB
S_VOFX.rpf 72.49MB
SCORE_01.rpf 1.20GB
SCORE_02.rpf 1.16GB
SCORE_03.rpf 893.84MB
SCORE_04.rpf 1013.36MB
SCORE_05.rpf 1.08GB
SCORE_06.rpf 468.67MB
SCRIPT.rpf 482.56MB
shaders_x64.rpf 222.33MB
spanish.txt 51.03KB
SS_AM.rpf 1.31GB
SS_NZ.rpf 1.44GB
STREAMS_AS.rpf 371.04MB
STREAMS.rpf 834.66MB
textures_0.rpf 3.05GB
textures_1.rpf 3.36GB
THUNDER.rpf 31.45MB
update.rpf 2.61GB
vc_redist.x64.exe 14.38MB
VEHICLES.rpf 74.58MB
vulkan-1.dll 1.15MB
VulkanRT- 873.31KB
WALLA.rpf 18.31MB