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Title Fallout 4
Category Games
Size 34.65GB
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_게임.실행.방법.안내(v1.10.120.0).txt 2.59KB
_번역검수 2018.12.18.rar 3.18MB
_한글패치 v1.10.120.rar 10.55MB
AGILITY.bk2 364.21MB
bink2w64.dll 417.50KB
ccBGSFO4001-PipBoy(Black) - Main.ba2 4.77KB
ccBGSFO4001-PipBoy(Black) - Textures.ba2 1.41MB
ccBGSFO4003-PipBoy(Camo01) - Main.ba2 5.21KB
ccBGSFO4003-PipBoy(Camo01) - Textures.ba2 2.16MB
ccBGSFO4004-PipBoy(Camo02) - Main.ba2 5.20KB
ccBGSFO4004-PipBoy(Camo02) - Textures.ba2 2.00MB
ccBGSFO4006-PipBoy(Chrome) - Main.ba2 4.91KB
ccBGSFO4006-PipBoy(Chrome) - Textures.ba2 8.85MB
ccBGSFO4016-Prey - Main.ba2 3.58MB
ccBGSFO4016-Prey - Textures.ba2 28.77MB
ccBGSFO4018-GaussRiflePrototype - Main.ba2 15.18MB
ccBGSFO4018-GaussRiflePrototype - Textures.ba2 13.39MB
ccBGSFO4019-ChineseStealthArmor - Main.ba2 1.70MB
ccBGSFO4019-ChineseStealthArmor - Textures.ba2 20.80MB
ccBGSFO4020-PowerArmorSkin(Black) - Main.ba2 12.90KB
ccBGSFO4020-PowerArmorSkin(Black) - Textures.ba2 29.83MB
ccBGSFO4038-HorseArmor - Main.ba2 1.94MB
ccBGSFO4038-HorseArmor - Textures.ba2 120.44MB
ccBGSFO4044-HellfirePowerArmor - Main.ba2 2.11MB
ccBGSFO4044-HellfirePowerArmor - Textures.ba2 73.41MB
ccFRSFO4001-HandmadeShotgun - Main.ba2 2.48MB
ccFRSFO4001-HandmadeShotgun - Textures.ba2 29.90MB
ccFSVFO4001-ModularMilitaryBackpack - Main.ba2 14.58MB
ccFSVFO4001-ModularMilitaryBackpack - Textures.ba2 50.23MB
ccFSVFO4002-MidCenturyModern - Main.ba2 878.15KB
ccFSVFO4002-MidCenturyModern - Textures.ba2 181.74MB
CHARISMA.bk2 381.73MB
cudart64_75.dll 352.28KB
DLCCoast.cdx 6.53MB
DLCCoast.esm 71.11MB
DLCCoast - Geometry.csg 96.26MB
DLCCoast - Main.ba2 1.35GB
DLCCoast - Textures.ba2 1.24GB
DLCCoast - Voices_en.ba2 500.70MB
DLCNukaWorld.cdx 4.90MB
DLCNukaWorld.esm 61.33MB
DLCNukaWorld - Geometry.csg 99.46MB
DLCNukaWorld - Main.ba2 1.39GB
DLCNukaWorld - Textures.ba2 2.19GB
DLCNukaWorld - Voices_en.ba2 295.82MB
DLCRobot.cdx 1.17MB
DLCRobot.esm 7.64MB
DLCRobot - Geometry.csg 30.99MB
DLCRobot - Main.ba2 346.46MB
DLCRobot - Textures.ba2 208.44MB
DLCRobot - Voices_en.ba2 174.20MB
DLCworkshop01.cdx 2.12KB
DLCworkshop01.esm 618.74KB
DLCworkshop01 - Geometry.csg 5.69KB
DLCworkshop01 - Main.ba2 52.90MB
DLCworkshop01 - Textures.ba2 22.16MB
DLCworkshop02.esm 661.90KB
DLCworkshop02 - Main.ba2 90.78MB
DLCworkshop02 - Textures.ba2 161.31MB
DLCworkshop03.cdx 680.09KB
DLCworkshop03.esm 2.83MB
DLCworkshop03 - Geometry.csg 21.52MB
DLCworkshop03 - Main.ba2 191.40MB
DLCworkshop03 - Textures.ba2 198.83MB
DLCworkshop03 - Voices_en.ba2 49.35MB
Endgame_FEMALE_A.bk2 186.43MB
Endgame_FEMALE_B.bk2 162.41MB
Endgame_MALE_A.bk2 189.65MB
Endgame_MALE_B.bk2 167.21MB
ENDURANCE.bk2 354.37MB
Fallout4_Default.ini 2.51KB
Fallout4.ccc 4.19KB
Fallout4.cdx 22.28MB
Fallout4.cdx 62.70MB
Fallout4.esm 315.28MB
Fallout4.exe 62.70MB
Fallout4 - Animations.ba2 343.12MB
Fallout4 - Geometry.csg 228.92MB
Fallout4 - Interface.ba2 196.62MB
Fallout4Launcher.exe 4.31MB
Fallout4 - Materials.ba2 1.69MB
Fallout4 - Meshes.ba2 1.39GB
Fallout4 - MeshesExtra.ba2 1.28GB
Fallout4 - Misc.ba2 16.54MB
Fallout4 - Nvflex.ba2 6.09MB
Fallout4Prefs.ini 3.55KB
Fallout4 - Shaders.ba2 12.20MB
Fallout4 - Sounds.ba2 1.47GB
Fallout4 - Startup.ba2 34.84MB
Fallout4 - Textures1.ba2 2.52GB
Fallout4 - Textures2.ba2 2.25GB
Fallout4 - Textures3.ba2 1.96GB
Fallout4 - Textures4.ba2 1.86GB
Fallout4 - Textures5.ba2 1.83GB
Fallout4 - Textures6.ba2 1.29GB
Fallout4 - Textures7.ba2 520.67MB
Fallout4 - Textures8.ba2 574.28MB
Fallout4 - Textures9.ba2 824.48MB
Fallout4 - Voices.ba2 2.43GB
flexExtRelease_x64.dll 345.00KB
flexRelease_x64.dll 1.24MB
GameIntro_V3_B.bk2 26.06MB
GFSDK_GodraysLib.x64.dll 340.00KB
GFSDK_SSAO_D3D11.win64.dll 537.50KB
High.ini 1.19KB
icon.ico 9.44KB
installscript.vdf 606B
Intro.bk2 326.74MB
libScePad.dll 113.00KB
Low.ini 1.18KB
LUCK.bk2 386.43MB
MainMenuLoop.bk2 307.33MB
Medium.ini 1.19KB
msvcp110.dll 645.95KB
msvcr110.dll 829.45KB
nvdebris.txt 6.41KB
nvToolsExt64_1.dll 41.50KB
reg.exe 404.00KB
reg.ini 46B
reg.txt 126B
steam_api64.cdx 201.91KB
steam_api64.dll 293.28KB
steam_emu.ini 2.68KB
STRENGTH.bk2 330.72MB
Ultra.ini 1.20KB
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Republic of Korea (KR) 10
Total 10
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