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Title April Wine Discography Part 2 The 80's
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01. All over Town.mp3 6.86MB
01. Anything You Want, You Got It.mp3 10.80MB
01. Anything You Want, You Got It.mp3 9.04MB
01. Givin' It Takin' It.mp3 9.58MB
01. Rock Myself To Sleep.mp3 7.46MB
01. Saw Someone (That Wasn't There).mp3 9.05MB
01. Won't Go There.mp3 8.01MB
01 - Look Into The Sun.mp3 11.10MB
01 - This Could Be The Right One.mp3 9.81MB
02. Enough Is Enough.mp3 9.33MB
02. Good From Far (Far From Good).mp3 8.34MB
02. I've Had Enough For Now (I Wanna Go Home).mp3 6.36MB
02. I Like To Rock.mp3 8.69MB
02. Talk To Me.mp3 8.52MB
02. Tellin' Me Lies.mp3 6.93MB
02. Wanted Dead Or Alive.mp3 8.06MB
02 - I Just Wanna Make Love To You.mp3 11.04MB
02 - Sons Of The Pioneers.mp3 12.80MB
03. Beg For Your Love.mp3 8.20MB
03. If You Believe In Me.mp3 9.83MB
03. If You See Kay.mp3 8.85MB
03. Night Life.mp3 7.50MB
03. Paradise.mp3 11.14MB
03. Roller.mp3 8.31MB
03. Sign of the Gypsy Queen.mp3 9.80MB
03 - If I Was A Stranger.mp3 10.09MB
03 - Without Your Love.mp3 11.15MB
04. All Over Town.mp3 5.80MB
04. Holiday.mp3 9.50MB
04. Just Between You and Me.mp3 8.99MB
04. Love Has Remembered Me.mp3 9.45MB
04. Sheila.mp3 8.15MB
04. Thats Love.mp3 8.97MB
04. What If We Fall In Love.mp3 9.97MB
04 - Rock Tonite.mp3 11.42MB
04 - Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love.mp3 9.26MB
05. Anejo.mp3 11.51MB
05. Hot On The Wheels Of Love.mp3 6.28MB
05. I'll Give You That.mp3 10.24MB
05. It Hurts.mp3 9.05MB
05. Waiting On A Miracle.mp3 9.36MB
05. Wanna Rock.mp3 4.81MB
05. You Don't Even Know (How I Love You So).mp3 6.91MB
05 - Hard Rock Kid.mp3 9.07MB
05 - Nothin' But A Kiss.mp3 10.11MB
06. Caught in the Crossfire.mp3 8.19MB
06. Doin' It Right.mp3 8.49MB
06. Hour Of Need.mp3 6.16MB
06. I Am, I Am.mp3 7.76MB
06. Open Soul Surgery.mp3 8.41MB
06. Tonite.mp3 8.12MB
06. Wish I Could Sing.mp3 9.11MB
06 - I'm A Man.mp3 9.61MB
06 - Money Talks.mp3 7.97MB
07. Ain't Got Your Love.mp3 10.34MB
07. Future Tense.mp3 9.53MB
07. Future Tense.mp3 8.01MB
07. Here's Lookin At You Kid.mp3 9.46MB
07. Life Goes On.mp3 7.85MB
07. Looking For A Place (We've Never Been).mp3 8.07MB
07. You Don't Have To Act That Way.mp3 11.15MB
07 - Gimme That Thing Called Love.mp3 11.60MB
07 - Whatever It Takes.mp3 10.20MB
08. 21st Century Schizoid Man.mp3 12.16MB
08. Better Slow Down.mp3 9.97MB
08. Big City Girls.mp3 8.44MB
08. Blood Money.mp3 12.30MB
08. Falling Down.mp3 7.91MB
08. Hold On.mp3 8.71MB
08. If You're Comin' (I'm Out Of Here).mp3 3.08MB
08 - Drivin' With My Eyes Closed.mp3 10.05MB
08 - Too Hot To Handle.mp3 11.64MB
09. All It Will Ever Be.mp3 10.68MB
09. Crash & Burn.mp3 5.09MB
09. Crash and Burn.mp3 5.86MB
09. In Your World.mp3 9.84MB
09. Strange Kind Of Love.mp3 9.30MB
09. Tell Me Why.mp3 7.48MB
09. That's Who I Am, This Is What I Do (Bonus Studio Track).mp3 3.81MB
09 - Hard To Believe.mp3 12.22MB
09 - Last Time I'll Ever Sing The Blues.mp3 10.93MB
10. Bad Boys.mp3 7.26MB
10. Can't Take Another Nite.mp3 9.37MB
10. Don't Push Me Around.mp3 6.37MB
10. Runners In The Night.mp3 12.05MB
10. Strong Silent Type (Bonus Studio Track).mp3 7.67MB
10. Wait Any More.mp3 9.99MB
10. Won't Walk That Road No More.mp3 8.77MB
10 - Keep On Rockin'.mp3 9.08MB
11. Get Ready For Love.mp3 8.19MB
11. I Am A Rock.mp3 9.12MB
11. Luv Your Stuff.mp3 7.06MB
11. One More Time.mp3 9.01MB
11 - Mind Over Matter.mp3 10.76MB
12. Emotional Dreams.mp3 9.59MB
12. Tellin' Me Lies.mp3 5.99MB
13. Blood Money.mp3 10.27MB
13. Voice In My Heart.mp3 9.25MB
14. Gimme Love.mp3 7.72MB
14. Girl In My Dreams.mp3 9.86MB
15. Weeping Widow.mp3 7.55MB
16. Victim For Your Love.mp3 8.29MB
17. Silver Dollar.mp3 12.18MB
18. Before The Dawn.mp3 10.07MB
19. If You See Kay.mp3 8.94MB
1986 - WALKING THROUGH FIRE .jpg 127.73KB
1987 - All The Rockers.png 441.96KB
April_Wine_-_Roughly_Speaking_-_Back.jpg 529.59KB
April_Wine_-_Roughly_Speaking_-_Front.jpg 1012.95KB
April_Wine_-_Roughly_Speaking_-_Inlay.jpg 401.93KB
April_Wine_-_Roughly_Speaking_-_Inside.jpg 878.24KB
April_Wine_-_The_Nature_Of_The_Beast_-_Back.jpg 570.39KB
April_Wine_-_The_Nature_Of_The_Beast_-_Front.jpg 1.74MB
back.jpeg.jpg 165.19KB
back.jpg 1.42MB
back.jpg 347.74KB
bc.jpg 1.00MB
cd.jpg 245.54KB
cd.jpg 640.54KB
cd.jpg 267.19KB
dc.jpg 1.17MB
fr.jpg 1.69MB
front.jpeg.jpg 256.07KB
front.jpeg.jpg 256.07KB
front.jpg 143.48KB
front.jpg 143.48KB
front.jpg 663.86KB
front.jpg 147.76KB
Front.jpg 1.74MB
galas.jpg 257.38KB
img 01.tif 24.75MB
img 02.tif 88.68MB
img 03.tif 90.24MB
in.jpg 1.87MB
in2.jpg 2.05MB
in3.jpg 1.34MB
in3.jpg 1.34MB
inlay.jpg 739.23KB
inside.jpg 1.30MB
priekis.jpg 174.67KB
priekis.jpg 174.67KB
Roughly Speaking.jpg 401.93KB
vidus.jpg 166.31KB
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