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Title Talking Heads - Transmission Impossible (Deluxe 4CD) 2019 ak320
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01 - Artists Only (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 14.68MB
01 Psycho killer.mp3 11.80MB
01 - The Big Country (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 12.61MB
01 - The Big Country (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 12.60MB
02 Cities.mp3 10.99MB
02 - Stay Hungry (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 8.89MB
02 - Warning Sign (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 10.90MB
02 - Warning Sign (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 10.62MB
03 Big blue Plymouth.mp3 11.49MB
03 - Cities (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 12.36MB
03 - The Book I Read (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 12.88MB
03 - The Book I Read (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 12.74MB
04 Once in a lifetime.mp3 13.85MB
04 - Paper (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 6.71MB
04 - Stay Hungry (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 7.73MB
04 - Stay Hungry (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 7.95MB
05 - Artists Only (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 12.40MB
05 - Artists Only (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 12.83MB
05 Mind.mp3 11.20MB
05 - Mind (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 12.64MB
06 - Heaven (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 10.67MB
06 My big hands.mp3 12.85MB
06 - The Girls Want To Be With The Girls (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 9.45MB
06 - The Girls Want To Be With The Girls (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 10.00MB
07 Big business.mp3 12.52MB
07 - Don't Worry About The Government (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 7.43MB
07 - The Book I Read (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 13.29MB
07 - The Good Thing (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 7.83MB
08 - Electric Guitar (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 7.72MB
08 I Zimbra.mp3 9.98MB
08 - Love Goes To Building On Fire (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 8.74MB
08 - The Good Thing (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 8.60MB
09 - Air (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 9.98MB
09 - Electricity (Drugs) [Live In C.A. 1978].mp3 8.69MB
09 Swamp.mp3 12.11MB
09 - Uh-Oh Love Comes To Town (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 7.13MB
10 - Love-Building On Fire (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 7.44MB
10 - New Feeling (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 12.32MB
10 Slink.mp3 9.73MB
10 - Warning Sign (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 12.17MB
11 Houses in motion.mp3 16.18MB
11 - Love Goes To Building On Fire (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 9.18MB
11 - New Feeling (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 7.65MB
11 - Pulled Up (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 16.95MB
12 Life during wartime.mp3 13.03MB
12 - Memories Can't Wait (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 9.59MB
12 - Psycho Killer (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 16.31MB
12 - Psycho Killer (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 14.40MB
13 - Psycho Killer (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 18.56MB
13 - Take Me To The River (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 13.73MB
13 - Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 5.30MB
14 - I'm Not In Love (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 11.94MB
14 - Life During Wartime (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 10.20MB
14 - Take Me To The River (Live In I.L. 1978).mp3 13.13MB
15 - No Compassion (Live In C.A. 1978).mp3 11.84MB
15 - Take Me To The River (Live In M.A. 1979).mp3 13.44MB
16 - Take Me To The River (Saturday Night Live 1979).mp3 9.64MB
17 - Artists Only (Saturday Night Live 1979).mp3 8.79MB
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big hed.jpg 15.34KB
big suit.jpg 20.34KB
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bst of once.jpg 141.26KB
burning down.jpg 45.36KB
CBGB B day.jpg 73.53KB
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Cover.jpg 875.20KB
Cover.jpg 875.20KB
Cover.jpg 875.20KB
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David-Byrne-Talking-Heads.jpg 183.55KB
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Ghits.jpg 275.61KB
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Heads with Warhol.jpg 35.59KB
In colors max.jpg 122.10KB
in light.jpg 889.35KB
live rad.jpg 33.49KB
love 4 sale.jpg 16.62KB
MONKEY HED.jpg 161.64KB
not same bonk.jpg 9.09KB
once in alife.jpg 21.54KB
PSYCHO 4.jpg 18.25KB
psychoKi cest que.jpg 252.00KB
psycho-killer-12-talking-heads.jpg 104.98KB
psycho killer warriors.jpg 49.14KB
psycho killrs rad.jpg 52.71KB
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Skull talk.jpg 86.22KB
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sycoK.jpg 9.30KB
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talk hds2.jpg 8.88KB
Talk Hds-band-posters.jpg 102.21KB
Talking_Heads_77.jpg 425.18KB
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talking_heads.jpg 61.61KB
talking_heads1.jpg 22.73KB
talking_heads-psycho_killer_s_1.jpg 126.88KB
talking_heads-psycho_killer_s.jpeg 158.03KB
talkingheads_cbs1975.jpg 48.45KB
Talking-Heads-1978 Chi.jpg 84.13KB
Talking Heads - 1980 (2).jpg 105.79KB
talkingheads3.png 181.15KB
talking-heads-99nobody get youngr.jpg 51.35KB
Talking-Heads-ad-August-1983-.jpeg 332.97KB
talking heads big.jpg 18.30KB
Talking-Heads-Once-in-a-Lifetime.jpg 271.68KB
Talking-Heads-Once-In-A-Lifetime (1).jpg 146.78KB
Talking-Heads-photographe-008.jpg 24.85KB
talking-heads-psycho-killer-cover.jpg 40.61KB
talking-heads-psycho-killer-emi.jpg 167.42KB
talking-heads-reallivewires.jpg 108.98KB
TALKING-HEADS-single-.jpg 233.71KB
Talking-Heads-Wild-Wild-Life.jpg 74.05KB
Talking Heads - WYEP.png 767.20KB
talkingtake.jpg 64.81KB
th 4.jpg 59.07KB
thessent.jpg 22.73KB
the-talking-heads.png 253.81KB
THLivSydney 79.jpg 7.84KB
THnbrunsFr.jpg 103.36KB
TH tribute.jpg 13.16KB
Tina-2_j9bfrh.jpg 96.02KB
tk digital.jpg 53.31KB
TkHds color.jpg 25.40KB
tK SYCHOKIL.jpg 66.07KB
tlk.jpg 30.37KB
tribute start.jpg 31.06KB
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Werch 1982.jpg 64.10KB
werchter 82.jpg 79.19KB
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