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Title Michael Schenker Fest - Full-Length Discography (1980-2018)
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(Inside).jpg 576.73KB
(skan).jpg 1.16MB
01 All Shook Up.mp3 9.99MB
01 Are Ready To Rock.mp3 7.90MB
01 Armed And Ready.mp3 9.51MB
01 Assault Attack.mp3 9.91MB
01 Brave New World.mp3 9.86MB
01 City Lights.mp3 8.48MB
01 Evermore.mp3 12.31MB
01 Heart And Soul.mp3 10.03MB
01 Intro.mp3 2.84MB
01 Live And Let Live.mp3 9.73MB
01 Lost.mp3 8.93MB
01 Neptune Rising.mp3 1.83MB
01 No Turning Back.mp3 10.61MB
01 Rock My Nights Away.mp3 10.48MB
01 Rude Awakening.mp3 11.62MB
01 The Ride.mp3 7.58MB
02 Attack Of The Mad Axeman.mp3 9.83MB
02 Blood Of The Sun.mp3 8.87MB
02 Communion.mp3 8.37MB
02 Competition.mp3 7.59MB
02 Cry For The Nations.mp3 11.93MB
02 Cry No More.mp3 12.24MB
02 Dance Lady Gipsy.mp3 9.38MB
02 How Long.mp3 9.11MB
02 I'm Gonna Make You Mine.mp3 10.35MB
02 Illusion.mp3 12.38MB
02 My Time's Up.mp3 8.39MB
02 Rock You To The Ground.mp3 13.09MB
02 Setting Sun.mp3 8.63MB
02 The Mess I've Made.mp3 10.45MB
02 Warrior.mp3 12.36MB
02 Where The Wild Winds Blow.mp3 7.84MB
03 All Of My Life.mp3 9.65MB
03 Angel Of Avalon.mp3 5.47MB
03 Arachnophobiac.mp3 10.93MB
03 Dancer.mp3 10.83MB
03 Doctor Doctor.mp3 14.03MB
03 Fallen Angel.mp3 9.63MB
03 Fallen In Love.mp3 10.34MB
03 Horizons.mp3 7.89MB
03 I Believe.mp3 13.37MB
03 In And Out Of Time.mp3 8.66MB
03 I Want You.mp3 10.34MB
03 On And On.mp3 10.70MB
03 Take Me To The Church.mp3 11.01MB
03 The Dogs Of War.mp3 11.00MB
03 Victim Of Illusion.mp3 10.88MB
03 Vigilante Man.mp3 11.21MB
04 Back To Life.mp3 14.29MB
04 Because I Can.mp3 7.01MB
04 Bijou Pleasurette.mp3 5.34MB
04 Dreams Inside.mp3 8.24MB
04 End Of The Line.mp3 9.13MB
04 Fight For Freedom.mp3 8.65MB
04 Hanging On.mp3 9.29MB
04 Hello Angel.mp3 12.05MB
04 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.mp3 12.20MB
04 Lord Of The Lost And Lonely.mp3 10.38MB
04 Night Moods.mp3 10.37MB
04 Rock And Roll Believer.mp3 9.45MB
04 Rock City.mp3 9.92MB
04 Samurai.mp3 11.89MB
04 System's Failing.mp3 9.67MB
04 War Pigs.mp3 16.96MB
05 But I Want More.mp3 15.79MB
05 Captain Nemo.mp3 7.63MB
05 Desert Song.mp3 13.47MB
05 Dust To Dust.mp3 8.03MB
05 El Grande.mp3 8.14MB
05 Fat City N.O..mp3 9.87MB
05 Feels Like A Good Thing.mp3 8.68MB
05 How Will You Get Back.mp3 11.33MB
05 I'm Not Talking.mp3 9.55MB
05 Rock N Roll Symphony.mp3 8.33MB
05 Sands Of Time.mp3 10.64MB
05 Saviour Machine.mp3 13.75MB
05 Summerdays.mp3 11.84MB
05 The End Of An Era.mp3 9.13MB
05 The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes.mp3 8.81MB
05 Written In The Sand.mp3 8.05MB
06 A Night To Remember.mp3 10.60MB
06 Blinded By Technology.mp3 11.85MB
06 Broken Promises.mp3 14.32MB
06 Essenz.mp3 12.33MB
06 Everest.mp3 8.56MB
06 Into The Arena.mp3 9.70MB
06 Miss Claustrophobia.mp3 11.05MB
06 Money.mp3 13.92MB
06 Never Trust A Stranger.mp3 10.10MB
06 Something Of The Night.mp3 8.88MB
06 Starting Over.mp3 7.71MB
06 Still Love That Little Devil.mp3 8.32MB
06 To Live For The King.mp3 10.74MB
06 Tower.mp3 11.96MB
06 Voice Of My Heart.mp3 6.20MB
06 Weathervane.mp3 11.54MB
07 Age Of Ice.mp3 9.05MB
07 All Our Yesterdays.mp3 9.79MB
07 Can't Live On Love Alone.mp3 9.42MB
07 Journeyman.mp3 5.85MB
07 Land Of Thunder.mp3 8.58MB
07 Looking For Love.mp3 9.16MB
07 Looking Out From Nowhere.mp3 10.38MB
07 Love Never Dies.mp3 13.25MB
07 Messin' Around.mp3 10.54MB
07 Out In The Fields.mp3 10.13MB
07 Over Now.mp3 13.26MB
07 Pilot Of Your Soul.mp3 10.22MB
07 Red Sky.mp3 11.55MB
07 Searching For A Reason.mp3 8.74MB
07 Wings Of Emotion.mp3 9.26MB
07 With You.mp3 10.97MB
08 Another Melody.mp3 8.28MB
08 Before The Devil Knows You're Dead.mp3 10.72MB
08 Big Deal.mp3 6.93MB
08 Bulletproof.mp3 9.81MB
08 Come Closer.mp3 6.69MB
08 Forever And More.mp3 13.17MB
08 Hair Of The Dog.mp3 9.60MB
08 I Will Be There.mp3 11.65MB
08 One World.mp3 9.41MB
08 Secondary Motion.mp3 8.46MB
08 Standin' On The Road.mp3 12.23MB
08 Tales Of Mystery.mp3 7.64MB
08 Temple Of The Holy.mp3 8.19MB
08 Time Knows When It's Time.mp3 10.11MB
08 Time Waits (For No One).mp3 9.23MB
08 Ulcer.mp3 8.91MB
09 Anchors Away.mp3 10.23MB
09 Break The Cycle.mp3 8.81MB
09 Cross Of Crosses.mp3 11.20MB
09 I Don't Live Today.mp3 8.93MB
09 Let The Devil Scream.mp3 11.04MB
09 Lost Horizons.mp3 16.35MB
09 Rock Will Never Die.mp3 12.72MB
09 Sea Of Memory.mp3 11.42MB
09 Shine On.mp3 7.89MB
09 St Ann.mp3 3.83MB
09 Storming In.mp3 10.88MB
09 Take Me Through The Night.mp3 14.12MB
09 Travelled So Far.mp3 8.91MB
09 Turning Off The Emotion.mp3 12.10MB
10 Alive.mp3 11.10MB
10 Bridges The Have Burned.mp3 9.96MB
10 Down The Drain.mp3 8.71MB
10 Good Times.mp3 9.17MB
10 Hungry.mp3 10.86MB
10 Live For Today.mp3 10.79MB
10 Nana.mp3 8.09MB
10 On Your Way.mp3 8.45MB
10 Politician.mp3 11.83MB
10 Salvation.mp3 8.41MB
10 Scene Of Crime.mp3 9.10MB
10 Shadow Lady.mp3 5.87MB
11 Because We Lied.mp3 6.09MB
11 Fatal Strike.mp3 10.12MB
11 Illusion.mp3 9.13MB
11 Livin' A Life Worth Livin'.mp3 8.92MB
11 Love Trade.mp3 8.81MB
11 Night Of The Stare.mp3 11.19MB
11 Reflection Of Your Heart.mp3 11.18MB
11 Restless Heart.mp3 7.03MB
11 Saturday Night.mp3 8.03MB
11 The One.mp3 8.86MB
1243528309_848bcfd5376a.jpg 30.37KB
12 Black Moon Rising.mp3 9.70MB
12 Human Child.mp3 6.90MB
12 Lover's Sinfony.mp3 9.86MB
12 Ride On My Way.mp3 10.85MB
12 Roll It Over.mp3 7.71MB
12 The Journey.mp3 9.25MB
12 The Last Supper.mp3 11.21MB
12 The Storm.mp3 12.15MB
12 Wicked.mp3 8.98MB
13 Bittersweet.mp3 7.13MB
13 Dance For The Piper.mp3 9.17MB
13 Eyes Of A Child.mp3 11.20MB
13 Speed.mp3 9.68MB
13 Ying And Yang (bonus).mp3 9.58MB
14 Blind Alley.mp3 6.34MB
14 How Long (3 Generations Guitar Battle Version).mp3 13.44MB
14 Ride The Lightning.mp3 7.87MB
14 Rollin' (Bonus Track).mp3 8.16MB
15 Freedom.mp3 9.18MB
15 Remember (Bonus Track).mp3 5.88MB
169233_1_f.jpg 58.20KB
16 Life Vacation.mp3 6.73MB
16 Miss Claustrophobia (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track).mp3 8.30MB
17 Rock 'n' Roll.mp3 8.55MB
18 Tell A Story.mp3 7.25MB
19 Life Goes On.mp3 4.32MB
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cd.jpg 2.13MB
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cover.jpg 74.27KB
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Cover.jpg 65.33KB
cover001.jpg 428.27KB
cover002.jpg 446.71KB
cover003.jpg 489.48KB
cover004.jpg 409.28KB
cover005.jpg 519.20KB
cover006.jpg 408.46KB
cover007.jpg 537.81KB
cover back_resize.png 2.22MB
cover front_resize.png 2.28MB
f_resize.jpg 89.26KB
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fr.jpg 7.49MB
Front_resize.bmp 714.90KB
front_resize.jpg 82.41KB
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Front_resize.jpg 91.59KB
front.bmp 725.15KB
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Front.jpg 648.58KB
Front.jpg 775.42KB
Front.jpg 68.97KB
in.jpg 5.37MB
inlay 1_resize.png 2.20MB
inlay 2_resize.png 2.38MB
Inner A.jpg 700.30KB
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Inner B.jpg 814.29KB
Inner B.jpg 779.57KB
japan inlay_resize.png 1.05MB
LP side 1_resize.png 1.61MB
LP side 2_resize.png 1.59MB
michael_schenker_group_written_in_the_sand_2001_retail_cd-back.jpg 41.73KB
michael schenker group - heavy hitters - back.jpg 668.71KB
michael schenker group - heavy hitters - front.jpg 470.97KB
michael schenker group - heavy hitters - inlay.jpg 405.61KB
michael schenker group - heavy hitters - inside.jpg 528.71KB
Michael schenker group inlay.jpg 102.78KB
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