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Title Trance Euphoria Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems For Spire MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL
Category Music
Size 35.23MB

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010 ACID 010.mid 247B
010 BASS 016.mid 343B
010 MIDBASS 021.mid 839B
010 SEQ 023.mid 48B
011 ACID 08.mid 279B
011 BASS 014.mid 1.04KB
011 MIDBASS 020.mid 839B
011 SEQ 024.mid 48B
012 ACID 07.mid 455B
012 BASS 013.mid 832B
012 LEAD 020.mid 1.04KB
012 MIDBASS 015.mid 607B
012 SEQ 022.mid 48B
013 ACID 05.mid 439B
013 BASS 010.mid 839B
013 LEAD 014.mid 1007B
013 MIDBASS 012.mid 839B
013 SEQ 021.mid 48B
014 ACID 04.mid 951B
014 BASS 08.mid 711B
014 LEAD 013.mid 859B
014 MIDBASS 07.mid 839B
014 PLUCK 021.mid 847B
014 SEQ 019.mid 75B
015 ACID 010.mid 247B
015 BASS 016.mid 343B
015 MIDBASS 021.mid 839B
015 SEQ 023.mid 48B
016 BASS 07.mid 439B
016 LEAD 012.mid 333B
016 MIDBASS 06.mid 443B
01 BASS 01.mid 109B
01 LEAD 014.mid 2.04KB
01 MIDBASS 01.mid 111B
01 SEQ 02.mid 111B
02 ACID 01.mid 839B
02 BASS 03.mid 1.60KB
02 LEAD 03.mid 598B
02 MIDBASS 021.mid 1.60KB
02 PLUCK 01.mid 1.13KB
02 PLUCK 010.mid 1.36KB
02 SEQ 06.mid 57B
02 SEQ 08.mid 57B
03 ACID 02.mid 359B
03 BASS 011.mid 1.04KB
03 LEAD 022.mid 580B
03 MIDBASS 03.mid 1.04KB
03 SEQ 010.mid 57B
04 ACID 04.mid 454B
04 LEAD 03.mid 903B
04 SEQ 01.mid 57B
04 SEQ 011.mid 57B
04 SEQ 03.mid 57B
04 SEQ 04.mid 57B
04 SEQ 07.mid 48B
05 ACID 05.mid 1.04KB
05 LEAD 014.mid 919B
05 MIDBASS 02.mid 351B
05 MIDBASS 07.mid 599B
05 PAD 02.mid 583B
05 PLUCK 02.mid 919B
05 SEQ 09.mid 48B
06 BASS 07.mid 839B
06 LEAD 019.mid 1.04KB
06 MIDBASS 019.mid 839B
06 SEQ 016.mid 48B
06 SEQ 019.mid 48B
06 SEQ 020.mid 48B
06 SEQ 021.mid 48B
07 BASS 07.mid 863B
07 LEAD 018.mid 1.04KB
07 MIDBASS 019.mid 863B
07 PAD 06.mid 339B
07 PLUCK 015.mid 1.04KB
07 SEQ 015.mid 57B
07 SEQ 017.mid 147B
07 SEQ 018.mid 57B
08 ACID 07.mid 391B
08 BASS 09.mid 599B
08 LEAD 06.mid 811B
08 MIDBASS 016.mid 886B
09 LEAD 022.mid 537B
09 PAD 04.mid 273B
09 PAD 08.mid 273B
09 PLUCK 010.mid 537B
09 SEQ 011.mid 129B
09 SEQ 06.mid 129B
ACID 01.spf 3.09KB
ACID 010.spf 3.09KB
ACID 011.spf 3.09KB
ACID 02.spf 3.09KB
ACID 03.spf 3.09KB
ACID 04.spf 3.09KB
ACID 05.spf 3.09KB
ACID 06.spf 3.09KB
ACID 07.spf 3.09KB
ACID 08.spf 3.09KB
ACID 09.spf 3.09KB
BASS 01.spf 3.09KB
BASS 010.spf 3.09KB
BASS 011.spf 3.09KB
BASS 012.spf 3.09KB
BASS 013.spf 3.09KB
BASS 014.spf 3.09KB
BASS 015.spf 3.09KB
BASS 016.spf 3.09KB
BASS 02.spf 3.09KB
BASS 03.spf 3.09KB
BASS 04.spf 3.09KB
BASS 05.spf 3.09KB
BASS 06.spf 3.09KB
BASS 07.spf 3.09KB
BASS 08.spf 3.09KB
BASS 09.spf 3.09KB
DECiBEL.nfo 2.21KB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems.sbf 397.13KB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems [1000x1000].jpg 1.83MB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems [1024x1024].jpg 1.84MB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems [1275x1275].jpg 2.07MB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems [130x130].jpg 1.39MB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems [1500x1500].jpg 2.10MB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems [500x500].jpg 1.54MB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems [800x800].jpg 1.71MB
Future Epic Driving Trance Anthems For Spire Demo.mp3 18.51MB
LEAD 01.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 010.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 011.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 012.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 013.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 014.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 015.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 016.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 017.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 018.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 019.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 02.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 020.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 021.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 022.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 023.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 03.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 04.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 05.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 06.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 07.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 08.spf 3.09KB
LEAD 09.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 01.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 010.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 011.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 012.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 013.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 014.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 015.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 016.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 017.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 018.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 019.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 02.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 020.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 021.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 03.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 04.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 05.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 06.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 07.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 08.spf 3.09KB
MIDBASS 09.spf 3.09KB
PAD 01.spf 3.09KB
PAD 010.spf 3.09KB
PAD 02.spf 3.09KB
PAD 03.spf 3.09KB
PAD 04.spf 3.09KB
PAD 05.spf 3.09KB
PAD 06.spf 3.09KB
PAD 07.spf 3.09KB
PAD 08.spf 3.09KB
PAD 09.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 01.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 010.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 011.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 012.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 013.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 014.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 015.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 016.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 017.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 018.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 019.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 02.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 020.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 021.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 022.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 023.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 03.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 04.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 05.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 06.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 07.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 08.spf 3.09KB
PLUCK 09.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 01.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 010.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 011.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 012.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 013.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 014.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 015.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 016.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 017.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 018.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 019.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 02.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 020.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 021.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 022.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 023.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 024.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 03.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 04.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 05.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 06.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 07.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 08.spf 3.09KB
SEQ 09.spf 3.09KB
Trance Euphoria Standard License Agreement.rtf 3.44MB
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Russia (RU) 3
France (FR) 1
United Kingdom (GB) 1
Ireland (IE) 1
Republic of Moldova (MD) 1
Total 7
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