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.gitattributes 483B
.gitignore 2.58KB
(Mac)AudioProblems.html 1.47KB
(Mac)BlizzardDownloaderProblems.html 3.01KB
(Mac)ConnectionLoginProblems.html 6.19KB
(Mac)Foreword.html 1.31KB
(Mac)GameplayProblems.html 2.50KB
(Mac)Install.html 1.04KB
(Mac)Installation.html 1.50KB
(Mac)Patching.html 1.20KB
(Mac)PreventiveMaintenance.html 4.59KB
(Mac)ReadMeMenu.html 2.10KB
(Mac)StartupProblems.html 4.59KB
(Mac)SupportMenu.html 2.72KB
(Mac)SystemRequirements.html 1.77KB
(Mac)TechnicalSupport.html 3.03KB
(Mac)TroubleshootingMenu.html 2.13KB
(Mac)Uninstall.html 1.71KB
(Mac)VideoProblems.html 7.11KB
(PC)AudioProblems.html 4.40KB
(PC)BlizzardDownloaderProblems.html 4.19KB
(PC)ConnectionLoginProblems.html 6.19KB
(PC)Foreword.html 1.31KB
(PC)GameplayProblems.html 2.50KB
(PC)Install.html 2.04KB
(PC)Installation.html 1.77KB
(PC)Patching.html 1.20KB
(PC)PreventiveMaintenance.html 7.64KB
(PC)ReadMeMenu.html 2.10KB
(PC)StartupProblems.html 5.18KB
(PC)SupportMenu.html 2.73KB
(PC)SystemRequirements.html 2.08KB
(PC)TechnicalSupport.html 4.23KB
(PC)TroubleshootingMenu.html 2.11KB
(PC)Uninstall.html 1.92KB
(PC)VideoProblems.html 8.29KB
0.blp 43.85KB
1.blp 43.85KB
2.blp 43.85KB
3.blp 43.85KB
4.blp 43.85KB
5.blp 43.85KB
6.blp 43.85KB
7.blp 43.85KB
8.blp 43.85KB
9.blp 43.85KB
AccountAdministration.html 5.06KB
AccountBilling.url 142B
AceComm-3.0.lua 9.21KB
AceComm-3.0.xml 248B
AceConfig-3.0.lua 1.24KB
AceConfig-3.0.xml 473B
AceConfigCmd-3.0.lua 19.86KB
AceConfigCmd-3.0.xml 215B
AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua 46.00KB
AceConfigDialog-3.0.xml 218B
AceConfigRegistry-3.0.lua 10.46KB
AceConfigRegistry-3.0.xml 220B
AceDB-3.0.lua 18.28KB
AceDB-3.0.xml 208B
AceDBOptions-3.0.lua 15.34KB
AceDBOptions-3.0.xml 215B
AceGUI-3.0.lua 17.76KB
AceGUI-3.0.xml 1.25KB
AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets.lua 19.76KB
AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets.toc 267B
AceGUIWidget-BlizOptionsGroup.lua 3.64KB
AceGUIWidget-Button.lua 1.61KB
AceGUIWidget-CheckBox.lua 5.12KB
AceGUIWidget-ColorPicker.lua 4.26KB
AceGUIWidget-DropDown.lua 16.55KB
AceGUIWidget-DropDownGroup.lua 3.83KB
AceGUIWidget-DropDown-Items.lua 9.87KB
AceGUIWidget-EditBox.lua 4.71KB
AceGUIWidget-Frame.lua 8.21KB
AceGUIWidget-Heading.lua 1.72KB
AceGUIWidget-Icon.lua 2.17KB
AceGUIWidget-InlineGroup.lua 3.58KB
AceGUIWidget-Keybinding.lua 5.03KB
AceGUIWidget-Label.lua 3.09KB
AceGUIWidget-MultiLineEditBox.lua 8.68KB
AceGUIWidget-ScrollFrame.lua 6.20KB
AceGUIWidget-SimpleGroup.lua 2.46KB
AceGUIWidget-Slider.lua 6.08KB
AceGUIWidget-TabGroup.lua 8.93KB
AceGUIWidget-TreeGroup.lua 17.38KB
AceHook-3.0.lua 10.78KB
AceHook-3.0.xml 210B
AceTimer-3.0.lua 13.76KB
AceTimer-3.0.xml 211B
Announcements.lua 8.27KB
ArenaCountDown.lua 3.58KB
ArenaIdentify.lua 9.65KB
Auras.lua 13.84KB
backup-enGB.MPQ 19.45MB
base-enGB.MPQ 17.71MB
BasicCommands.html 15.46KB
bg-botleft.jpg 1.82KB
bg-botright.jpg 1.65KB
bg-bottom.jpg 2.87KB
bg-left.jpg 2.42KB
bg-merge.jpg 375B
bg-mergebot.jpg 592B
bg-middle.jpg 1.21KB
bg-right.jpg 2.21KB
bg-top.jpg 7.59KB
Bindings.xml 1.27KB
Blizz.jpg 25.03KB 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B 257B
BlizzardInsider.html 3.37KB
BLWidget.jpg 9.27KB
BRWidget.jpg 9.23KB
BSpacer.html 800B
BWidget.jpg 10.12KB
CallbackHandler-1.0.lua 8.49KB
CallbackHandler-1.0.lua 8.49KB
CallbackHandler-1.0.xml 218B
Castbar.lua 9.23KB
changelog.txt 830B
CharacterNaming.html 1.48KB
ChatThrottleLib.lua 12.69KB
Classicon.lua 2.49KB
Clicks.lua 8.17KB
CombatLogFix.lua 4.45KB
CombatLogFix.toc 193B
common.MPQ 3.52GB
connection-help.html 8.61KB
contactinfo.gif 2.40KB
contactinfo-mac.jpg 11.94KB
contactinfo-over.gif 2.81KB
contactinfo-pc.jpg 11.97KB
Cooldowns.lua 9.85KB
Credits_BC.html 37.72KB
Credits.html 27.28KB
CRepeat.jpg 18.22KB
CSpacer.html 373B
dbghelp.dll 1015.36KB
Detector.js 377B
Diminishings.lua 12.33KB
Disease Cleansing Totem.blp 6.50KB
DivxDecoder.dll 404.00KB
DorisPP.TTF 33.18KB
dragon-left.jpg 2.65KB
dragon-right.jpg 1.99KB
Earthbind Totem.blp 3.82KB
Earth Elemental Totem.blp 3.82KB
embeds.xml 697B
Employment.html 3.40KB
Endless Website.url 109B
eula.html 19.81KB
EULA.html 19.81KB
expansion.MPQ 1.37GB
expansion-locale-enGB.MPQ 15.84MB
expansion-speech-enGB.MPQ 103.88MB
Fire Elemental Totem.blp 3.82KB
Fire Nova Totem.blp 6.50KB
Fire Nova Totem II.blp 6.50KB
Fire Nova Totem III.blp 6.50KB
Fire Nova Totem IV.blp 6.50KB
Fire Nova Totem V.blp 6.50KB
Fire Nova Totem VI.blp 6.50KB
Fire Nova Totem VII.blp 6.50KB
Fire Resistance Totem.blp 6.50KB
Fire Resistance Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Fire Resistance Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Fire Resistance Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Flametongue Totem.blp 6.50KB
Flametongue Totem II.blp 6.50KB
Flametongue Totem III.blp 6.50KB
Flametongue Totem IV.blp 6.50KB
Flametongue Totem V.blp 6.50KB
Frame.lua 11.74KB
Frost Resistance Totem.blp 3.82KB
Frost Resistance Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Frost Resistance Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Frost Resistance Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
GameSuggestions.html 1.21KB
GameSupport.html 3.39KB
GettingStarted.html 3.80KB
Gladdy.lua 38.57KB
Gladdy.toc 650B
Gloss.tga 16.04KB
Grace of Air Totem.blp 3.82KB
Grace of Air Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Grace of Air Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Greeting.html 1.36KB
Grounding Totem.blp 3.82KB
gryphon-right.jpg 930B
Healing Stream Totem.blp 3.82KB
Healing Stream Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Healing Stream Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Healing Stream Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Healing Stream Totem V.blp 3.82KB
Healing Stream Totem VI.blp 3.82KB
Healthbar.lua 8.58KB
help-request.gif 543B
Highlight.lua 6.99KB
ijl15.dll 364.00KB
Index.html 1.60KB
ItemMarker.jpg 19.09KB
Lang.lua 25.28KB
LBorder.html 402B
lib.xml 218B
lib.xml 224B
LibSharedMedia-3.0.lua 7.04KB
LibSharedMedia-3.0.toc 290B
LibStub.lua 1.33KB
LibStub.lua 1.33KB
LibStub.toc 290B
LiteStep.tga 32.04KB
locale-enGB.MPQ 112.41MB
logo-blizzard.gif 10.01KB
logo-blizzard.jpg 10.38KB
logo-bnet.gif 10.11KB
logo-wow.gif 21.36KB
LRepeat.jpg 12.93KB
mac.jpg 1.85KB
MacLogo.jpg 15.22KB
mac-over.jpg 1.92KB
Magma Totem.blp 3.82KB
Magma Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Magma Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Magma Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Magma Totem V.blp 3.82KB
Mana Spring Totem.blp 3.82KB
Mana Spring Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Mana Spring Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Mana Spring Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Mana Spring Totem V.blp 3.82KB
Mana Tide Totem.blp 3.82KB
Manual_TBC.pdf 1.33MB
Manual.pdf 3.75MB
ManualErrata.html 1.12KB
Minimalist.tga 1.27KB
Nameplates.lua 7.54KB
Nature Resistance Totem.blp 3.82KB
Nature Resistance Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Nature Resistance Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Nature Resistance Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Nature Resistance Totem V.blp 3.82KB
Nature Resistance Totem VI.blp 3.82KB
Nav.html 1.96KB
Options.lua 6.31KB
Password.html 2.88KB
patch.MPQ 1.91GB
patch-2.MPQ 119.89MB
patch-enGB.MPQ 194.04MB
patch-enGB-2.MPQ 11.75MB
pc.jpg 1.77KB
PCLogo.jpg 1.35KB
pc-over.jpg 1.86KB
pixel.gif 43B
PlateCastbar.lua 12.47KB
Poison Cleansing Totem.blp 6.50KB
Powerbar.lua 8.19KB
RBorder.html 413B
readme.gif 2.18KB
ReadMe.html 1.62KB
readme.jpg 3.26KB 222B
readme-mac.jpg 10.02KB
readme-over.gif 2.46KB
readme-pc.jpg 10.06KB 30B
RealmSelection.html 2.72KB
Repair.exe 860.64KB
Requirements.html 1.38KB
RRepeat.jpg 13.14KB
Scan.dll 48.75KB
Searing Totem.blp 3.82KB
Searing Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Searing Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Searing Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Searing Totem V.blp 3.82KB
Searing Totem VI.blp 3.82KB
Searing Totem VII.blp 3.82KB
Sentry Totem.blp 3.82KB
Speclist.lua 5.72KB
speech-enGB.MPQ 349.34MB
Splash.html 844B
splash.jpg 52.23KB
Stoneclaw Totem.blp 3.82KB
Stoneclaw Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Stoneclaw Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Stoneclaw Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Stoneclaw Totem V.blp 3.82KB
Stoneclaw Totem VI.blp 3.82KB
Stoneclaw Totem VII.blp 3.82KB
Stoneskin Totem.blp 6.50KB
Stoneskin Totem II.blp 6.50KB
Stoneskin Totem III.blp 6.50KB
Stoneskin Totem IV.blp 6.50KB
Stoneskin Totem V.blp 6.50KB
Stoneskin Totem VI.blp 6.50KB
Stoneskin Totem VII.blp 6.50KB
Stoneskin Totem VIII.blp 3.82KB
Strength of Earth Totem.blp 3.82KB
Strength of Earth Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Strength of Earth Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Strength of Earth Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Strength of Earth Totem V.blp 3.82KB
Strength of Earth Totem VI.blp 3.82KB
Styles.css 5.81KB
StylesLeft.css 5.56KB
TBorder.html 2.72KB
TechSupport.url 142B
termination.html 2.61KB
TheScript.js 7.28KB
title-troubleshooting.jpg 10.54KB
TLWidget.jpg 9.26KB
tos.html 52.49KB
Totem of Wrath.blp 3.82KB
Totem of Wrath II.blp 3.82KB
Totem of Wrath III.blp 3.82KB
Totem of Wrath IV.blp 3.82KB
Tranquil Air Totem.blp 3.82KB
Tremor Totem.blp 3.82KB
Trinket.lua 4.03KB
troubleshooting.gif 3.08KB
troubleshooting.jpg 4.26KB
troubleshooting-mac.jpg 11.91KB
troubleshooting-over.gif 3.12KB
troubleshooting-pc.jpg 11.94KB
TRWidget.jpg 9.22KB
TWidget.jpg 10.10KB
unicows.dll 239.66KB
VersionCheck.lua 1.50KB
website.gif 2.05KB
website-over.gif 2.19KB
widget.xml 229B
widget.xml 237B
Windfury Totem.blp 3.82KB
Windfury Totem II.blp 3.82KB
Windfury Totem III.blp 3.82KB
Windfury Totem IV.blp 3.82KB
Windfury Totem V.blp 3.82KB
Windwall Totem I.blp 6.50KB
Windwall Totem II.blp 6.50KB
Windwall Totem III.blp 6.50KB
Windwall Totem IV.blp 6.50KB
Wow.exe 7.89MB
Wrath of Air Totem.blp 3.82KB