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Title English Tests Preparation - GRE, TOEFL, IELTS
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000 intro.mp3 857.94KB
001 cardinal, figment, muse, negligible, reproach.mp3 2.00MB
002 spasmodic, spurn, discharge, dissident, envoy.mp3 3.47MB
003 fissure, menial, archetype, coalesce, deluge.mp3 1.96MB
004 devout, farcical, inaugurate, lurch, morose.mp3 2.59MB
005 outspoken, surmise, incantation, martial, pseudonym.mp3 2.32MB
006 quibbling, random, scrupulous, statute, surely.mp3 2.95MB
007 debilitate, faction, righteousness, scintillating, transcend.mp3 2.35MB
008 welt, accrue, administer, adorn, animosity.mp3 2.75MB
009 assent, detriment, emphatic, gingerly, implement.mp3 2.14MB
01.mp3 4.16MB
010 inception, intrepid, matron, palatable, palpitate.mp3 2.58MB
011 renounce, reticent, sanctity, scant, sordid.mp3 1.99MB
012 synonymous, discreet, encumber, exploit, hodgepodge.mp3 2.61MB
013 abdicate, aggrieved, conjecture, equity, legacy.mp3 2.21MB
014 plebian, punitive, recapitulate, tentative, anthology.mp3 2.69MB
015 corroborate, embellish, potion, bludgeon, divulge.mp3 2.05MB
016 melancholy, trifling, cleft, clemency, espouse.mp3 2.52MB
017 exodus, genial, harmony, hew, illustrious.mp3 2.18MB
018 imbibe, impart, parochial, replete, wanton.mp3 2.26MB
019 wiles, wrought, bolster, cherubic, fastidious.mp3 2.07MB
01-CD1-01.mp3 5.04MB
01-CD2-01.mp3 5.33MB
01-CD3-01.mp3 5.01MB
01-CD4-01.mp3 6.19MB
01-CD5-01.mp3 7.12MB
01-Enemies to Listening.mp3 3.56MB
01-The Wonderful World of Words.mp3 18.67MB
02.mp3 2.01MB
020 integrate, modicum, prolific, augment, laudable.mp3 2.40MB
021 prognosis, throttle, flagrant, jostle, penchant.mp3 2.05MB
022 apathy, culpable, elucidate, picayune, scathing.mp3 2.71MB
023 superficial, drivel, stead, affinity, altercation.mp3 2.15MB
024 aspire, assimilate, dichotomy, impetus, latent.mp3 2.83MB
025 vista, wane, atone, caper, forum.mp3 2.05MB
026 ostracize, prone, unwieldy, vacillate, apogee.mp3 2.91MB
027 ardent, austere, caprice, confound, cynical.mp3 2.08MB
028 effects, effectual, naughty, prelusory, revel.mp3 2.70MB
029 emaciated, opulent, vagrant, abase, imminent.mp3 2.14MB
02-CD1-02.mp3 4.18MB
02-CD3-02.mp3 5.41MB
02-CD4-02.mp3 6.37MB
02-CD5-02.mp3 6.20MB
02-Enemies to Listening.mp3 3.35MB
02-English Language History & Development.mp3 17.48MB
03.mp3 3.57MB
030 malign, ordeal, upbraid, vacuous, absolve.mp3 2.64MB
031 debonair, enigma, haughty, overt, pious.mp3 2.03MB
032 plunder, settee, affable, blasé, dauntless.mp3 2.68MB
033 defile, facile, insolvent, paragon, respite.mp3 2.25MB
034 rotund, trite, autocratic, ensue, extricate.mp3 2.65MB
035 henchman, aversion, banal, censure, exonerate.mp3 2.03MB
036 hovel, imperturbable, incumbent, inordinate, intractable.mp3 2.64MB
037 manifest, sumptuous, vertigo, audacious, chicanery.mp3 2.23MB
038 conducive, disconcert, furtive, infuse, plethora.mp3 2.63MB
039 predisposed, reprove, subterfuge, acquiesce, acrimonious.mp3 2.29MB
03-Active Listening.mp3 3.52MB
03-Alphabet Soup.mp3 13.55MB
03-CD1-03.mp3 4.66MB
03-CD2-03.mp3 4.84MB
03-CD3-03.mp3 5.87MB
03-CD5-03.mp3 6.55MB
04.mp3 2.05MB
040 copious, diabolical, harbinger, inclement, portent.mp3 2.80MB
041 swagger, vigil, adversity, cogitate, corpulent.mp3 2.22MB
042 counterpart, derisive, disconsolate, exacerbate, felicity.mp3 3.01MB
043 indigenous, intrinsic, oblivious, presence, squalor.mp3 2.04MB
044 affray, affronted, antipathy, aspect, circumspect.mp3 2.64MB
045 contrition, impudent, indolent, interloper, milieu.mp3 2.16MB
046 nebulous, odious, repast, roister, ascribe.mp3 2.50MB
047 auspicious, glower, guile, mastic, solicit.mp3 1.90MB
048 vigilant, voracious, archaic, atoll, impetuous.mp3 2.64MB
049 obdurate, parity, paucity, transgress, travail.mp3 2.22MB
04-CD1-04.mp3 4.19MB
04-CD2-04.mp3 5.74MB
04-CD3-04.mp3 5.27MB
04-CD4-04.mp3 6.25MB
04-CD5-04.mp3 7.72MB
04-Learning to Learn.mp3 15.09MB
04-Take a Test.mp3 7.00MB
05.mp3 3.47MB
050 wan, commiserate, contravene, derogate, discern.mp3 3.52MB
051 ponderous, shiftless, amity, germane, gibe.mp3 2.07MB
052 inimitable, itinerate, mellifluous, morbid, predilection.mp3 2.76MB
053 pugnacious, rectitude, rococo, aficionado, cede.mp3 2.17MB
054 credence, debase, foment, forbearance, jocose.mp3 2.81MB
055 rancor, vex, burgeon, distend, federation.mp3 2.00MB
056 intimation, inviolate, kowtow, luminary, panache.mp3 2.69MB
057 parry, propriety, remiss, surreptitious, acrid.mp3 2.14MB
058 disparate, pecuniary, proviso, stigma, terse.mp3 3.05MB
059 torrid, truncate, vapid, abstemious, capitulate.mp3 1.99MB
05-CD1-05.mp3 4.59MB
05-CD2-05.mp3 5.45MB
05-CD3-05.mp3 6.57MB
05-CD4-05.mp3 5.11MB
05-From Painting to Professoring.mp3 15.84MB
05-Short and Long Term.mp3 2.81MB
06.mp3 2.01MB
060 fetid, flaccid, gourmand, nefarious, subvert.mp3 2.83MB
061 tantamount, daunt, effrontery, indigent, mesmerize.mp3 2.12MB
062 peevish, prodigy, salubrious, tenet, antithetic.mp3 2.85MB
063 dolorous, fretful, progeny, ambience, cataclysm.mp3 2.00MB
064 commandeer, demise, fester, hinterland, imbroglio.mp3 2.62MB
065 laggard, miscreant, pallid, proclivity, quaff.mp3 2.07MB
066 ribald, veracity, assuage, choleric, dulcet.mp3 2.98MB
067 obsequious, remunerate, squalid, timorous, abate.mp3 2.04MB
068 ameliorate, churlish, dilate, hiatus, lassitude.mp3 2.61MB
069 petulant, reverie, sagacious, dire, ebullience.mp3 1.99MB
06-CD1-06.mp3 5.28MB
06-CD2-06.mp3 5.28MB
06-CD3-06.mp3 5.77MB
06-CD4-06.mp3 5.57MB
06-Keys to Memory.mp3 2.93MB
06-Reading and the Reader.mp3 16.97MB
07.mp3 3.57MB
070 émigré, florid, hapless, inculcate, infinitesimal.mp3 2.66MB
071 noxious, parsimonious, potable, supplant, vociferous.mp3 1.97MB
072 abject, blithe, cataract, obfuscate, obstreperous.mp3 2.06MB
073 ossify, portend, protract, virile, ancillary.mp3 1.99MB
074 belie, charlatan, iniquitous, innocuous, propinquity.mp3 2.16MB
075 scornful, tenable, actuarially, assiduous, eschew.mp3 2.89MB
076 magnanimity, perfidy, prodigious, sinuous, ubiquitous.mp3 2.07MB
077 apprise, expiate, extant, fatuous, incommode.mp3 2.38MB
078 incredulous, invective, onerous, perverse, propitious.mp3 2.02MB
079 ruminate, admonish, hirsute, ignominious, implacable.mp3 2.64MB
07-Listen my Children.mp3 17.39MB
07-SQ3R.mp3 2.64MB
08.mp3 1.88MB
080 voluble, anomaly, feral, palpable, paroxysm.mp3 1.92MB
081 tribulation, twiddle, vilify, abnegation, amenable.mp3 1.99MB
082 ascetic, bellicose, benign, credulous, paradigm.mp3 1.92MB
083 sequester, stodgy, suffuse, travesty, celerity.mp3 2.16MB
084 kiosk, sustenance, tacit, ablution, abrade.mp3 2.43MB
085 abstruse, evince, lugubrious, mitigate, patently.mp3 2.06MB
086 perpetrate, plaintive, tractable, accede, diadem.mp3 2.64MB
087 droll, ennui, indisposed, injunction, purloined.mp3 1.99MB
088 regale, vagary, acetous, alacrity, comport.mp3 2.38MB
089 cryptic, cursory, denizen, desiccate, egress.mp3 1.81MB
08-CD2-02.mp3 5.36MB
08-How to Answer Essay.mp3 2.93MB
08-Word Play.mp3 13.37MB
09.mp3 3.45MB
090 impecunious, maladroit, malediction, mendicant, refute.mp3 2.02MB
091 salutary, umbrage, abscond, aplomb, contrite.mp3 1.96MB
092 puerile, sang-froid, trenchant, buffet, contentious.mp3 2.09MB
093 craven, detritus, didactic, erudite, prevaricate.mp3 2.45MB
094 deleterious, erudition, exculpate, garrulity, incipient.mp3 2.05MB
095 pithy, rarified, succor, acerbic, bucolic.mp3 2.70MB
096 calumny, cavil, cogent, firmament, halcyon.mp3 1.95MB
097 habitude, nonplussed, prepossessing, rapacious, revile.mp3 2.56MB
098 risible, supercilious, torpor, tumid, unctuous.mp3 1.98MB
099 abjure, canard, capacious, diaphanous, querulous.mp3 2.12MB
09-Objective Test Takin.mp3 4.15MB
09-Sail on the Seven C's.mp3 14.37MB
10.mp3 2.02MB
100 restive, sublime, sycophant, virulent, equanimity.mp3 2.08MB
10-I Love Words.mp3 15.95MB
10-Organization.mp3 3.36MB
11.mp3 3.47MB
11-Learning Styles.mp3 3.14MB
11-Paraliminal Part 1.mp3 7.76MB
12.mp3 2.01MB
12-Paraliminal Part 2.mp3 13.07MB
13.mp3 3.34MB
14.mp3 2.11MB
15.mp3 3.41MB
16.mp3 1.99MB
17.mp3 3.19MB
18.mp3 1.72MB
19.mp3 3.28MB
20.mp3 1.86MB
21.mp3 3.30MB
21-CD4-03.mp3 5.49MB
22.mp3 1.91MB
23.mp3 3.45MB
24.mp3 2.02MB
25.mp3 3.09MB
26.mp3 1.90MB
27.mp3 3.37MB
28.mp3 2.03MB
29.mp3 3.41MB
30.mp3 1.94MB
31.mp3 3.46MB
32.mp3 2.01MB
33.mp3 3.45MB
34.mp3 2.01MB
35.mp3 3.26MB
36.mp3 1.80MB
37.mp3 3.43MB
38.mp3 2.07MB
39.mp3 3.39MB
40.mp3 1.91MB
41.mp3 3.32MB
42.mp3 1.87MB
43.mp3 3.35MB
44.mp3 1.93MB
45.mp3 3.23MB
46.mp3 1.93MB
47.mp3 3.44MB
48.mp3 1.92MB
49.mp3 3.43MB
50.mp3 1.94MB
5000 Ivy League Vocabulary + pdf.rar 166.58MB
51.mp3 3.60MB
52.mp3 1.91MB
53.mp3 3.26MB
54.mp3 1.88MB
55.mp3 3.41MB
56.mp3 2.01MB
57.mp3 3.50MB
58.mp3 1.98MB
59.mp3 3.47MB
60.mp3 2.18MB
Abase_to_amulet.mp3 28.19MB
Anathema_to_Barb.mp3 28.20MB
Barefaced_to_Charisma.mp3 27.92MB
Barron's - Wordplay 550+ Words You Need to Know - 01.doc 603.50KB
cd1-abase-calvinize - abase-abscess.mp3 1.44MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - abscission-accomplish.mp3 1.39MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - accordion-acrimony.mp3 1.43MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - actionable-adversity.mp3 1.38MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - advert-agitate.mp3 1.41MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - agrarian-allusion.mp3 1.41MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - alluvion-ampersand.mp3 1.41MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - amphibious-annuity.mp3 1.49MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - annunciation-antique.mp3 1.44MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - antiseptic-appropriate.mp3 1.40MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - aqueduct-arrogant.mp3 1.42MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - arrogate-assuage.mp3 1.44MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - astringent-autocrat.mp3 1.39MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - automaton-bask.mp3 1.47MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - bass-benevolent.mp3 1.43MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - benign-bitterness.mp3 1.46MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - blase-boycott.mp3 1.35MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - brae-breaker.mp3 414.71KB
cd1-abase-calvinize - breech-bungle.mp3 1.41MB
cd1-abase-calvinize - buoyancy-calvinize.mp3 1.38MB
cd2-came-divisor - came-casualty.mp3 1.37MB
cd2-came-divisor - cataclysm-chateau.mp3 1.48MB
cd2-came-divisor - chattel-coagulate.mp3 1.42MB
cd2-came-divisor - coagulant-commingle.mp3 1.41MB
cd2-came-divisor - commissariat-concede.mp3 1.47MB
cd2-came-divisor - conceit-confluent.mp3 1.42MB
cd2-came-divisor - conformance-console.mp3 1.41MB
cd2-came-divisor - consolidate-contort.mp3 1.43MB
cd2-came-divisor - contraband-copious.mp3 1.41MB
cd2-came-divisor - coquette-counterpart.mp3 1.46MB
cd2-came-divisor - countervail-cudgel.mp3 1.42MB
cd2-came-divisor - culinary-decent.mp3 1.39MB
cd2-came-divisor - deciduous-defraud.mp3 1.41MB
cd2-came-divisor - defray-denominate.mp3 1.40MB
cd2-came-divisor - denomination-descendent.mp3 1.41MB
cd2-came-divisor - descent-diacritical.mp3 1.30MB
cd2-came-divisor - diagnose-disallow.mp3 1.39MB
cd2-came-divisor - disappear-disinfectant.mp3 1.41MB
cd2-came-divisor - disinherit-dissipation.mp3 1.42MB
cd2-came-divisor - dissolute-divisor.mp3 1.41MB
cd3-divulge-icily - divulge-drowsy.mp3 1.39MB
cd3-divulge-icily - drudgery-effete.mp3 1.39MB
cd3-divulge-icily - efficacious-emanate.mp3 1.41MB
cd3-divulge-icily - emancipate-encompass.mp3 1.36MB
cd3-divulge-icily - encore-endemic.mp3 390.42KB
cd3-divulge-icily - endue-epicurean.mp3 1.43MB
cd3-divulge-icily - epicycle-eugenic.mp3 1.41MB
cd3-divulge-icily - eulogize-excruciate.mp3 1.39MB
cd3-divulge-icily - excursion-expend.mp3 1.40MB
cd3-divulge-icily - expense-extremity.mp3 1.37MB
cd3-divulge-icily - extricate-ferocity.mp3 1.40MB
cd3-divulge-icily - fervent-floral.mp3 1.41MB
cd3-divulge-icily - florid-foreordain.mp3 1.41MB
cd3-divulge-icily - foreordination-forgo.mp3 351.65KB
cd3-divulge-icily - formation-fulcrum.mp3 1.41MB
cd3-divulge-icily - fulminate-gastronomy.mp3 1.40MB
cd3-divulge-icily - gendarme-gordian knot.mp3 1.42MB
cd3-divulge-icily - gourmand-gumption.mp3 1.41MB
cd3-divulge-icily - gusto-herbarium.mp3 1.42MB
cd3-divulge-icily - herbivorous-horde.mp3 1.43MB
cd3-divulge-icily - hosiery-icily.mp3 1.40MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - iciness-imminence.mp3 1.41MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - imminent-impertinence.mp3 1004.10KB
cd4-iciness-ministration - imperturbable-incarcerate.mp3 1.78MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - incendiary-indestructible.mp3 1.43MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - indicant-infamy.mp3 1.53MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - inference-inhume.mp3 1.31MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - inimical-instigator.mp3 1.51MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - instill-interrogate.mp3 1.42MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - interrogative-invalid.mp3 1.36MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - invalidate-irrefragable.mp3 1.27MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - irrefrangible-jubilation.mp3 1.40MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - judgment-labyrinth.mp3 1.42MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - lacerate-legible.mp3 1.40MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - legionary-lingua.mp3 1.41MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - lingual-loot.mp3 1.37MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - loquacious-magnet.mp3 1.38MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - magnetize-manor.mp3 1.41MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - mantel-mealy-mouthed.mp3 1.36MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - meander-metaphysician.mp3 1.39MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - metaphysics-ministration.mp3 1.39MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - ministry-mobocracy.mp3 1.41MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - moccasin-moralist.mp3 1.42MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - morality-naphtha.mp3 1.47MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - narcissus-negligible.mp3 1.43MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - negotiate-non-combatant.mp3 1.42MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - nondescript-oblivion.mp3 1.42MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - oblong-ocular.mp3 1.30MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - oculist-opportune.mp3 1.41MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - opportunist-ostentation.mp3 1.43MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - ostracism-oversee.mp3 1.41MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - overseer-pantoscope.mp3 1.45MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - papacy-passible.mp3 1.39MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - passive-pellucid.mp3 1.40MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - penalty-peremptory.mp3 1.39MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - perennial-persuade.mp3 1.43MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - persuadable-philosophize.mp3 1.33MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - philosophy-plagiarism.mp3 1.41MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - planisphere-polygamy.mp3 1.42MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - polyglot-prate.mp3 1.46MB
cd4-iciness-ministration - prattle-preferable.mp3 1.40MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - preference-preternatural.mp3 1.40MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - pretext-proffer.mp3 1.41MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - proficiency-proportionate.mp3 1.37MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - propriety-provocation.mp3 1.39MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - prowess-quadrate.mp3 1.39MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - quadruple-quibble.mp3 726.34KB
cd6-preference-statecraft - quiescence-readjust.mp3 1.43MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - ready-reconstruct.mp3 1.37MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - recourse-refusal.mp3 1.42MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - refute-remission.mp3 1.37MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - remodel-reproduction.mp3 1.43MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - reproof-reticent.mp3 1.58MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - retinue-rivulet.mp3 1.41MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - robust-sapience.mp3 1.42MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - sapient-seclude.mp3 1.42MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - seclusion-sentence.mp3 1.42MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - sentience-significant.mp3 1.39MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - signification-solicitude.mp3 1.40MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - soliloquy-spheroid.mp3 1.39MB
cd6-preference-statecraft - spherometer-statecraft.mp3 709.20KB
cd7-static-zodiac - static-subconscious.mp3 1.42MB
cd7-static-zodiac - subjacent-summary.mp3 1.40MB
cd7-static-zodiac - sumptuous-susceptible.mp3 1.39MB
cd7-static-zodiac - suspense-tangible.mp3 1.40MB
cd7-static-zodiac - tannery-termination.mp3 1.40MB
cd7-static-zodiac - terminus-tolerant.mp3 1.40MB
cd7-static-zodiac - tolerate-transitory.mp3 1.39MB
cd7-static-zodiac - translate-triad.mp3 1.06MB
cd7-static-zodiac - tribune-ulterior.mp3 1.43MB
cd7-static-zodiac - ultimate-undulous.mp3 1.40MB
cd7-static-zodiac - unfavorable-usury.mp3 1.39MB
cd7-static-zodiac - utilitarianism-veneer.mp3 1.40MB
cd7-static-zodiac - venerable-vincible.mp3 1.41MB
cd7-static-zodiac - vindicate-voluptuous.mp3 1.42MB
cd7-static-zodiac - voracious-wittingly.mp3 1.42MB
cd7-static-zodiac - wizen-zodiac.mp3 817.57KB
cd8-memory_course - part1.mp3 3.04MB
cd8-memory_course - part2.mp3 4.16MB
cd8-memory_course - part3.mp3 3.61MB
cd8-memory_course - part4.mp3 2.29MB
cd8-memory_course - part5.mp3 4.64MB
cd8-memory_course - part6.mp3 3.93MB
cd8-memory_course - part7.mp3 2.36MB
Charlatan_to_Dispassionate.mp3 41.84MB
Dishevelled_to_Frolicsome.mp3 41.82MB
Formidable_to__Inkling.mp3 42.06MB
Info.nfo 248B
Innate_to_Inviegle.mp3 6.48MB
Inverse to Mace.mp3 18.50MB
Nascent__to__Precocious.mp3 41.86MB
nfo.nfo 1.57KB
nfo.nfo.nfo 1.13KB
Precursor_to_Rout.mp3 41.87MB
Rubble_to_Swerve.mp3 51.10MB
Swill_to_Vignette.mp3 41.52MB 47B
Torrent downloaded from 47B
Torrent downloaded from 47B
Torrent downloaded from 47B
Torrent downloaded from 47B
Vilify_to_Zephyr.mp3 12.99MB
Vocabulary_4000.pdf 1.58MB
vocabulary.pdf 412.43KB
Volume_I_200_word_definitions.pdf 73.97KB
Volume_II_200_word_definitions.pdf 92.83KB
Volume 1.mp3 67.98MB
Volume 2.mp3 64.72MB
Word Master List.txt 4.78KB