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Title [RWR] Gosei Sentai Dairanger 1-50 (US WEB-RIP)
Size 19.49GB

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[RWR] Dairanger 01 Transform.mkv 431.12MB
[RWR] Dairanger 02 It's Ch'i Power!!.mkv 399.25MB
[RWR] Dairanger 03 Your Souls, Please!.mkv 399.44MB
[RWR] Dairanger 04 We Were Naïve!!.mkv 399.02MB
[RWR] Dairanger 05 The Jewels Have Come.mkv 399.47MB
[RWR] Dairanger 06 Wind, Cut Through!.mkv 399.30MB
[RWR] Dairanger 07 Traito-o-or!.mkv 399.26MB
[RWR] Dairanger 08 D-a-a-ad!!.mkv 399.22MB
[RWR] Dairanger 09 Don't Be Vain.mkv 399.36MB
[RWR] Dairanger 10 Ah, The Vengeful Goddess.mkv 399.30MB
[RWR] Dairanger 11 Gauss With A Magnet!.mkv 399.45MB
[RWR] Dairanger 12 Drunk On Tofu.mkv 399.27MB
[RWR] Dairanger 13 The Ka-Kabuki Novice.mkv 399.31MB
[RWR] Dairanger 14 Well, A Wedding.mkv 399.18MB
[RWR] Dairanger 15 The 3 Stooges' Soccer.mkv 399.31MB
[RWR] Dairanger 16 Rumbling Child Stones.mkv 399.24MB
[RWR] Dairanger 17 He's Here, A New Warrior.mkv 398.68MB
[RWR] Dairanger 18 The Secret Byakko-chan.mkv 399.11MB
[RWR] Dairanger 19 The Heart-Throbbing Pretty Girl.mkv 399.08MB
[RWR] Dairanger 20 First Public Opening Of The Gorma Palace.mkv 399.23MB
[RWR] Dairanger 21 The Birth Of A Mystical Chi Beast.mkv 398.77MB
[RWR] Dairanger 22 The Great Secret Art Of The Tiger Cub.mkv 399.04MB
[RWR] Dairanger 23 True Love At Full Speed.mkv 399.09MB
[RWR] Dairanger 24 The 3 Stooges' Super Baseball!.mkv 399.08MB
[RWR] Dairanger 25 The Grouped Opposite Squadron.mkv 399.15MB
[RWR] Dairanger 26 A Bad, Bad, Bad Guy.mkv 399.07MB
[RWR] Dairanger 27 It's The Final Punch.mkv 399.06MB
[RWR] Dairanger 28 Everyone Appears!!.mkv 399.29MB
[RWR] Dairanger 29 The Secret Inside Story Of A Mother And Child's Tears.mkv 399.19MB
[RWR] Dairanger 30 The Deadly, Fast-Talking Workaholic.mkv 399.21MB
[RWR] Dairanger 31 Again, A New Hero Came Forth.mkv 399.15MB
[RWR] Dairanger 32 The Ogre's Golden Kick.mkv 399.00MB
[RWR] Dairanger 33 An Idol's First Experience.mkv 399.28MB
[RWR] Dairanger 34 A Prickly Maiden Hunt.mkv 399.19MB
[RWR] Dairanger 35 New Secret Art, The Dance Of Spiders.mkv 399.14MB
[RWR] Dairanger 36 A 6000-Year Grudge.mkv 399.03MB
[RWR] Dairanger 37 You Have To See It!! A Huge Guy.mkv 399.13MB
[RWR] Dairanger 38 Huh!! A Ceasefire!.mkv 398.41MB
[RWR] Dairanger 39 The Demon Fist Falls In The Setting Sun.mkv 399.18MB
[RWR] Dairanger 40 Farewell! 3 Stooges.mkv 399.15MB
[RWR] Dairanger 41 Kujaku's Great Ascension.mkv 398.70MB
[RWR] Dairanger 42 A Straight Line To Mommy.mkv 399.14MB
[RWR] Dairanger 43 The Ultra-White Prohibited Past.mkv 399.27MB
[RWR] Dairanger 44 Impression!! You Cry Too.mkv 399.22MB
[RWR] Dairanger 45 Disbanding For Real!!.mkv 399.03MB
[RWR] Dairanger 46 The Heroes Are Stark Naked.mkv 399.24MB
[RWR] Dairanger 47 The Ama-azing Truth.mkv 398.76MB
[RWR] Dairanger 48 Magnificent!! Master Dies.mkv 399.13MB
[RWR] Dairanger 49 I-i-i-it's The Final Decisive Battle.mkv 398.95MB
[RWR] Dairanger 50 Let's G-o-o-o!.mkv 372.65MB
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