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Title Audentity.Records.Vocal.Moombahton
Category Music
Size 1.67GB

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Lyrics.pdf 133.82KB
SVM_Cymbal Loop_108bpm.wav 9.53MB
SVM_Drum Fills_108bpm.wav 11.78MB
SVM_Flute Dry_108bpm_Amin.wav 5.05MB
SVM_Flute Wet_108bpm_Amin.wav 5.05MB
SVM_Fx_108bpm.wav 19.07MB
SVM_Guitar Chords_108bpm_Amin.wav 5.61MB
SVM_Guitar Intro Phrase_108bpm_Amin.wav 5.61MB
SVM_Guitar Melody Break_108bpm_Amin.wav 8.97MB
SVM_Kicks_108bpm.wav 17.38MB
SVM_Kit1_Bass_C#min.mid 471B
SVM_Kit1_Bass.fxp 12.35KB
SVM_Kit1_Bass No SC_96bpm_C#min.wav 20.24MB
SVM_Kit1_Bass SC_96bpm_C#min.wav 20.24MB
SVM_Kit1_Break Flute Dry_96bpm_C#min.wav 25.87MB
SVM_Kit1_Break Flute Wet_96bpm_C#min.wav 25.87MB
SVM_Kit1_Break Flute Wet_C#min.mid 483B
SVM_Kit1_Break Synth Zourna_96bpm_C#min.wav 2.52MB
SVM_Kit1_Break Synth Zourna_C#min.mid 463B
SVM_Kit1_Break Synth Zourna.fxp 241.64KB
SVM_Kit1_Drum Fill_96bpms.wav 21.13MB
SVM_Kit1_Drumloop_96bpm.wav 20.19MB
SVM_Kit1_Fx_96bpm.wav 2.52MB
SVM_Kit1_Fx.mid 79B
SVM_Kit1_ Fx.wav.fxp 1.06KB
SVM_Kit1_Kick_96bpm_C#min.wav 23.03MB
SVM_Kit1_Latin Backing Vocal Dry_96bpm_C#min.wav 20.82MB
SVM_Kit1_Latin Backing Vocal Wet_96bpm_C#min.wav 20.82MB
SVM_Kit1_Latin Main Vocal Dry_96bpm_C#min.wav 25.23MB
SVM_Kit1_Latin Main Vocal Wet_96bpm_C#min.wav 25.23MB
SVM_Kit1_Main Lead_C#min.mid 891B
SVM_Kit1_Main Lead.fxp 318.77KB
SVM_Kit1_Main Lead Dry_96bpm_C#min.wav 20.69MB
SVM_Kit1_Main Lead Wet_96bpm_C#min.wav 20.69MB
SVM_Kit1_Mix_96bpm_C#min.wav 26.50MB
SVM_Kit1_Snare_96bpm.wav 23.03MB
SVM_Kit1_Uplifter_96bpm.wav 2.52MB
SVM_Kit2_90bpm.wav 16.15MB
SVM_Kit2_Acoustic Guitar Chords_02_90bpm_Amin.wav 16.36MB
SVM_Kit2_Acoustic Guitar Chords_90bpm_Amin.wav 21.74MB
SVM_Kit2_Acoustic Guitar Chords.mid 422B
SVM_Kit2_Bass.mid 387B
SVM_Kit2_Bass Mid.fxp 31.21KB
SVM_Kit2_Bass No SC_90bpm.wav 16.15MB
SVM_Kit2_Bass SC_90bpm.wav 16.15MB
SVM_Kit2_Bass Sub.fxp 124.98KB
SVM_Kit2_Cymbals_90bpm.wav 16.15MB
SVM_Kit2_Latin Perc_90bpm.wav 16.15MB
SVM_Kit2_Latin Vocals Main Dry_90bpm_Amin.wav 22.88MB
SVM_Kit2_Latin Vocals Main Wet_90bpm_Amin.wav 22.88MB
SVM_Kit2_Latin Vocals Support Dry_90bpm_Amin.wav 22.88MB
SVM_Kit2_Latin Vocals Support Wet_90bpm_Amin.wav 22.88MB
SVM_Kit2_Melody Acoustic Guitar_01.mid 333B
SVM_Kit2_Melody Acoustic Guitar_02.mid 392B
SVM_Kit2_Melody Acoustic Guitar_03.mid 256B
SVM_Kit2_Melody Acoustic Guitar_90bpm_Amin.wav 25.53MB
SVM_Kit2_Mix_90bpm.wav 26.24MB
SVM_Kit2_Muted Guitar_90bpm_Amin.wav 19.05MB
SVM_Kit2_Reggaeton Pluck Dry_90bpm_Amin.wav 21.74MB
SVM_Kit2_Reggaeton Pluck Low.fxp 1.06KB
SVM_Kit2_Reggaeton Pluck Low.mid 118B
SVM_Kit2_Reggaeton Pluck Mid.fxp 1.06KB
SVM_Kit2_Reggaeton Pluck Mid.mid 367B
SVM_Kit2_Reggaeton Pluck Top.fxp 1.06KB
SVM_Kit2_Reggaeton Pluck Top.mid 367B
SVM_Kit2_Reggaeton Pluck Wet__90bpm_Amin.wav 21.70MB
SVM_Kit2_Smooth Pad_90bpm_Amin.wav 21.70MB
SVM_Kit2_Smooth Pad.mid 422B
SVM_Kit2_Smooth Pad High.fxp 1.06KB
SVM_Kit2_Smooth Pad Mid.fxp 1.06KB
SVM_Kit2_Snare_90bpm.wav 16.15MB
SVM_Kit2_Synth Lead.adv 3.35KB
SVM_Kit2_Synth Lead.mid 639B
SVM_Kit2_Synth Lead Dry_90bpm_Amin.wav 16.15MB
SVM_Kit2_Synth Lead Wet_90bpm_Amin.wav 16.15MB
SVM_Kit3_Backing Vocals Dry_102bpm_Fmin.wav 21.97MB
SVM_Kit3_Backing Vocals Wet_102bpm_Fmin.wav 21.97MB
SVM_Kit3_Bass.fxp 138.73KB
SVM_Kit3_Bass.mid 585B
SVM_Kit3_Bass No SC_102bpm_Fmin.wav 20.19MB
SVM_Kit3_Bass SC_102bpm_Fmin.wav 20.19MB
SVM_Kit3_Clap_102bpm.wav 24.94MB
SVM_Kit3_Drum Fills_102bpm.wav 18.11MB
SVM_Kit3_Fx_102bpm.wav 22.56MB
SVM_Kit3_Hihats_102bpm.wav 17.81MB
SVM_Kit3_Indian Drums_102bpm_Fmin.wav 21.37MB
SVM_Kit3_Kick_102bpm.wav 19.00MB
SVM_Kit3_Latin Main Vocals Dry_102bpm_Fmin.wav 21.97MB
SVM_Kit3_Latin Main Vocals Wet_102bpm_Fmin.wav 21.97MB
SVM_Kit3_Main Drum_F.wav 22.56MB
SVM_Kit3_Mid Percussions_102bpm.wav 24.94MB
SVM_Kit3_Mix_102bpm_Fmin_.wav 24.79MB
SVM_Kit3_Siren Fx_102bpm.wav 4.75MB
SVM_Kit3_Tonal Fx_102bpm_F.wav 9.50MB
SVM_Kit3_Tumbi.mid 735B
SVM_Kit3_Tumbi Dry_102bpm_Fmin.wav 22.56MB
SVM_Kit3_Tumbi Wet_102bpm_Fmin.wav 22.56MB
SVM_Kit3_Vocal shouts Dry_102bpm_Fmin_.wav 1.26MB
SVM_Kit3_Vocal shouts Wet_102bpm_Fmin.wav 1.12MB
SVM_Kit3_Whistle Fx_102bpm.wav 2.38MB
SVM_Kit4_Big Kick_100bpm_A.wav 7.27MB
SVM_Kit4_Brass Leads_100bpm_Amin.wav 6.36MB
SVM_Kit4_Brass Leads.mid 247B
SVM_Kit4_Brass Stab_100bpm_A.wav 4.24MB
SVM_Kit4_Build.mid 175B
SVM_Kit4_Drum Fill_100bpm.wav 310.12KB
SVM_Kit4_Fake Brass Main Layer_100bpm_Amin.wav 21.50MB
SVM_Kit4_Fake Brass Main Layer.fxp 1.06KB
SVM_Kit4_Fake Brass Support Layer_100bpm_Amin.wav 16.05MB
SVM_Kit4_Fake Brass Support Layer.fxp 173.26KB
SVM_Kit4_Fake Brass Synth.mid 231B
SVM_Kit4_Fake Brass Synth Build.mid 183B
SVM_Kit4_Flute Fx_Awav_100bpm.wav 6.96MB
SVM_Kit4_Fx_100bpm.wav 11.81MB
SVM_Kit4_Fx2_100bpm.wav 20.89MB
SVM_Kit4_Kick_100bpm.wav 10.30MB
SVM_Kit4_Latin Backing Vocal Dry_100bpm_Amin.wav 18.47MB
SVM_Kit4_Latin Backing Vocal Wet_100bpm_Amin.wav 19.08MB
SVM_Kit4_Latin Main Vocal Dry_100bpm_Amin.wav 18.47MB
SVM_Kit4_Latin Main Vocal Wet_100bpm_Amin.wav 19.08MB
SVM_Kit4_Main Drum_100bpm.wav 20.59MB
SVM_Kit4_Mix_100bpm_Amin.wav 21.20MB
SVM_Kit4_Snare_100bpm.wav 9.69MB
SVM_Kit4_Sub_100bpm_Amin.wav 9.69MB
SVM_Kit4_Sub.mid 303B
SVM_Kit4_Top Drums_100bpm.wav 15.75MB
SVM_Kit4_Z_100bpm_Amin.wav 6.36MB
SVM_Kit4_Z.fxp 4.64KB
SVM_Kit4_Za.mid 231B
SVM_Kit5_Guitar Chords.mid 147B
SVM_Kit5_Guitar Intro Phrase.mid 262B
SVM_Kit5_Guitar Melody Break.mid 547B
SVM_Kit5_Pad Break.fxp 4.57KB
SVM_Kit5_Pad Break.mid 375B
SVM_Kit5_Pad Break Noisey.fxp 4.52KB
SVM_Kit5_Piano Chords.mid 375B
SVM_Kit5_Sub Break_1.fxp 1.04MB
SVM_Kit5_Sub Break_1.mid 639B
SVM_Kit5_Sub Break_2.mid 103B
SVM_Kit5_Sub Break_2.spf 3.09KB
SVM_Kit5_Sub Drop.fxp 4.40KB
SVM_Kit5_Sub Drop.mid 791B
SVM_Kit5_Synth.fxp 16.98KB
SVM_Kit5_Syntha.mid 547B
SVM_Latin Backing Vocals Dry_108bpm_Amin.wav 23.55MB
SVM_Latin Backing Vocals Wet_108bpm_Amin.wav 23.55MB
SVM_Latin Main Vocals Dry_108bpm_Amin.wav 18.51MB
SVM_Latin Main Vocals Wet_108bpm_Amin.wav 18.51MB
SVM_Little Drums_108bpm.wav 19.07MB
SVM_Main Snare Percussion_108bpm.wav 18.51MB
SVM_Mix_108bpm_Amin.wav 24.11MB
SVM_Pad Break_108bpm_Amin.wav 5.61MB
SVM_Piano Break_108bpm_Amin.wav 4.49MB
SVM_Sub No SC_108bpm_Amin.wav 17.94MB
SVM_Sub SC_108bpm_Amin.wav 17.94MB
SVM_Swing Percussion_108bpm.wav 2.24MB
SVM_Synth_ Dry_108bpm_Amin.wav 9.53MB
SVM_Synth_Wet_108bpm_Amin.wav 9.53MB
Vocal Moombahton.mp3 7.16MB
Vocal Moombahton.pdf 68.40KB
Distribution statistics by country
Russia (RU) 3
Ukraine (UA) 2
France (FR) 2
Thailand (TH) 2
Republic of Korea (KR) 2
Indonesia (ID) 1
Poland (PL) 1
Azerbaijan (AZ) 1
Brazil (BR) 1
Bangladesh (BD) 1
United Kingdom (GB) 1
Italy (IT) 1
United States (US) 1
Serbia (RS) 1
China (CN) 1
Ecuador (EC) 1
Total 22
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