Torrent Info
Title pluto_t4_full_game
Category Games
Size 8.15GB

Files List
Please note that this page does not hosts or makes available any of the listed filenames. You cannot download any of those files from here. 1.29MB 1.03MB 1.34MB 1.07MB 3.97MB 898.12KB 178.11KB 133.16KB 88.23KB 48.10KB 685.41KB 682.73KB 1.54MB 1.53MB 194.35KB 150.85KB 97.72KB 55.22KB 1.29MB 1.03MB 181.79KB 137.19KB 88.27KB 48.15KB 835.48KB 781.36KB 1.72MB 1.63MB 196.63KB 152.60KB 1.11MB 955.46KB
ber1_load.bik 70.02MB
ber1_load.ff 288B
ber1.ff 70.33MB
ber2_load.bik 71.76MB
ber2_load.ff 288B
ber2.ff 76.57MB
ber3_load.bik 94.43MB
ber3_load.ff 288B
ber3.ff 66.62MB
ber3b_load.bik 69.01MB
ber3b_load.ff 288B
ber3b.ff 71.78MB
binkw32.dll 167.00KB
cod.bmp 480.05KB
code_post_gfx_mp.ff 438.16KB
code_post_gfx.ff 340.75KB
codlogo.bmp 107.40KB
common_ignore.ff 64B
common_mp.ff 37.53MB
common.ff 27.68MB
credits.ff 2.71MB 1.30MB 1.03MB 210.99KB 190.40KB 1.50MB 1.50MB 191.14KB 145.36KB
default.bik 15.12MB
default.ff 196.56KB
DSETUP.dll 95.01KB
dsetup32.dll 1.62MB
dx.inf 34B 46.58KB 12.65MB
DXSETUP.exe 516.01KB 95.62KB 1.19MB 992.65KB 1.30MB 1.04MB 177.35KB 132.48KB 193.28KB 147.69KB
intro_pac_load.bik 134.84MB
intro_pac.ff 252.03KB
iw_00.iwd 159.47MB
iw_01.iwd 159.43MB
iw_02.iwd 159.86MB
iw_03.iwd 159.27MB
iw_04.iwd 159.90MB
iw_05.iwd 160.07MB
iw_06.iwd 158.85MB
iw_07.iwd 159.97MB
iw_08.iwd 157.65MB
iw_09.iwd 158.83MB
iw_10.iwd 159.13MB
iw_11.iwd 159.25MB
iw_12.iwd 159.85MB
iw_13.iwd 158.51MB
iw_14.iwd 160.00MB
iw_15.iwd 157.46MB
iw_16.iwd 145.84MB
iw_17.iwd 159.05MB
iw_18.iwd 159.32MB
iw_19.iwd 157.30MB
iw_20.iwd 67.16MB
iw_21.iwd 805.01KB
iw_22.iwd 155.25MB
iw_23.iwd 12.71MB
iw_24.iwd 159.95MB
iw_25.iwd 67.46MB
iw_26.iwd 158.77MB
iw_27.iwd 47.27MB 1.28MB 1.02MB 179.72KB 133.71KB 685.83KB 685.27KB 1.54MB 1.54MB 195.67KB 152.50KB 850.66KB 833.17KB 1.71MB 1.40MB 57.03KB 24.56KB 121.39KB 94.12KB 266.48KB 265.89KB
localization.txt 2.26KB
localized_code_post_gfx_mp.ff 535.28KB
localized_common_mp.ff 485.25KB
localized_english_iw00.iwd 161.00MB
localized_english_iw01.iwd 160.91MB
localized_english_iw02.iwd 159.56MB
localized_english_iw03.iwd 5.96MB
localized_english_iw04.iwd 13.07MB
localized_english_iw05.iwd 62.23MB
localized_english_iw06.iwd 103.97MB
localized_mp_airfield.ff 6.57MB
localized_mp_asylum.ff 8.04MB
localized_mp_bgate.ff 8.02MB
localized_mp_castle.ff 6.57MB
localized_mp_courtyard.ff 6.57MB
localized_mp_docks.ff 6.57MB
localized_mp_dome.ff 8.04MB
localized_mp_downfall.ff 8.04MB
localized_mp_drum.ff 9.81MB
localized_mp_hangar.ff 6.57MB
localized_mp_kneedeep.ff 6.56MB
localized_mp_kwai.ff 6.57MB
localized_mp_makin_day.ff 6.55MB
localized_mp_makin.ff 6.57MB
localized_mp_nachtfeuer.ff 8.03MB
localized_mp_outskirts.ff 8.04MB
localized_mp_roundhouse.ff 8.04MB
localized_mp_seelow.ff 8.04MB
localized_mp_shrine.ff 6.57MB
localized_mp_stalingrad.ff 8.02MB
localized_mp_suburban.ff 8.04MB
localized_mp_subway.ff 8.03MB
localized_mp_vodka.ff 8.02MB
localized_nazi_zombie_asylum.ff 544.34KB
localized_nazi_zombie_factory.ff 13.69MB
localized_nazi_zombie_sumpf.ff 7.65MB
mak_load.bik 70.22MB
mak_load.ff 288B
mak.ff 82.11MB 828.25KB 802.25KB 1.69MB 1.38MB 56.94KB 24.53KB 122.64KB 94.71KB 248.48KB 224.12KB
mod.ff 526.50KB
mp_airfield_load.ff 224B
mp_airfield.ff 27.95MB
mp_asylum_load.ff 224B
mp_asylum.ff 24.06MB
mp_bgate_load.ff 224B
mp_bgate.ff 31.06MB
mp_castle_load.ff 224B
mp_castle.ff 26.63MB
mp_courtyard_load.ff 224B
mp_courtyard.ff 23.77MB
mp_docks_load.ff 224B
mp_docks.ff 31.95MB
mp_dome_load.ff 224B
mp_dome.ff 22.07MB
mp_downfall_load.ff 224B
mp_downfall.ff 32.55MB
mp_drum_load.ff 224B
mp_drum.ff 22.77MB
mp_hangar_load.ff 224B
mp_hangar.ff 25.88MB
mp_kneedeep_load.ff 224B
mp_kneedeep.ff 37.83MB
mp_kwai_load.ff 224B
mp_kwai.ff 34.32MB
mp_makin_day_load.ff 5.94KB
mp_makin_day.ff 34.09MB
mp_makin_load.ff 5.53KB
mp_makin.ff 31.15MB
mp_nachtfeuer_load.ff 256B
mp_nachtfeuer.ff 29.38MB
mp_outskirts_load.ff 224B
mp_outskirts.ff 30.73MB
mp_roundhouse_load.ff 256B
mp_roundhouse.ff 31.15MB
mp_seelow_load.ff 224B
mp_seelow.ff 27.80MB
mp_shrine_load.ff 224B
mp_shrine.ff 20.49MB
mp_stalingrad_load.ff 224B
mp_stalingrad.ff 25.81MB
mp_suburban_load.ff 224B
mp_suburban.ff 27.44MB
mp_subway_load.ff 224B
mp_subway.ff 29.61MB
mp_vodka_load.ff 224B
mp_vodka.ff 26.63MB
nazi_zombie_asylum_load.bik 251.48KB
nazi_zombie_asylum_load.ff 288B
nazi_zombie_asylum_patch.ff 236.38KB
nazi_zombie_asylum.ff 62.24MB
nazi_zombie_factory_load.bik 1.08MB
nazi_zombie_factory_load.ff 288B
nazi_zombie_factory_patch.ff 340.34KB
nazi_zombie_factory.ff 70.59MB
nazi_zombie_prototype_load.bik 16.19MB
nazi_zombie_prototype_load.ff 288B
nazi_zombie_prototype.ff 45.10MB
nazi_zombie_sumpf_load.bik 1.13MB
nazi_zombie_sumpf_load.ff 288B
nazi_zombie_sumpf_patch.ff 341.72KB
nazi_zombie_sumpf.ff 65.32MB
NDP472-KB4054531-Web.exe 1.37MB 847.51KB 788.21KB 1.72MB 1.63MB 48.23KB 21.23KB 195.32KB 147.96KB 87.19KB 47.47KB 1.35MB 1.08MB 181.26KB 137.95KB
oki2_load.bik 55.29MB
oki2_load.ff 288B
oki2.ff 78.51MB
oki3_load.bik 66.82MB
oki3_load.ff 288B
oki3.ff 72.76MB
outro_load.bik 195.42MB
outro.ff 252.03KB
patch_mp.ff 111.72KB
patch.ff 431.47KB
pby_fly_load.bik 52.69MB
pby_fly_load.ff 224B
pby_fly.ff 47.35MB
pel1_load.bik 59.65MB
pel1_load.ff 288B
pel1.ff 87.54MB
pel1a_load.bik 58.04MB
pel1a_load.ff 288B
pel1a.ff 66.63MB
pel1b_load.bik 64.90MB
pel1b_load.ff 224B
pel1b.ff 77.22MB
pel2_load.bik 63.44MB
pel2_load.ff 288B
pel2.ff 79.34MB
plutonium.exe 4.03MB
see1_load.bik 96.10MB
see1_load.ff 288B
see1.ff 78.66MB
see2_load.bik 64.46MB
see2_load.ff 288B
see2.ff 66.39MB
server.cfg 12.34KB
sniper_load.bik 69.35MB
sniper_load.ff 288B
sniper.ff 79.99MB
Treyarch.bik 31.39MB
ui_mp.ff 632.59KB
ui.ff 37.51MB
VC_redist.x64.exe 14.16MB
VC_redist.x86.exe 13.62MB
vcredist_x86.exe 4.76MB
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