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Название (Classical/Crossover/Folk/New Age/Pop) Hayley Westenra - Дискография 2000-2011 (16 альбомов и 3 сингла), MP3, 128 - 320 kbps (Hayley Westenra Discography)
Тип Музыка
Размер 2.53Гб

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[Hayley Westenra] Live From New Zealand 200.m3u 609б
01.All I Have to Give.mp3 5.71Мб
01. Amazing Grace.mp3 8.52Мб
01. Amazing Grace.mp3 8.48Мб
01. Amazing Grace (Japanese version of Amazing Grace with Minako Honda).mp3 8.90Мб
01. Amazing grace (traditional).mp3 8.42Мб
01. Gabriel's Oboe (Whispers In A Dream).mp3 10.23Мб
01.jpg 293.36Кб
01. Lascia Ch'io Pianga.mp3 8.07Мб
01. Let Me Lie.mp3 11.65Мб
01. Mary Did You Know.mp3 8.10Мб
01. Pokarekare Ana.mp3 7.60Мб
01. Pokarekare Ana.mp3 7.58Мб
01. Prayer.mp3 10.07Мб
01. Prayer.mp3 9.98Мб
01. Prayer.mp3 9.96Мб
01. The Little Road To Bethlehem.mp3 5.99Мб
01. Traditional Song.mp3 6.87Мб
01. Tsubomi.mp3 13.72Мб
01. Walking In The Air.mp3 7.48Мб
01. Wiegenlied (Slow version).mp3 11.36Мб
01. Wuthering Heights (new version).mp3 8.62Мб
01 - may it be.mp3 8.48Мб
01 - World In Union (English) - Hayley Westenra.mp3 6.46Мб
02. Ave Maria (Bach).mp3 5.64Мб
02. Beat Of Your Heart.mp3 7.39Мб
02. Both Sides Now.mp3 8.53Мб
02. Bridal Ballad (From The Film 'The Merchant Of Venice').mp3 10.65Мб
02. Carol Of The Bells.mp3 6.90Мб
02. Cinema Paradiso - Profumo di Limone.mp3 7.25Мб
02. Hanamizuki.mp3 11.55Мб
02.jpg 264.87Кб
02. Lascia ch'io pianga.mp3 7.96Мб
02. Mikazuki.mp3 10.49Мб
02. Never Saw Blue.mp3 10.57Мб
02. Never Say Goodbye.mp3 7.37Мб
02. O Mio Babbino Caro.mp3 5.86Мб
02. Pokarekare Ana.mp3 9.06Мб
02. Pokarekare Ana (new version).mp3 7.09Мб
02. River Of Dreams.mp3 9.94Мб
02. Scarborough Fair.mp3 7.30Мб
02. Sei Con Me (There For Me).mp3 9.56Мб
02. Shiroi Irowa Koibitono Iro.mp3 7.69Мб
02. The Last Rose Of Summer.mp3 8.38Мб
02. Wiegenlied (Fast version).mp3 8.84Мб
02.You'll Never Walk Alone.mp3 5.40Мб
02 - the water is wide.mp3 8.13Мб
03. Benedictus.mp3 8.85Мб
03. Benedictus.mp3 8.79Мб
03. Benedictus.mp3 8.68Мб
03.Chestnuts Roasting.mp3 7.26Мб
03. Dell' Amore Non Si Sa (duet with Andrea Bocelli).mp3 8.47Мб
03. Dell'Amore Non Si Sa (featuring Andrea Bocelli).mp3 8.57Мб
03. Hine e Hine (acoustic version).mp3 8.25Мб
03. I Am A Thousand Winds.mp3 11.49Мб
03.jpg 235.83Кб
03. La Califfa.mp3 9.65Мб
03. Lee Mead & Hayley Westenra - When the Stars Go Blue.mp3 5.34Мб
03. Listen to the Wind [From the New World].mp3 10.69Мб
03. Memory.mp3 9.26Мб
03. Mirai He.mp3 13.54Мб
03. Never Saw Blue (Full length Drums Mix).mp3 10.59Мб
03. Pokarekare Ana (Vocalise).mp3 7.15Мб
03. River Of Dreams.mp3 8.71Мб
03. Shenandoah.mp3 7.70Мб
03. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire).mp3 6.46Мб
03. Who Painted The Moon Black.mp3 8.32Мб
03. Wiegenlied (Japanese version).mp3 11.24Мб
03. Yuki No Hana.mp3 12.74Мб
03 - dell' amore non si sa.mp3 8.59Мб
04. All I Ask Of You.mp3 7.56Мб
04. Amazing Grace(Instrumental).mp3 8.42Мб
04. Ave Maria (Caccini).mp3 8.50Мб
04. Away in a Manger.mp3 6.75Мб
04. Dell'Amore Non Si Sa (duet with Andrea Bocelli - courtesy of Sugar S.r.l.).mp3 8.61Мб
04. In Trutina (From 'Carmina Burana').mp3 5.43Мб
04.jpg 302.57Кб
04. Laudate Dominum.mp3 10.34Мб
04. Mama He.mp3 10.98Мб
04.Mary did you Know.mp3 6.87Мб
04. May It Be [From the Lord of the Rings].mp3 10.12Мб
04. My Heart And I (From The Film 'La Piovra').mp3 9.91Мб
04. Never say goodbye.mp3 7.36Мб
04. Once Upon A Time In The West.mp3 9.19Мб
04. River of Dreams.mp3 9.93Мб
04. Shenandoah.mp3 7.79Мб
04. Shiroi Iro Wa Koibito No Ito (English version)«.mp3 7.67Мб
04. Summer Fly.mp3 8.39Мб
04. Summer Rain.mp3 9.20Мб
04. Veni Veni Emmanuel.mp3 9.21Мб
04 - lascia ch'io pianga.mp3 8.03Мб
05. Across the Universe of Time.mp3 8.95Мб
05. Across The Universe Of Time.mp3 8.50Мб
05. Benedictus.mp3 8.73Мб
05. Both Sides Now.mp3 8.42Мб
05.jpg 133.17Кб
05. Love Love Love (English Version).mp3 10.50Мб
05. Metti Una Sera A Cena.mp3 10.29Мб
05. Never Say Goodbye.mp3 7.45Мб
05. Prayer.mp3 10.06Мб
05. River of dreams.mp3 9.90Мб
05. Sen No Kaze Ni Natte.mp3 11.47Мб
05. Silent Night.mp3 7.00Мб
05. Somewhere.mp3 7.58Мб
05.The Peace Song.mp3 4.81Мб
05. The Water Is Wide.mp3 8.16Мб
05. What You Never Know (Won't Hurt You) (Sunrise Mix).mp3 8.54Мб
05. Whispering Hope.mp3 4.68Мб
05. Wiegenlied.mp3 8.47Мб
05. Wiegenlied.mp3 8.47Мб
05 - prayer.mp3 10.05Мб
06. Ave Maria.mp3 8.54Мб
06. Ave Maria (Caccini).mp3 8.61Мб
06. Christmas Morning.mp3 7.53Мб
06. Cinema Paradiso - Would He Even Know Me Now.mp3 9.60Мб
06. Cosmos.mp3 8.48Мб
06. Danny Boy.mp3 8.47Мб
06.Do You Hear What i Said.mp3 6.69Мб
06. Hana.mp3 12.31Мб
06. Hine e Hine.mp3 12.39Мб
06. Jekyll.mp3 7.09Мб
06.jpg 172.83Кб
06. May It Be.mp3 8.37Мб
06. May It Be (from 'Lord of the Rings').mp3 11.60Мб
06. Pokarekare Ana.mp3 8.37Мб
06. Silent Night, Holy Night.mp3 7.58Мб
06. Songbird.mp3 7.26Мб
06. The Mists Of Islay.mp3 5.66Мб
06. What You Never Know (Won't Hurt You).mp3 8.40Мб
06. Wiegenlied.mp3 8.40Мб
06 - ave maria.mp3 8.64Мб
07. Ave Maria (Schubert).mp3 7.71Мб
07. Away In A Manger.mp3 6.76Мб
07. Beat of Your Heart.mp3 7.56Мб
07. Be My Love (With Hayley Westerna).mp3 6.79Мб
07. Both Sides Now.mp3 8.50Мб
07. Bridal ballad.mp3 10.52Мб
07. Dark Waltz.mp3 9.88Мб
07. Dell' Amore Non Si Sa (with Andrea Bocelli).mp3 8.65Мб
07. Dido's Lamento.mp3 8.66Мб
07. gloria iv. the song i'll make music.mp3 13.46Мб
07. Here Beside Me [From Disney's Mulan 2].mp3 5.95Мб
07.jpg 634.20Кб
07. May It Be.mp3 8.34Мб
07. Nada Soso.mp3 10.15Мб
07. On My Heart.mp3 5.58Мб
07. Per Natale (L'Esprit de Noёl).mp3 6.63Мб
07. Quanta Qualia.mp3 10.14Мб
07. Sleigh Ride.mp3 7.35Мб
07.Somewhere Over The Rainbow.mp3 10.03Мб
07. Summer Rain.mp3 9.10Мб
07. Warabigami-yamatoguchi-.mp3 11.83Мб
07 - scarborough fair.mp3 7.37Мб
08. Amazing Grace.mp3 8.41Мб
08. Aria (Cantilena) (Bachianas Brasileiras, No. 5).mp3 10.62Мб
08. Ave Maria (Caccini).mp3 8.54Мб
08. Bridal Ballad [The Merchant of Venice].mp3 10.60Мб
08. Bright Eyes.mp3 9.38Мб
08.Gabriels Message.mp3 7.23Мб
08. I Knew I Loved You (Deborah's Theme).mp3 8.40Мб
08.jpg 231.67Кб
08. Last Rose Of Summer (Duet with Meav).mp3 8.35Мб
08. May it be.mp3 8.31Мб
08. Mother Of Mine.mp3 8.20Мб
08. Quanta Qualia.mp3 10.08Мб
08. River.mp3 8.54Мб
08. The Water Is Wide.mp3 8.13Мб
08. Time To Say Good Bye (with Russell Watson).mp3 10.52Мб
08. Tsubasa Wo Kudasai.mp3 12.61Мб
08. You Are Water.mp3 9.28Мб
08 - quanta qualia.mp3 10.14Мб
09. Ave Maria (Johann Sebastian Bach - Charles Gounod).mp3 6.46Мб
09. Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 Aria (Cantilena).mp3 10.04Мб
09. Benedictus (The Armed Man).mp3 8.77Мб
09. Dell' amore non si sa (duet with Andrea Bocelli).mp3 8.48Мб
09. Flood [From Flood].mp3 6.99Мб
09. In Trutina.mp3 5.28Мб
09. Itsumo Nando Demo.mp3 7.75Мб
09.jpg 309.39Кб
09. Lezione Di Musica.mp3 5.85Мб
09. One Fine Day.mp3 8.08Мб
09. Pie Jesu.mp3 6.17Мб
09.Pokarekare Ana.mp3 6.16Мб
09. Scaborough Fair.mp3 7.37Мб
09. She Moves Through The Fair (Classical Mix).mp3 10.51Мб
09. Sotsugyo Shasin.mp3 9.36Мб
09. The Little Drummer Boy.mp3 7.49Мб
09. Who Painted the Moon Black-.mp3 8.84Мб
09 - o mio babbino caro.mp3 5.86Мб
10. Amazing Grace.mp3 8.44Мб
10. Beat of Your Heart.mp3 7.35Мб
10. Both sides now.mp3 8.44Мб
10. Corpus Christi Carol.mp3 6.35Мб
10. Da Quel Sorriso Che Non Ride Piu.mp3 16.54Мб
10. Flower.mp3 12.62Мб
10. How Many Stars-.mp3 7.14Мб
10. I'm Kissing You [From Romeo and Juliet].mp3 8.85Мб
10. Jidai.mp3 10.37Мб
10.jpg 253.73Кб
10. My Heart Belongs To You (US Mix).mp3 10.74Мб
10. On My Heart (Reprise).mp3 2.92Мб
10. Pokarekare Ana.mp3 7.70Мб
10. She Moves through the Fair.mp3 11.31Мб
10. She Moves Through The Fair.mp3 10.53Мб
10. Sonny.mp3 7.36Мб
10.Through These Eyes.mp3 10.78Мб
10. Un Giorno Per Noi.mp3 10.15Мб
10. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.mp3 7.21Мб
10 - what you never know (won't hurt you).mp3 8.48Мб
11. All With You.mp3 8.64Мб
11. Ave Maria.mp3 8.57Мб
11. Ave Maria.mp3 5.08Мб
11. Danny Boy.mp3 8.56Мб
11. Danny Boy.mp3 8.46Мб
11. Heaven.mp3 9.50Мб
11. I Believe.mp3 14.04Мб
11. I Dreamed A Dream.mp3 8.58Мб
11. I Say Grace.mp3 11.68Мб
11.jpg 467.51Кб
11.Morning Has Broken.mp3 7.57Мб
11. Nemu No Ki No Komoriuta.mp3 5.36Мб
11. The Edge Of Love.mp3 8.56Мб
11. The Mists Of Isley.mp3 6.40Мб
11. The Water Is Wide.mp3 8.10Мб
11. Tonight (Balcony Scene) [From West Side Story] - Vittorio Grigolo, Hayley Westenra.mp3 12.98Мб
11. What you never know (Won't hurt you).mp3 8.37Мб
11 - both sides now.mp3 8.51Мб
12. Amalia Por Amor.mp3 13.98Мб
12. Down To The River.mp3 4.61Мб
12. I Say Grace.mp3 11.70Мб
12.jpg 1.77Мб
12. Love Changes Everything.mp3 8.04Мб
12. May It Be.mp3 8.44Мб
12. Melancholy Interlude.mp3 3.76Мб
12. My Heart Belongs to You.mp3 10.82Мб
12. Shiroi Iro Wa Koibito No Ito (Japanese Version).mp3 4.01Мб
12.Silent Night.mp3 8.64Мб
12. Songbird.mp3 7.33Мб
12. Summer Rain.mp3 9.10Мб
12. The Coventry Carol.mp3 6.70Мб
12. There's a Sparkle in Your Eyes - Helmut Lotti, Hayley Westenra.mp3 7.78Мб
12. The water is wide (traditional).mp3 8.06Мб
12. Wuthering heights.mp3 9.63Мб
12 - the mists of islay.mp3 6.37Мб
13. Abide With Me.mp3 8.20Мб
13. Amazing Grace.mp3 9.58Мб
13. Bridal Ballad.mp3 10.58Мб
13. Dell' Amore Non Si Sa (duet with Andrea Bocelli).mp3 8.59Мб
13. God Defend New Zealand.mp3 8.07Мб
13. Here's To You.mp3 8.43Мб
13. Hine e Hine Re-mix.mp3 12.53Мб
13. Never Say Goodbye.mp3 7.38Мб
13. Now Is The Hour (Po Atarau - Haere Ra).mp3 7.24Мб
13. Pokarekare ana (traditional).mp3 7.03Мб
13. Winter's Dream.mp3 9.22Мб
13. You Are Water.mp3 9.27Мб
13 - laudate dominum.mp3 10.34Мб
14. Amazing Grace.mp3 8.46Мб
14. Amazing Grace (Live).mp3 9.86Мб
14. Amazing Grace (with Minako Honda).mp3 8.97Мб
14. Benedictus.mp3 7.73Мб
14. Eternal Flame (album 'Walking in the Air').mp3 2.70Мб
14. Le Notte De Silenzio (feat Humphrey Berney).mp3 9.97Мб
14. Malena.mp3 9.50Мб
14. O Mio Babbino Caro.mp3 5.83Мб
14. Peace Shall Come.mp3 9.35Мб
14. Summer Rain.mp3 9.19Мб
14. The Mummers' Dance.mp3 10.46Мб
14. Time to say goodbye.mp3 10.20Мб
14 - she moves through the fair.mp3 10.49Мб
15. Cinema Paradiso - Profumo Di Limo.mp3 7.25Мб
15. E Pari Ra.mp3 7.37Мб
15. Its Only Christmas (with Ronan Keating).mp3 7.86Мб
15. Mary Did You Know.mp3 7.69Мб
15. May It Be - Fellowship Of The Ring (The Lord Of The Rings).mp3 10.03Мб
15. Pokarekare Ana.mp3 7.11Мб
15. Toki no Tsubasa ni Notte (On The Wings Of Time).mp3 3.91Мб
15. Where Do We Go From Here (with BLAKE).mp3 13.61Мб
15. Wiegenlied.mp3 8.52Мб
16. Amazing Grace (English + Japanese.mp3 8.43Мб
16. Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod).mp3 6.31Мб
16. Bist De Bei Mir.mp3 6.73Мб
16. Both Sides Now.mp3 9.43Мб
17. Never Say Goodbye.mp3 8.40Мб
17. Now Is The Hour (Po Atarau - Haere Ra).mp3 7.20Мб
17. The Heart Worships.mp3 7.47Мб
18. Santa Lucia.mp3 5.02Мб
18. Wuthering Heights.mp3 10.92Мб
19. God Defend New Zealand.mp3 4.42Мб
19. Hine e Hine ('Maiden, O Maiden').mp3 12.19Мб
20. Credits.mp3 2.45Мб
21 - World In Union (English Maori) - Hayley Westenra.mp3 6.51Мб
3.JPG 75.32Кб
4.JPG 67.62Кб
5.JPG 65.25Кб
6.JPG 73.85Кб
Andrea Bocelli & Hayley Westenra - Vivo Per Lei .mp3 6.70Мб
back.jpg 7.02Мб
back.jpg 1.89Мб
back.jpg 332.29Кб
back.jpg 106.64Кб
Back.jpg 1.72Мб
Back.jpg 1.64Мб
Back.jpg 1.27Мб
Back.jpg 1.21Мб
Back.jpg 1008.44Кб
Back.jpg 993.16Кб
Back.jpg 948.81Кб
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Back1.jpg 1.28Мб
Back1.jpg 594.54Кб
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Booklet-2.jpg 2.49Мб
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CD1.jpg 501.14Кб
cover.jpg 13.39Мб
cover.jpg 51.24Кб
cover.jpg 49.01Кб
Cover.jpg 950.75Кб
Cover.jpg 86.35Кб
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cover2.jpg 77.44Кб
cover 2000.jpg 79.65Кб
disc.jpg 1.70Мб
dvd.jpg 226.41Кб
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Front.jpg 182.94Кб
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Front.jpg 18.65Кб
Front1.jpg 689.08Кб
Hayley Westenra - Amazing Grace (acappella) in Christchurch.mp3 4.57Мб
Hayley Westenra - Amazing Grace 海莉 ヘイリー (in English & Japanese).mp3 4.44Мб
Hayley Westenra - I dreamed a dream 2004 Live.mp3 8.42Мб
Hayley Westenra - Majesty (Here I Am).mp3 5.97Мб
Hayley Westenra - Silent Night (Songs of Praise The Big Sing).mp3 4.93Мб
Hayley Westenra - Songbird (BBC TV for Children in Need).mp3 3.61Мб
Hayley Westenra - The Best Of Hayley Westenra - Back.jpg 1.12Мб
Hayley Westenra - The Best Of Hayley Westenra - CD.jpg 571.23Кб
Hayley Westenra - The Best Of Hayley Westenra - Front.jpg 790.73Кб
Hayley Westenra - The Best Of Hayley Westenra - Inlay.jpg 1004.06Кб
Hayley Westenra - The Best Of Hayley Westenra - Inside.jpg 577.92Кб
inlay.jpg 8.88Мб
Inlay.jpg 1.38Мб
Inlay.jpg 1.05Мб
Inlay.jpg 903.41Кб
Inlay.jpg 699.80Кб
insert1.jpg 8.27Мб
insert2.jpg 16.83Мб
insert3.jpg 10.54Мб
Inside.jpg 1.42Мб
Inside.jpg 1.17Мб
Inside.jpg 1.16Мб
Inside.jpg 1.14Мб
Inside.jpg 926.36Кб
Inside.jpg 690.89Кб
Jon Lord & Hayley Westenra - Wuthering Heights.mp3 5.68Мб
Morten Harket and Hayley Westenra - Children First.mp3 4.94Мб
P1140261.JPG 1.33Мб
P1140269.JPG 769.56Кб
P1140273.JPG 379.96Кб
P1140280.JPG 689.79Кб
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P1140291.JPG 845.17Кб
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