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Название PHP for Beginners -Become a PHP Master - Project Included
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001 Introduction.mp4 4.64Мб
002 Local Development Environment and Software Install.mp4 59.24Мб
003 Course Exercise Files Video Quality.mp4 55.53Мб
004 Code Editor Installation Optional if you have one.mp4 18.01Мб
005 Embedding PHP in HTML.mp4 44.65Мб
006 Using Dynamic Data.mp4 34.35Мб
007 Inserting Comments in PHP.mp4 25.30Мб
008 Practice Section 1.mp4 15.54Мб
009 Variables in PHP.mp4 61.09Мб
010 Math.mp4 28.84Мб
011 Arrays.mp4 48.16Мб
012 Associative Arrays.mp4 46.94Мб
013 Practice Section 2.mp4 12.97Мб
014 if Statements.mp4 41.62Мб
015 Comparison and Logical Operators.mp4 25.59Мб
016 Switch Statements in PHP.mp4 35.04Мб
017 While Loop in PHP.mp4 40.03Мб
018 For Loop in PHP.mp4 29.58Мб
019 Foreach Loop in PHP.mp4 29.69Мб
020 Practice Section 3.mp4 21.65Мб
021 Defining functions.mp4 56.25Мб
022 Function Parameters.mp4 59.06Мб
023 Return Values From Functions.mp4 68.14Мб
024 Global Variable and Scope.mp4 26.61Мб
025 Constants.mp4 8.56Мб
026 Practice Section 4.mp4 20.46Мб
027 Math Functions.mp4 16.06Мб
028 String Functions.mp4 27.36Мб
029 Array Functions.mp4 24.97Мб
030 Practice Section 5.mp4 29.14Мб
031 Checking for Form Submission.mp4 40.70Мб
032 Extracting Information from form.mp4 17.42Мб
033 Validating The Form Values.mp4 39.35Мб
034 External Page Submission.mp4 22.44Мб
035 Practice Section 6.mp4 11.14Мб
036 Introduction to Databases.mp4 5.69Мб
037 Introduction to PHPmyadmin.mp4 26.18Мб
038 Creating a Database in PHPmyadmin.mp4 11.60Мб
039 Creating Tables and Inserting Data in PHPmyadmin.mp4 15.14Мб
040 Markup for Login Page.mp4 56.13Мб
041 Receiving Post Data From Check.mp4 27.13Мб
042 Connecting to the Database using PHP.mp4 18.79Мб
043 Creating Records into the database table with PHP.mp4 40.13Мб
044 Reading Information in the Database with PHP.mp4 31.51Мб
045 Creating the Update Records Form.mp4 42.08Мб
046 Fixing Name Attribute Value.mp4 8.35Мб
047 Query to Read Ids.mp4 52.62Мб
048 Query to Update Username and Password.mp4 52.48Мб
049 Refactoring The Update Query into a Function.mp4 28.68Мб
050 Delete Records From Database with PHP.mp4 52.43Мб
051 ReFactoring all Database Query Code into Functions.mp4 64.19Мб
052 Making All Files Modular and Refactoring.mp4 84.28Мб
053 Practice Section 7.mp4 58.82Мб
054 SQL Injection - How to Prevent it.mp4 33.55Мб
055 Password Encryption.mp4 85.43Мб
056 Practice Section 8.mp4 14.11Мб
057 Introduction to HTTP Requests and more.mp4 2.40Мб
058 Using The GET super Global.mp4 38.63Мб
059 using The POST super Global.mp4 20.61Мб
060 About Cookies in PHP.mp4 24.60Мб
061 Setting Cookies with PHP.mp4 49.72Мб
062 Reading Cookies in PHP.mp4 26.25Мб
063 How use Sessions in PHP.mp4 47.71Мб
064 Practice Section 9.mp4 48.86Мб
065 What are classes and objects Introduction.mp4 4.92Мб
066 What are classes and how to define them in PHP.mp4 29.91Мб
067 What are class methods and how to create them.mp4 19.72Мб
068 How to instantiate a class.mp4 25.13Мб
069 Adding Properties to Our Class.mp4 34.24Мб
070 Class inheretance.mp4 22.16Мб
071 Constructors.mp4 22.12Мб
072 Data Access.mp4 30.26Мб
073 Static Data in Classes.mp4 27.15Мб
074 Practice Section 10.mp4 25.45Мб
075 Opening and creating files.mp4 33.42Мб
076 Writing to files.mp4 12.33Мб
077 Reading files.mp4 11.79Мб
078 Deleting files.mp4 5.55Мб
079 Intro Tour of the CMS.mp4 96.79Мб
080 Turning On Some Important Features.mp4 35.79Мб
081 Adding our assets working structure.mp4 51.34Мб
082 Creating database and category table for the CMS.mp4 25.16Мб
083 Connecting to the database with PHP.mp4 30.25Мб
084 Making our files reuseable.mp4 95.12Мб
085 Inserting Data into Category Table and Displaying it.mp4 40.26Мб
086 Creating the posts table.mp4 33.29Мб
087 Post Comment Count Update Edwin from the future.mp4 17.72Мб
088 Inserting Data into the posts table and displaying it.mp4 89.77Мб
089 Inserting the post image and displaying it.mp4 39.79Мб
090 Creating a custom search engine part 1.mp4 30.76Мб
091 Creating a custom search engine part 2.mp4 42.55Мб
092 Creating a custom search engine part 3.mp4 55.58Мб
093 Adding Categories to the sidebar.mp4 54.73Мб
094 Creating reuseable code in the admin.mp4 98.27Мб
095 Creating the navigation links in admin.mp4 63.31Мб
096 Creating the admin category page part 1.mp4 30.46Мб
097 Creating the admin category page part 2.mp4 12.14Мб
098 Displaying data in category page.mp4 31.58Мб
099 Adding Categories.mp4 28.29Мб
100 Adding a special Function to our header file.mp4 4.88Мб
101 Deleting Categories.mp4 36.57Мб
102 Updating or Editing Categories part 1.mp4 28.70Мб
103 Updating or Editing Categories part 2.mp4 42.20Мб
104 Refactoring category code part 1.mp4 20.22Мб
105 Refactoring category code part 2.mp4 21.31Мб
106 Creating a HTML table in admin to display a list of posts.mp4 32.59Мб
107 Displaying posts list in admin.mp4 63.50Мб
108 Including Pages based on condition technique.mp4 27.56Мб
109 Creating Post HTML form in admin.mp4 55.30Мб
110 Inserting Post Data From admin.mp4 57.83Мб
111 Deleting Posts in admin.mp4 40.76Мб
112 Creating the HTML edit form post page.mp4 14.81Мб
113 Displaying the Edit Data in Post Edit Page.mp4 52.41Мб
114 Dynamic Category Editing Image Display.mp4 28.81Мб
115 Finally Updating Posts.mp4 78.69Мб
116 Relating Categories to posts and Displaying it.mp4 32.52Мб
117 Adding Category Dropdown to the Add Post Page.mp4 64.37Мб
118 Adding Individual Post Page and Link.mp4 57.91Мб
119 Creating the category page.mp4 35.40Мб
120 Setting up some links and making an excerpt.mp4 32.93Мб
121 Creating the comments table and inserting data.mp4 24.48Мб
122 Creating the comments page and HTML form in admin.mp4 11.40Мб
123 Creating the Query for displaying comments in admin part 1.mp4 53.96Мб
124 Creating the Query for displaying comments in admin part 2.mp4 22.62Мб
125 Inserting new fields in Front end comment form and testing it.mp4 44.18Мб
126 Creating the Frond End comment insert query.mp4 30.33Мб
127 Finishing the query to send comment data Front end.mp4 31.51Мб
128 Relating Comments to posts.mp4 43.19Мб
129 Deleting comments.mp4 18.80Мб
130 Approving and unapproving comments.mp4 31.19Мб
131 Displaying comments based on approval.mp4 45.18Мб
132 Increasing comments count.mp4 42.99Мб
133 Adjustments to visual for comments.mp4 13.93Мб
134 Adjustments for comments and Displaying Post Based on Status.mp4 41.56Мб
135 Creating the users table and data insert.mp4 22.95Мб
136 Creating users pages and links.mp4 25.45Мб
137 Modifying user table heading.mp4 17.38Мб
138 Creating the display query for users.mp4 32.07Мб
139 Displaying users in admin.mp4 20.29Мб
140 Adding users in admin part 1.mp4 34.18Мб
141 Adding users in admin part 2.mp4 45.25Мб
142 Adding users in admin part 3.mp4 31.94Мб
143 Adding users in admin part 4 and final.mp4 9.43Мб
144 Deleting users.mp4 13.61Мб
145 Changing user roles.mp4 25.25Мб
146 Setting Up the Edit User Page.mp4 30.82Мб
147 Displaying User Values in Edit Page.mp4 34.31Мб
148 Adding Select Options to User Role.mp4 12.04Мб
149 Updating User.mp4 42.46Мб
150 Creating the login form.mp4 38.83Мб
151 Making the login page.mp4 15.98Мб
152 Select User Query.mp4 30.44Мб
153 Validating User Query Front End.mp4 41.00Мб
154 Setting Values with Sessions.mp4 30.04Мб
155 Validating User Admin.mp4 40.60Мб
156 Logout Page Improved Validation.mp4 25.53Мб
157 Login improved- Edwin from the Future.mp4 19.15Мб
158 Creating the Profile Page.mp4 34.11Мб
159 Displaying User Data.mp4 31.20Мб
160 Updating User Data.mp4 23.71Мб
161 Adding Widgets.mp4 20.08Мб
162 Posts Dynamic Data in Widget.mp4 21.92Мб
163 Using Dynamic Data in all Widgets.mp4 23.24Мб
164 Adjusting Widget Links.mp4 36.90Мб
165 Adding an AWESOME Chart to admin.mp4 33.02Мб
166 Cleaning up the chart a little.mp4 28.70Мб
167 Displaying Dynamic Data in chart part 1.mp4 47.23Мб
168 Displaying Dynamic Data in chart part 2.mp4 43.72Мб
169 Adjusting post echo.mp4 10.02Мб
170 Removing Read More Button.mp4 16.15Мб
171 Adding Notification to Add User Page.mp4 12.08Мб
172 Adding Dynamic Category Selection for Edit Post Page.mp4 32.32Мб
173 Adding extra element to dashboard.mp4 21.07Мб
174 Adding the WYSIWYG Editor.mp4 58.74Мб
175 Adding Links to Post Images and Read More Button.mp4 20.25Мб
176 Adding Post Update Notification.mp4 44.05Мб
177 Adding Post Edit Link in Front End.mp4 40.86Мб
178 Adding Bulk Options Posts part 1.mp4 17.86Мб
179 Adding Bulk Options Posts part 2.mp4 30.72Мб
180 Adding Bulk Options Posts part 3.mp4 27.39Мб
181 Adding Bulk Options Posts part 4.mp4 38.05Мб
182 Adding Bulk Options Posts part 5.mp4 23.63Мб
183 Adding Bulk Options Posts part 6.mp4 26.03Мб
184 Adding Dropdown Option for Add Post Page.mp4 19.85Мб
185 Adding Post Creation Notice to Add Post Page.mp4 21.91Мб
186 Adding Link to Add New Button in Post Page.mp4 18.05Мб
187 Adding Link to View Posts from Admin.mp4 34.67Мб
188 Adding Dynamic Personalization to Admin.mp4 17.92Мб
189 Adding Validation to Comments in Post Page.mp4 39.88Мб
190 Downloading Placing Form Markup.mp4 16.16Мб
191 Testing Registration Form.mp4 12.47Мб
192 Extracting Form Values and Escaping.mp4 11.46Мб
193 Starting Query and Default Tables Values.mp4 47.81Мб
194 Fetching our Database for Default Values.mp4 33.01Мб
195 Validating Fields.mp4 33.24Мб
196 Encrypting User Passwords.mp4 19.67Мб
197 Updating Our CMS due to password Encryption.mp4 49.53Мб
198 User Page Display Shorter Password Field.mp4 48.49Мб
199 User Page Dropdown Default Value Change.mp4 9.61Мб
200 PHP and Javascript Confirm Before Action.mp4 27.72Мб
201 Get Your Certificate.mp4 15.55Мб
202 Wrapping this up IMPORTANT.mp4 6.39Мб
203 Make your Feature requests here.mp4 1.83Мб
204 Relating Posts to their Authors Part 1.mp4 25.27Мб
205 Relating Posts to their Authors Part 2.mp4 37.93Мб
206 Cloning Posts NEW feature - COOL STUFF.mp4 79.47Мб
207 Adding a LOADER to the CMS Admin.mp4 45.23Мб
208 Adding views functionality to posts.mp4 49.61Мб
209 Resetting Views Feature.mp4 50.48Мб
210 Pagination Intro and Part 1.mp4 55.76Мб
211 Pagination Intro and Part 2 - Links and Get Request.mp4 44.50Мб
212 Pagination Intro and Part 3 - Get Request Processing.mp4 38.04Мб
213 Pagination Intro and Part 4 - Assigning a variable to the per page value.mp4 51.26Мб
214 Pagination Intro and Part 5 - Adding Some Style to Current Page.mp4 35.86Мб
215 Creating the user online table and Setup.mp4 16.19Мб
216 Creating the PHP code and Queries.mp4 28.01Мб
217 Displaying Users Online.mp4 40.58Мб
218 Displaying Users Online in Navigation.mp4 23.84Мб
219 Instant Users Online count without refreshing part 1.mp4 37.72Мб
220 Instant Users Online count without refreshing part 2.mp4 70.31Мб
221 Explanation of new New function and Implementation.mp4 60.56Мб
222 Login in Users with new System.mp4 28.51Мб
223 Adding New System to Add Users in Admin.mp4 14.72Мб
224 Adding new password system to edit user page part 1.mp4 55.05Мб
225 Adding new password system to edit user page part 2.mp4 32.54Мб
226 Cleaning Up Edit User Page.mp4 33.37Мб
227 Comment count and amount display.mp4 28.65Мб
228 Creating a link in comment count and sending a GET Request.mp4 20.24Мб
229 Comments page to specific posts.mp4 67.70Мб
230 Deleting in the same page.mp4 37.81Мб
231 Part 1 - Add Page.mp4 30.24Мб
232 Part 2 - Insertion.mp4 56.12Мб
233 Part 3 - Fixing User Display Issue.mp4 57.02Мб
234 Part 4 - Edit Post Page Update.mp4 19.94Мб
235 Part 5 - Upgrading Front End.mp4 37.49Мб
236 URL and MySQL Injection Protection.mp4 27.97Мб
237 WARNING BEFORE GOING ONLINE - Edwin from the future.mp4 36.50Мб
238 Hosting Setup.mp4 57.18Мб
239 Displaying errors online.mp4 29.49Мб
240 Uploading files.mp4 27.65Мб
241 Creating the Online Database.mp4 56.06Мб
242 Importing database.mp4 24.46Мб
243 Fixing access to application.mp4 38.16Мб
244 Getting the right PHP online version FIXED.mp4 20.69Мб
245 Creating a contact page.mp4 52.99Мб
246 Uploading Contact page.mp4 31.81Мб
247 Sending emails.mp4 48.73Мб
248 Modifying Email Headers.mp4 18.10Мб
249 Intro.mp4 12.51Мб
250 Creating the markup.mp4 130.02Мб
251 Writing the code.mp4 97.06Мб
252 Intro.mp4 21.40Мб
253 No posts feature home page.mp4 68.99Мб
254 No categories feature.mp4 32.93Мб
255 Dont show draft to visitors but everything to admin.mp4 111.96Мб
256 Applying functionality to mayor pages.mp4 43.40Мб
257 Active navigation links.mp4 53.59Мб
258 Login form visibility when logged in or logged out.mp4 36.10Мб
259 Duplicate category improvement.mp4 42.66Мб
260 Fixing bug in our edit post javascript editor.mp4 19.81Мб
261 Cloning empty fields and table shifting fix.mp4 33.75Мб
262 Refactoring index in admin part 1.mp4 76.27Мб
263 Refactoring index in admin part 2.mp4 83.01Мб
264 Refactoring our view all posts by JOINING TABLES part 1.mp4 86.31Мб
265 Refactoring our view all posts by JOINING TABLES part 2.mp4 52.50Мб
266 Create a better admin detection feature.mp4 24.91Мб
267 Duplicate username function.mp4 25.03Мб
268 Duplicate email function.mp4 29.95Мб
269 Validation for registration.mp4 18.34Мб
270 Setting up our Login user function.mp4 27.03Мб
271 Adding some user friendly code.mp4 14.82Мб
272 Displaying inline errors in form.mp4 13.69Мб
273 Registering users with the new function.mp4 19.39Мб
274 Login users with the new function.mp4 13.21Мб
275 Deleting via POST.mp4 25.02Мб
276 Fetching posts in the category page using prepared statements part 1.mp4 19.66Мб
277 Fetching posts in the category page using prepared statements part 2.mp4 23.56Мб
278 Fetching posts in the category page using prepared statements part 3.mp4 19.09Мб
279 Inserting categories with prepare statements.mp4 12.15Мб
280 Updating categories with prepare statements.mp4 13.39Мб
281 Closing statements.mp4 8.86Мб
Admin-Widgets-Html.zip 575б
Assets.zip 56.05Кб
cms.zip 3.26Мб
CMS-TEMPLATE.zip 943.76Кб
Course-Exercise-Files.zip 163.35Кб
exercise-files.zip 276.59Кб
Images.zip 154.32Кб
Registration-Php.zip 684б
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