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Title Android - Only Paid Apps - Week 48 2018 [AndroGalaxy]
Category PC
Size 3.05GB

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2ndLine – Second Phone Number Premium v6.4.0.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk 32.17MB
3C All-in-One Toolbox Pro v1.9.9.5 [AndroGalaxy].apk 13.96MB
aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks v2.0 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk 5.47MB
Adguard v3.0.109 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk 37.19MB
All-In-One Toolbox v8. [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 7.92MB
AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.61 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk 5.30MB
APP MISC - 3D Christmas Tree Wallpaper v1.0.6 [Ad Free].apk 15.15MB
APP MISC - AlpineQuest GPS Hiking v2.1.1d b188 [Paid].apk 6.21MB
APP MISC - AndroHelm_Antivirus-2.6.4.apk 6.88MB
APP MISC - AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.61 Final [Paid] Need LP.apk 5.30MB
APP MISC - App Ops - Permission manager v2.5.10.r760.915a37d [Unlocked].apk 2.72MB
APP MISC - Audio Beats - Mp3 Music Player v3.5 build[Premium].apk 5.55MB
APP MISC - Backdrops - Wallpapers v4.0.8 build 109 [Pro].apk 9.26MB
APP MISC - Barcode Scanner PRO v1.30.apk 2.88MB
APP MISC - Black and White Photo Colorizer-Chromatix PRO v1.3.98.apk 8.73MB
APP MISC - Cache_Cleaner_Super_clear_cache_optimize_v1.19_Ad-Free.apk 4.54MB
APP MISC - Callistics - Data usage, Calls v2.6.8 [Premium].apk 4.36MB
APP MISC - CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator v5.8.3.20181122 [Unlocked].apk 48.39MB
APP MISC - Cast_to_TV_v1.1.3.1_[Unlocked].apk 7.74MB
APP MISC - Christmas Winter Forest 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.3 [Paid].apk 17.61MB
APP MISC - CM_Browser- 5.96MB
APP MISC - Coloring v2.0.60 [Unlocked].apk 67.99MB
APP MISC - Convert Offline Material Unit Measurements v11.30.2018 [Paid].apk 1.38MB
APP MISC - Currency Converter Plus by EclixTech PRO v5.1.apk 4.43MB
APP MISC - Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness Plans v7.5.00 [Pro].apk 33.16MB
APP MISC - Data counter widget pro v3.1.0.apk 2.75MB
APP MISC - DevCheck Hardware and System Info v2.30 [Pro].apk 5.21MB
APP MISC - Early Bird Alarm Clock v5.3.3 [Pro].apk 11.77MB
APP MISC - ES File Explorer File Manager v4.1.9.5 [Premium].apk 20.85MB
APP MISC - EX Kernel Manager v3.76 [Paid] Need LP.apk 7.79MB
APP MISC - FK_Kernel_Manager-v3.8.2_build_1812010529P.apk 8.25MB
APP MISC - Full Screen Caller ID v13.1.3 [Pro].apk 5.34MB
APP MISC - Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures And Videos v3.11.1 [Pro] Proper.apk 9.79MB
APP MISC - Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures And Videos v3.11.1 [Pro] Proper LIC.apk 269.20KB
APP MISC - GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic v17.4.26 Final [Original].apk 33.45MB
APP MISC - GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic v17.4.26 Final [Unlocked].apk 33.11MB
APP MISC - GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic v17.4.26 Final [Unlocked] BASE.rar 159.54MB
APP MISC - GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic v17.4.26 Final [Unlocked] MAPS.rar 1.81MB
APP MISC - Gun Safe v1.6.0 build 503 [Paid].apk 9.72MB
APP MISC - Logo Maker - Pro Logo Creator Premium v126.apk 27.61MB
APP MISC - Lucky_Patcher-v7.5.6_build_1526.apk 7.14MB
APP MISC - Lucky Patcher v7.5.5.apk 7.13MB
APP MISC - Lucky Patcher v7.5.5 [Clone Mod].apk 7.14MB
APP MISC - MEGA v3.5.1 (218).apk 49.67MB
APP MISC - Mobile Print - PrinterShare v11.19.1 [Premium].apk 2.28MB
APP MISC - MyLifeOrganized To-Do List v2.12.14 [Pro].apk 10.55MB
APP MISC - Neutron Music Player v2.07.4 [Paid] ARM64 and LP.apk 19.57MB
APP MISC - Neutron Music Player v2.07.4 [Paid] ARM and LP.apk 18.02MB
APP MISC - Neutron Music Player v2.07.4 [Paid] ARMv7 and LP.apk 19.21MB
APP MISC - NN Launcher - Nice Native Nougat Launcher in 2018 PRIME v5.6.apk 9.62MB
APP MISC - Overdrop - Animated Weather & Widgets v0.9.7.2 [Pro].apk 14.24MB
APP MISC - Overlays Floating Apps Automation v5.1.1 b142 [Pro].apk 4.78MB
APP MISC - Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor v3.3.11 [Patched].apk 22.29MB
APP MISC - Pie Pi Launcher (PP Launcher, Android 9.0 P style) PRIME v2.7.apk 9.57MB
APP MISC - PilotWeather v3.0 [Paid].apk 18.45MB
APP MISC - PIXEL FLUO - ICON PACK v1.0 [Patched].apk 99.27MB
APP MISC - Plex for Android v7.8.0.8169 [Unlocked] ARM.apk 53.43MB
APP MISC - Plex for Android v7.8.0.8169 [Unlocked] ARM64.apk 52.05MB
APP MISC - Plex for Android v7.8.0.8169 [Unlocked] x86.apk 49.56MB
APP MISC - Podcast Republic v18.11.30b [Unlocked].apk 9.18MB
APP MISC - Printoid for OctoPrint PREMIUM v7.11.apk 28.58MB
APP MISC - Pushbullet-Pro-v17.8.10_build_300.apk 4.56MB
APP MISC - Pushbullet - SMS on PC v17.8.8 [Pro].apk 4.56MB
APP MISC - Rhonna Designs v2.38 [Paid].apk 102.09MB
APP MISC - Rhonna Designs v2.38 [Paid]-OBB.rar 33.18MB
APP MISC - S9 Dream UI Icon Pack v1.25 [Patched].apk 13.06MB
APP MISC - Scientific Calculator Complex Number Calculator v1.2.2 [Paid].apk 1.40MB
APP MISC - Screen Master Pro Screenshot & Photo Markup v1.6.5.1-[Paid].apk 5.43MB
APP MISC - Secure VPN - Free VPN Proxy, Best & Fast Shield v1.4.9 [Premium].apk 20.10MB
APP MISC - Sense Flip Clock & Weather Pro v4.95.08 [Paid].apk 11.02MB
APP MISC - SEO SERP mojo Rank Tracker v2.29.0 [Pro].apk 7.75MB
APP MISC - Signal_Strength-Premium-v21.1.8_build_2118.apk 4.68MB
APP MISC - Simple_Habit-Premium-v1.31.1_build_248.apk 12.28MB
APP MISC - SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Go Live v6.2.0 [Subscribed].apk 73.06MB
APP MISC - Smart_ToolBox-Pro-v16.8_build_88-Mod.apk 5.41MB
APP MISC - Speed Camera Detector v6.3.3 [Pro].apk 10.18MB
APP MISC - Speed Camera Radar (PRO) v3.0.8 [Paid].apk 8.73MB
APP MISC - Test Your Android - Hardware Testing Tools v830 [Pro].apk 6.50MB
APP MISC - The Wall Street Journal Business & Market News v4.6.1.9 [Subscribed].apk 38.05MB
APP MISC - Translate all language text and voice PRO v1.3.1.apk 6.77MB
APP MISC - Transparent clock weather Pro v1.95.09 [Paid].apk 12.91MB
APP MISC - Transparent clock weather Pro v1.95.09 [Paid] ICON.apk 1.39MB
APP MISC - Transparent clock weather Pro v1.95.09 [Paid] THEME.apk 2.22MB
APP MISC - Transparent clock weather Pro v1.95.09 [Paid] THEME2.apk 2.36MB
APP MISC - TVZion v3.1 Final [Unlocked].apk 7.39MB
APP MISC - Video_Player_All_Format_Premium_v1.1.9.apk 10.78MB
APP MISC - Video Speed Slow Motion & Fast Premium v1.75.apk 19.03MB
APP MISC - Volume Ace v3.5.5 (Patched).apk 1.86MB
APP MISC - Weather Route v6.31 [Paid].apk 1.75MB
APP MISC - WHO'S ON MY WIFI - NETWORK SCANNER v7.1.0 [Unlocked].apk 3.53MB
APP MISC - XPlayer (Video Player All Format) v2.1.0 [Unlocked].apk 13.26MB
APP MISC - X-plore File Manager Donate v4.10.04 [Mod Lite].apk 4.01MB
APP MISC - X-plore File Manager v4.10.04 [Donate].apk 6.74MB
APP MISC - YouPorn v2.1.1 [Mod].apk 1.83MB
Aqua Mail – Email App v1.18.0-1395 Final Stable [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 11.05MB
Avast Mobile Security 2019 – Antivirus & App Lock v6.14.5 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 23.03MB
BlackPlayer EX Premium v20.45 build 319 Final [AndroGalaxy].apk 12.74MB
Bot Changer VPN v1.9.0 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk 9.82MB
Call Notes Pro v8.1.0 b171 [AndroGalaxy].apk 9.39MB
CamScanner v5.8.3.20181122 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk 48.39MB
Colorfy – Coloring Book v3.6.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk 56.70MB
Cricbuzz – Live Cricket Scores & News v4.3.011 [AndroGalaxy].apk 8.27MB
Cube Call Recorder ACR Premium v2.2.131 MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk 6.74MB
Data counter widget pro v3.1.0 [AndroGalaxy].apk 2.75MB 227.16MB
EX Kernel Manager v3.76 [AndroGalaxy].apk 7.79MB
ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN v7.1.6 [Mod][AndroGalaxy].apk 21.10MB
File Commander v5.2.19712 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk 11.25MB
FITAPP Running Walking Fitness v5.13.1 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk 18.51MB
FK Kernel Manager v3.8.3 [Patched][AndroGalaxy].apk 7.94MB
Galileo Pro v2.1.9 build 403298 [AndroGalaxy].apk 50.55MB
Gallery Vault v3.11.2 [Pro].zip 9.73MB
Learn Languages Rosetta Stone v5.6.0 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk 95.70MB
Like Us On Facebook.txt 41B
Like Us On Facebook.txt 41B
Little Magnet BT Pro v4.4.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk 3.53MB
Lumosity v2018.11.21.1910260 [Lifetime Subscription][AndroGalaxy].apk 87.77MB
MacroDroid – Device Automation v3.30.2 build 8236 [AndroGalaxy].apk 19.76MB
Muslim Pro – Prayer Times v9.8.6 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk 14.45MB
Network Manager – Network Tools & Utilities (Pro) v11.6.3-PRO [AndroGalaxy].apk 4.50MB
Overdrop Pro – Animated Weather & Widgets v0.9.3.4 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 14.24MB
Parallel Space-Multi Accounts v4.0.8665 Pro [AndroGalaxy].apk 8.60MB
Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro v18.6.2 [AndroGalaxy].apk 6.30MB
PhotoPills v1.4.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk 9.69MB
Pie Pi Launcher (PP Launcher, Android 9.0 P style) PRIME v2.7 [AndroGalaxy].apk 9.57MB
Pi Music Player v2.7 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk 6.78MB
Polaris Office – Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF v7.3.40 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 61.53MB
PUB Gfx v0.15.0p [AndroGalaxy].apk 1.32MB
QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics Premium v3.7.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk 9.23MB
Read Me.txt 161B
Read Me.txt 161B
SD Maid v4.12.3 Final [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 6.63MB
Send Anywhere (File Transfer) v8.11.26 [Unlocked][AndroGalaxy].apk 12.95MB
SHAREit v4.5.98_ww [Mod AdFree][AndroGalaxy].apk 17.82MB
Simple Habit Meditation v1.31.1 [Subscribed][AndroGalaxy].apk 12.28MB
Sketch – Draw & Paint Premium v8.4.C.0.23 [AndroGalaxy].apk 31.97MB
Sleep as Android Premium v20181128 build 2083 [AndroGalaxy].apk 19.01MB
Smart Launcher 5 v5.1 build 117 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 9.49MB
Speed Camera Radar (PRO) v3.0.8 [AndroGalaxy].apk 8.73MB
SquareHome 2 Premium v1.8.3 [AndroGalaxy].apk 3.31MB
SSL Capture Pro v1.0.9 [AndroGalaxy].apk 3.57MB
Super Backup & Restore v2.2.46 [Premium][AndroGalaxy].apk 7.76MB
Swift Installer – Themes & color engine v8.6 [AndroGalaxy].apk 25.61MB
Sygic Patched APK [AndroGalaxy].apk 32.22MB
Sygic Untouched [AndroGalaxy].apk 32.52MB
Textra SMS v4.0 build 40099 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 8.33MB
Tools & Mi Band v3.8.1 [AndroGalaxy].apk 13.82MB
Torrent Downloaded From 245B
Torrent Downloaded From 245B
Truecaller Caller ID & Dialer v10.8.6 [Pro][AndroGalaxy].apk 29.30MB
Turbo VPN v2.6.6 [Ad Free][AndroGalaxy].apk 7.05MB
UC Browser – Fast Download Private & Secure v12.9.7.1153 b181023225643 [Mod][AndroGalaxy].apk 37.40MB
UC Browser v12.9.9.1155 MOD [AndroGalaxy].apk 39.49MB
U-Dictionary v4.0.4 [Ad-Free][AndroGalaxy].apk 25.72MB
VideoShow Pro v8.1.8rc [Mod][AndroGalaxy].apk 20.97MB
VideoShow – Video Editor v8.1.7rc [Mod][AndroGalaxy].apk 21.43MB
Vidmate v3.5702 [Mod Ad-Free][AndroGalaxy].apk 9.62MB
VSCO Cam v87 With All Filters + VSCO X [AndroGalaxy].apk 44.67MB
Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.9.0.1 build 112 [AndroGalaxy].apk 4.12MB
X-plore File Manager Donate v4.10.02 [Mod][AndroGalaxy].apk 7.71MB
Zen - Relax and Meditations v3.2.0.1 [Subscribed][AndroGalaxy].apk 57.71MB
ZoneAlarm Mobile Security Premium v1.69-71 [Subscribed][AndroGalaxy].apk 7.89MB
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Turkey (TR) 2
Morocco (MA) 1
Italy (IT) 1
United Kingdom (GB) 1
Slovenia (SI) 1
Ivory Coast (CI) 1
South Africa (ZA) 1
Canada (CA) 1
Total 9
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