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Title Microsoft Office VL 2016 (x64) SLO
Category PC
Size 1.04GB

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access16.opal 79.39KB
access16.opal 80.30KB
access16.opal 92.15KB
access16.opal 92.46KB
access16.opal 121.71KB
access16.opal 127.75KB
access16.opal 133.92KB
access16.opal 136.71KB
access16.opal 137.60KB
access16.opal 137.81KB
access16.opal 140.56KB
access16.opax 62.65KB
accessmui.msi 2.92MB
accessmui.xml 1.42KB 5.16MB
autorun.inf 175B
branding.xml 350.48KB
branding.xml 350.48KB
config.xml 913B 398.79KB
dcfmui.msi 2.90MB
dcfmui.xml 1.09KB
excel16.opal 150.48KB
excel16.opal 153.05KB
excel16.opal 175.71KB
excel16.opal 178.17KB
excel16.opal 238.42KB
excel16.opal 254.19KB
excel16.opal 267.31KB
excel16.opal 271.82KB
excel16.opal 275.11KB
excel16.opal 276.18KB
excel16.opal 278.79KB
excel16.opax 199.29KB 5.92MB
excelmui.msi 2.91MB
excelmui.xml 1.74KB 91.35KB 858.61KB
groovemui.msi 2.90MB
groovemui.xml 1.10KB 3.75MB
infopathmui.msi 2.90MB
infopathmui.xml 1.20KB
lync16.opal 16.27KB
lync16.opal 16.52KB
lync16.opal 18.47KB
lync16.opal 18.48KB
lync16.opal 25.48KB
lync16.opal 26.65KB
lync16.opal 26.80KB
lync16.opal 27.22KB
lync16.opal 27.48KB
lync16.opal 27.62KB 2.56MB
lyncmui.msi 2.91MB
lyncmui.xml 1.20KB
Microsoft Toolkit.exe 54.55MB 53.57MB
nfo.nfo 5.15KB
oct.dll 5.88MB
octca.dll 148.16KB
octres.dll 378.66KB
octres.dll 379.16KB
octres.dll 387.72KB
octres.dll 390.16KB
octres.dll 408.22KB
octres.dll 419.66KB
octres.dll 421.75KB
octres.dll 424.76KB
octres.dll 426.73KB
octres.dll 427.76KB
octres.dll 429.24KB
office16.opal 626.27KB
office16.opal 634.08KB
office16.opal 707.71KB
office16.opal 729.62KB
office16.opal 937.02KB
office16.opal 1004.98KB
office16.opal 1020.26KB
office16.opal 1.02MB
office16.opal 1.03MB
office16.opal 1.03MB
office16.opal 1.04MB
office16.opax 1.27MB
office32mui.msi 1.33MB
office32mui.xml 1.66KB
office32ww.msi 2.01MB
office32ww.xml 4.37KB 9.55MB
officemui.msi 4.66MB
officemui.xml 4.83KB
onenotemui.msi 2.91MB
onenotemui.xml 1.77KB
onent16.opal 63.73KB
onent16.opal 64.24KB
onent16.opal 71.66KB
onent16.opal 72.25KB
onent16.opal 93.63KB
onent16.opal 100.37KB
onent16.opal 101.64KB
onent16.opal 105.21KB
onent16.opal 105.24KB
onent16.opal 106.05KB
onent16.opal 107.46KB
onent16.opax 113.80KB 3.78MB
ose.exe 237.17KB
osetup.dll 11.77MB
osetupui.dll 221.19KB 16.43KB
osmmui.msi 1.48MB
osmmui.xml 1.10KB 4.04MB
osmuxmui.msi 1.33MB
osmuxmui.xml 1.42KB
outlk16.opal 355.93KB
outlk16.opal 361.46KB
outlk16.opal 423.52KB
outlk16.opal 431.93KB
outlk16.opal 604.81KB
outlk16.opal 660.21KB
outlk16.opal 675.67KB
outlk16.opal 696.66KB
outlk16.opal 699.76KB
outlk16.opal 702.42KB
outlk16.opal 706.31KB
outlk16.opax 548.58KB 3.96MB
outlookmui.msi 3.42MB
outlookmui.xml 2.77KB 3.66MB 75.40MB
pidgenx.dll 1.41MB
pkeyconfig-office.xrm-ms 576.68KB
powerpointmui.msi 2.91MB
powerpointmui.xml 1.62KB
ppt16.opal 120.80KB
ppt16.opal 122.46KB
ppt16.opal 140.82KB
ppt16.opal 143.15KB
ppt16.opal 190.61KB
ppt16.opal 202.16KB
ppt16.opal 212.02KB
ppt16.opal 212.52KB
ppt16.opal 219.18KB
ppt16.opal 219.45KB
ppt16.opal 222.39KB
ppt16.opax 131.72KB 6.07MB
proj16.opal 139.52KB
proj16.opal 141.33KB
proj16.opal 159.85KB
proj16.opal 161.15KB
proj16.opal 213.65KB
proj16.opal 226.64KB
proj16.opal 231.91KB
proj16.opal 234.28KB
proj16.opal 235.45KB
proj16.opal 240.04KB
proj16.opal 241.64KB
proj16.opax 271.14KB 1.97MB 2.76MB 11.23MB 16.04MB 22.80MB
proof.msi 2.31MB
proof.msi 2.31MB
proof.msi 2.32MB
proof.msi 2.32MB
proof.msi 2.32MB
proof.xml 1.40KB
proof.xml 1.40KB
proof.xml 1.52KB
proof.xml 1.63KB
proof.xml 1.63KB
proofing.msi 1.32MB
proofing.xml 1.00KB
proplusww.msi 29.77MB
proplusww.xml 16.61KB 347.21MB 269.47MB
pss10r.chm 14.37KB
pub16.opal 31.10KB
pub16.opal 31.96KB
pub16.opal 37.62KB
pub16.opal 38.09KB
pub16.opal 53.22KB
pub16.opal 56.70KB
pub16.opal 60.08KB
pub16.opal 61.03KB
pub16.opal 61.43KB
pub16.opal 62.73KB
pub16.opal 64.01KB
pub16.opax 37.23KB
publishermui.msi 2.93MB
publishermui.xml 1.62KB 3.40MB
readme.htm 395B
readme.txt 75B
setup.chm 81.69KB
setup.dll 761.19KB
setup.exe 256.19KB
setup.xml 1.60KB
setup.xml 1.65KB
setup.xml 1.75KB
setup.xml 1.75KB
setup.xml 1.77KB
setup.xml 1.96KB
setup.xml 1.99KB
setup.xml 2.02KB
setup.xml 2.12KB
setup.xml 2.40KB
setup.xml 2.42KB
setup.xml 2.61KB
setup.xml 2.71KB
setup.xml 3.78KB
setup.xml 7.34KB
setup.xml 8.47KB
setup.xml 26.28KB
shellui.mst 70.50KB
spd16.opal 14.02KB
spd16.opal 14.28KB
spd16.opal 15.02KB
spd16.opal 15.40KB
spd16.opal 17.02KB
spd16.opal 18.31KB
spd16.opal 18.42KB
spd16.opal 18.54KB
spd16.opal 18.57KB
spd16.opal 18.66KB
spd16.opal 18.96KB
spd16.opax 19.87KB
visio16.opal 88.06KB
visio16.opal 89.23KB
visio16.opal 101.14KB
visio16.opal 101.75KB
visio16.opal 133.30KB
visio16.opal 140.82KB
visio16.opal 145.05KB
visio16.opal 147.84KB
visio16.opal 150.65KB
visio16.opal 150.77KB
visio16.opal 153.28KB
visio16.opax 97.79KB
windows6.1-kb2999226-x64.msu 1002.37KB
windows8.1-kb2999226-x64.msu 971.28KB
windows8-rt-kb2999226-x64.msu 1.29MB
word16.opal 192.77KB
word16.opal 195.88KB
word16.opal 223.03KB
word16.opal 226.49KB
word16.opal 303.69KB
word16.opal 321.90KB
word16.opal 331.67KB
word16.opal 337.18KB
word16.opal 346.37KB
word16.opal 346.39KB
word16.opal 351.85KB
word16.opax 360.20KB 9.00MB
wordmui.msi 2.92MB
wordmui.xml 2.06KB
Distribution statistics by country
Slovenia (SI) 159
Austria (AT) 1
Ukraine (UA) 1
Russia (RU) 1
Total 162
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