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Title Frank Zappa - The Mothers 1970 (2020) Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️
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01. _Welcome To El Monte Legion Stadium!_ (Live).mp3 5.41MB
01. _What's The Deal Dick__ (FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 3.36MB
01. Introducing...The Mothers (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 8.98MB
01. Red Tubular Lighter.mp3 11.23MB
02. Agon (Live).mp3 1.94MB
02. Another M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 5.70MB
02. Lola Steponsky.mp3 8.11MB
02. Wonderful Wino (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 11.34MB
03. Call Any Vegetable (Live).mp3 19.53MB
03. Concentration Moon (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 5.86MB
03. Paladin Routine #1 (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 3.35MB
03. Trident Chatter.mp3 4.13MB
04. Mom & Dad (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 7.49MB
04. Portuguese Fenders (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 6.54MB
04. Pound For A Brown (Live).mp3 10.71MB
04. Sharleena (Roy Thomas Baker Mix).mp3 9.45MB
05. Item 1.mp3 13.36MB
05. Sleeping In A Jar (Live).mp3 6.41MB
05. The Air (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 7.67MB
05. The Sanzini Brothers (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 3.41MB
06. Dog Breath (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 5.06MB
06. Guitar Build '70 (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 12.22MB
06. Sharleena (Live).mp3 9.56MB
06. Wonderful Wino (FZ Vocal).mp3 12.03MB
07. _Enormous Cadenza_.mp3 2.82MB
07. Mother People (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 5.07MB
07. The Air (Live).mp3 9.12MB
07. Would You Go All The Way_ (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 8.63MB
08. Dog Breath (Live).mp3 4.72MB
08. Easy Meat (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 13.25MB
08. Envelopes.mp3 19.32MB
08. You Didn't Try To Call Me (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 10.09MB
09. _Who Did It__ (FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 3.04MB
09. Agon (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 1.54MB
09. Mother People (Live).mp3 4.90MB
09. Red Tubular Lighter (Unedited Master).mp3 21.71MB
10. Call Any Vegetable (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 16.70MB
10. Turn It Down! (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 9.79MB
10. Wonderful Wino (Basic Tracks _ Alternate Take).mp3 11.44MB
10. You Didn't Try To Call Me (Live).mp3 10.53MB
11. A Chance Encounter In Cincinnati (FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 1.96MB
11. Giraffe (Take 4).mp3 18.82MB
11. King Kong Pt. I (Live).mp3 9.41MB
11. King Kong Pt. I (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 10.47MB
12. Igor's Boogie (Live).mp3 2.82MB
12. Igor's Boogie (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 2.76MB
12. Pound For A Brown (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 13.81MB
12. Wonderful Wino (FZ Vocal _ Alternate Solo).mp3 13.68MB
13. King Kong Pt. II (Live).mp3 19.52MB
13. King Kong Pt. II (Live At “Piknik” VPRO, 6_18_1970).mp3 16.50MB
13. Sleeping In A Jar (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 6.58MB
14. _Eat It Yourself..._ (Live).mp3 1.92MB
14. Beloit Sword Trick (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 2.46MB
14. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are_ (Live At Pepperland, San Rafael, CA., 9_26_1970).mp3 10.29MB
15. Bwana Dik (Live At Pepperland, San Rafael, CA., 9_26_1970).mp3 6.55MB
15. King Solos Pt. I (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 35.37MB
15. Trouble Every Day (Live).mp3 9.47MB
16. _A Series Of Musical Episodes_ (Live).mp3 5.03MB
16. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy (Live At Pepperland, San Rafael, CA., 9_26_1970).mp3 6.50MB
16. Igor's Boogie (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 2.92MB
17. Do You Like My New Car_ (Live At Pepperland, San Rafael, CA., 9_26_1970).mp3 10.34MB
17. King Solos Pt. II (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 12.50MB
17. Road Ladies (Live).mp3 9.16MB
18. _The Holiday Inn Motel Chain_ (Live).mp3 4.94MB
18. Gris Gris (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 19.94MB
18. Happy Together (Live At Pepperland, San Rafael, CA., 9_26_1970).mp3 4.68MB
19. Paladin Routine #2 (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 3.87MB
19. What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening_ (Live).mp3 6.18MB
20. King Kong - Outro (Live _ FZ Tour Tape Recording).mp3 3.65MB
20. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are_ (Live).mp3 8.04MB
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