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Title The [email protected] Cinderella Girls
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01. Aikurushii.mp3 11.53MB
01. Challenges to change #01.mp3 24.24MB
01. Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation!.mp3 8.71MB
01. Flip Flop.mp3 10.00MB
01. Fortunately, Ordinary (M36).mp3 6.29MB
01. GOIN'!!!.mp3 11.71MB
01. Happy x2 Days.mp3 9.30MB
01. Kono Sora no Shita.mp3 11.61MB
01. -LEGNE- Adanasu Tsurugi Hikari no Shirabe.mp3 10.78MB
01. LET'S GO HAPPY!!.mp3 10.91MB
01. Lunatic Show.mp3 10.76MB
01. [email protected] 11.08MB
01. Memories.mp3 10.35MB
01. Nagareboshi Kiseki.mp3 10.31MB
01. Never say never.mp3 8.79MB
01. Nocturne.mp3 9.61MB
01. Onegai! Cinderella (BGM Version) (C01).mp3 4.70MB
01. Onegai! Cinderella -JAZZ Rearrange Mix-.mp3 9.52MB
01. OwOver!!.mp3 8.63MB
01. shabon song.mp3 10.76MB
01. Shine!!.mp3 10.95MB
01. Sometimes sweet become bittersweet #01.mp3 15.03MB
01. Star!!.mp3 9.72MB
01. Theme of Cinderella Girls (M01A).mp3 5.69MB
01. Trancing Pulse.mp3 11.76MB
01. Treasure of Exploration #01.mp3 16.06MB
01. Watashi-iro Gift.mp3 10.70MB
01. What would you like do #1.mp3 34.36MB
01. Wonder goes on!!.mp3 9.04MB
02. Anemone (M02).mp3 5.73MB
02. Anzu no Uta.mp3 8.15MB
02. Carriage for Cutie (M03).mp3 5.43MB
02. Challenges to change #02.mp3 13.92MB
02. Hana Еsubomi Нume Ьiru Kyoshikyoku ~Tamashi no Shirube~ ~For Anzu rearrange MIX~.mp3 10.66MB
02. Heart Voice.mp3 9.26MB
02. Kokoro Moyou.mp3 12.22MB
02. Message (BGM Version) (C02).mp3 5.79MB
02. Nebula Sky.mp3 10.85MB
02. Never say never ~For Anastasia rearrange MIX~.mp3 11.16MB
02. Onegai! Cinderella.mp3 9.55MB
02. Onegai! Cinderella -JAZZ Rearrange Mix- (Uzuki Shimamura Ver.).mp3 9.52MB
02. OwOver!! -Heart Beat Version-.mp3 9.62MB
02. Rockin' Emotion.mp3 9.10MB
02. S(mile)ING! ~For Rin rearrange MIX~.mp3 9.61MB
02. Sometimes sweet become bittersweet #02.mp3 18.11MB
02. Todoke! Idol.mp3 9.05MB
02. Treasure of Exploration #02.mp3 14.54MB
02. Venus Syndrome ~For Ranko rearranged MIX~.mp3 9.64MB
02. What would you like do #2.mp3 26.52MB
02. You're stars shine on me ~For Miku Rearrange MIX~.mp3 10.96MB
02. Yume-iro Harmony.mp3 10.77MB
02. Yuubae Present.mp3 9.69MB
02. Yuubae Present - (Asterisk) Remix-.mp3 9.59MB
02. Yuubae Present -CANDY ISLAND Remix-.mp3 9.59MB
02. Yuubae Present -Decoration Remix-.mp3 9.58MB
02. Yuubae Present -LOVE LAIKA Remix-.mp3 9.58MB
02. Yuubae Present -new generations Remix-.mp3 9.60MB
02. Yuubae Present -Rosenburg Engel Remix-.mp3 9.60MB
03. A Demon in Shibuya (M15A).mp3 5.60MB
03. Anzu no Uta ~For Kirari Rearrange MIX~.mp3 9.09MB
03. Bonus Drama Magic Hour (Asterisk) Special Edition.mp3 42.09MB
03. Bonus Drama Magic Hour CANDY ISLAND Special Edition.mp3 42.95MB
03. Bonus Drama Magic Hour Decoration Special Edition.mp3 50.46MB
03. Bonus Drama Magic Hour LOVE LAIKA Special Edition.mp3 41.86MB
03. Bonus Drama Magic Hour new generations Special Edition.mp3 61.03MB
03. Bonus Drama Magic Hour Rosenburg Engel Special Edition.mp3 65.86MB
03. Challenges to change #03.mp3 10.14MB
03. Chocolat Tiara.mp3 8.23MB
03. Chocolat Tiara ~For Miria rearrange MIX~.mp3 7.56MB
03. Flower Language (M34A).mp3 6.08MB
03. Kono Sora no Shita (Original Karaoke).mp3 11.60MB
03. Marshmallow Kiss ~For Riina rearrange MIX~.mp3 8.76MB
03. Message.mp3 10.53MB
03. Mitsuboshi ~For Minami rearrange MIX~.mp3 8.36MB
03. Nagareboshi Kiseki (Original Karaoke).mp3 10.27MB
03. Onegai! Cinderella.mp3 9.47MB
03. Onegai! Cinderella -JAZZ Rearrange Mix- (Rin Shibuya Ver.).mp3 9.52MB
03. Romantic Now ~For Uzuki rearrange MIX~.mp3 9.99MB
03. S(mile)ING! -LIVE MIX-.mp3 9.00MB
03. Sometimes sweet become bittersweet #03.mp3 13.84MB
03. Susume Otome~jewel parade~ (BGM Version) (C03).mp3 5.91MB
03. Trancing Pulse (Original Karaoke).mp3 11.16MB
03. Treasure of Exploration #03.mp3 21.70MB
03. Watashi-iro Gift (Original Karaoke).mp3 10.70MB
03. What would you like do #3.mp3 25.43MB
03. Wonder goes on!! (Original Karaoke).mp3 9.03MB
04. Challenges to change #04.mp3 7.80MB
04. Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation! (Original Karaoke).mp3 8.64MB
04. DOKIDOKI Rhythm.mp3 8.76MB
04. DOKIDOKI Rhythm ~For Chieri rearrange MIX~.mp3 11.16MB
04. GOIN'!!! (Original Karaoke).mp3 11.70MB
04. Happy x2 Days (Original Karaoke).mp3 9.23MB
04. Heart Voice (Original Karaoke).mp3 9.35MB
04. Kazeiro Melody ~For Mio rearrange MIX~.mp3 9.09MB
04. Kokoro Moyou (Original Karaoke).mp3 12.32MB
04. -LEGNE- Adanasu Tsurugi Hikari no Shirabe (Original Karaoke).mp3 10.72MB
04. LET'S GO HAPPY!! (Original Karaoke).mp3 10.67MB
04. [email protected] (Original Karaoke).mp3 11.07MB
04. Memories (Original Karaoke).mp3 10.27MB
04. Nebula Sky (Original Karaoke).mp3 10.94MB
04. Onedari Shall We ~For Kanako rearrange MIX~.mp3 9.49MB
04. Onegai! Cinderella -JAZZ Rearrange Mix- (Mio Honda Ver.).mp3 9.48MB
04. OwOver!! (Original Karaoke).mp3 8.57MB
04. OwOver!! -Heart Beat Version- (Original Karaoke).mp3 9.70MB
04. Passione (M04).mp3 5.04MB
04. Rockin' Emotion (Original Karaoke).mp3 9.18MB
04. Shine!! (Original Karaoke).mp3 10.97MB
04. Star!! (Original Karaoke).mp3 9.63MB
04. Treasure of Exploration #04.mp3 18.90MB
04. Twilight Sky ~For Rika Rearrange MIX~.mp3 9.47MB
04. We're the friends! (BGM Version) (C04).mp3 6.25MB
04. Why Don't You Be a Cinderella (M33A).mp3 4.38MB
05. Nation Blue (BGM Version) (C05).mp3 6.93MB
05. Todoke! Idol (Original Karaoke).mp3 9.03MB
05. Trial and Error (M17A).mp3 5.16MB
05. Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~.mp3 11.06MB
05. Wishful Thinking (M66).mp3 5.42MB
05. Yume-iro Harmony (Original Karaoke).mp3 10.71MB
05. Yume-iro Harmony -Asterisk Remix-.mp3 10.58MB
05. Yume-iro Harmony -Decoration Remix-.mp3 10.59MB
05. Yume-iro Harmony -LOVE LAIKA Remix-.mp3 10.61MB
05. Yume-iro Harmony -new generations Remix-.mp3 10.72MB
05. Yume-iro Harmony -Rosenburg Engel-.mp3 10.53MB
05. Yuubae Present (Original Karaoke).mp3 9.68MB
06. Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation!.mp3 8.68MB
06. Memories.mp3 10.22MB
06. Onedari Shall We~.mp3 9.68MB
06. Orange Sapphire (BGM Version) (C06).mp3 5.89MB
06. Playing Spies (M67).mp3 5.49MB
06. Sly & The Girls Jewelries (M41).mp3 5.97MB
06. Tsubomi.mp3 12.93MB
06. We're the friends!.mp3 10.62MB
06. Yume-iro Harmony -CANDY ISLAND Remix-.mp3 10.55MB
07. April Tango (M05).mp3 4.87MB
07. Atashi Ponkotsu Android (BGM Version) (C07).mp3 4.58MB
07. Marshmallow Kiss.mp3 8.30MB
07. TOTOKIRA Kindergarten (M68).mp3 4.72MB
08. S(mile)ING!.mp3 8.12MB
08. Serendipity (M63).mp3 5.65MB
08. Star!! (Piano Instrumental Version) (C08).mp3 7.01MB
08. The Second Line of MIO (M10A).mp3 5.03MB
09. If So (or Not So) (M65).mp3 5.24MB
09. Twilight Sky.mp3 10.12MB
09. Waltz for Dreamers (M06).mp3 6.47MB
09. Yuubae Present (BGM Version) (C09).mp3 6.25MB
10. Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation! (BGM Version) (C10).mp3 6.24MB
10. Elder Sisters' Pain (M64).mp3 5.65MB
10. Just Curious. (M19).mp3 4.87MB
10. Mitsuboshi.mp3 8.38MB
11. Never Was a Cloudy Twilight (M40).mp3 4.99MB
11. Orgel no Kobako (BGM Version) (C11).mp3 5.60MB
11. Romantic Now.mp3 11.34MB
11. Thanks For Our Work (M42).mp3 6.53MB
12. Kagayaku Sekai no Mahou (BGM Version) (C15).mp3 5.30MB
12. Puzzling Pizzicato (M07).mp3 5.77MB
12. See You (M43).mp3 6.23MB
12. Venus Syndrome.mp3 10.06MB
13. Kazeiro Melody.mp3 11.96MB
13. Never say never (BGM Version) (C16).mp3 5.39MB
13. Regal No.346 (M60A).mp3 7.31MB
13. The Dancing Glass Slippers (M25).mp3 6.53MB
14. Erosional Authority (M60B).mp3 5.94MB
14. S(mile)ING! (BGM Version) (C17).mp3 7.41MB
14. The Cat Ears' Opinions (M30A).mp3 3.68MB
14. You're stars shine on me.mp3 12.05MB
15. Ambiguous Dialogue (M31A).mp3 5.12MB
15. Mitsuboshi (BGM Version) (C18).mp3 6.41MB
15. Susume Otome ~jewel parade~.mp3 10.66MB
15. Thistle Castle (M60C).mp3 5.98MB
16. Dress! Dress! Dress! (M21).mp3 5.01MB
16. Shine!! (BGM Version) (C19).mp3 7.33MB
16. The Dotted Anxiety (M16).mp3 5.46MB
17. Impatience (M26).mp3 5.51MB
17. The Days of Effort (M27).mp3 5.93MB
17. Yume-iro Harmony (BGM Version) (C20).mp3 6.24MB
18. All Right in the End (M39).mp3 5.73MB
18. GOIN'!!! (BGM Version) (C21).mp3 6.83MB
18. The Beautiful Creeps (M44).mp3 7.23MB
19. Emergency (M45).mp3 4.90MB
19. Tsubomi (BGM Version) (C23).mp3 6.48MB
20. Eight Days OFF A Week (M14A).mp3 3.73MB
20. Heartbeats (M46).mp3 6.39MB
20. Star!! (Orgel Version).mp3 2.41MB
21. Onegai! Cinderella.mp3 2.42MB
21. Someone Behind the Door (M12).mp3 4.97MB
21. Teatime (in the Magic Hour) (M38).mp3 5.75MB
22. Atashi Ponkotsu Android (TV Size).mp3 6.70MB
22. Nothing's Gonna Be Alright (M48).mp3 6.75MB
22. RANKO's Grimoire (M13A).mp3 4.00MB
23. 1159 Tinnitus (M18).mp3 5.81MB
23. Orange Sapphire (TV Size).mp3 4.87MB
23. Tut-Tut Blues (M32A).mp3 6.15MB
24. A Ripple of Courage (M61).mp3 8.61MB
24. Mondo Monday (M23).mp3 5.98MB
24. Nation Blue (TV Size).mp3 5.61MB
25. A Lost Princess (M49).mp3 8.29MB
25. GOIN'!!!.mp3 11.57MB
25. Sunday Montuno (M24).mp3 6.53MB
26. S(mile)ING! (TV Version).mp3 3.87MB
26. Starting Over (M62).mp3 9.13MB
26. The Girls Etiquette (M22).mp3 6.42MB
27. Count It Basis! (M11).mp3 7.34MB
27. Nagareboshi Kiseki (TV Version).mp3 4.65MB
27. Primula Julian (M01C).mp3 8.09MB
28. Absolute NIne.mp3 9.59MB
28. SHINSEN Girls (#26).mp3 6.97MB
28. The Reversible Heart (M08).mp3 4.63MB
29. Motif 'Awake' (M09).mp3 5.55MB
29. STORY.mp3 12.34MB
30. Honesty (M20).mp3 7.55MB
31. Bedtime Nocturne (M37A).mp3 5.66MB
32. Your Smile (M28).mp3 5.97MB
33. Tears of Joy (M29).mp3 6.38MB
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IMG_0008.jpg 4.34MB
IMG_0008.jpg 2.08MB
IMG_0008.jpg 1.44MB
IMG_0008.jpg 710.50KB
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IMG_0009.jpg 4.30MB
IMG_0009.jpg 2.32MB
IMG_0009.jpg 1.55MB
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IMG_0010.jpg 3.73MB
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IMG_0010.jpg 900.57KB
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