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Title 07th Expansion NVL Collection
Size 14.24GB

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[AM] Umineko Hane English.rar 6.75MB
[HS]_Umineko_Russian_4.19.7z 42.99MB
[HS] Umineko Voice patch Russian.rar 339.85MB
[Sonozaki Futago-tachi] Higurashi - Watanagashi_Day1 (English patch).zip 10.02MB
[WH]_Umineko_English_v4.4.exe 34.02MB
[WH]_Umineko_EP8_English_v4.1.exe 40.34MB
01.jpg 2.60MB
01.MP3 11.19MB
01 この愛を継ぐ.mp3 7.27MB
01 新約の夜.mp3 10.19MB
02.jpg 1.36MB
02.MP3 10.70MB
02 Raison D'etre.mp3 12.18MB
02 惜日.mp3 7.40MB
03.jpg 1.91MB
03.MP3 7.70MB
03 sacred promise.mp3 6.64MB
03 礎.mp3 13.32MB
04.jpg 2.58MB
04.MP3 11.19MB
04 この愛を継ぐ (instrumental).mp3 7.27MB
04 新約の夜 (instrumental).mp3 10.19MB
05.jpg 795.18KB
05.MP3 10.70MB
05 Raison D'etre (instrumental).mp3 12.18MB
05 惜日 (instrumental).mp3 7.40MB
06.MP3 7.63MB
06 sacred promise (instrumental).mp3 6.59MB
06 礎 (instrumental).mp3 13.32MB
1. Bewailing.mp3 6.04MB
1.-intro.mp3 1.04MB
1. Nageki no Sekai- Requiem for Themselves and Their Tragedies.mp3 5.86MB
1. Rinne no Yume to....mp3 6.11MB
1. Shoushunfu.mp3 7.59MB
1. Utage -dance when cried-.mp3 6.51MB
10.-空に、走る.mp3 7.59MB
11.-この愛を継ぐ.mp3 7.54MB
12.-惜日.mp3 7.34MB
13.-sacred promise.mp3 7.08MB
14.-巡りゆく時.mp3 6.98MB
15.-楽園 -fantasm-.mp3 7.02MB
16.-この愛を継ぐ arrange mix ver.mp3 7.14MB
17.-outro.mp3 4.49MB
2. FOR YOU.mp3 5.32MB
2. Karera no Kyouki yo Ikinobiru Michi o Oshie yo.mp3 5.34MB
2. Michishirube.mp3 6.86MB
2. Shiawase no Basho.mp3 5.17MB
2. Utsutsugatari.mp3 6.25MB
2.-幻耀の蝶.mp3 7.69MB
3. Fuwari.mp3 5.06MB
3.-imaginary waltz.mp3 7.06MB
4. Nakanai Kimi.mp3 6.00MB
4.-アラガイシモノ.mp3 5.36MB
5.-迷哭恋鎖.mp3 6.34MB
6.-たった一つだけ.mp3 4.92MB
7.-信念の灯火.mp3 6.51MB
8.-アンヴィバレンス.mp3 7.12MB
9.-我が声よ光となりて届け.mp3 7.03MB
A800x600.bmp 1.37MB
aitouka_320x240.mpg 71.88MB
aitouka_640x480.mpg 170.57MB
aitouka_CM.mpg 17.65MB
B1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
B1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
B800x600.bmp 1.37MB
C1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
C1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
C800x600.bmp 1.37MB
Cover.gif 48.71KB
Cover.gif 38.72KB
Cover.gif 29.76KB
Cover.jpg 103.63KB
Cover.jpg 91.70KB
Cover.jpg 66.87KB
D1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
D1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
Dearest320x240.mpg 86.52MB
Dearest640x480.mpg 216.99MB
DearestCM.mpg 16.25MB
h4lp.7z 72.47MB
higurashi_rei.cue 79B
higurashi_rei.img 529.75MB
higurashi-fonthack.rar 57.78KB
higurashi-noframe.rar 615B
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei Saikoroshi-hen English Patch 5.44MB
Higurashi PS2 Backgrounds-only Patch v1.1.rar 196.83MB
Higurashi PS2 Full GFX Patch v1.1b.rar 159.78MB
Higurashi PS2 Sprites BGs Patch v1.1.rar 158.81MB
Higurashi PS2 Sprites-only Patch v1.1.rar 172.71MB
HigurashiSFXpatchv1.rar 2.04MB
HigurashiSoundPatchv4.rar 1.53MB
HMG 1. Bewailing.avi 118.92MB
HMG 2. Soushunfu.avi 154.87MB
HMG 3. Utage.avi 132.35MB
HMG 4. Rinne no Yume to.avi 120.85MB
HMG 5. Requiem for Themselves and Tragedies.avi 122.14MB
Image0001.JPG 3.62MB
Image0002.JPG 938.28KB
Image0003.JPG 4.21MB
Image0004.JPG 3.83MB
Image0005.JPG 3.66MB
Image0006.JPG 4.20MB
Image0007.JPG 4.69MB
Image0008.JPG 859.55KB
Image0009.JPG 2.23MB
Image0010.JPG 1.69MB
Image0011.JPG 571.76KB
kabe1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
kabe1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
kabe800x600.bmp 1.37MB
kabej1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
kabej1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
kabej800x600.bmp 1.37MB
kabek1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
kabek1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
kabek800x600.bmp 1.37MB
kabem1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
kabem1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
kabem800x600.bmp 1.37MB
llakavesgi.txt 1.03KB
MAS_320.mpg 67.74MB
MAS_640.mpg 165.56MB
MAS02.mkv 66.70MB
matsuribayashi_music_patch_v1.rar 40.42MB
Meakashi Full GFX Patch v1.rar 86.79MB
meakashi-noframe.rar 615B
Minagoroshi Music Patch v2.7z 49.59MB
Minagoroshi PS2 Sprites + BG.7z 85.96MB
music_patch_tsumihoroboshi_v2.rar 24.77MB
OMAKE1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
ps2-pcmusic.rar 70.96MB
Requiem of the Golden Witch.mpg 205.54MB
Tsumihoroboshi PS2 Backgrounds V1.7z 48.14MB
Tsumihoroboshi PS2 Sprites V3.7z 4.17MB
Tweaks.txt 2.71KB
Tweaks.txt 1.91KB
UI patch for minagoroshi.rar 1.19MB
UMG-002.log 1.46KB
UMG-002.tak 185.84MB
UMG-003.log 1.48KB
UMG-003.rar 225.37MB
UMG-003.tak 204.32MB
Umineko Motion Graphic vol.1.mpg 179.81MB
Umineko Motion Graphic vol.6.mpg 185.39MB
Umineko Motion Graphic Vol 5.mpg 280.04MB
Umineko no Naku Koro ni Hane.iso 466.94MB
Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa - Koremade no Okurimono, Zenbu. Tsumeawase.iso 1.34GB
UminekoTsubasa Patch ('Finished v1.01').rar 6.32MB
When They Cry.cue 79B
When They Cry.img 529.12MB
When They Cry.sub 21.60MB
When They 246.18MB
When They Cry 2.ccd 772B
When They Cry 2.img 688.08MB
When They Cry 2.sub 28.08MB
When They Cry 2 - 237.86MB
When They Cry 2 - 135.49MB
When They Cry 2 - 174.80MB
When They Cry 2 - 165.97MB
When They Cry 4.iso 2.94GB
wp001_1024x768.bmp 2.30MB
wp001_1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
wp001_800x600.bmp 1.37MB
wp002_1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
wp002_1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
wp002_800x600.bmp 1.37MB
wp003_1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
wp003_1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
wp003_800x600.bmp 1.37MB
wp004_1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
wp004_1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB
wp004_800x600.bmp 1.37MB
Порядок эпизодов Kai.txt 146B
「うみねこのなく頃に」EP4.mdf 1.81GB
「うみねこのなく頃に」EP4.mds 4.21KB
Distribution statistics by country
Russia (RU) 15
United States (US) 3
Ukraine (UA) 2
Sweden (SE) 1
United Kingdom (GB) 1
Poland (PL) 1
Canada (CA) 1
Total 24
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