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Lesson 1. Why This Course.mp4 57.68MB
Lesson 10. Email.mp4 116.05MB
Lesson 100. Solution Queue Implementation.mp4 59.46MB
Lesson 101. Queues Using Stacks.mp4 17.86MB
Lesson 102. Stacks + Queues Review.mp4 36.16MB
Lesson 103. Trees Introduction.mp4 90.11MB
Lesson 104. Binary Trees.mp4 85.70MB
Lesson 105. O(log n).mp4 60.24MB
Lesson 106. Binary Search Trees.mp4 74.21MB
Lesson 107. Balanced VS Unbalanced BST.mp4 37.63MB
Lesson 108. BST Pros and Cons.mp4 43.24MB
Lesson 109. Exercise Binary Search Tree.mp4 26.64MB
Lesson 11. Where To Find Jobs.mp4 79.47MB
Lesson 110. Solution insert().mp4 82.64MB
Lesson 111. Solution lookup().mp4 42.80MB
Lesson 112. Bonus Exercise remove().mp4 12.88MB
Lesson 113. Solution remove().mp4 61.29MB
Lesson 114. AVL Trees + Red Black Trees.mp4 16.25MB
Lesson 115. Binary Heaps.mp4 66.06MB
Lesson 116. Quick Note on Heaps.mp4 17.40MB
Lesson 117. Priority Queue.mp4 94.13MB
Lesson 118. Trie.mp4 56.11MB
Lesson 119. Tree Review.mp4 8.21MB
Lesson 12. When Should You Start Applying.mp4 60.73MB
Lesson 120. Graphs Introduction.mp4 42.04MB
Lesson 121. Types Of Graphs.mp4 62.07MB
Lesson 122. Exercise Guess The Graph.mp4 23.91MB
Lesson 123. Graph Data.mp4 44.07MB
Lesson 124. Exercise Graph Implementation.mp4 29.54MB
Lesson 125. Solution Graph Implementation.mp4 35.41MB
Lesson 126. Graphs Review.mp4 32.20MB
Lesson 127. Data Structures Review.mp4 30.00MB
Lesson 128. What Else Is Coming Up.mp4 31.89MB
Lesson 129. Introduction to Algorithms.mp4 61.03MB
Lesson 13. Section Summary.mp4 40.50MB
Lesson 130. Recursion Introduction.mp4 52.48MB
Lesson 131. Stack Overflow.mp4 53.82MB
Lesson 132. Anatomy Of Recursion.mp4 65.38MB
Lesson 133. Exercise Factorial.mp4 42.83MB
Lesson 134. Solution Factorial.mp4 48.37MB
Lesson 135. Exercise Fibonacci.mp4 12.68MB
Lesson 136. Solution Fibonacci.mp4 99.41MB
Lesson 137. Recursive VS Iterative.mp4 64.36MB
Lesson 138. When To Use Recursion.mp4 60.91MB
Lesson 139. Recursion Review.mp4 46.07MB
Lesson 14. Setting Up Your Environment.mp4 22.45MB
Lesson 140. Sorting Introduction.mp4 106.73MB
Lesson 141. The Issue With sort().mp4 44.73MB
Lesson 142. Sorting Algorithms.mp4 33.56MB
Lesson 143. Bubble Sort.mp4 45.19MB
Lesson 144. Solution Bubble Sort.mp4 30.03MB
Lesson 145. Selection Sort.mp4 36.35MB
Lesson 146. Solution Selection Sort.mp4 20.92MB
Lesson 147. Dancing Algorithms.mp4 30.96MB
Lesson 148. Insertion Sort.mp4 27.41MB
Lesson 149. Solution Insertion Sort.mp4 15.49MB
Lesson 15. Section Overview.mp4 36.80MB
Lesson 150. Merge Sort and O(n log n).mp4 101.92MB
Lesson 151. Solution Merge Sort.mp4 42.61MB
Lesson 152. Quick Sort.mp4 119.98MB
Lesson 153. Which Sort Is Best.mp4 45.41MB
Lesson 154. Radix Sort + Counting Sort.mp4 61.77MB
Lesson 155. Exercise Sorting Interview.mp4 9.29MB
Lesson 156. Solution Sorting Interview.mp4 46.39MB
Lesson 157. Sorting In Your Language.mp4 5.97MB
Lesson 158. Sorting Review.mp4 29.34MB
Lesson 159. Dynamic Programming Introduction.mp4 33.50MB
Lesson 16. What Is Good Code.mp4 70.20MB
Lesson 160. Memoization 1.mp4 53.31MB
Lesson 161. Memoization 2.mp4 23.65MB
Lesson 162. Fibonacci and Dynamic Programming.mp4 40.14MB
Lesson 163. Dynamic Programming.mp4 100.87MB
Lesson 164. Implementing Dynamic Programming.mp4 70.97MB
Lesson 165. Dynamic Programming Review.mp4 58.10MB
Lesson 166. Section Overview.mp4 30.18MB
Lesson 167. During The Interview.mp4 156.94MB
Lesson 168. Tell Me About Yourself.mp4 95.91MB
Lesson 169. Why Us.mp4 87.90MB
Lesson 17. Big O and Scalability.mp4 105.62MB
Lesson 170. Tell Me About A Problem You Have Solved.mp4 92.86MB
Lesson 171. What Is Your Biggest Weakness.mp4 40.68MB
Lesson 172. Any Questions For Us.mp4 59.52MB
Lesson 173. Secret Weapon.mp4 142.09MB
Lesson 174. After The Interview.mp4 93.64MB
Lesson 175. Section Summary.mp4 65.28MB
Lesson 176. Section Overview.mp4 25.34MB
Lesson 177. Handling Rejection.mp4 69.46MB
Lesson 178. Negotiation 101.mp4 168.82MB
Lesson 179. Handling An Offer.mp4 158.20MB
Lesson 18. O(n).mp4 70.64MB
Lesson 180. Handling Multiple Offers.mp4 130.21MB
Lesson 181. Getting A Raise.mp4 132.93MB
Lesson 182. Section Summary.mp4 34.65MB
Lesson 183. Thank You..mp4 6.87MB
Lesson 184. Coding Problems.mp4 11.02MB
Lesson 185. How To Use Leetcode.mp4 15.79MB
Lesson 19. O(1).mp4 79.14MB
Lesson 2. How To Succeed In This Course.mp4 76.18MB
Lesson 20. Solution Big O Calculation.mp4 28.50MB
Lesson 21. Solution Big O Calculation 2.mp4 15.60MB
Lesson 22. Simplifying Big O.mp4 19.02MB
Lesson 23. Big O Rule 1.mp4 43.05MB
Lesson 24. Big O Rule 2.mp4 61.61MB
Lesson 25. Big O Rule 3.mp4 20.09MB
Lesson 26. O(n^2).mp4 51.32MB
Lesson 27. Big O Rule 4.mp4 56.55MB
Lesson 28. Big O Cheat Sheet.mp4 20.15MB
Lesson 29. What Does This All Mean.mp4 75.34MB
Lesson 3. Section Overview.mp4 96.12MB
Lesson 30. O(n!).mp4 19.45MB
Lesson 31. 3 Pillars Of Programming.mp4 61.56MB
Lesson 32. Space Complexity.mp4 34.31MB
Lesson 33. Exercise Space Complexity.mp4 32.93MB
Lesson 34. Exercise Twitter.mp4 38.62MB
Lesson 35. Optional Javascript Loops.mp4 24.24MB
Lesson 36. Section Summary.mp4 75.14MB
Lesson 37. Section Overview.mp4 80.86MB
Lesson 38. What Are Companies Looking For.mp4 53.84MB
Lesson 39. What We Need For Coding Interviews.mp4 58.29MB
Lesson 4. Resume.mp4 77.47MB
Lesson 40. Exercise Google Interview.mp4 25.48MB
Lesson 41. Exercise Interview Question.mp4 198.54MB
Lesson 42. Exercise Interview Question 2.mp4 232.09MB
Lesson 43. Review Google Interview.mp4 16.71MB
Lesson 44. Section Summary.mp4 52.15MB
Lesson 45. Section Overview.mp4 32.51MB
Lesson 46. What Is A Data Structure.mp4 96.37MB
Lesson 47. How Computers Store Data.mp4 204.83MB
Lesson 48. Data Structures In Different Languages.mp4 30.93MB
Lesson 49. Operations On Data Structures.mp4 44.35MB
Lesson 5. Exercise Resume Walkthrough.mp4 193.95MB
Lesson 50. Arrays Introduction.mp4 98.35MB
Lesson 51. Static vs Dynamic Arrays.mp4 55.62MB
Lesson 52. Optional Classes In Javascript.mp4 216.32MB
Lesson 53. Implementing An Array.mp4 113.57MB
Lesson 54. Strings and Arrays.mp4 11.46MB
Lesson 55. Exercise Reverse A String.mp4 6.00MB
Lesson 56. Solution Reverse A String.mp4 68.24MB
Lesson 57. Exercise Merge Sorted Arrays.mp4 2.61MB
Lesson 58. Solution Merge Sorted Arrays.mp4 90.11MB
Lesson 59. Arrays Review.mp4 47.60MB
Lesson 6. Resume Review.mp4 44.60MB
Lesson 60. Hash Tables Introduction.mp4 67.59MB
Lesson 61. Hash Function.mp4 106.10MB
Lesson 62. Hash Collisions.mp4 84.99MB
Lesson 63. Hash Tables In Different Languages.mp4 27.05MB
Lesson 64. Exercise Implement A Hash Table.mp4 23.97MB
Lesson 65. Solution Implement A Hash Table.mp4 122.75MB
Lesson 66. keys().mp4 50.83MB
Lesson 67. Hash Tables VS Arrays.mp4 29.77MB
Lesson 68. Exercise First Recurring Character.mp4 5.66MB
Lesson 69. Solution First Recurring Character.mp4 105.39MB
Lesson 7. What If I Don't Have Enough Experience.mp4 202.83MB
Lesson 70. Hash Tables Review.mp4 82.34MB
Lesson 71. Linked Lists Introduction.mp4 42.76MB
Lesson 72. What Is A Linked List.mp4 51.76MB
Lesson 73. Exercise Why Linked Lists.mp4 6.77MB
Lesson 74. Solution Why Linked Lists.mp4 94.74MB
Lesson 75. What Is A Pointer.mp4 30.09MB
Lesson 76. Our First Linked List.mp4 44.89MB
Lesson 77. Solution append().mp4 39.40MB
Lesson 78. Solution prepend().mp4 19.52MB
Lesson 79. Node Class.mp4 23.02MB
Lesson 8. LinkedIn.mp4 92.58MB
Lesson 80. insert().mp4 45.27MB
Lesson 81. Solution insert().mp4 106.78MB
Lesson 82. Solution remove().mp4 44.08MB
Lesson 83. Doubly Linked Lists.mp4 55.11MB
Lesson 84. Solution Doubly Linked Lists.mp4 79.91MB
Lesson 85. Singly VS Doubly Linked Lists.mp4 47.19MB
Lesson 86. Exercise reverse().mp4 11.43MB
Lesson 87. Solution reverse().mp4 55.55MB
Lesson 88. Linked Lists Review.mp4 75.22MB
Lesson 89. Stacks + Queues Introduction.mp4 52.12MB
Lesson 9. Portfolio.mp4 43.38MB
Lesson 90. Stacks.mp4 54.04MB
Lesson 91. Queues.mp4 55.56MB
Lesson 92. Exercise Stacks VS Queues.mp4 11.77MB
Lesson 93. Solution Stacks VS Queues.mp4 14.40MB
Lesson 94. Optional How Javascript Works.mp4 165.40MB
Lesson 95. Exercise Stack Implementation (Linked Lists).mp4 14.34MB
Lesson 96. Solution Stack Implementation (Linked Lists).mp4 66.76MB
Lesson 97. Exercise Stack Implementation (Array).mp4 8.13MB
Lesson 98. Solution Stack Implementation (Array).mp4 28.41MB
Lesson 99. Exercise Queue Implementation.mp4 9.50MB 682.99KB
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