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01.01.Course Overview.mp4 9.94MB
02.01.Module Overview.mp4 6.51MB
02.02.Prerequisites and Course Outline.mp4 4.79MB
02.03.Rule-based vs. ML-based Learning.mp4 13.57MB
02.04.Traditional ML vs. Representation ML.mp4 7.00MB
02.05.The Machine Learning Workflow.mp4 6.00MB
02.06.Choosing the Right Model Based on Data.mp4 10.49MB
02.07.Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning.mp4 9.26MB
02.08.Transfer Learning, Cold Start ML and Warm Start ML.mp4 10.08MB
02.09.Popular Machine Learning Frameworks.mp4 6.53MB
02.10.Demo Getting Started with scikit-learn.mp4 4.35MB
02.11.Module Summary.mp4 2.67MB
03.01.Module Overview.mp4 2.36MB
03.02.Building and Evaluating Regression Models.mp4 9.32MB
03.03.Demo Linear Regression Using Numeric Features.mp4 17.62MB
03.04.Demo Exploring Regression Data.mp4 9.68MB
03.05.Demo Preprocessing Numeric and Categorical Data and Fitting a Regression Model.mp4 10.47MB
03.06.Choosing Regression Algorithms.mp4 4.93MB
03.07.Regularized Regression Models Lasso, Ridge, and Elastic Net.mp4 7.37MB
03.08.Stochastic Gradient Descent.mp4 4.35MB
03.09.Demo Multiple Types of Regression.mp4 12.02MB
03.10.Module Summary.mp4 2.58MB
04.01.Module Overview.mp4 2.26MB
04.02.Types of Classifiers.mp4 7.96MB
04.03.Understanding Logistic Regression Intuitively.mp4 9.96MB
04.04.Demo Building and Training a Binary Classification Model.mp4 13.77MB
04.05.Understanding Support Vector and Nearest Neighbors Classification.mp4 7.49MB
04.06.Understanding Decision Tree and Naive Bayes Classification.mp4 9.93MB
04.07.Demo Building Classification Models Using Multiple Techniques.mp4 15.46MB
04.08.Demo Using Warm Start with an Ensemble Classifier.mp4 6.56MB
04.09.Demo Performing Multiclass Classification on Text Data.mp4 14.87MB
04.10.Module Summary.mp4 1.99MB
05.01.Module Overview.mp4 2.21MB
05.02.Clustering as an Unsupervised Learning Technique.mp4 7.56MB
05.03.Choosing Clustering Algorithms.mp4 7.36MB
05.04.Categorizing Clustering Algorithms.mp4 5.75MB
05.05.K-means Clustering.mp4 5.01MB
05.06.Hierarchical Clustering.mp4 6.84MB
05.07.Demo Performing K-means Clustering on Unlabeled Data.mp4 11.85MB
05.08.Demo Clustering Using Labeled Data.mp4 18.19MB
05.09.Demo Agglomerative Clustering.mp4 49.22MB
05.10.Summary and Further Study.mp4 6.62MB
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