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01. Behind the Scenes.mp4 501.22MB
01. Earthshaker Festival, Germany (2005).mp4 1.85GB
01. Hell on Earth I.mp4 1.81GB
01. Hell on Earth III.mp4 962.83MB
01. Hell on Earth V.mp4 1.75GB
01. Hell on Stage European Tour 1998.mp4 1.46GB
01. Introduction.mp4 33.53MB
01.jpg 216.78KB
01.jpg 196.96KB
01.jpg 193.89KB
01. Magic Circle Festival, Germany (2008).mp4 670.53MB
01. Manowar, Magic Circle Festival, Germany (2008).mp4 1.77GB
01. Metal on the Black Sea, Bulgaria (2007).mp4 88.65MB
01. Monsters of Rock, Brazil (1998).mp4 1.16GB
01. The Absolute Power of Manowar (documentary).mp4 254.57MB
01. The Ringfest, Germany (2002).mp4 502.88MB
01. Warriors of the World Tour (2002).mp4 1.37GB
02. Black Wind, Fire & Steel (Russia).mp4 80.23MB
02. Bonus.mp4 642.02MB
02. Gloves of Metal.mp4 55.63MB
02. Historical Moments.mp4 217.05MB
02.jpg 251.29KB
02.jpg 194.05KB
02.jpg 193.58KB
02. Kavarna, Bulgaria (2008).mp4 118.26MB
02. Kings of Metal, Germany.mp4 184.57MB
02. Lighting the Eternal Flame of Metal.mp4 591.82MB
02. Magic Circle Festival, Germany (2007).mp4 1.11GB
02. Manowar Fan Convention (extended).mp4 1.29GB
02. Sign of the Hammer (aternate version).mp4 36.66MB
02. Sixth Sense.mp4 212.39MB
02. Sun of Death, Germany (2002).mp4 340.34MB
02. Thor (Spain).mp4 73.60MB
02. TV Shows.mp4 609.66MB
03. Battle Hymn (rehearsal).mp4 139.70MB
03. Blow Your Speakers.mp4 37.19MB
03. Courage (French version).mp4 104.93MB
03. Full Interview with Dawk and Jeff Hair.mp4 114.43MB
03. Herz Aus Stahl (Germany).mp4 58.95MB
03. Holyhell.mp4 258.31MB
03. Holyhell.mp4 89.91MB
03.jpg 195.88KB
03.jpg 272.65KB
03.jpg 272.35KB
03. Soldiers of Death.mp4 219.07MB
03. Speeches (Bulgaria, Germany).mp4 185.34MB
04. Cutting Room Floor.mp4 128.70MB
04. Full Interview with Vincent Cecolini.mp4 46.29MB
04.jpg 228.29KB
04.jpg 186.23KB
04.jpg 184.48KB
04. Manowar.mp4 1.02GB
04. Manowar.mp4 771.67MB
04. March for Revenge (Italy).mp4 92.28MB
04. Metal Warriors.mp4 60.83MB
05. Fighting for the fans (Making of).mp4 510.91MB
05.jpg 246.79KB
05.jpg 281.48KB
05.jpg 281.01KB
05. Return of the Warlord.mp4 72.19MB
05. Ringfest Performance- Warriors of the World United.mp4 71.89MB
05. Wheels of Fire (Sweden).mp4 50.44MB
06. Alexander the Great.mp4 42.62MB
06. Courage.mp4 37.71MB
06. Friday Night Speeches (Germany).mp4 258.77MB
06.jpg 237.10KB
06. Ringfest Performance- House of Death.mp4 46.25MB
07. Bulgaria Speeches.mp4 49.23MB
07. France.mp4 26.39MB
07.jpg 224.48KB
07. Warriors of the World.mp4 98.51MB
08. Extra Bits.mp4 374.59MB
08. I Believe.mp4 43.94MB
08.jpg 207.17KB
08. Moments in Time.mp4 109.35MB
09. Friends....mp4 177.39MB
09. Gloves of Metal (special edition).mp4 48.39MB
09.jpg 215.78KB
10.jpg 185.59KB
10. Moments of Truth.mp4 45.28MB
10. Secrets of Steel.mp4 147.43MB
11.jpg 261.27KB
11. Nessun Dorma (The Story).mp4 33.75MB
11. The Making of Gloves of Metal.mp4 32.99MB
12.jpg 171.83KB
12. The Making of Gloves of Metal (special edition).mp4 10.46MB
12. Wildlife.mp4 15.19MB
13.jpg 262.31KB
13. The Making of Blow Your Speakers.mp4 29.94MB
14.jpg 182.62KB
14. The Making of Return of the Warlord.mp4 50.89MB
15.jpg 214.33KB
15. The Making of Warriors of the World.mp4 59.01MB
16. The Making of I Believe.mp4 74.40MB
17. Warrior's Prayer Animation.mp4 24.45MB
18. Ringfest Documentary.mp4 265.75MB
19. Historical Commentary.mp4 24.74MB
687797_org.jpg 1.90MB
705965_org.jpg 728.51KB
DVD1.jpg 145.02KB
DVD2.jpg 132.12KB
Libreto1.jpg 615.06KB
Libreto2.jpg 565.44KB
Libreto3.jpg 620.04KB
Libreto4.jpg 529.41KB
Libreto5.jpg 477.08KB
Libreto6.jpg 640.11KB
Libreto7.jpg 825.56KB
Libreto8.jpg 634.13KB
Portada.jpg 357.74KB
TrackList.jpg 321.43KB
Trasera.jpg 392.66KB
z.jpg 1.27MB
zx.jpg 292.19KB
zxc.jpg 1.45MB
zxc.jpg 883.52KB
zxc.jpg 4.11MB
zxc.jpg 332.12KB
zxc.jpg 626.46KB
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