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Title Native.Instruments.Guitar.Rig.5.v5.2.1.Update.Incl.Patched.and.Keygen-R2R
Category PC
Size 958.13MB

Files List
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{01D57CF6-B5BC-4D03-AFF5-7960CFBD05A9} 0B
1993 Hot Solo Rig.ngrr 4.74KB
1993 Hot Solo Rig.ngrr 46.34KB
2 in the Streets.ngrr 6.14KB
2 in the Streets.ngrr 34.78KB
3d Mangler.ngrr 42.72KB
3d Mangler.ngrr 4.73KB
70's Octave Solo.ngrr 6.21KB
70's Octave Solo.ngrr 35.75KB
800 Clean.ngrr 5.64KB
800 Clean.ngrr 30.76KB
80s Solo.ngrr 6.16KB
80s Solo.ngrr 38.03KB
80ties Slap Bass.ngrr 4.99KB
80ties Slap Bass.ngrr 49.61KB
94 Rock Solo.ngrr 4.85KB
94 Rock Solo.ngrr 48.21KB
AC2x12blue_con87_cap.grir 28.46KB
AC2x12blue_con87_capedge.grir 27.34KB
AC2x12blue_con87_cone.grir 29.60KB
AC2x12blue_dyn421_cap.grir 23.48KB
AC2x12blue_dyn421_capedge.grir 23.80KB
AC2x12blue_dyn421_cone.grir 35.05KB
AC2x12blue_dyn57_cap.grir 26.40KB
AC2x12blue_dyn57_capedge.grir 31.66KB
AC2x12blue_dyn57_cone.grir 30.41KB
AC2x12blue_rib121_cap.grir 25.35KB
AC2x12blue_rib121_capedge.grir 25.41KB
AC2x12blue_rib121_cone.grir 28.55KB
AC2x12blue_rib160_cap.grir 27.91KB
AC2x12blue_rib160_capedge.grir 26.21KB
AC2x12blue_rib160_cone.grir 24.86KB
AC2x12blue_room.grir 60.63KB
AC2x12silver_con87_cap.grir 13.63KB
AC2x12silver_con87_capedge.grir 13.63KB
AC2x12silver_con87_cone.grir 14.59KB
AC2x12silver_dyn421_cap.grir 11.39KB
AC2x12silver_dyn421_capedge.grir 11.26KB
AC2x12silver_dyn421_cone.grir 12.15KB
AC2x12silver_dyn57_cap.grir 10.87KB
AC2x12silver_dyn57_capedge.grir 10.87KB
AC2x12silver_dyn57_cone.grir 10.31KB
AC2x12silver_rib121_cap.grir 13.27KB
AC2x12silver_rib121_capedge.grir 13.27KB
AC2x12silver_rib121_cone.grir 18.69KB
AC2x12silver_rib160_cap.grir 10.70KB
AC2x12silver_rib160_capedge.grir 11.01KB
AC2x12silver_rib160_cone.grir 11.01KB
AC2x12silver_room.grir 43.69KB
AC Box Factory.ngrc 13.61KB
Acoustic Shimmer.ngrr 6.26KB
Acoustic Shimmer.ngrr 38.57KB
AC Sweeper.ngrr 5.38KB
AC Sweeper.ngrr 29.01KB
Air Ensemble.ngrr 5.86KB
Air Ensemble.ngrr 33.91KB
Airverb.ngrr 31.51KB
Airverb.ngrr 5.51KB
Airy Vocals.ngrr 35.50KB
Airy Vocals.ngrr 6.04KB
All And None.ngrr 5.11KB
All And None.ngrr 48.92KB
All the Blink Things.ngrr 6.34KB
All the Blink Things.ngrr 45.19KB
Almost Clean.ngrr 4.76KB
Almost Clean.ngrr 46.45KB
Alternative Crunch.ngrr 30.66KB
Alternative Crunch.ngrr 5.60KB
American2x12_con47_capedge.grir 16.12KB
American2x12_con54_capedge.grir 16.12KB
American2x12_con67_capedge.grir 16.12KB
American2x12_con89_capedge.grir 16.12KB
American2x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 16.12KB
American2x12_dyn441_capedge.grir 16.12KB
American2x12_rib121_capedge.grir 16.12KB
American2x12_room.grir 77.14KB
Amp Spring.grir 1.24MB
Analog Sequencer Factory.ngrc 33.42KB
Andy in a bottle.ngrr 6.44KB
Andy in a bottle.ngrr 37.70KB
Andy in a bottle - CF.ngrr 6.37KB
Andy in a bottle - CF.ngrr 37.49KB
Area 51.ngrr 5.98KB
Area 51.ngrr 61.81KB
Arpeggio Delays.ngrr 7.03KB
Arpeggio Delays.ngrr 45.54KB
Atmo Git .ngrr 5.00KB
Atmo Git .ngrr 49.50KB
AttackKick003.wav 26.42KB
Autofilter Bass.ngrr 32.72KB
Autofilter Bass.ngrr 6.00KB
AutoFilter Factory.ngrc 9.55KB
Auto Rhythm.ngrr 6.39KB
Auto Rhythm.ngrr 38.90KB
Barack Uda (HB).ngrr 6.29KB
Barack Uda (HB).ngrr 39.86KB
Basic Jazz.ngrr 5.61KB
Basic Jazz.ngrr 30.60KB
Bassalu4x10_con30_cap.grir 54.57KB
Bassalu4x10_con30_capedge.grir 15.20KB
Bassalu4x10_con30_cone.grir 91.70KB
Bassalu4x10_con30_room.grir 33.28KB
Bassalu4x10_con47_cap.grir 25.50KB
Bassalu4x10_con47_capedge.grir 12.94KB
Bassalu4x10_con47_cone.grir 91.70KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn112_cap.grir 25.46KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn112_capedge.grir 21.03KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn112_cone.grir 23.27KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn20_cap.grir 21.11KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn20_capedge.grir 21.11KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn20_cone.grir 21.29KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn6_cap.grir 37.24KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn6_capedge.grir 35.52KB
Bassalu4x10_dyn6_cone.grir 29.22KB
Bassalu4x10_room.grir 33.28KB
Basspro8x10_con30_cap.grir 22.21KB
Basspro8x10_con30_capedge.grir 24.37KB
Basspro8x10_con30_cone.grir 31.43KB
Basspro8x10_con47_cap.grir 11.80KB
Basspro8x10_con47_capedge.grir 17.32KB
Basspro8x10_con47_cone.grir 24.16KB
Basspro8x10_dyn112_cap.grir 11.34KB
Basspro8x10_dyn112_capedge.grir 15.13KB
Basspro8x10_dyn112_cone.grir 16.93KB
Basspro8x10_dyn20_cap.grir 14.02KB
Basspro8x10_dyn20_capedge.grir 16.68KB
Basspro8x10_dyn20_cone.grir 22.76KB
Basspro8x10_dyn6_cap.grir 10.04KB
Basspro8x10_dyn6_capedge.grir 12.36KB
Basspro8x10_dyn6_cone.grir 16.74KB
Basspro8x10_room.grir 27.92KB
Bass Pro Factory.ngrc 53.50KB
Bass Rig.ngrr 6.63KB
Bass Rig.ngrr 64.36KB
Bassvintage1x15_con87_cap.grir 14.40KB
Bassvintage1x15_con87_capedge.grir 20.95KB
Bassvintage1x15_con87_cone.grir 18.43KB
Bassvintage1x15_dyn421_cap.grir 19.50KB
Bassvintage1x15_dyn421_capedge.grir 24.59KB
Bassvintage1x15_dyn421_cone.grir 20.10KB
Bassvintage1x15_dyn57_cap.grir 27.04KB
Bassvintage1x15_dyn57_capedge.grir 26.86KB
Bassvintage1x15_dyn57_cone.grir 18.28KB
Bassvintage1x15_rib121_cap.grir 25.82KB
Bassvintage1x15_rib121_capedge.grir 19.54KB
Bassvintage1x15_rib121_cone.grir 24.05KB
Bassvintage1x15_rib160_cap.grir 18.75KB
Bassvintage1x15_rib160_capedge.grir 23.13KB
Bassvintage1x15_rib160_cone.grir 17.97KB
Bassvintage1x15_room.grir 50.78KB
BD#1.wav 283.35KB
BD#2.wav 245.42KB
BD#3.wav 1.13MB
Bernd Die Flaeche.ngrr 4.89KB
Bernd Die Flaeche.ngrr 48.09KB
Big Fuzz Factory.ngrc 9.95KB
Big Monster.ngrr 6.94KB
Big Monster.ngrr 52.16KB
Billy Dual Grange.ngrr 6.63KB
Billy Dual Grange.ngrr 47.96KB
Billy Modern Sharp.ngrr 6.49KB
Billy Modern Sharp.ngrr 44.98KB
Billy Modern Sharp - MC.ngrr 6.41KB
Billy Modern Sharp - MC.ngrr 37.59KB
Billy Single Grange.ngrr 6.46KB
Billy Single Grange.ngrr 45.23KB
Black Angus Lead (HB).ngrr 5.89KB
Black Angus Lead (HB).ngrr 35.02KB
Black Angus Lead - MC.ngrr 30.39KB
Black Angus Lead - MC.ngrr 5.72KB
Black Magic Lead .ngrr 4.80KB
Black Magic Lead .ngrr 45.70KB
Black Malcolm Rhythm (HB).ngrr 5.86KB
Black Malcolm Rhythm (HB).ngrr 35.02KB
Black Malcolm Rhythm - MC.ngrr 30.40KB
Black Malcolm Rhythm - MC.ngrr 5.70KB
Black Stripe Army (HB).ngrr 6.48KB
Black Stripe Army (HB).ngrr 40.82KB
Black Sun Garden.ngrr 6.23KB
Black Sun Garden.ngrr 36.41KB
Blues 74.ngrr 4.58KB
Blues 74.ngrr 44.22KB
Blues Git .ngrr 5.06KB
Blues Git .ngrr 50.18KB
Boosted Solo Metal.ngrr 4.90KB
Boosted Solo Metal.ngrr 47.32KB
Box Od'd plus.ngrr 6.32KB
Box Od'd plus.ngrr 39.73KB
Break my Heart (HB).ngrr 6.36KB
Break my Heart (HB).ngrr 39.78KB
Break my Heart - MC.ngrr 5.71KB
Break my Heart - MC.ngrr 30.87KB
Breathing.ngrr 5.75KB
Breathing.ngrr 31.26KB
Breath You Hold.ngrr 5.16KB
Breath You Hold.ngrr 48.48KB
Bright Delay.ngrr 5.24KB
Bright Delay.ngrr 27.13KB
British2x12_con47V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_con47V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_con87V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_con87V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_dyn421V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_dyn421V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_dyn441V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_dyn441V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_dyn57V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_dyn57V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_rib121V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_rib121V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
British2x12_room.grir 86.02KB
British Ultra.ngrr 6.04KB
British Ultra.ngrr 37.16KB
Brookside.ngrr 6.37KB
Brookside.ngrr 42.02KB
BroVan Sound .ngrr 4.32KB
BroVan Sound .ngrr 36.58KB
Bubble Drum.ngrr 5.64KB
Bubble Drum.ngrr 30.70KB
Bubbly Rhythm.ngrr 33.49KB
Bubbly Rhythm.ngrr 6.19KB
Build Up.ngrr 6.06KB
Build Up.ngrr 34.73KB
Buzzed Michael Clean.ngrr 6.15KB
Buzzed Michael Clean.ngrr 36.60KB
Cabinet Maker.ngrr 5.17KB
Cabinet Maker.ngrr 45.25KB
Cabinets & Mics Factory.ngrc 62.92KB
Carlos in Europe.ngrr 5.76KB
Carlos in Europe.ngrr 34.49KB
Carlos in Europe - MC.ngrr 5.61KB
Carlos in Europe - MC.ngrr 30.39KB
Cat Factory.ngrc 9.06KB
Catfilter.ngrr 6.08KB
Catfilter.ngrr 34.57KB
ch.wav 4.22KB
Chaotech.ngrr 5.00KB
Chaotech.ngrr 44.52KB
Cheesy 80s Metal Lead.ngrr 38.61KB
Cheesy 80s Metal Lead.ngrr 6.28KB
Chemical Thrash.ngrr 5.68KB
Chemical Thrash.ngrr 31.09KB
Choped Bass Distorted.ngrr 4.89KB
Choped Bass Distorted.ngrr 48.83KB
Chorus Bass.ngrr 6.14KB
Chorus Bass.ngrr 33.19KB
Christal.ngrr 6.32KB
Christal.ngrr 40.40KB
Christal - MC.ngrr 6.16KB
Christal - MC.ngrr 35.54KB
Chunker .ngrr 6.01KB
Chunker .ngrr 34.30KB
Citrus4x12_con87_cap.grir 32.61KB
Citrus4x12_con87_capedge.grir 32.96KB
Citrus4x12_con87_cone.grir 32.64KB
Citrus4x12_dyn421_cap.grir 29.93KB
Citrus4x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 29.54KB
Citrus4x12_dyn421_cone.grir 29.54KB
Citrus4x12_dyn57_cap.grir 31.46KB
Citrus4x12_dyn57_capedge.grir 31.32KB
Citrus4x12_dyn57_cone.grir 36.13KB
Citrus4x12_rib121_cap.grir 27.15KB
Citrus4x12_rib121_capedge.grir 27.30KB
Citrus4x12_rib121_cone.grir 34.35KB
Citrus4x12_rib160_cap.grir 23.15KB
Citrus4x12_rib160_capedge.grir 23.25KB
Citrus4x12_rib160_cone.grir 28.32KB
Citrus4x12_room.grir 63.68KB
Citrus Factory.ngrc 8.42KB
clack.wav 7.77KB
Classic 70's Wah.ngrr 6.26KB
Classic 70's Wah.ngrr 35.79KB
Clean&Warm.ngrr 4.72KB
Clean&Warm.ngrr 46.15KB
Clean Bass.ngrr 4.49KB
Clean Bass.ngrr 44.08KB
Clean Break.ngrr 28.93KB
Clean Break.ngrr 5.49KB
Clean Cave.ngrr 4.85KB
Clean Cave.ngrr 43.35KB
Clean Chorus.ngrr 6.29KB
Clean Chorus.ngrr 37.03KB
Clean Citrus.ngrr 5.59KB
Clean Citrus.ngrr 30.74KB
Clean Compressed.ngrr 5.92KB
Clean Compressed.ngrr 32.28KB
Clean Filterpan Delay.ngrr 6.12KB
Clean Filterpan Delay.ngrr 65.71KB
Clean Maschine.ngrr 5.12KB
Clean Maschine.ngrr 48.43KB
Clean Plex.ngrr 5.88KB
Clean Plex.ngrr 32.50KB
Clean Single Citrus.ngrr 5.68KB
Clean Single Citrus.ngrr 33.47KB
Clean Strumming.wav 3.87MB
Clean Vocals.ngrr 31.12KB
Clean Vocals.ngrr 5.69KB
Clean White.ngrr 5.77KB
Clean White.ngrr 31.52KB
Clone Field Lead.ngrr 38.02KB
Clone Field Lead.ngrr 6.46KB
Comp Plex Driven.ngrr 6.09KB
Comp Plex Driven.ngrr 37.16KB
Comp Plex Driven - MC.ngrr 5.96KB
Comp Plex Driven - MC.ngrr 33.17KB
Compressed AC.ngrr 6.15KB
Compressed AC.ngrr 36.38KB
Compressed AC - MC.ngrr 5.67KB
Compressed AC - MC.ngrr 30.93KB
Compressed Frequency Delay.ngrr 32.42KB
Compressed Frequency Delay.ngrr 6.02KB
Compressed Rock`n Roll .ngrr 4.60KB
Compressed Rock`n Roll .ngrr 45.00KB
Comp Twang Crunchy.ngrr 6.36KB
Comp Twang Crunchy.ngrr 38.74KB
Comp Twang Crunchy - MC.ngrr 6.19KB
Comp Twang Crunchy - MC.ngrr 34.69KB
Constant Flux.ngrr 5.42KB
Constant Flux.ngrr 29.04KB
Container Factory.ngrc 1.17MB
Controller Assignments.shm 1.08KB
Controller Editor Setup PC.exe 17.87MB
Control Room Factory.ngrc 64.99KB
Control Room Pro Factory.ngrc 261.06KB
Cool Clean Chorus.ngrr 6.05KB
Cool Clean Chorus.ngrr 33.46KB
Cool Plex Factory.ngrc 8.56KB
Cool Plex in Rock.ngrr 5.49KB
Cool Plex in Rock.ngrr 29.04KB
Corn Now.ngrr 5.89KB
Corn Now.ngrr 35.05KB
Corn Now - MC.ngrr 5.63KB
Corn Now - MC.ngrr 30.82KB
Country Citrus.ngrr 5.94KB
Country Citrus.ngrr 36.33KB
Country Citrus - MC.ngrr 5.69KB
Country Citrus - MC.ngrr 30.63KB
Country Git Clean .ngrr 4.90KB
Country Git Clean .ngrr 48.13KB
Country Lee.ngrr 5.73KB
Country Lee.ngrr 31.37KB
Country Strat or Tele Bridge.ngrr 4.79KB
Country Strat or Tele Bridge.ngrr 46.68KB
Country Twang Clean.ngrr 6.32KB
Country Twang Clean.ngrr 38.30KB
Country Twang Clean - MC.ngrr 6.21KB
Country Twang Clean - MC.ngrr 34.94KB
Country Twang Driven.ngrr 6.35KB
Country Twang Driven.ngrr 38.64KB
Country Twang Taped.ngrr 6.11KB
Country Twang Taped.ngrr 34.22KB
Country Tweed.ngrr 6.03KB
Country Tweed.ngrr 36.83KB
cowbell.wav 11.22KB
Crazy Randy.ngrr 5.98KB
Crazy Randy.ngrr 33.70KB
Crazy Randy - Chorus.ngrr 33.07KB
Crazy Randy - Chorus.ngrr 5.91KB
Crazy Talk.ngrr 5.52KB
Crazy Talk.ngrr 29.48KB
Cross over the Van 51.ngrr 3.92KB
Cross over the Van 51.ngrr 31.60KB
Crunched Citrus.ngrr 5.51KB
Crunched Citrus.ngrr 31.96KB
Crunched Citrus - MC.ngrr 5.25KB
Crunched Citrus - MC.ngrr 27.44KB
Crunchy 800.ngrr 5.35KB
Crunchy 800.ngrr 27.54KB
Crunchy Citrus.ngrr 5.51KB
Crunchy Citrus.ngrr 29.23KB
Crunchy Grat.ngrr 5.34KB
Crunchy Grat.ngrr 27.79KB
Crystalline.ngrr 6.41KB
Crystalline.ngrr 42.40KB
Crystalline - MC.ngrr 6.20KB
Crystalline - MC.ngrr 37.86KB
Cry Wah Factory.ngrc 1.87KB
Custom EQ Factory.ngrc 8.64KB
Dandy Twang.ngrr 31.73KB
Dandy Twang.ngrr 5.96KB
Deep & Wide Drums.ngrr 34.67KB
Deep & Wide Drums.ngrr 5.97KB
Deep & Wide Mix.ngrr 34.92KB
Deep & Wide Mix.ngrr 5.98KB
Deep Dirty Pulse.ngrr 7.25KB
Deep Dirty Pulse.ngrr 79.39KB
Deep Driven Kick.ngrr 27.89KB
Deep Driven Kick.ngrr 5.31KB
Deep Overdrive Vocal.ngrr 6.11KB
Deep Overdrive Vocal.ngrr 34.51KB
Deep Vox.ngrr 5.97KB
Deep Vox.ngrr 36.55KB
Delay Bass.ngrr 4.66KB
Delay Bass.ngrr 47.34KB
Delay Funbox.ngrr 6.66KB
Delay Funbox.ngrr 39.36KB
Delay Man Factory.ngrc 21.02KB
Deli Fat ST.ngrr 5.46KB
Deli Fat ST.ngrr 32.91KB
Demon Factory.ngrc 11.71KB
Demonized 800.ngrr 5.54KB
Demonized 800.ngrr 30.21KB
DI-Bass.ngrr 4.48KB
DI-Bass.ngrr 44.06KB
Diffusotalk.ngrr 5.44KB
Diffusotalk.ngrr 52.47KB
Dirty Drums.ngrr 5.95KB
Dirty Drums.ngrr 34.70KB
Dirty Monster Drum Loop.ngrr 5.67KB
Dirty Monster Drum Loop.ngrr 31.46KB
Dirty Octave Solo.ngrr 5.77KB
Dirty Octave Solo.ngrr 31.67KB
Dirty Snare.ngrr 29.74KB
Dirty Snare.ngrr 5.58KB
Distorted FX 51.ngrr 5.27KB
Distorted FX 51.ngrr 51.88KB
Distortion Factory.ngrc 10.54KB
Dombag's Delite.ngrr 7.58KB
Dombag's Delite.ngrr 56.45KB
Doomed 51.ngrr 3.95KB
Doomed 51.ngrr 31.43KB
Double Screamer.ngrr 45.02KB
Double Screamer.ngrr 4.85KB
Double Trouble.ngrr 44.01KB
Double Trouble.ngrr 4.77KB
Dream Acoustic.wav 4.13MB
Driven Delay.ngrr 46.79KB
Driven Delay.ngrr 6.81KB
Driven Mix.ngrr 28.93KB
Driven Mix.ngrr 5.39KB
Driven Tweed Lead (SC).ngrr 6.06KB
Driven Tweed Lead (SC).ngrr 36.66KB
Dropped HC 51.ngrr 4.73KB
Dropped HC 51.ngrr 45.92KB
Dual Cab Setup.ngrr 6.39KB
Dual Cab Setup.ngrr 37.98KB
Dual Riff.ngrr 6.27KB
Dual Riff.ngrr 37.91KB
Dual Spring.grir 3.02MB
Dual Ultra.ngrr 6.27KB
Dual Ultra.ngrr 38.72KB
Dual Vintage Setup.ngrr 5.78KB
Dual Vintage Setup.ngrr 33.78KB
Dub Spring.grir 854.90KB
Dubstar.ngrr 6.54KB
Dubstar.ngrr 37.38KB
Durbanville Drums.ngrr 6.75KB
Durbanville Drums.ngrr 39.59KB
Dynamic Crunch +Delay.ngrr 5.25KB
Dynamic Crunch +Delay.ngrr 52.09KB
Dyna Solo.ngrr 6.03KB
Dyna Solo.ngrr 36.80KB
Dyna Solo - MC.ngrr 5.70KB
Dyna Solo - MC.ngrr 32.29KB
Dynaverb.ngrr 5.70KB
Dynaverb.ngrr 31.80KB
Early Edward (HB).ngrr 6.48KB
Early Edward (HB).ngrr 40.72KB
Early Edward - MC.ngrr 5.82KB
Early Edward - MC.ngrr 33.06KB
EchoLead.ngrr 6.14KB
EchoLead.ngrr 38.63KB
Echomagic.ngrr 6.06KB
Echomagic.ngrr 34.83KB
Eddie_van_Panama.wav 4.56MB
Eddies Rythm in 1984 (HB Bridge).ngrr 6.18KB
Eddies Rythm in 1984 (HB Bridge).ngrr 36.67KB
Edged without you_CR.ngrr 6.30KB
Edged without you_CR.ngrr 40.07KB
Edged without you.ngrr 6.11KB
Edged without you.ngrr 36.13KB
Edged without you - MC.ngrr 5.91KB
Edged without you - MC.ngrr 33.40KB
Edge of Infinity.ngrr 6.18KB
Edge of Infinity.ngrr 55.89KB
Edgy Plex.ngrr 5.64KB
Edgy Plex.ngrr 30.52KB
Edgy White Rhythm.ngrr 5.87KB
Edgy White Rhythm.ngrr 34.00KB
egg.wav 13.75KB
Eimerketten Salat.ngrr 32.73KB
Eimerketten Salat.ngrr 5.91KB
Electric AC.ngrr 5.67KB
Electric AC.ngrr 31.22KB
Electric Citrus.ngrr 5.61KB
Electric Citrus.ngrr 31.20KB
Electric Lady Factory.ngrc 11.14KB
Ensemble Factory.ngrc 13.84KB
Envelope Factory.ngrc 18.82KB
EpicTexture.ngrr 6.29KB
EpicTexture.ngrr 59.83KB
EQ Graphic Factory.ngrc 5.79KB
EQ Parametric Factory.ngrc 8.57KB
EQ Shelving Factory.ngrc 9.34KB
Eric John Son in Manhatten.ngrr 6.52KB
Eric John Son in Manhatten.ngrr 42.10KB
Etherblopz.ngrr 4.87KB
Etherblopz.ngrr 44.62KB
EULA Native Instruments deutsch.rtf 5.30MB
EULA Native Instruments English.rtf 5.30MB
EULA Native Instruments Japanese.rtf 5.38MB
Fast Comp Factory.ngrc 8.11KB
Fat Blues Lead.ngrr 5.28KB
Fat Blues Lead.ngrr 27.72KB
Fat Box Solo.ngrr 5.80KB
Fat Box Solo.ngrr 34.19KB
Fields Of Sco Comp.ngrr 6.39KB
Fields Of Sco Comp.ngrr 35.92KB
Fields Of Sco Lead.ngrr 6.12KB
Fields Of Sco Lead.ngrr 34.87KB
Fifths Bounce.ngrr 6.58KB
Fifths Bounce.ngrr 37.72KB
File Dialog EXE-PlugIn.dll 20.11KB
Filterbank Factory.ngrc 30.43KB
Filter Cheese.ngrr 39.48KB
Filter Cheese.ngrr 6.54KB
Fingered Bass 1.ngrr 28.82KB
Fingered Bass 1.ngrr 5.49KB
Fingered Bass 2.ngrr 28.83KB
Fingered Bass 2.ngrr 5.53KB
Fingered Bass 3.ngrr 28.82KB
Fingered Bass 3.ngrr 5.52KB
Fingered Bass deep.ngrr 28.83KB
Fingered Bass deep.ngrr 5.50KB
Fire Kiss (HB).ngrr 6.02KB
Fire Kiss (HB).ngrr 36.96KB
Fire Kiss - MC.ngrr 5.64KB
Fire Kiss - MC.ngrr 28.65KB
Flange 84.ngrr 4.94KB
Flange 84.ngrr 48.67KB
Flange Bass.ngrr 6.07KB
Flange Bass.ngrr 32.64KB
Flanger Factory.ngrc 9.89KB
Focused Solo.ngrr 4.69KB
Focused Solo.ngrr 45.87KB
Foo_Monkeys.wav 1.01MB
Foo Monkey Grat.ngrr 5.86KB
Foo Monkey Grat.ngrr 34.05KB
Foo Monkey Ultra.ngrr 5.93KB
Foo Monkey Ultra.ngrr 34.20KB
Frequentmess.ngrr 6.48KB
Frequentmess.ngrr 38.26KB
Fresh from the country.ngrr 5.79KB
Fresh from the country.ngrr 31.95KB
Frost Pump.ngrr 4.80KB
Frost Pump.ngrr 45.18KB
Funk Lead.ngrr 6.25KB
Funk Lead.ngrr 36.51KB
Funky Autowah.ngrr 6.41KB
Funky Autowah.ngrr 38.41KB
Funky Auto-Wah.ngrr 38.25KB
Funky Auto-Wah.ngrr 6.45KB
Funky Duck.ngrr 6.39KB
Funky Duck.ngrr 39.94KB
Funky Slap Bass.ngrr 5.25KB
Funky Slap Bass.ngrr 53.68KB
Funky Solo +.ngrr 4.71KB
Funky Solo +.ngrr 44.99KB
Fusion Git .ngrr 4.87KB
Fusion Git .ngrr 48.18KB
Fusion Tone.ngrr 6.14KB
Fusion Tone.ngrr 35.03KB
Fuzz Factory.ngrc 7.54KB
Fuzz-O-Rama Pulser.ngrr 6.25KB
Fuzz-O-Rama Pulser.ngrr 63.57KB
Fuzz vs Reverse Split.ngrr 7.53KB
Fuzz vs Reverse Split.ngrr 53.15KB
Fuzz vs Reverse Split - MC.ngrr 6.96KB
Fuzz vs Reverse Split - MC.ngrr 44.85KB
Fuzzy White Stones.ngrr 6.06KB
Fuzzy White Stones.ngrr 34.46KB
fx_clic.wav 8.05KB
fx_click.wav 8.05KB
FX_ia32.dll 5.07MB
FX_x64.dll 5.26MB
Gain Booster Factory.ngrc 7.92KB
Gating Motions.ngrr 6.37KB
Gating Motions.ngrr 38.97KB
God's Love.ngrr 6.43KB
God's Love.ngrr 41.46KB
God's Love - MC.ngrr 6.34KB
God's Love - MC.ngrr 36.66KB
Goldchair Rythm.ngrr 4.56KB
Goldchair Rythm.ngrr 43.80KB
Gold Plate Long.grir 1.93MB
Gold Plate Short.grir 1.10MB
gr5db 24.04KB
gr5dbLock 172B
Grain Delay Factory.ngrc 22.52KB
Grain Dispenser.ngrr 5.43KB
Grain Dispenser.ngrr 53.41KB
Granular Sparkle.ngrr 5.88KB
Granular Sparkle.ngrr 56.08KB
Gratifier4x12_con87_cap.grir 30.13KB
Gratifier4x12_con87_capedge.grir 30.96KB
Gratifier4x12_con87_cone.grir 32.22KB
Gratifier4x12_dyn421_cap.grir 31.51KB
Gratifier4x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 31.68KB
Gratifier4x12_dyn421_cone.grir 31.48KB
Gratifier4x12_dyn57_cap.grir 30.87KB
Gratifier4x12_dyn57_capedge.grir 30.75KB
Gratifier4x12_dyn57_cone.grir 31.30KB
Gratifier4x12_rib121_cap.grir 30.39KB
Gratifier4x12_rib121_capedge.grir 30.62KB
Gratifier4x12_rib121_cone.grir 31.83KB
Gratifier4x12_rib160_cap.grir 23.50KB
Gratifier4x12_rib160_capedge.grir 26.57KB
Gratifier4x12_rib160_cone.grir 30.18KB
Gratifier4x12_room.grir 77.14KB
Gratifier Factory.ngrc 11.85KB
Greasy Lightning.ngrr 31.91KB
Greasy Lightning.ngrr 5.88KB
Green Idiot (HB).ngrr 5.87KB
Green Idiot (HB).ngrr 35.81KB
Green Idiot (Stereo).ngrr 6.26KB
Green Idiot (Stereo).ngrr 47.59KB
Gronkique.ngrr 4.96KB
Gronkique.ngrr 46.16KB
Gruntz.ngrr 5.96KB
Gruntz.ngrr 64.65KB
Guitar Hero Lead.ngrr 6.64KB
Guitar Hero Lead.ngrr 42.68KB
GuitarRig_Keygen.exe 1.41MB
Guitar Rig 5.aaxplugin 72.78MB
Guitar Rig 5.aaxplugin 68.90MB
Guitar Rig 5.aaxplugin 72.78MB
Guitar Rig 5.aaxplugin 68.90MB
Guitar Rig 5.dll 69.08MB
Guitar Rig 5.dll 72.93MB
Guitar Rig 5.exe 73.17MB
Guitar Rig 5.exe 68.88MB
Guitar Rig 5.exe 68.88MB
Guitar Rig 5.xml 1.82KB
Guitar Rig 5 Components Reference English.pdf 8.41MB
Guitar Rig 5 Components Reference French.pdf 8.44MB
Guitar Rig 5 Components Reference German.pdf 8.44MB
Guitar Rig 5 Components Reference Japanese.pdf 8.95MB
Guitar Rig 5 Components Reference Spanish.pdf 8.42MB
Guitar Rig 5 Getting Started English.pdf 5.25MB
Guitar Rig 5 Getting Started French.pdf 5.26MB
Guitar Rig 5 Getting Started German.pdf 5.26MB
Guitar Rig 5 Getting Started Japanese.pdf 5.76MB
Guitar Rig 5 Getting Started Spanish.pdf 5.26MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual Addendum English.pdf 1.35MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual Addendum French.pdf 1.35MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual Addendum German.pdf 1.35MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual Addendum Japanese.pdf 1.84MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual Addendum Spanish.pdf 1.35MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual English.pdf 2.33MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual French.pdf 2.36MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual German.pdf 2.35MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual Japanese.pdf 2.84MB
Guitar Rig 5 Manual Spanish.pdf 2.35MB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup Guide English.pdf 1.66MB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup Guide French.pdf 1.67MB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup Guide German.pdf 1.75MB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup Guide Japanese.pdf 2.27MB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup Guide Spanish.pdf 1.54MB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup PC.exe 4.15MB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup PC.msi 1012.00KB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup PC.msi 1012.00KB
Guitar Rig 5 Setup PC.res 26.32MB
Guitar Rig Mobile IO Driver Setup PC.exe 13.42MB
Guitar Rig Session IO Driver Setup PC.exe 14.10MB
Hard Billy.ngrr 37.08KB
Hard Billy.ngrr 6.36KB
Hardboiled.ngrr 33.14KB
Hardboiled.ngrr 6.02KB
Hardcore51.ngrr 4.06KB
Hardcore51.ngrr 33.27KB
Harmon-E.ngrr 5.15KB
Harmon-E.ngrr 46.59KB
Harmonic Synthesizer Factory.ngrc 14.46KB
Harmonic Synth Lfo Stereo.ngrr 5.83KB
Harmonic Synth Lfo Stereo.ngrr 61.05KB
Headbanger.ngrr 29.14KB
Headbanger.ngrr 5.53KB
Heavy 800.ngrr 5.83KB
Heavy 800.ngrr 34.33KB
hiclave.wav 2.68KB
higherss.wav 5.72KB
Highwhite4x12_con87_cap.grir 11.09KB
Highwhite4x12_con87_capedge.grir 12.63KB
Highwhite4x12_con87_cone.grir 17.93KB
Highwhite4x12_dyn421_cap.grir 11.29KB
Highwhite4x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 14.02KB
Highwhite4x12_dyn421_cone.grir 17.94KB
Highwhite4x12_dyn57_cap.grir 11.22KB
Highwhite4x12_dyn57_capedge.grir 11.69KB
Highwhite4x12_dyn57_cone.grir 12.44KB
Highwhite4x12_rib121_cap.grir 18.18KB
Highwhite4x12_rib121_capedge.grir 16.33KB
Highwhite4x12_rib121_cone.grir 18.80KB
Highwhite4x12_rib160_cap.grir 16.08KB
Highwhite4x12_rib160_capedge.grir 17.31KB
Highwhite4x12_rib160_cone.grir 18.55KB
Highwhite4x12_room.grir 46.10KB
High White Factory.ngrc 8.92KB
Hit me on the filterbank.ngrr 5.58KB
Hit me on the filterbank.ngrr 54.65KB
Hold's Clean Pad.ngrr 7.07KB
Hold's Clean Pad.ngrr 49.79KB
Horrible Punk Tone.ngrr 33.05KB
Horrible Punk Tone.ngrr 5.84KB
Hot Blue EL-34s.ngrr 4.21KB
Hot Blue EL-34s.ngrr 35.00KB
Hot Clean.ngrr 5.44KB
Hot Clean.ngrr 28.96KB
Hot Plex Factory.ngrc 8.50KB
Hot Plex Single Coil Crunch.ngrr 4.83KB
Hot Plex Single Coil Crunch.ngrr 46.91KB
HotSolo+4x12a_con87_cap.grir 16.50KB
HotSolo+4x12a_con87_capedge.grir 18.86KB
HotSolo+4x12a_con87_cone.grir 19.53KB
HotSolo+4x12a_dyn421_cap.grir 17.96KB
HotSolo+4x12a_dyn421_capedge.grir 15.45KB
HotSolo+4x12a_dyn421_cone.grir 24.19KB
HotSolo+4x12a_dyn57_cap.grir 20.61KB
HotSolo+4x12a_dyn57_capedge.grir 20.56KB
HotSolo+4x12a_dyn57_cone.grir 20.62KB
HotSolo+4x12a_rib121_cap.grir 19.21KB
HotSolo+4x12a_rib121_capedge.grir 19.23KB
HotSolo+4x12a_rib121_cone.grir 23.89KB
HotSolo+4x12a_rib160_cap.grir 18.61KB
HotSolo+4x12a_rib160_capedge.grir 18.61KB
HotSolo+4x12a_rib160_cone.grir 18.71KB
HotSolo+4x12a_room.grir 39.79KB
HotSolo+4x12b_con87_cap.grir 11.83KB
HotSolo+4x12b_con87_capedge.grir 13.39KB
HotSolo+4x12b_con87_cone.grir 15.17KB
HotSolo+4x12b_dyn421_cap.grir 11.13KB
HotSolo+4x12b_dyn421_capedge.grir 11.55KB
HotSolo+4x12b_dyn421_cone.grir 13.15KB
HotSolo+4x12b_dyn57_cap.grir 10.95KB
HotSolo+4x12b_dyn57_capedge.grir 13.38KB
HotSolo+4x12b_dyn57_cone.grir 14.04KB
HotSolo+4x12b_rib121_cap.grir 13.01KB
HotSolo+4x12b_rib121_capedge.grir 13.44KB
HotSolo+4x12b_rib121_cone.grir 19.91KB
HotSolo+4x12b_rib160_cap.grir 12.00KB
HotSolo+4x12b_rib160_capedge.grir 11.99KB
HotSolo+4x12b_rib160_cone.grir 12.09KB
HotSolo+4x12b_room.grir 27.82KB
Hot Solo + Clean & Lead Setup.ngrr 5.18KB
Hot Solo + Clean & Lead Setup.ngrr 49.81KB
Hot Solo+ Factory.ngrc 17.30KB
Hot Solo Detuned Delay Right.ngrr 5.05KB
Hot Solo Detuned Delay Right.ngrr 50.03KB
Hot Solo Dry.ngrr 3.85KB
Hot Solo Dry.ngrr 31.09KB
Hot Solo scooped.ngrr 4.49KB
Hot Solo scooped.ngrr 43.40KB
Hot Stack.ngrr 4.57KB
Hot Stack.ngrr 44.79KB
Hot-Taver.ngrr 5.21KB
Hot-Taver.ngrr 53.65KB
Hot ZZ 70ies Style.ngrr 4.46KB
Hot ZZ 70ies Style.ngrr 42.28KB
Hump Maker.ngrr 4.80KB
Hump Maker.ngrr 40.09KB
IceVerb Factory.ngrc 11.74KB
Input Level Factory.ngrc 2.63KB
Insect Secrets.ngrr 7.02KB
Insect Secrets.ngrr 73.42KB
Irish Delay.ngrr 6.32KB
Irish Delay.ngrr 38.43KB
Jazz2x12_con87_cap.grir 18.90KB
Jazz2x12_con87_capedge.grir 18.92KB
Jazz2x12_con87_cone.grir 20.72KB
Jazz2x12_dyn421_cap.grir 10.83KB
Jazz2x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 12.47KB
Jazz2x12_dyn421_cone.grir 15.90KB
Jazz2x12_dyn57_cap.grir 10.39KB
Jazz2x12_dyn57_capedge.grir 10.84KB
Jazz2x12_dyn57_cone.grir 12.52KB
Jazz2x12_rib121_cap.grir 16.93KB
Jazz2x12_rib121_capedge.grir 18.26KB
Jazz2x12_rib121_cone.grir 22.88KB
Jazz2x12_rib160_cap.grir 10.84KB
Jazz2x12_rib160_capedge.grir 12.52KB
Jazz2x12_rib160_cone.grir 14.54KB
Jazz2x12_room.grir 77.36KB
Jazz Amp Factory.ngrc 5.04KB
Jazz Amp Mono to Stereo.ngrr 4.60KB
Jazz Amp Mono to Stereo.ngrr 45.35KB
Jazz Reverb.ngrr 30.01KB
Jazz Reverb.ngrr 5.63KB
Jazzy Chorus.ngrr 5.60KB
Jazzy Chorus.ngrr 29.96KB
Jeff at Ronnie's.ngrr 6.33KB
Jeff at Ronnie's.ngrr 39.93KB
Jeff at Ronnie's - MC.ngrr 5.78KB
Jeff at Ronnie's - MC.ngrr 32.20KB
Jimi's Hot UniNine .ngrr 5.83KB
Jimi's Hot UniNine .ngrr 31.44KB
Jimis White Pleasure.ngrr 5.96KB
Jimis White Pleasure.ngrr 35.43KB
Joey Jump.ngrr 27.36KB
Joey Jump.ngrr 5.37KB
Joyful Chorus.ngrr 31.85KB
Joyful Chorus.ngrr 5.83KB
Jump Bass.ngrr 4.35KB
Jump Bass.ngrr 42.39KB
Jump Factory.ngrc 13.58KB
Jump off the edge.ngrr 31.91KB
Jump off the edge.ngrr 5.85KB
Kirstenbosch.ngrr 6.34KB
Kirstenbosch.ngrr 36.00KB
Krystal Wind.ngrr 5.65KB
Krystal Wind.ngrr 31.10KB
Kurt in Bloom.ngrr 6.49KB
Kurt in Bloom.ngrr 41.39KB
Kurt in Bloom - MC.ngrr 6.28KB
Kurt in Bloom - MC.ngrr 36.83KB
Lead 800 Factory.ngrc 16.85KB
Left Alone.ngrr 4.66KB
Left Alone.ngrr 39.54KB
Lemon Leak.ngrr 5.60KB
Lemon Leak.ngrr 57.00KB
Let there be Lead.ngrr 29.26KB
Let there be Lead.ngrr 5.58KB
LFO'd.ngrr 6.63KB
LFO'd.ngrr 46.23KB
LFO Factory.ngrc 12.57KB
Limiter Factory.ngrc 3.73KB
Little AC.ngrr 5.79KB
Little AC.ngrr 33.84KB
Little AC - MC.ngrr 5.55KB
Little AC - MC.ngrr 29.26KB
Little Jimis Wing.ngrr 6.08KB
Little Jimis Wing.ngrr 33.46KB
Little Reflektor Factory.ngrc 21.23KB
Living Entombed.ngrr 6.06KB
Living Entombed.ngrr 36.27KB
LongA.grir 1.16MB
LongB.grir 1.41MB
Lotta Love.ngrr 6.51KB
Lotta Love.ngrr 42.32KB
Lotta Love - MC.ngrr 5.70KB
Lotta Love - MC.ngrr 30.58KB
loudclick.wav 572B
Loud Mix.ngrr 32.53KB
Loud Mix.ngrr 5.59KB
lowclave.wav 3.55KB
Low Riffer.ngrr 44.64KB
Low Riffer.ngrr 6.50KB
Magic Tuned Feedback.ngrr 5.27KB
Magic Tuned Feedback.ngrr 52.81KB
Manly Vocals.ngrr 29.24KB
Manly Vocals.ngrr 5.47KB
Mark's Brother.ngrr 6.30KB
Mark's Brother.ngrr 40.15KB
Massive Wall Of Rock.ngrr 38.74KB
Massive Wall Of Rock.ngrr 6.43KB
Master FX Factory.ngrc 12.44KB
Matched Cabinet Factory.ngrc 32.65KB
MediumA.grir 893.71KB
MediumB.grir 752.77KB
Megaphon.ngrr 6.09KB
Megaphon.ngrr 35.95KB
Megaphone.ngrr 29.46KB
Megaphone.ngrr 5.49KB
Mellow Tweed.ngrr 5.94KB
Mellow Tweed.ngrr 33.53KB
Metalbeat.ngrr 6.20KB
Metalbeat.ngrr 35.50KB
Metalcore 51.ngrr 4.59KB
Metalcore 51.ngrr 44.39KB
Metallic Flanger.ngrr 5.77KB
Metallic Flanger.ngrr 32.14KB
Metallic Shine.ngrr 5.42KB
Metallic Shine.ngrr 29.30KB
mEXEFunc.dll 99.50KB
mEXEFunc.dll 99.50KB
mEXEFunc.dll 99.50KB
MeZone Factory.ngrc 13.33KB
mFileBagEXE.dll 95.00KB
mia.lib 565.58KB
Mid Driven Tweedman.ngrr 5.58KB
Mid Driven Tweedman.ngrr 32.03KB
Mid Lead.ngrr 6.07KB
Mid Lead.ngrr 37.60KB
mMSIExec.dll 423.00KB
Mo Beat.ngrr 6.20KB
Mo Beat.ngrr 35.73KB
Modern4x12_con47_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Modern4x12_con67_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Modern4x12_dyn20_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Modern4x12_dyn40_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Modern4x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Modern4x12_dyn441_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Modern4x12_dyn57_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Modern4x12_rib121_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Modern4x12_room.grir 77.14KB
Modern Gratifier.ngrr 5.68KB
Modern Gratifier.ngrr 32.47KB
Moloching.ngrr 6.28KB
Moloching.ngrr 72.86KB
Monologueistan.ngrr 4.59KB
Monologueistan.ngrr 41.23KB
Mo Solo Thrash.ngrr 4.71KB
Mo Solo Thrash.ngrr 45.67KB
Mouth Bass.ngrr 5.36KB
Mouth Bass.ngrr 54.57KB
Move it Background.ngrr 6.04KB
Move it Background.ngrr 33.20KB
Multiband Compressor.ngrr 42.87KB
Multiband Compressor.ngrr 6.19KB
Multiband Gone Crazy.ngrr 64.78KB
Multiband Gone Crazy.ngrr 7.54KB
Nerdiphone.ngrr 5.40KB
Nerdiphone.ngrr 53.08KB
Neverend.ngrr 5.69KB
Neverend.ngrr 63.01KB
New Metal.wav 1.60MB
NI_InstReg_GR5.exe 327.06KB
Nickel Power.ngrr 6.05KB
Nickel Power.ngrr 37.02KB
NIHelperUAC.dll 177.00KB
NIInstallAction.dll 3.85MB
NO Attack.ngrr 6.50KB
NO Attack.ngrr 42.10KB
NO Attack - MC.ngrr 6.31KB
NO Attack - MC.ngrr 37.23KB
No Control At All.ngrr 4.87KB
No Control At All.ngrr 46.05KB
Noise Gate Factory.ngrc 2.13KB
Noise Reduction Factory.ngrc 5.19KB
Octaver Bass.ngrr 6.00KB
Octaver Bass.ngrr 32.65KB
Octaverb Factory.ngrc 25.52KB
Octavia-ish.ngrr 5.32KB
Octavia-ish.ngrr 54.84KB
Oilcan Echo.ngrr 5.71KB
Oilcan Echo.ngrr 31.10KB
Oilcan Eco.ngrr 30.58KB
Oilcan Eco.ngrr 5.65KB
Oktaver Factory.ngrc 9.11KB
One Done.ngrr 5.46KB
One Done.ngrr 56.34KB
One May.ngrr 7.15KB
One May.ngrr 54.72KB
One May - MC.ngrr 6.16KB
One May - MC.ngrr 35.32KB
Orbiting Berlin.ngrr 5.74KB
Orbiting Berlin.ngrr 54.15KB
Over Stacked.ngrr 4.63KB
Over Stacked.ngrr 41.88KB
Oxygen.ngrr 6.68KB
Oxygen.ngrr 41.99KB
Panning Bands.ngrr 4.55KB
Panning Bands.ngrr 36.64KB
Para More.ngrr 5.47KB
Para More.ngrr 29.43KB
Pats 70s Chorus.ngrr 6.05KB
Pats 70s Chorus.ngrr 33.42KB
Pete won't explain.ngrr 5.92KB
Pete won't explain.ngrr 33.05KB
Phase Bass Distorted.ngrr 5.48KB
Phase Bass Distorted.ngrr 56.61KB
Phased Rhythm.ngrr 6.49KB
Phased Rhythm.ngrr 37.85KB
Phaser Bass.ngrr 32.72KB
Phaser Bass.ngrr 6.06KB
Phaser Nine Factory.ngrc 11.84KB
Picked Bass 2.ngrr 28.82KB
Picked Bass 2.ngrr 5.51KB
Picked Bass 3.ngrr 28.81KB
Picked Bass 3.ngrr 5.49KB
Picked Bass distorted.ngrr 28.85KB
Picked Bass distorted.ngrr 5.54KB
Pimped Delay.ngrr 39.13KB
Pimped Delay.ngrr 4.42KB
Pitchedelica.ngrr 6.05KB
Pitchedelica.ngrr 37.63KB
Pitch Pedal Factory.ngrc 45.89KB
Plastiksocke.ngrr 6.12KB
Plastiksocke.ngrr 73.62KB
Plex double Roto.ngrr 4.88KB
Plex double Roto.ngrr 47.91KB
Plex Factory.ngrc 11.68KB
Plexi Rotor Room.ngrr 4.16KB
Plexi Rotor Room.ngrr 34.17KB
Plexy Crunch Chilled.ngrr 6.08KB
Plexy Crunch Chilled.ngrr 33.84KB
Pon Di Mic.ngrr 6.47KB
Pon Di Mic.ngrr 37.24KB
Pon Di Pad.ngrr 7.16KB
Pon Di Pad.ngrr 47.00KB
Powerful Vocals.ngrr 31.45KB
Powerful Vocals.ngrr 5.65KB
Precise Bottom.ngrr 4.66KB
Precise Bottom.ngrr 45.54KB
Preversed Reverbs.ngrr 6.59KB
Preversed Reverbs.ngrr 41.60KB
Preversed Reverbs - MC.ngrr 6.56KB
Preversed Reverbs - MC.ngrr 40.31KB
Prince in the Rain.ngrr 5.97KB
Prince in the Rain.ngrr 33.63KB
Pro-Filter Factory.ngrc 12.00KB
PsycheDelay Factory.ngrc 32.41KB
Psychekiller.ngrr 6.38KB
Psychekiller.ngrr 42.83KB
Psychotica.ngrr 6.93KB
Psychotica.ngrr 46.78KB
Pull my Theater.ngrr 35.58KB
Pull my Theater.ngrr 6.19KB
Pulsar Alpha.ngrr 6.46KB
Pulsar Alpha.ngrr 39.55KB
Pumping Drums.ngrr 28.22KB
Pumping Drums.ngrr 5.27KB
Puppetmaster.ngrr 6.15KB
Puppetmaster.ngrr 36.83KB
Quad Delay Factory.ngrc 24.57KB
R2R.nfo 20.34KB
R2R.txt 200B
Rammfire4x12A_con149_capedge.grir 8.12KB
Rammfire4x12A_con149+_capedge.grir 8.12KB
Rammfire4x12A_con47_capedge.grir 8.12KB
Rammfire4x12A_con47+_capedge.grir 8.12KB
Rammfire4x12A_room.grir 77.14KB
Rammfire4x12B_con149_capedge.grir 8.12KB
Rammfire4x12B_con149+_capedge.grir 8.12KB
Rammfire4x12B_con47_capedge.grir 8.12KB
Rammfire4x12B_con47+_capedge.grir 8.12KB
Rammfire4x12B_room.grir 77.14KB
Ram Ones.ngrr 5.75KB
Ram Ones.ngrr 33.42KB
Ram Ones -MC.ngrr 28.76KB
Ram Ones -MC.ngrr 5.49KB
Readme.txt 7.58KB
Realtime Reverse Hall.ngrr 6.36KB
Realtime Reverse Hall.ngrr 38.64KB
Real Wah Factory.ngrc 1.87KB
Reduced Voice.ngrr 27.60KB
Reduced Voice.ngrr 5.30KB
Reset File Date EXE-PlugIn.dll 18.61KB
Resochord Factory.ngrc 23.19KB
Reso Farm.ngrr 6.05KB
Reso Farm.ngrr 55.62KB
Reso Lead.ngrr 4.19KB
Reso Lead.ngrr 33.34KB
Reverb Blowback.ngrr 5.19KB
Reverb Blowback.ngrr 47.33KB
REX64.dll 15.50KB
REXServerCOM.exe 92.00KB
REX Shared Library.dll 269.50KB
REX Shared Library 64.dll 311.00KB
Rhapsody Lead.ngrr 6.19KB
Rhapsody Lead.ngrr 37.10KB
Rhythmic Gating.ngrr 5.48KB
Rhythmic Gating.ngrr 29.54KB
Rhythmic Hatsqueeze.ngrr 6.06KB
Rhythmic Hatsqueeze.ngrr 34.68KB
Rhythmic Swell.ngrr 6.38KB
Rhythmic Swell.ngrr 37.40KB
Riff Rocker.ngrr 5.53KB
Riff Rocker.ngrr 29.72KB
Rig Kontrol 3 Driver Setup PC.exe 13.36MB
Rig Kontrol 3 Manual English.pdf 1.23MB
Rig Kontrol 3 Manual French.pdf 1.24MB
Rig Kontrol 3 Manual German.pdf 1.24MB
Rig Kontrol 3 Manual Japanese.pdf 1.79MB
Rig Kontrol 3 Manual Spanish.pdf 1.07MB
rim.wav 15.37KB
Ring Modulator Factory.ngrc 18.75KB
Robot Plays Guitar!.ngrr 7.27KB
Robot Plays Guitar!.ngrr 73.03KB
Robotwist.ngrr 6.40KB
Robotwist.ngrr 38.27KB
Rockabilly Crunch .ngrr 4.79KB
Rockabilly Crunch .ngrr 46.85KB
Rocker Git.ngrr 4.98KB
Rocker Git.ngrr 49.77KB
Rockin' Cats.ngrr 6.45KB
Rockin' Cats.ngrr 37.28KB
Rockin' Jump (HB).ngrr 29.37KB
Rockin' Jump (HB).ngrr 5.50KB
Rock Riff 120bpm.wav 3.57MB
Rollercoaster.ngrr 5.51KB
Rollercoaster.ngrr 29.87KB
Roomy 800.ngrr 5.70KB
Roomy 800.ngrr 31.21KB
Roomy Snare.ngrr 31.07KB
Roomy Snare.ngrr 5.64KB
Roomy Twang.ngrr 5.84KB
Roomy Twang.ngrr 31.70KB
Rotatin'.ngrr 6.29KB
Rotatin'.ngrr 37.46KB
Rotating Jazz.ngrr 5.87KB
Rotating Jazz.ngrr 33.55KB
Rotator Factory.ngrc 15.11KB
RTM2 Power.ngrr 4.71KB
RTM2 Power.ngrr 45.55KB
Satched Van 51.ngrr 4.52KB
Satched Van 51.ngrr 39.61KB
Saw Bass.ngrr 6.33KB
Saw Bass.ngrr 35.75KB
Scoop Bass.ngrr 6.14KB
Scoop Bass.ngrr 33.77KB
Scraping Delay.ngrr 5.96KB
Scraping Delay.ngrr 34.05KB
Screaming Psyche.ngrr 5.80KB
Screaming Psyche.ngrr 34.25KB
Screaming Psyche - MC.ngrr 5.66KB
Screaming Psyche - MC.ngrr 32.08KB
Shifted Delays.ngrr 6.52KB
Shifted Delays.ngrr 46.55KB
Shimmer Delay.ngrr 6.88KB
Shimmer Delay.ngrr 42.69KB
ShortA.grir 128.73KB
ShortB.grir 650.11KB
Shortwave Radio.ngrr 6.29KB
Shortwave Radio.ngrr 36.22KB
Should I go.ngrr 6.44KB
Should I go.ngrr 41.19KB
Shreder Solo.ngrr 4.87KB
Shreder Solo.ngrr 47.77KB
Shut your Snow Eyes.ngrr 6.26KB
Shut your Snow Eyes.ngrr 36.69KB
Silver Plate Long.grir 901.93KB
Silver Plate Short.grir 606.13KB
Simple Guitar Tone.ngrr 35.78KB
Simple Guitar Tone.ngrr 6.17KB
Sing Along.ngrr 5.72KB
Sing Along.ngrr 56.42KB
Single Note Funk.ngrr 6.31KB
Single Note Funk.ngrr 36.37KB
Skank Room.ngrr 6.38KB
Skank Room.ngrr 41.81KB
Skream Bass.ngrr 32.43KB
Skream Bass.ngrr 6.02KB
Skreamed Twang.ngrr 32.37KB
Skreamed Twang.ngrr 5.83KB
Skreamer Factory.ngrc 16.05KB
Slap Bass 1.ngrr 28.82KB
Slap Bass 1.ngrr 5.52KB
Slap Bass 3.ngrr 28.79KB
Slap Bass 3.ngrr 5.47KB
Slap Bass distorted.ngrr 28.85KB
Slap Bass distorted.ngrr 5.56KB
Sledgehammer Factory.ngrc 13.37KB
Slipmat .ngrr 5.99KB
Slipmat .ngrr 35.68KB
Slip Note Wide.ngrr 6.08KB
Slip Note Wide.ngrr 37.07KB
Slow Motion Movie.ngrr 7.38KB
Slow Motion Movie.ngrr 56.11KB
Slow Motion Movie - MC.ngrr 7.24KB
Slow Motion Movie - MC.ngrr 51.28KB
Smashed Biggerizer.ngrr 3.93KB
Smashed Biggerizer.ngrr 35.05KB
Smooth Delay.ngrr 5.64KB
Smooth Delay.ngrr 32.01KB
Snare#1.wav 392.00KB
Snare#2.wav 220.23KB
SnareAnalog006.wav 23.55KB
softclick.wav 648B
Solo Delay 51.ngrr 4.91KB
Solo Delay 51.ngrr 48.23KB
Solo FX .ngrr 5.94KB
Solo FX .ngrr 60.56KB
Solo Maker.ngrr 6.38KB
Solo Maker.ngrr 53.63KB
Something Is.ngrr 6.27KB
Something Is.ngrr 79.77KB
Song Three Bass.ngrr 5.22KB
Song Three Bass.ngrr 53.94KB
Spacious Slow Gear.ngrr 7.59KB
Spacious Slow Gear.ngrr 52.30KB
Sparke Pulse.ngrr 6.92KB
Sparke Pulse.ngrr 47.46KB
Sparkle Pad.ngrr 6.39KB
Sparkle Pad.ngrr 38.49KB
Spining Into The Fire.ngrr 6.76KB
Spining Into The Fire.ngrr 50.56KB
Spinning in Space.ngrr 6.20KB
Spinning in Space.ngrr 61.31KB
Spring Reverb Factory.ngrc 20.88KB
Sprinklinging.ngrr 5.58KB
Sprinklinging.ngrr 61.07KB
ss.wav 6.69KB
Steel Lung Pitch.ngrr 6.47KB
Steel Lung Pitch.ngrr 36.87KB
Step filter.ngrr 45.80KB
Step filter.ngrr 4.98KB
Step Sequencer Factory.ngrc 31.26KB
Stereo 80s Monster.ngrr 4.54KB
Stereo 80s Monster.ngrr 40.61KB
Stereo Ghosts.ngrr 29.38KB
Stereo Ghosts.ngrr 5.53KB
Stereo Memoryman .ngrr 4.72KB
Stereo Memoryman .ngrr 42.56KB
Stereo Tune Factory.ngrc 9.98KB
Stern's Lead 1.ngrr 6.19KB
Stern's Lead 1.ngrr 34.05KB
Stern's Lead 2.ngrr 6.45KB
Stern's Lead 2.ngrr 38.35KB
Steve's Pet Lead.ngrr 6.45KB
Steve's Pet Lead.ngrr 40.18KB
Stevies Lead.ngrr 7.06KB
Stevies Lead.ngrr 52.94KB
Stevies Lead - MC.ngrr 6.61KB
Stevies Lead - MC.ngrr 42.45KB
Stevies Rhythm.ngrr 6.63KB
Stevies Rhythm.ngrr 42.15KB
Stomp Compressor Factory.ngrc 9.39KB
Stoned Amp Drum.ngrr 6.13KB
Stoned Amp Drum.ngrr 35.09KB
Stoned Phaser Factory.ngrc 12.42KB
Stoned Rhythm.ngrr 6.46KB
Stoned Rhythm.ngrr 38.11KB
Stories Told.ngrr 5.20KB
Stories Told.ngrr 52.90KB
Straighforward Metal.ngrr 33.33KB
Straighforward Metal.ngrr 5.87KB
Strat Funky Autofilter.ngrr 4.63KB
Strat Funky Autofilter.ngrr 45.22KB
Stray Dogs.ngrr 6.14KB
Stray Dogs.ngrr 34.87KB
Street Of Broken Dreams (HB).ngrr 6.75KB
Street Of Broken Dreams (HB).ngrr 43.62KB
Studio Reverb Factory.ngrc 28.64KB
Studio Spring.grir 1.51MB
Stupid Four.ngrr 40.04KB
Stupid Four.ngrr 6.19KB
Submarine.ngrr 6.19KB
Submarine.ngrr 39.25KB
Sultans of Pop.ngrr 30.83KB
Sultans of Pop.ngrr 5.79KB
Summer Rox.ngrr 6.30KB
Summer Rox.ngrr 39.40KB
Super Clean Funk .ngrr 4.67KB
Super Clean Funk .ngrr 45.60KB
Super Funk.ngrr 6.66KB
Super Funk.ngrr 39.66KB
Surfing.ngrr 32.27KB
Surfing.ngrr 5.88KB
Sweep Shot.ngrr 6.38KB
Sweep Shot.ngrr 37.52KB
Sweet Home.ngrr 4.78KB
Sweet Home.ngrr 45.82KB
Talking Bass with Echo.ngrr 6.71KB
Talking Bass with Echo.ngrr 39.46KB
Talk Wah Factory.ngrc 2.24KB
Tape Echo Factory.ngrc 28.08KB
Tape machine startup.ngrr 6.09KB
Tape machine startup.ngrr 32.83KB
Teksturize.ngrr 5.11KB
Teksturize.ngrr 49.58KB
Texas Hot Lead.ngrr 6.23KB
Texas Hot Lead.ngrr 38.76KB
The Bridge.ngrr 6.36KB
The Bridge.ngrr 42.16KB
The Ox.ngrr 4.88KB
The Ox.ngrr 47.16KB
The Pit.ngrr 5.83KB
The Pit.ngrr 34.97KB
There will be Oil.ngrr 31.40KB
There will be Oil.ngrr 5.78KB
Thrash Solo +.ngrr 4.59KB
Thrash Solo +.ngrr 44.00KB
Tight White Rhythm.ngrr 5.91KB
Tight White Rhythm.ngrr 34.40KB
Toxic Atmosphere.ngrr 6.41KB
Toxic Atmosphere.ngrr 37.80KB
Trance Gate.ngrr 29.67KB
Trance Gate.ngrr 5.45KB
Trance Gate Pro.ngrr 5.55KB
Trance Gate Pro.ngrr 30.02KB
TransAmp Factory.ngrc 14.95KB
Trans Europe.ngrr 7.15KB
Trans Europe.ngrr 50.32KB
Treble Booster Factory.ngrc 4.65KB
Tremolo Factory.ngrc 10.53KB
Tremolo Twang.ngrr 32.16KB
Tremolo Twang.ngrr 5.85KB
Tremolo Tweedman (SC).ngrr 5.74KB
Tremolo Tweedman (SC).ngrr 31.42KB
Tremolo Twin.ngrr 4.79KB
Tremolo Twin.ngrr 45.84KB
Tube Compressor Factory.ngrc 21.28KB
Twang2x12_con87_cap.grir 17.97KB
Twang2x12_con87_capedge.grir 18.28KB
Twang2x12_con87_cone.grir 25.04KB
Twang2x12_dyn421_cap.grir 24.77KB
Twang2x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 12.58KB
Twang2x12_dyn421_cone.grir 17.82KB
Twang2x12_dyn57_cap.grir 24.98KB
Twang2x12_dyn57_capedge.grir 24.98KB
Twang2x12_dyn57_cone.grir 19.25KB
Twang2x12_rib121_cap.grir 18.46KB
Twang2x12_rib121_capedge.grir 20.46KB
Twang2x12_rib121_cone.grir 25.05KB
Twang2x12_rib160_cap.grir 16.79KB
Twang2x12_rib160_capedge.grir 11.67KB
Twang2x12_rib160_cone.grir 18.38KB
Twang2x12_room.grir 44.70KB
Twang2x15_con87_cap.grir 12.52KB
Twang2x15_con87_capedge.grir 12.50KB
Twang2x15_con87_cone.grir 18.35KB
Twang2x15_dyn421_cap.grir 12.26KB
Twang2x15_dyn421_capedge.grir 17.36KB
Twang2x15_dyn421_cone.grir 12.50KB
Twang2x15_dyn57_cap.grir 10.90KB
Twang2x15_dyn57_capedge.grir 12.31KB
Twang2x15_dyn57_cone.grir 12.34KB
Twang2x15_rib121_cap.grir 13.78KB
Twang2x15_rib121_capedge.grir 17.64KB
Twang2x15_rib121_cone.grir 18.27KB
Twang2x15_rib160_cap.grir 10.93KB
Twang2x15_rib160_capedge.grir 10.86KB
Twang2x15_rib160_cone.grir 11.43KB
Twang2x15_room.grir 41.54KB
Twang Country Clean.ngrr 33.59KB
Twang Country Clean.ngrr 6.11KB
Twang Dang.ngrr 6.22KB
Twang Dang.ngrr 35.33KB
Twang Jazz .ngrr 5.96KB
Twang Jazz .ngrr 35.06KB
Twang Reverb Factory.ngrc 17.89KB
Twang Reverb Stereo Surf.ngrr 4.95KB
Twang Reverb Stereo Surf.ngrr 48.93KB
Tweed1x12_con87_cap.grir 28.09KB
Tweed1x12_con87_capedge.grir 33.05KB
Tweed1x12_con87_cone.grir 33.18KB
Tweed1x12_dyn421_cap.grir 33.73KB
Tweed1x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 33.89KB
Tweed1x12_dyn421_cone.grir 29.64KB
Tweed1x12_dyn57_cap.grir 29.78KB
Tweed1x12_dyn57_capedge.grir 32.88KB
Tweed1x12_dyn57_cone.grir 31.58KB
Tweed1x12_rib121_cap.grir 30.09KB
Tweed1x12_rib121_capedge.grir 31.61KB
Tweed1x12_rib121_cone.grir 30.01KB
Tweed1x12_rib160_cap.grir 30.21KB
Tweed1x12_rib160_capedge.grir 33.84KB
Tweed1x12_rib160_cone.grir 30.33KB
Tweed1x12_room.grir 86.02KB
Tweed4x10_con87_cap.grir 15.44KB
Tweed4x10_con87_capedge.grir 20.38KB
Tweed4x10_con87_cone.grir 23.85KB
Tweed4x10_dyn421_cap.grir 16.43KB
Tweed4x10_dyn421_capedge.grir 18.33KB
Tweed4x10_dyn421_cone.grir 16.67KB
Tweed4x10_dyn57_cap.grir 16.13KB
Tweed4x10_dyn57_capedge.grir 16.13KB
Tweed4x10_dyn57_cone.grir 16.68KB
Tweed4x10_rib121_cap.grir 20.39KB
Tweed4x10_rib121_capedge.grir 20.44KB
Tweed4x10_rib121_cone.grir 20.38KB
Tweed4x10_rib160_cap.grir 16.89KB
Tweed4x10_rib160_capedge.grir 20.32KB
Tweed4x10_rib160_cone.grir 20.34KB
Tweed4x10_room.grir 37.93KB
Tweed and Cat.ngrr 5.50KB
Tweed and Cat.ngrr 30.86KB
Tweed Delight Factory.ngrc 7.78KB
Tweed Delight Sweep Delay.ngrr 6.00KB
Tweed Delight Sweep Delay.ngrr 64.52KB
Tweedman Factory.ngrc 11.65KB
Tweedy Blues Hot Lead.ngrr 5.74KB
Tweedy Blues Hot Lead.ngrr 34.68KB
Tweedy Blues Lead.ngrr 5.70KB
Tweedy Blues Lead.ngrr 34.66KB
Twin Delay Factory.ngrc 62.57KB
UK60s4x12green_con87_cap.grir 27.42KB
UK60s4x12green_con87_capedge.grir 27.24KB
UK60s4x12green_con87_cone.grir 30.07KB
UK60s4x12green_dyn421_cap.grir 26.68KB
UK60s4x12green_dyn421_capedge.grir 26.52KB
UK60s4x12green_dyn421_cone.grir 24.00KB
UK60s4x12green_dyn57_cap.grir 24.81KB
UK60s4x12green_dyn57_capedge.grir 26.46KB
UK60s4x12green_dyn57_cone.grir 31.06KB
UK60s4x12green_rib121_cap.grir 25.96KB
UK60s4x12green_rib121_capedge.grir 26.25KB
UK60s4x12green_rib121_cone.grir 22.63KB
UK60s4x12green_rib160_cap.grir 29.51KB
UK60s4x12green_rib160_capedge.grir 27.30KB
UK60s4x12green_rib160_cone.grir 27.28KB
UK60s4x12green_room.grir 47.34KB
UK70s4x12black_con87_cap.grir 29.55KB
UK70s4x12black_con87_capedge.grir 28.86KB
UK70s4x12black_con87_cone.grir 31.05KB
UK70s4x12black_dyn421_cap.grir 25.02KB
UK70s4x12black_dyn421_capedge.grir 25.06KB
UK70s4x12black_dyn421_cone.grir 29.11KB
UK70s4x12black_dyn57_cap.grir 24.75KB
UK70s4x12black_dyn57_capedge.grir 25.70KB
UK70s4x12black_dyn57_cone.grir 24.86KB
UK70s4x12black_rib121_cap.grir 31.19KB
UK70s4x12black_rib121_capedge.grir 31.23KB
UK70s4x12black_rib121_cone.grir 28.11KB
UK70s4x12black_rib160_cap.grir 29.50KB
UK70s4x12black_rib160_capedge.grir 29.58KB
UK70s4x12black_rib160_cone.grir 31.32KB
UK70s4x12black_room.grir 66.66KB
UK70s4x12white_con87_cap.grir 16.62KB
UK70s4x12white_con87_capedge.grir 13.96KB
UK70s4x12white_con87_cone.grir 14.94KB
UK70s4x12white_dyn421_cap.grir 9.62KB
UK70s4x12white_dyn421_capedge.grir 9.60KB
UK70s4x12white_dyn421_cone.grir 9.63KB
UK70s4x12white_dyn57_cap.grir 11.00KB
UK70s4x12white_dyn57_capedge.grir 11.03KB
UK70s4x12white_dyn57_cone.grir 11.02KB
UK70s4x12white_rib121_cap.grir 14.40KB
UK70s4x12white_rib121_capedge.grir 15.07KB
UK70s4x12white_rib121_cone.grir 15.05KB
UK70s4x12white_rib160_cap.grir 9.96KB
UK70s4x12white_rib160_capedge.grir 9.96KB
UK70s4x12white_rib160_cone.grir 9.98KB
UK70s4x12white_room.grir 42.86KB
UK80s4x12black_con87_cap.grir 24.93KB
UK80s4x12black_con87_capedge.grir 29.55KB
UK80s4x12black_con87_cone.grir 29.54KB
UK80s4x12black_dyn421_cap.grir 28.57KB
UK80s4x12black_dyn421_capedge.grir 28.60KB
UK80s4x12black_dyn421_cone.grir 30.25KB
UK80s4x12black_dyn57_cap.grir 24.65KB
UK80s4x12black_dyn57_capedge.grir 25.98KB
UK80s4x12black_dyn57_cone.grir 25.34KB
UK80s4x12black_rib121_cap.grir 34.83KB
UK80s4x12black_rib121_capedge.grir 34.97KB
UK80s4x12black_rib121_cone.grir 35.18KB
UK80s4x12black_rib160_cap.grir 19.27KB
UK80s4x12black_rib160_capedge.grir 24.77KB
UK80s4x12black_rib160_cone.grir 24.76KB
UK80s4x12black_room.grir 39.11KB
UK80s4x12white_con87_cap.grir 15.95KB
UK80s4x12white_con87_capedge.grir 24.37KB
UK80s4x12white_con87_cone.grir 24.36KB
UK80s4x12white_dyn421_cap.grir 17.77KB
UK80s4x12white_dyn421_capedge.grir 17.46KB
UK80s4x12white_dyn421_cone.grir 20.80KB
UK80s4x12white_dyn57_cap.grir 13.04KB
UK80s4x12white_dyn57_capedge.grir 14.63KB
UK80s4x12white_dyn57_cone.grir 15.59KB
UK80s4x12white_rib121_cap.grir 19.05KB
UK80s4x12white_rib121_capedge.grir 23.93KB
UK80s4x12white_rib121_cone.grir 25.91KB
UK80s4x12white_rib160_cap.grir 15.62KB
UK80s4x12white_rib160_capedge.grir 16.98KB
UK80s4x12white_rib160_cone.grir 22.37KB
UK80s4x12white_room.grir 30.20KB
Ultra4x12a_con87_cap.grir 18.22KB
Ultra4x12a_con87_capedge.grir 25.47KB
Ultra4x12a_con87_cone.grir 21.37KB
Ultra4x12a_dyn421_cap.grir 14.63KB
Ultra4x12a_dyn421_capedge.grir 18.65KB
Ultra4x12a_dyn421_cone.grir 20.38KB
Ultra4x12a_dyn57_cap.grir 14.64KB
Ultra4x12a_dyn57_capedge.grir 18.50KB
Ultra4x12a_dyn57_cone.grir 20.49KB
Ultra4x12a_rib121_cap.grir 26.41KB
Ultra4x12a_rib121_capedge.grir 26.38KB
Ultra4x12a_rib121_cone.grir 30.78KB
Ultra4x12a_rib160_cap.grir 18.97KB
Ultra4x12a_rib160_capedge.grir 18.96KB
Ultra4x12a_rib160_cone.grir 22.50KB
Ultra4x12a_room.grir 45.51KB
Ultra4x12b_con87_cap.grir 19.94KB
Ultra4x12b_con87_capedge.grir 20.14KB
Ultra4x12b_con87_cone.grir 25.68KB
Ultra4x12b_dyn421_cap.grir 18.63KB
Ultra4x12b_dyn421_capedge.grir 18.54KB
Ultra4x12b_dyn421_cone.grir 20.21KB
Ultra4x12b_dyn57_cap.grir 13.16KB
Ultra4x12b_dyn57_capedge.grir 18.29KB
Ultra4x12b_dyn57_cone.grir 19.75KB
Ultra4x12b_rib121_cap.grir 22.37KB
Ultra4x12b_rib121_capedge.grir 21.67KB
Ultra4x12b_rib121_cone.grir 24.79KB
Ultra4x12b_rib160_cap.grir 18.51KB
Ultra4x12b_rib160_capedge.grir 20.25KB
Ultra4x12b_rib160_cone.grir 21.19KB
Ultra4x12b_room.grir 39.40KB
Ultra Articulate Heavy .ngrr 6.90KB
Ultra Articulate Heavy .ngrr 44.87KB
UltraSolo.ngrr 5.38KB
UltraSolo.ngrr 54.26KB
Ultrasonic Factory.ngrc 12.07KB
User.kad 13.75KB
Use Your Dynamics.ngrr 38.16KB
Use Your Dynamics.ngrr 6.31KB
Utrasonic Clean & Lead setup.ngrr 5.15KB
Utrasonic Clean & Lead setup.ngrr 49.99KB
Van514x12_con87_cap.grir 16.92KB
Van514x12_con87_capedge.grir 18.20KB
Van514x12_con87_cone.grir 26.08KB
Van514x12_dyn421_cap.grir 16.87KB
Van514x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 25.61KB
Van514x12_dyn421_cone.grir 20.84KB
Van514x12_dyn57_cap.grir 17.81KB
Van514x12_dyn57_capedge.grir 21.45KB
Van514x12_dyn57_cone.grir 21.45KB
Van514x12_rib121_cap.grir 20.16KB
Van514x12_rib121_capedge.grir 20.46KB
Van514x12_rib121_cone.grir 26.86KB
Van514x12_rib160_cap.grir 16.80KB
Van514x12_rib160_capedge.grir 16.80KB
Van514x12_rib160_cone.grir 25.91KB
Van514x12_room.grir 54.38KB
Van 51 Clean Chorus Comp.ngrr 4.36KB
Van 51 Clean Chorus Comp.ngrr 36.86KB
Van 51 Crunch.ngrr 4.31KB
Van 51 Crunch.ngrr 36.12KB
Van 51 Factory.ngrc 15.59KB
Van 51 punky.ngrr 4.42KB
Van 51 punky.ngrr 42.61KB
Van 51 Scooped.ngrr 3.91KB
Van 51 Scooped.ngrr 31.58KB
Van Crunch.ngrr 5.00KB
Van Crunch.ngrr 49.09KB
Van Slight Crunch.ngrr 4.53KB
Van Slight Crunch.ngrr 38.88KB
vcredist_x64.exe 6.86MB
vcredist_x86.exe 6.20MB
Vintage4x12_con47_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_con67_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_con89_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_dyn20V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_dyn20V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_dyn40_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_dyn421_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_dyn441_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_dyn57V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_dyn57V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_rib121V1_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_rib121V2_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_rib160_capedge.grir 16.12KB
Vintage4x12_room.grir 45.51KB
Vintage Bass.ngrr 5.96KB
Vintage Bass.ngrr 32.27KB
Vintage Plex.ngrr 6.07KB
Vintage Plex.ngrr 33.77KB
Vintage Slapback.ngrr 35.76KB
Vintage Slapback.ngrr 6.19KB
Vintage Verb Factory.ngrc 16.43KB
Vocal Chain Keeper.ngrr 6.00KB
Vocal Chain Keeper.ngrr 49.91KB
Vocal Filtered Delay.ngrr 35.25KB
Vocal Filtered Delay.ngrr 6.13KB
Volume Pedal Factory.ngrc 5.40KB
V Solo.ngrr 4.78KB
V Solo.ngrr 46.47KB
Wah-Shing Machine.ngrr 5.25KB
Wah-Shing Machine.ngrr 51.61KB
Wahwah Factory.ngrc 17.51KB
Warm Ensemble.ngrr 5.79KB
Warm Ensemble.ngrr 33.20KB
Warm Tweed.ngrr 5.78KB
Warm Tweed.ngrr 32.33KB
Warm Twin Echos.ngrr 4.83KB
Warm Twin Echos.ngrr 48.55KB
Warm Universe.ngrr 4.68KB
Warm Universe.ngrr 46.43KB
Washington.ngrr 5.08KB
Washington.ngrr 46.93KB
Water.ngrr 5.77KB
Water.ngrr 35.25KB
Whisper Verb.ngrr 30.98KB
Whisper Verb.ngrr 5.61KB
White Clean.ngrr 4.87KB
White Clean.ngrr 46.65KB
White Jazz.ngrr 5.83KB
White Jazz.ngrr 34.03KB
Wide open Tom.ngrr 6.85KB
Wide open Tom.ngrr 50.26KB
Wide Stereo Bass.ngrr 4.58KB
Wide Stereo Bass.ngrr 45.33KB
Wobble Oktaver.ngrr 4.54KB
Wobble Oktaver.ngrr 38.17KB
Women and Children first.ngrr 4.75KB
Women and Children first.ngrr 41.74KB
X-Ray Heavy.ngrr 5.20KB
X-Ray Heavy.ngrr 48.98KB
XXLA.grir 2.84MB
XXLB.grir 5.49MB
Yabbaya.ngrr 5.29KB
Yabbaya.ngrr 28.77KB
Ya-Ya-Ya Guitar.ngrr 6.63KB
Ya-Ya-Ya Guitar.ngrr 44.83KB
YNGW.ngrr 6.24KB
YNGW.ngrr 40.06KB
Zeelox.ngrr 5.07KB
Zeelox.ngrr 50.67KB