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10- Database Integration.mp4 6.01MB
10- Error Handling Recap.mp4 9.74MB
10- Logical Query Operators.mp4 6.03MB
10- Running Promises in Parallel.mp4 16.95MB
10- Storing Secrets in Environment Variables.mp4 22.39MB
10- Testing Strings.mp4 9.79MB
10- Testing the Invalid Inputs.mp4 22.34MB
10- Testing the Valid Request.mp4 11.09MB
10- Validating ObjectIDs.mp4 24.11MB
11- A Better Implementation.mp4 10.84MB
11- Async and Await.mp4 30.05MB
11- Authentication.mp4 1.04MB
11- Extracting Routes.mp4 23.84MB
11- Regular Expressions.mp4 10.12MB
11- Setting Response Headers.mp4 17.09MB
11- Testing Arrays.mp4 19.78MB
11- Testing the Happy Path.mp4 10.28MB
11- Testing the ReturnDate.mp4 16.34MB
12- Counting.mp4 2.33MB
12- Encapsulating Logic in Mongoose Models.mp4 31.89MB
12- Exercise.mp4 22.72MB
12- Extracting the Db Logic.mp4 13.03MB
12- Structuring Express Applications.mp4 37.80MB
12- Testing Objects.mp4 17.58MB
12- Testing the RentalFee.mp4 18.62MB
12- Writing Clean Tests.mp4 40.11MB
13- Authorization Middleware.mp4 22.93MB
13- Extracting the Logging Logic.mp4 9.45MB
13- Pagination.mp4 5.32MB
13- Project- Restructure the App.mp4 13.83MB
13- Testing Exceptions.mp4 21.51MB
13- Testing the Auth Middleware.mp4 35.70MB
13- Testing the Movie Stock.mp4 24.57MB
14- Continuously Running Tests.mp4 5.30MB
14- Exercise 1.mp4 24.09MB
14- Extracting the Config Logic.mp4 8.06MB
14- Protecting Routes.mp4 12.28MB
14- Testing the Response.mp4 16.35MB
14- Unit Testing the Auth Middleware.mp4 23.20MB
15- Code Coverage.mp4 30.33MB
15- Exercise 2.mp4 14.26MB
15- Exercise- Testing the FizzBuz.mp4 17.00MB
15- Extracting the Validation Logic.mp4 6.35MB
15- Getting the Current User.mp4 17.69MB
15- Refactoring the Validation Logic.mp4 34.05MB
16- Creating Simple Mock Functions.mp4 17.46MB
16- Exercise.mp4 1.09MB
16- Exercise 3.mp4 10.10MB
16- Logging Out Users.mp4 9.01MB
16- Mongoose Static Methods.mp4 31.57MB
16- Showing Unhandled Exceptions on the Console.mp4 5.87MB
17- Interaction Testing.mp4 16.05MB
17- Refactoring the Domain Logic.mp4 20.30MB
17- Role-based Authorization.mp4 20.28MB
17- Updating a Document- Query First.mp4 10.41MB
18- Jest Mock Functions.mp4 24.37MB
18- Testing the Authorization.mp4 15.00MB
18- Updating a Document- Update First.mp4 21.00MB
19- Removing Documents.mp4 7.76MB
19- What to Unit Test.mp4 9.52MB
1- Introducing MongoDB.mp4 6.79MB
1- Introduction.mp4 8.79MB
1- Introduction.mp4 20.64MB
1- Introduction.mp4 2.43MB
1- Introduction.mp4 11.78MB
1- Introduction.mp4 731.44KB
1- Modelling Relationships.mp4 18.38MB
1- Synchronous vs Asynchronous Code.mp4 12.81MB
1- Validation.mp4 25.51MB
1- What is Automated Testing.mp4 10.79MB
1- What is Test-driven Development.mp4 5.60MB
20- Exercise.mp4 25.79MB
2- Benefits of Automated Testing.mp4 29.44MB
2- Built-in Validators.mp4 19.18MB
2- Creating the User Model.mp4 12.51MB
2- Handling Rejected Promises.mp4 13.69MB
2- Implementing the Returns.mp4 7.47MB
2- Installing MongoDB on Mac.mp4 13.58MB
2- Middleware.mp4 7.88MB
2- Patterns for Dealing with Asynchronous Code.mp4 8.79MB
2- Preparing the App.mp4 8.03MB
2- Preparing the App for Production.mp4 6.93MB
2- Referencing Documents.mp4 12.97MB
3. ( Download Cracked Developers Applications For Free.url 239B
3- Callbacks.mp4 19.21MB
3- Creating Custom Middleware.mp4 13.97MB
3- Custom Validators.mp4 12.23MB
3- Express Error Middleware.mp4 20.63MB
3- Getting Started with Heroku.mp4 6.34MB
3- Installing MongoDB on Windows.mp4 27.99MB
3- Population.mp4 11.68MB
3- Registering Users.mp4 29.48MB
3- Setting Up the Test Db.mp4 8.47MB
3- Test Cases.mp4 6.69MB
3- Types of Tests.mp4 23.20MB
4- Async Validators.mp4 9.32MB
4- Built-in Middleware.mp4 13.24MB
4- Callback Hell.mp4 9.65MB
4- Connecting to MongoDB.mp4 9.09MB
4- Embedding Documents.mp4 23.01MB
4- Populating the Database.mp4 26.42MB
4- Preparing the App for Heroku.mp4 5.61MB
4- Removing Try Catch Blocks.mp4 32.53MB
4- Test Pyramid.mp4 9.29MB
4- Using Lodash.mp4 18.84MB
4- Your First Integration Test.mp4 15.63MB
5- Adding the Code to a Git Repository.mp4 8.74MB
5- Express Async Errors.mp4 14.19MB
5- Hashing Passwords.mp4 17.97MB
5- Named Functions to Rescue.mp4 17.44MB
5- Populating the Test Db.mp4 21.37MB
5- Schemas.mp4 11.82MB
5- Testing the Authorization.mp4 27.13MB
5- Third-party Middleware.mp4 15.96MB
5- Tooling.mp4 6.53MB
5- Using an Array of Sub-documents.mp4 16.42MB
5- Validation Errors.mp4 17.22MB
6- Authenticating Users.mp4 22.52MB
6- Deploying to Heroku.mp4 10.41MB
6- Environments.mp4 15.77MB
6- Logging Errors.mp4 25.25MB
6- Models.mp4 14.54MB
6- Project- Build the Movies API.mp4 25.42MB
6- Promises.mp4 21.34MB
6- SchemaType Options.mp4 25.88MB
6- Testing Routes with Parameters.mp4 11.20MB
6- Testing the Input.mp4 14.87MB
6- Writing Your First Unit Test.mp4 14.00MB
7- Configuration.mp4 31.32MB
7- Logging to MongoDB.mp4 16.33MB
7- Project- Add Persistence to Genres API.mp4 59.50MB
7- Project- Build the Rentals API.mp4 28.48MB
7- Refactoring Tests.mp4 18.71MB
7- Replacing Callbacks with Promises.mp4 14.39MB
7- Saving a Document.mp4 10.13MB
7- Testing Numbers.mp4 19.78MB
7- Testing the Authentication.mp4 9.37MB
7- Validating ObjectIDs.mp4 16.49MB
7- Viewing Logs.mp4 14.49MB
8- Consuming Promises.mp4 20.86MB
8- Debugging.mp4 20.56MB
8- Grouping Tests.mp4 7.63MB
8- JSON Web Tokens.mp4 16.28MB
8- Looking Up an Object.mp4 13.05MB
8- Project- Build the Customers API.mp4 28.56MB
8- Querying Documents.mp4 11.71MB
8- Refactoring with Confidence.mp4 9.06MB
8- Setting Environment Variables.mp4 7.33MB
8- Transactions.mp4 30.66MB
8- Uncaught Exceptions.mp4 13.92MB
9- Comparison Query Operators.mp4 15.56MB
9- Creating Settled Promises.mp4 6.26MB
9- Generating Authentication Tokens.mp4 15.02MB
9- MongoDB in the Cloud.mp4 23.91MB
9- ObjectID.mp4 15.93MB
9- Refactoring with Confidence.mp4 7.48MB
9- Restructuring the Project.mp4 22.58MB
9- Templating Engines.mp4 17.49MB
9- Testing if Rental Processed.mp4 8.81MB
9- Testing the Authorization.mp4 9.21MB
9- Unhandled Promise Rejections.mp4 30.28MB
Authentication and Authorization Recap.pdf 65.73KB
Building RESTful APIs with Express Recap.pdf 65.79KB
Building Your First Web Server.mp4 14.94MB
Calling Endpoints Using Postman.mp4 6.31MB
Course Structure.mp4 5.87MB
Creating a Module.mp4 17.52MB
CRUD Operations with Mongoose and MongoDB Recap.pdf 69.12KB
DevDependencies.mp4 4.32MB
Environment Variables.mp4 8.41MB
Event Arguments.mp4 8.24MB
Events Module.mp4 14.78MB
Express- Advanced Topics Recap.pdf 51.70KB
Extending EventEmitter.mp4 23.37MB
File System Module.mp4 12.41MB
Getting Started Recap.pdf 29.03KB
Global Object.mp4 7.41MB
Handling and Logging Errors Recap.pdf 69.57KB
Handling HTTP Delete Requests.mp4 19.87MB
Handling HTTP GET Requests.mp4 16.02MB
Handling HTTP POST Requests.mp4 12.37MB
Handling HTTP PUT Requests.mp4 33.34MB
How Node Works.mp4 10.90MB
How you can help our Group!.txt 208B
HTTP Module.mp4 20.64MB
Input Validation.mp4 29.19MB
Installing a Node Package.mp4 11.56MB
Installing a Specific Version of a Package.mp4 2.34MB
Installing Node.mp4 7.99MB
Integration Testing Recap .pdf 29.85KB
Introducing Express.mp4 6.87MB
Introduction.mp4 834.98KB
Introduction.mp4 8.11MB
Introduction.mp4 2.32MB
Listing the Installed Packages.mp4 7.77MB
Loading a Module.mp4 12.97MB
Modules.mp4 7.29MB
Module Wrapper Function.mp4 13.06MB
Mongoose- Modelling Relationships between Connected Data Recap.pdf 80.11KB
Mongoose Validation Recap.pdf 67.05KB
Node Architecture.mp4 8.77MB
Node Core Recap.pdf 43.72KB
Nodemon.mp4 3.60MB
NPM Packages and Source Control.mp4 10.25MB
NPM Recap.pdf 35.04KB
OS Module.mp4 10.65MB
Package.json.mp4 6.79MB
Package Dependencies.mp4 8.22MB
Path Module.mp4 10.79MB
Project- Build the Genres API.mp4 2.06MB
Publishing a Package.mp4 10.18MB
RESTful Services.mp4 12.49MB
Route Parameters.mp4 9.62MB
Semantic Versioning.mp4 12.10MB
Uninstalling a Package.mp4 1.37MB
Unit Testing Recap .pdf 46.05KB
Updating a Published Package.mp4 4.17MB
Updating Local Packages.mp4 13.74MB
Using a Package.mp4 8.86MB
Viewing Registry Info for a Package.mp4 9.51MB
Welcome.mp4 7.62MB
What is Node.mp4 10.42MB
Working with Global Packages.mp4 5.08MB
Your First Node Program.mp4 5.38MB