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Title Coloured Clocks
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01 Canary Yellow (Spectrum Part 1).mp3 1.96MB
01 Everything's Right.mp3 6.48MB
01 Irrational I.mp3 2.32MB
01 Modulo.mp3 634.76KB
01 Nobody's Watching.mp3 8.33MB
01 Party.mp3 6.77MB
01 Season.mp3 7.89MB
01 The Craziest Street That There Has Ever Been.mp3 10.01MB
01 Where To Go.mp3 8.59MB
02 At Toadstool Towers.mp3 6.87MB
02 Fading Light.mp3 10.30MB
02 Fly The Bi-Plane.mp3 10.42MB
02 Point At The Door.mp3 2.80MB
02 Post.mp3 10.52MB
02 There She Goes Again.mp3 1.45MB
02 Where To Go.mp3 8.59MB
02 Won't Be Found.mp3 6.74MB
02 You Belong There.mp3 5.48MB
03 Butterflies.mp3 8.08MB
03 Doing Me Wrong.mp3 2.22MB
03 Killing Time.mp3 10.26MB
03 Never Be.mp3 7.46MB
03 Pass You By.mp3 3.63MB
03 Too Many Colours.mp3 7.10MB
03 Uncovered Sun.mp3 7.67MB
03 Won't Move.mp3 10.15MB
03 You've Got To Tell Me.mp3 6.07MB
04 Brick.mp3 7.97MB
04 Cycle.mp3 16.54MB
04 Green Lights.mp3 12.29MB
04 Interlude On Mango Mountain.mp3 3.81MB
04 Lose That Girl.mp3 7.55MB
04 Maze.mp3 10.63MB
04 Sandman.mp3 6.15MB
04 Sun Theatre.mp3 1.49MB
05 Building A Star.mp3 9.29MB
05 Gone For A Lifetime.mp3 6.47MB
05 Icecream.mp3 25.64MB
05 In the Dark.mp3 2.62MB
05 Not Mine.mp3 5.97MB
05 Not The Same Anymore.mp3 9.13MB
05 Only Watching.mp3 2.59MB
05 Racing Down The Road.mp3 10.65MB
06 All The Time.mp3 8.03MB
06 Mr Green and The Telescope Console.mp3 11.63MB
06 Strangeness.mp3 2.10MB
06 The Man On The Wing.mp3 6.80MB
06 Veronica.mp3 8.96MB
06 What Has Happened.mp3 8.39MB
06 Why Weren't You There-.mp3 9.30MB
06 Won't Be Found.mp3 6.74MB
07 Colourblind.mp3 9.19MB
07 Dream Baby.mp3 2.19MB
07 Elevators.mp3 7.60MB
07 Enormous Mushroom.mp3 5.85MB
07 One Tomorrow Away.mp3 14.81MB
07 Sorry For That.mp3 7.27MB
07 Waiting On You.mp3 8.33MB
08 Fields.mp3 9.81MB
08 Leaving Time.mp3 10.25MB
08 Life Is So Defined.mp3 12.63MB
08 Never Young.mp3 8.78MB
08 Round And Round.mp3 3.62MB
08 Somewhere.mp3 5.15MB
08 Where I'll Be.mp3 1.46MB
09 Coming Back To You.mp3 7.38MB
09 Don't You Believe.mp3 18.37MB
09 If You've Lived Your Life.mp3 5.57MB
09 If You Get to Know Me.mp3 1.43MB
09 Nothing Gets To Me.mp3 5.93MB
09 Star.mp3 5.55MB
09 Tell Her About The Gig.mp3 7.95MB
10 As Much As I'd Like.mp3 4.89MB
10 In My Mind.mp3 1.54MB
10 Miles.mp3 19.80MB
10 Orion.mp3 9.51MB
10 Pop Songs.mp3 6.80MB
10 Sirens.mp3 26.18MB
10 The Special Man.mp3 6.80MB
11 27.mp3 9.81MB
11 It's Getting So Close.mp3 8.81MB
11 Message I.mp3 1.31MB
11 Nina.mp3 6.96MB
11 Pass You By.mp3 3.63MB
11 Saturday.mp3 14.74MB
12 Banana Beat.mp3 1.31MB
12 Dreaming At Luna Park.mp3 6.58MB
12 Next Time.mp3 2.95MB
12 Seafoam Green (Spectrum Part 2).mp3 3.55MB
12 The Pattern Particle Set.mp3 25.64MB
13 All Your Life.mp3 7.02MB
13 Message II.mp3 1004.16KB
13 The Sign.mp3 7.78MB
14 Pretend.mp3 2.39MB
14 Someday.mp3 7.00MB
14 Watertight.mp3 2.50MB
15 Don't Break The Spell.mp3 8.23MB
15 Go to the Moon.mp3 3.21MB
15 Rainbow Road.mp3 8.33MB
16 A Song For The Aeroplanes.mp3 6.99MB
16 Memories & Dreams.mp3 2.72MB
16 Out Of Orbit.mp3 6.97MB
17 All Coming Down.mp3 1.81MB
17 Skywriter.mp3 8.02MB
17 World of My Own.mp3 1.02MB
18 Cumulo Nimbus I.mp3 816.41KB
18 Dr. Williamsburg.mp3 13.75MB
18 Won't You Be My Baby.mp3 6.71MB
19 Irrational II.mp3 9.80MB
19 Look Tonight.mp3 1.24MB
19 Soldiers On The Moon.mp3 8.57MB
20 Cumulo Nimbus II.mp3 2.41MB
20 Talking To The People.mp3 15.43MB
20 United Flower People.mp3 21.31MB
21 Charm.mp3 1.51MB
21 Grand Machine.mp3 5.85MB
22 Across From You.mp3 1.04MB
22 In The Sun.mp3 7.97MB
23 Flamingo Pink (Spectrum Part 3).mp3 4.65MB
23 Flower Pistol.mp3 1.24MB
24 The Race.mp3 7.52MB
24 Through Your Window.mp3 1.01MB
25 Are You So Alone.mp3 18.67MB
25 What Suits Us Best.mp3 1.19MB
26 Don't Go Away.mp3 3.35MB
26 Wizard.mp3 1.11MB
27 Pressure.mp3 1.18MB
27 Rejection.mp3 5.06MB
28 To Fall Into.mp3 1.28MB
28 Toothpaste (Parts 1-4).mp3 17.82MB
29 Super.mp3 1.13MB
29 The Night Where Nothing Went Right.mp3 9.66MB
30 Go Back Home.mp3 1.02MB
30 Shine All Your Lights Down.mp3 9.02MB
31 Loaded Gun.mp3 7.08MB
31 Tremendous Toucan.mp3 1.19MB
32 Suite Time.mp3 463.34KB
32 The Hat Song.mp3 15.65MB
33 Flags.mp3 2.80MB
33 Spectrum End.mp3 2.82MB
band.jpg 166.92KB
Coloured Clocks - All Is Round.jpg 133.26KB
Coloured Clocks - Nectarine.jpg 138.86KB
Coloured Clocks - Particle.jpg 107.10KB
Coloured Clocks - Spectrum.jpg 48.98KB
Coloured Clocks - Super Multicoloured Parts 1-30.jpg 61.94KB
Coloured Clocks - Test Flight.jpg 87.35KB
Coloured Clocks - Toadstool Tower.jpg 274.69KB
Coloured Clocks - Zoo.jpg 347.31KB
cover.jpg 1.05MB
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