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LN 12-5.pdf 77.77KB
LN 14.pdf 114.91KB
LN 17.pdf 428.50KB
LN 19.pdf 246.88KB
LN 22-1.pdf 717.99KB
LN 22-2.pdf 94.34KB
LN 22-3.pdf 171.45KB
LN 22-4.pdf 146.29KB
LN 23.pdf 14.66KB
LN 24.pdf 95.84KB
LN 25.pdf 85.30KB
LN 26.pdf 75.80KB
LN 33-1.pdf 12.12KB
LN 33-2.pdf 210.20KB
LN 5.pdf 130.17KB
Powers of Ten(1977).mp4 48.99MB
PSH 10-1 Analyze the Motion of a General Yo-Yo.mp4 98.56MB
PSH 10-2 Analyze the Motion of a Yo-Yo.mp4 54.21MB
PSH 10-3 An Airplane Touches Down. Describe What Happens to the Wheels.mp4 77.23MB
PSH 10-4 Skidding Car.mp4 69.57MB
PSH 10-5 Rocket Orbiting the Earth, Looking to Dispose of Nuclear Waste by Firing it Into the Sun.mp4 66.68MB
PSH 11-1 Requiremeny For Static Equilibrium Forces, Torques.mp4 95.21MB
PSH 1-1 How Fast and at What Angle Should You Walk in the Rain to Get Least Wet.mp4 147.38MB
PSH 1-2 Throw Two Objects at Different Times With Different Speeds. Do They Collide.mp4 39.78MB
PSH 1-3 Finding Acceleration and Position Using the V vs T Diagram.mp4 74.86MB
PSH 1-4 Cartesian and Polar Coordinates.mp4 94.92MB
PSH 1-5 Vector A and -A.mp4 15.70MB
PSH 1-6 Addition of Vectors.mp4 45.73MB
PSH 2-1 Instantaneous Acceleration, 1-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional.mp4 58.52MB
PSH 2-2 Calculate How Far and How High a Kicked Soccer Ball Goes.mp4 176.10MB
PSH 2-3 An Astronaut on the Moon Throws a Stone.mp4 62.23MB
PSH 2-4 Find Centripetal Acceleration (Gravitational Acceleration) Using the Orbital Period and the Orbital Radius.mp4 32.08MB
PSH 2-5 Finding Angular Frequency and Velocity.mp4 91.74MB
PSH 2-6 A Satellite is in Orbit Around the Earth. What is the Period of the Satellite.mp4 44.44MB
PSH 2-7 A Spring Gun is Used to Accelerate Small Pucks Across a Frictionless Surface. Determine the Mass.mp4 17.31MB
PSH 3-1 Calculate Tension in a Rope Given Sag.mp4 48.54MB
PSH 3-2 Block Sliding Down a Wedge.mp4 29.12MB
PSH 3-3 Twirl a Mass Attached to a String in a Circular Path. Find the Tension in the String.mp4 94.14MB
PSH 3-4 Pulling a Mass up a Ramp (Only up to the 3 55 Mark- Then it Deals With Work, Which Has Not Been Covered Yet).mp4 53.82MB
PSH 5-1 A Particle Moving With Constant Velocity.mp4 80.39MB
PSH 5-2 A Spring Obeying Hooke's Law.mp4 30.78MB
PSH 5-3 Conservative and Non-Conservative Forces.mp4 71.46MB
PSH 5-4 A Block Attached to a Wall With a Spring.mp4 167.74MB
PSH 5-5 SHO Example Spring.mp4 65.63MB
PSH 5-6 Resistive Forces Air Drag, Liquids, Spherical Objects.mp4 109.21MB
PSH 5-7 Resistive Forces Air Drag, Liquids, Spherical Objects.mp4 193.37MB
PSH 5-8 Air Drag on a Small Oil Drop.mp4 58.75MB
PSH 6-1 Gravitational Force and Potential Energy.mp4 160.20MB
PSH 6-2 Car on a Looping Rollercoaster.mp4 112.03MB
PSH 6-3 SHO Initial Conditions.mp4 19.88MB
PSH 7-1 Two Masses Connected By a Spring are Compressed and Put in Motion.mp4 189.86MB
PSH 7-2 Momentum Concepts.mp4 35.80MB
PSH 7-3 Two People Passing an Ice Block Back and Forth on Ice.mp4 75.91MB
PSH 7-4 Center of Mass Explanation and Overview.mp4 71.28MB
PSH 7-5 Elastic Collision of Pucks With Unequal Masses and Different Velocities.mp4 74.89MB
PSH 9-1 General Analysis of Moment of Inertia.mp4 37.57MB
PSH 9-2 General Analysis of Moment of Inertia.mp4 23.36MB
PSH 9-3 Two Blocks on Rough Slopes, Connected By a Pulley.mp4 116.79MB
PSH 9-4 Torque is the Time Derivative of Angular Momentum.mp4 40.73MB
PSH 9-5 General Overview of Angular Momentum and Conservation Thereof.mp4 38.96MB
PSH 9-6 Hit Rod on Frictionless Surface.mp4 175.31MB
PSH 9-7 Hit Rod on Frictionless Surface.mp4 87.64MB
Textbook.pdf 155.95MB
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