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Title Royal Hunt. Discography 1992-2018. AAC
Category Music
Size 4.50GB

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01. Ava Maria Guarani.m4a 9.06MB
01. Break Your Chains.m4a 13.89MB
01. Clown In The Mirror.m4a 14.13MB
01. Clown In The Mirror.m4a 11.06MB
01. Cold City Lights.m4a 13.95MB
01. Episode X (Arrival).m4a 5.18MB
01. Far Away.m4a 12.82MB
01. Fear.m4a 24.18MB
01. Fistful of Misery.m4a 18.32MB
01. Fistful Of Misery.m4a 17.93MB
01. Flight.m4a 10.18MB
01. Flight.m4a 17.16MB
01. Hell Comes Down From Heaven.m4a 24.55MB
01. Hunted.m4a 12.67MB
01. Intervention (Full Version).m4a 35.98MB
01. Intervention (Part 1).m4a 19.20MB
01. Intro - Wasted Time.m4a 14.93MB
01. Intro-Wasted Time.m4a 16.32MB
01. Last Goodbye.m4a 16.79MB
01. Martial Arts.m4a 7.15MB
01. Martial Arts.m4a 9.50MB
01. May You Never (Walk Alone).m4a 20.50MB
01. Message To God (Radio Edit).m4a 12.03MB
01. One More Day.m4a 15.41MB
01. Paper Blood.m4a 17.18MB
01. Principles Of Paradox.m4a 14.80MB
01. Running Wild.m4a 13.35MB
01. Save Me (New Song).m4a 9.91MB
01. So Right, So Wrong.m4a 19.21MB
01. Take Off.m4a 2.94MB
01. The Awakening.m4a 4.34MB
01. The Mission.m4a 16.84MB
01. Time Will Tell.m4a 26.38MB
02. 1348.m4a 11.99MB
02. 1348.m4a 13.21MB
02. A Ballet's Tale.m4a 15.32MB
02. Another Man Down.m4a 13.05MB
02. Can't Let Go.m4a 12.96MB
02. Double Conversion (Instrumental).m4a 10.77MB
02. Easy Rider.m4a 12.66MB
02. End of the Line.m4a 12.81MB
02. Faces Of War.m4a 17.99MB
02. Flight.m4a 11.16MB
02. Follow Me.m4a 16.27MB
02. Guitar Solo (Instrumental).m4a 7.95MB
02. Half Past Loneliness.m4a 18.76MB
02. Kingdom Dark.m4a 11.49MB
02. Lies (Live).m4a 25.57MB
02. Lies (Live).m4a 25.20MB
02. May You Never (Walk Alone).m4a 19.16MB
02. Not My Kind.m4a 16.16MB
02. One By One (New Recording, Acoustic Version).m4a 12.57MB
02. River Of Pain.m4a 18.93MB
02. River Of Pain.m4a 17.44MB
02. Silent Scream.m4a 15.92MB
02. Stranded (Acoustic Version).m4a 9.20MB
02. Surrender.m4a 13.95MB
02. Ten To Life.m4a 9.60MB
02. The Awakening.m4a 5.35MB
02. The Final Lullaby .m4a 10.16MB
02. The First Rock.m4a 12.42MB
02. The Last Soul Alive.m4a 16.79MB
02. The Last Soul Alive.m4a 16.26MB
02. The Mission.m4a 14.66MB
02. Time.m4a 9.00MB
02. Until The Day.m4a 18.90MB
03. An Empty Shell.m4a 11.64MB
03. Bodyguard (New Recording, Acoustic Version).m4a 10.89MB
03. Cold City Lights.m4a 13.95MB
03. Exit Gravity.m4a 2.97MB
03. Exit Wound.m4a 16.52MB
03. Far Away (Acoustic Version).m4a 12.35MB
03. Flight.m4a 10.36MB
03. Flight (Live).m4a 12.12MB
03. Flight (Live).m4a 12.08MB
03. Half Past Loneliness.m4a 21.32MB
03. Heart On A Platter.m4a 18.26MB
03. Intro - Wasted Time (Live).m4a 16.71MB
03. It's Over.m4a 23.23MB
03. King for a Day.m4a 12.64MB
03. Land Of Broken Hearts (Acoustic Version).m4a 10.28MB
03. Makin' A Mess.m4a 10.59MB
03. Memory Lane.m4a 13.34MB
03. One Minute Left To Live.m4a 19.01MB
03. On The Run.m4a 8.50MB
03. River Of Pain.m4a 19.15MB
03. Running Out Of Tears.m4a 14.09MB
03. Running Wild.m4a 13.16MB
03. Sacrifice.m4a 16.36MB
03. Sacrifice.m4a 15.91MB
03. Step By Step.m4a 11.44MB
03. Stranded.m4a 12.98MB
03. Stranded.m4a 12.01MB
03. Surrender (Live Version).m4a 14.07MB
03. Tearing Down The World.m4a 14.53MB
03. The Awakening.m4a 5.29MB
03. The Mission.m4a 17.40MB
03. The Prayer.m4a 8.46MB
03. Wasted Time.m4a 11.75MB
04. Age Gone Wild.m4a 11.72MB
04. Age Gone Wild (Acoustic Version).m4a 10.90MB
04. Army Of Slaves.m4a 16.61MB
04. A Tear In The Rain.m4a 15.30MB
04. Clown In The Mirror.m4a 10.77MB
04. Clown In The Mirror.m4a 10.89MB
04. Divide And Reign.m4a 13.86MB
04. Drums And Bass Solo (Instrumental).m4a 11.84MB
04. Edge Of The World.m4a 15.59MB
04. Far Away.m4a 12.89MB
04. Far Away.m4a 15.05MB
04. Flight (Live).m4a 11.97MB
04. Follow Me (Acoustic).m4a 9.93MB
04. Hard Rain's Coming.m4a 12.97MB
04. Lies.m4a 19.86MB
04. May You Never (Walk Alone).m4a 19.94MB
04. Message To God.m4a 17.25MB
04. Message To God.m4a 40.90MB
04. Message To God (Live).m4a 15.94MB
04. Never Give Up.m4a 14.18MB
04. Never Give Up.m4a 13.95MB
04. One Minute Left To Live.m4a 15.27MB
04. On The Run.m4a 9.34MB
04. Restless (New Recording, Acoustic Version).m4a 8.90MB
04. River Of Pain.m4a 19.22MB
04. Stay Down.m4a 12.07MB
04. Surrender.m4a 13.81MB
04. Tearing Down The World.m4a 14.68MB
04. The Mission (Live Version).m4a 14.98MB
04. The Well.m4a 13.00MB
04. The Wishing Well.m4a 19.53MB
04. The Wishing Well.m4a 19.16MB
05. A Life To Die For.m4a 24.26MB
05. Army of Slaves.m4a 15.76MB
05. Bad Luck.m4a 8.38MB
05. Burning The Sun.m4a 15.29MB
05. Can't Let Go.m4a 12.41MB
05. Can't Let Go (Live Version).m4a 12.52MB
05. Cast in Stone.m4a 8.93MB
05. Cast In Stone.m4a 8.78MB
05. Clean Sweep.m4a 5.11MB
05. Epilogue (Live).m4a 20.48MB
05. Far Away.m4a 14.65MB
05. Follow Me.m4a 16.24MB
05. Half Past Loneliness.m4a 14.17MB
05. High Noon At The Battlefield.m4a 10.24MB
05. Kingdom Dark (Acoustic Version).m4a 8.00MB
05. Lies.m4a 20.72MB
05. Lies.m4a 19.93MB
05. Long Way Home.m4a 15.13MB
05. Martial Arts.m4a 5.09MB
05. Message To God.m4a 19.03MB
05. On The Run.m4a 10.11MB
05. Running Wild.m4a 17.07MB
05. Seven Days.m4a 16.15MB
05. Sign Of Yesterday.m4a 15.69MB
05. Step By Step.m4a 13.48MB
05. Stranded.m4a 19.27MB
05. Stranded (Live).m4a 12.90MB
05. Tearing Down The World.m4a 14.46MB
05. Third Stage (Instrumental).m4a 4.39MB
05. Until The Day.m4a 17.01MB
05. U-Turn.m4a 19.00MB
05. Wasted Time.m4a 12.23MB
06. A Life To Die For.m4a 28.70MB
06. A Million Ways to Die.m4a 14.27MB
06. A Million Ways To Die.m4a 14.11MB
06. Autograph (Instrumental).m4a 9.48MB
06. Bad Luck (Bonus Track).m4a 8.28MB
06. Bodyguard.m4a 11.19MB
06. Double Conversion.m4a 10.92MB
06. Epilogue.m4a 15.55MB
06. Epilogue.m4a 24.06MB
06. Epilogue (Live).m4a 19.36MB
06. Judgement Day.m4a 16.49MB
06. Last Goodbye.m4a 14.37MB
06. Last Goodbye.m4a 16.14MB
06. Long Way Home.m4a 20.11MB
06. Message To God.m4a 18.82MB
06. One By One.m4a 12.00MB
06. One By One (New Version).m4a 14.08MB
06. Paper Blood.m4a 13.12MB
06. Riches To Rags.m4a 15.21MB
06. Shadowman.m4a 14.33MB
06. Show Me How To Live.m4a 25.33MB
06. SK 983.m4a 12.19MB
06. Stranded.m4a 14.13MB
06. The Clan.m4a 12.02MB
06. Time Will Tell.m4a 24.36MB
06. Voices.m4a 13.80MB
06. Wasted Time.m4a 17.19MB
06. Wasted Time.m4a 18.02MB
06. Wicked Lounge.m4a 10.00MB
06. Won't Trust, Won't Fear, Won't Beg.m4a 12.80MB
07. 5Th Element.m4a 10.31MB
07. Age Gone Wild (Acoustic Version).m4a 12.94MB
07. A Life To Die For.m4a 22.52MB
07. Angel's Gone.m4a 13.23MB
07. Back to Square One.m4a 14.04MB
07. Blood In Blood Out.m4a 15.44MB
07. Clown In The Mirror (New Version).m4a 13.67MB
07. Follow Me.m4a 7.14MB
07. Freeway Jam (Official Bootleg) ( Bonus Track).m4a 20.77MB
07. Heart Of The City.m4a 9.81MB
07. Heart On A Platter.m4a 18.49MB
07. Keyboard Solo (Instrumental).m4a 7.23MB
07. Kiss Of Faith.m4a 13.52MB
07. Land Of Broken Hearts.m4a 15.34MB
07. Legion Of The Damned.m4a 12.82MB
07. Long Way Home.m4a 16.45MB
07. Message To God.m4a 22.28MB
07. Metamorphosis.m4a 3.65MB
07. Rest in Peace.m4a 16.91MB
07. Rest In Peace.m4a 16.54MB
07. Sea Of Time.m4a 19.57MB
07. Season's Change.m4a 12.46MB
07. Silent Scream.m4a 16.08MB
07. Stay Down.m4a 11.69MB
07. Time.m4a 12.12MB
07. Time Will Tell.m4a 27.76MB
07. U-Turn.m4a 18.95MB
07. Way Too Late.m4a 17.40MB
08. Blood Red Stars.m4a 16.73MB
08. Cold City Lights.m4a 23.78MB
08. Day In Day Out (New Version).m4a 10.30MB
08. Epilogue.m4a 24.12MB
08. Far Away.m4a 12.78MB
08. Flight.m4a 22.21MB
08. Give It Up.m4a 10.59MB
08. Help Us God.m4a 16.55MB
08. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.m4a 10.81MB
08. How Do You Know (Bonus Track).m4a 8.24MB
08. It's Over.m4a 16.17MB
08. Land Of Broken Hearts.m4a 12.25MB
08. Martial Arts (Instrumental).m4a 11.14MB
08. One By One (New Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 14.07MB
08. Paper Blood.m4a 13.16MB
08. Save Me II.m4a 12.20MB
08. Save Me II.m4a 11.91MB
08. Silent Scream.m4a 17.09MB
08. Sixth Sense.m4a 11.72MB
08. Step By Step.m4a 10.72MB
08. Tears Of The Sun.m4a 15.18MB
08. Ten To Life (Acoustic Version).m4a 14.01MB
08. The First Rock.m4a 12.34MB
08. World Wide War.m4a 16.29MB
09. 1348.m4a 11.87MB
09. Bad Blood.m4a 10.49MB
09. Day In Day Out (New Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 10.29MB
09. Day Is Dawning.m4a 9.31MB
09. Dreamline.m4a 5.17MB
09. Far Away.m4a 15.20MB
09. Freeway Jam.m4a 4.20MB
09. Game Of Fear.m4a 11.53MB
09. Hostile Breed.m4a 13.07MB
09. It's Over.m4a 19.46MB
09. Legion Of The Damned (Acoustic Version).m4a 12.94MB
09. Legion Of The Damned (New Version).m4a 13.22MB
09. Long Way Home (Acoustic Studio Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 11.66MB
09. Monochrome (Bonus Track).m4a 10.55MB
09. Running Wild.m4a 14.95MB
09. Season's Change.m4a 12.49MB
09. Tears Of The Sun.m4a 15.11MB
09. The Final Lullaby (Bonus Track).m4a 10.30MB
09. The Last Leaf.m4a 11.27MB
09. Time.m4a 12.19MB
09. Wasted Time (Offical Bootleg).m4a 14.46MB
10. Chaos A.C..m4a 8.93MB
10. Epilogue.m4a 15.45MB
10. Eye Witness.m4a 12.75MB
10. Falling Down.m4a 11.32MB
10. Far Away (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 12.54MB
10. Intervention (Radio Edit).m4a 15.18MB
10. Kingdom Dark.m4a 11.62MB
10. Kingdom Dark.m4a 17.17MB
10. Last Goodbye.m4a 15.30MB
10. Out Of Reach.m4a 13.63MB
10. Restless (Bonus Track).m4a 9.09MB
10. River Of Pain.m4a 19.39MB
10. River Of Pain.m4a 18.84MB
10. The Well.m4a 12.91MB
10. Twice Around The World.m4a 19.03MB
11. Bad Luck (Bonus Track).m4a 8.24MB
11. Day Is Dawning (Bonus Track).m4a 9.45MB
11. Double Conversion (Bonus Track).m4a 10.92MB
11. Edge Of The World (Bonus Track).m4a 15.41MB
11. Episode X (Departure).m4a 3.19MB
11. Fourth Dimension.m4a 6.50MB
11. Land Of The Broken Hearts.m4a 14.44MB
11. Martial Arts (Instrumental) (Bonus Track).m4a 5.05MB
11. Shadowman.m4a 14.23MB
11. Stranded (Bonus Track).m4a 12.11MB
11. Tearing Down The World.m4a 14.79MB
11. Tearing Down The World.m4a 14.44MB
11. Time.m4a 17.83MB
12. Day In Day Out (Bonus Track).m4a 8.77MB
12. Days Of No Trust.m4a 12.61MB
12. Follow Me (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 10.04MB
12. Game Of Fear (Bonus Track).m4a 11.23MB
12. Hard Rain's Coming.m4a 13.07MB
12. Kingdom Dark.m4a 14.11MB
12. Legion Of The Damned (New Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 13.30MB
12. Makin' A Mess.m4a 10.48MB
12. Message To God.m4a 17.18MB
12. Restless (bonus track).m4a 9.10MB
12. Sixth Sense (European Bonus Track).m4a 11.81MB
12. Stranded (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 9.27MB
12. Tearing Down The World (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track).m4a 12.21MB
13. Age Gone Wild (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 11.18MB
13. Day In Day Out (New Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 10.21MB
13. Epilogue.m4a 19.96MB
13. Half Past Loneliness.m4a 14.27MB
13. Kingdom Dark (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 8.07MB
13. Martial Arts (Instrumental) (Special Edition) (Bonus Track).m4a 8.03MB
13. Message To God (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track).m4a 11.57MB
13. Total Recall.m4a 17.73MB
13. Wasted Time (Live) (Bonus Track).m4a 16.78MB
14. Flight (Live) (Bonus Track).m4a 12.20MB
14. Follow Me (Live Acoustic Version, Japan Tour 2002) (Bonus Track).m4a 15.01MB
14. Intervention (Part I) (Bonus Track).m4a 19.08MB
14. Land Of Broken Hearts (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 10.55MB
14. Long Way Home (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track).m4a 11.64MB
14. Time Will Tell (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track).m4a 10.69MB
15. Silent Scream (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track).m4a 14.43MB
15. Stranded (Live) (Bonus Track).m4a 12.89MB
15. U-Turn (Bonus Track).m4a 18.87MB
16. Epilogue (Live) (Bonus Track).m4a 19.49MB
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