Torrent Info
Title ArcheAge
Category Games
Size 37.68GB

Files List
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0npgg.erl 29.45KB
0npgl.erl 39.81KB
0npgm.erl 214.52KB
0npgmup.erl 23.47KB
1npgg.erl 28.81KB
1npgl.erl 39.28KB
1npgm.erl 220.58KB
1npgmup.erl 24.58KB
archeage.exe 2.61MB
ArcheAge.url 50B
archeagekr.ini 1.23KB
ArcheageKR.ini 1.23KB
atimgpud.dll 40.00KB
avcodec-52.dll 1.74MB
avformat-52.dll 190.07KB
avutil-50.dll 100.07KB
awesomium.dll 20.33MB
awesomiumprocess.exe 437.50KB
bdvid32.dll 7.26MB
BWT.dll 184.31KB
BwtTrust.dll 232.31KB
BWTTrustList.dat 0B
chrome.dll 21.38MB
compressati2.dll 72.00KB
cry3dengine.dll 3.41MB
cryaction.dll 3.21MB
cryaisystem.dll 2.03MB
cryanimation.dll 1.52MB
cryentitysystem.dll 801.00KB
cryfont.dll 231.50KB
crygame.dll 2.34MB
cryinput.dll 38.00KB
crymovie.dll 315.00KB
crynetwork.dll 2.81MB
cryphysics.dll 3.30MB
cryrenderd3d10.dll 3.57MB
cryrenderd3d9.dll 3.17MB
cryrendernull.dll 1.11MB
cryscriptsystem.dll 557.00KB
crysoundsystem.dll 784.50KB
crysystem.dll 2.96MB
dbghelp.dll 1.16MB
debug.log 142B
dir.inf 122B
en-US.dll 108.50KB
en-US.dll 108.50KB
en-US-1-2.bdic 536.01KB
en-US-1-2.bdic 536.01KB
file.inf 5.34KB
fmod_event_net.dll 801.00KB
fmod_event_netl.dll 471.50KB
fmod_event_nett.dll 471.50KB
fmod_event.dll 408.00KB
fmod_eventl.dll 428.50KB
fmod_eventt.dll 428.50KB
fmodex.dll 1.20MB
fmodexl.dll 1.24MB
fmodext.dll 1.24MB
game_pak 37.44GB
GameGuard.des 542.01KB
GameGuard.des 542.01KB
GameGuard.ver 25B
GameMon.des 7.57MB
GameMon64.des 6.33MB
ggerror.des 2.60MB
ggexp.des 2.40MB
ggscan.des 1.81MB
icudt42.dll 10.43MB
jpeg62.dll 150.36KB
kamuse.dll 2.77MB
ko.dll 81.50KB
ko.dll 81.50KB
libtiff3.dll 431.15KB
mfc100.dll 4.19MB
mfc100u.dll 4.22MB
mfcm100.dll 79.83KB
mfcm100u.dll 79.83KB
microsoft.vc80.crt.manifest 1.82KB
microsoft.vc90.crt.manifest 1.81KB
mrac.dll 11.08MB
msvcm80.dll 468.00KB
msvcm90.dll 220.00KB
msvcp100.dll 411.33KB
msvcp80.dll 536.00KB
msvcp90.dll 556.31KB
msvcr100.dll 755.83KB
msvcr80.dll 612.00KB
msvcr90.dll 637.81KB
NpExcH.dat 420B
npgg.erl 28.46KB
npgg9x.des 42.40KB
npggNT.des 765.22KB
npggNT64.des 994.67KB
npgl.erl 38.79KB
npgm.erl 206.17KB
npgmup.des 226.22KB 226.22KB
npgmup.erl 22.94KB
nplsb.des 14.63KB
nplsm.des 56B
npsc.des 772.23KB
npswf32.dll 18.50MB
npswf32.dll 18.50MB
patcher.exe 10.98MB
reg1.reg 726B
reg1.reg 726B
reg2.reg 424B
reg2.reg 424B
res_cn.dll 2.18MB
res_de.dll 2.28MB
res_fr.dll 2.26MB
res_ja.dll 2.17MB
res_kr.dll 2.54MB
res_ru.dll 2.20MB
res_tw.dll 2.18MB
res_us.dll 2.23MB
shallocator.dll 7.50KB
Splash.jpg 25.60KB
steam_api.dll 142.19KB
steam_appid.txt 9B
tbb.dll 150.43KB
tbbmalloc_proxy.dll 26.43KB
tbbmalloc.dll 50.43KB
TeCtrl.dll 414.23KB
teexcept.dat 33.95KB
tyav32.dll 896.83KB
tyavcuremap.dat 22B
tyavexcept.dat 149.70KB
TYAVP_000.bin 815.76KB
TYAVP2_001.bin 351.61KB
TYAVS_000.bin 188.77KB
uninstall.exe 176.32KB
x2common.dll 72.00KB
x2game.dll 10.65MB
xlcommon.dll 1.46MB
xldiag.dll 22.00KB
xlleveldb.dll 395.00KB
zlib1.dll 69.00KB
아키에이지.ico 4.19KB
아키에이지.lnk 1.13KB
Distribution statistics by country
United States (US) 6
Japan (JP) 3
Hungary (HU) 1
China (CN) 1
Total 11
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