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Title foobar2000
Category PC
Size 6.04MB
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10000 Hz.feq 88B
110 Hz.feq 88B
1200 Hz.feq 88B
14000 Hz.feq 88B
156 Hz.feq 88B
1800 Hz.feq 88B
1965.feq 70B
20000 Hz.feq 88B
2013.feq 80B
220 Hz.feq 88B
2500 Hz.feq 88B
30kHz_641.txt 23.80KB
311 Hz.feq 88B
3500 Hz.feq 88B
40kHz_641.txt 23.80KB
440 Hz.feq 88B
5000 Hz.feq 88B
50kHz_641.txt 23.80KB
55 Hz.feq 88B
60kHz_641.txt 23.80KB
622 Hz.feq 88B
7000 Hz.feq 88B
77 Hz.feq 88B
880 Hz.feq 88B
Air.feq 54B
Alpha.feq 75B
Anti-Carbon.feq 68B
Anti-Pyramid.feq 70B
ASIOProxyInstall-0.6.5.exe 158.71KB
Atmos.feq 78B
Beatroute.feq 82B
Brittle.feq 69B
Caesar.feq 82B
Carbon.feq 67B
Car Stereo.feq 65B
ccp_calc.c 5.21KB
ccp_calc.h 2.48KB
Classic V.feq 64B
Clear.feq 55B
Cleopatra.feq 58B
conststr.h 6.18KB
Dark.feq 77B
DEATH.feq 57B
Drums.feq 56B
dsd_method.h 1.09KB
dsd_path.cpp 4.73KB
dsd_path.h 2.73KB
dsd_source.cpp 2.45KB
dsd_source.h 1.10KB
dsdpcm_converter_double.cpp 27.34KB
dsdpcm_converter_double.h 4.03KB
dsdpcm_converter_integer.cpp 24.05KB
dsdpcm_converter_integer.h 3.67KB
dsdpcm_converter_single.cpp 35.06KB
dsdpcm_converter_single.h 4.52KB
dsdpcm_converter.cpp 20.91KB
dsdpcm_converter.h 4.09KB
dst_ac.c 7.52KB
dst_ac.h 2.82KB
dst_data.c 14.28KB
dst_data.h 3.55KB
dst_decoder_foo.c 6.28KB
dst_decoder_foo.h 2.30KB
dst_decoder.c 4.91KB
dst_decoder.h 3.00KB
dst_fram.c 19.60KB
dst_fram.h 2.97KB
dst_init.c 13.06KB
dst_init.h 2.73KB
dubbleOseven.feq 76B
Dull.feq 75B
endianess.h 1.95KB
Faith.feq 68B
Flat.feq 54B
foo_AdvancedControls.fb2k-component 167.95KB
foo_discogs.fb2k-component 238.83KB
foo_dsp_openal.dll 146.50KB
foo_dsp_openal.dll 146.50KB
foo_input_sacd.cpp 23.29KB
foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component 156.70KB
foo_input_sacd.rc 7.02KB
foobar2000_v1.3.1.exe 3.59MB
Foobar2000 for dummies.pdf 937.97KB
Half-mast.feq 88B
Halifax.feq 54B
Hebron.feq 82B
Home Theater.feq 64B
Icicle.feq 80B
Ideal.feq 82B
Ideal Pro.feq 78B
Instructions.txt 1.42KB
Inverse Ideal.feq 78B
Inverse Plasmoid.feq 70B
iSpy.feq 77B
Jerusalem.feq 74B
Laughingstock.feq 80B
Loudness.feq 65B
Mercury.feq 81B
Metal.feq 61B
Omega.feq 73B
Optimum.feq 80B
Parametrics.feq 74B
Paranormal.feq 80B
Plasmoid.feq 70B
Pop.feq 59B
Premaster.feq 56B
Presence.feq 54B
Punch & Sparkle.feq 60B
Pyramid.feq 72B
readme.txt 5.89KB
Readme.txt 663B
resource.h 2.33KB
Rock.feq 64B
sacd_disc.cpp 32.54KB
sacd_disc.h 3.38KB
sacd_dsd.h 1.44KB
sacd_dsdiff.cpp 16.33KB
sacd_dsdiff.h 3.57KB
sacd_dsf.cpp 7.25KB
sacd_dsf.h 3.08KB
sacd_media.cpp 6.38KB
sacd_media.h 3.03KB
sacd_metabase.cpp 15.45KB
sacd_metabase.h 2.64KB
sacd_reader.h 2.20KB
sacd_setup.h 14.95KB
scarletbook.cpp 1.59KB
scarletbook.h 14.49KB
Shimmer.feq 58B
Silver.feq 75B
Sinai.feq 82B
Skeptics.feq 68B
Soft Bass.feq 67B
Stainless Steel.feq 80B
Stalactite.feq 73B
Stalagmite.feq 75B
Steel.feq 82B
Strings.feq 69B
Sucker.feq 90B
SuperBeat.feq 73B
TwinTowers.feq 80B
types.h 9.55KB
unpack_dst.c 38.61KB
unpack_dst.h 2.71KB
Valley.feq 72B
Xtreme.feq 84B
Distribution statistics by country
United States (US) 5
Republic of Lithuania (LT) 1
Indonesia (ID) 1
Qatar (QA) 1
Brazil (BR) 1
Republic of Korea (KR) 1
India (IN) 1
Serbia (RS) 1
South Africa (ZA) 1
Romania (RO) 1
Germany (DE) 1
Canada (CA) 1
Total 16
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