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Title Бенсон Амбросиус (ок.1495-1550)
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Abrazo de San Joaquin y Santa Ana ante la Puerta Dorada, circa 1528.jpg 6.97MB
Ambrosius Benson (circle) - Portrait of a donor.jpg 712.49KB
Apotheosis of Virgin Mary with Prophets and Sybille.jpg 865.34KB
attributed to Ambrosius Benson, Virgin with Child, London, private collection.jpg 32.21KB
Bild .jpg 431.67KB
Bildnis eines Mannes.jpg 289.50KB
Bildnis eines Mannes mit Medaille.jpg 333.46KB
Bussende Magdalena .jpg 287.02KB
Caritas.jpg 304.36KB
Catedral de Burgos. Ascension. Ambrosius Benson. H. 1528-1530.jpg 3.71MB
Catedral de Burgos. Resurreccion_ Detail 1.jpg 3.68MB
Catedral de Burgos. Resurreccion_ Detail 2.jpg 3.86MB
Catedral de Burgos. Resurreccion_ Detail 3.jpg 4.01MB
Catedral de Burgos. Resurreccion_ Detail 4.jpg 3.97MB
Catedral de Burgos. Resurreccion. Ambrosius Benson. S. XVI.jpg 3.13MB
Deipara Virgo .jpg 299.15KB
Deposition Altarpiece. 1532-36_detail.jpg 827.58KB
Deposition Altarpiece. 1532-36.jpg 988.80KB
Deposition from the Cross, c.1532, Segovia Cathedral..jpg 5.74MB
Die Heilige Familie mit dem Johannesknaben.jpg 274.50KB
Elegant Couples Dancing in a Landscape, 1545.jpg 139.04KB
El nacimiento de la Virgen, circa 1528.jpg 6.31MB
Follower of Ambrosius Benson An Unknown Noblewoman as Saint Cecilia.jpg 722.21KB
Holy Family with St John the Baptist as a Child.jpg 1.09MB
John Bourchier, 2nd Baron Berners.jpg 1.15MB
Judith with the Head of Holofernes.jpg 607.41KB
La Concepcion de la Virgen.jpg 262.01KB
Lamentation of Christ.jpg 1.20MB
Lamentation or Pieta and the Maries, Circle of Benson Ambrosius.jpg 360.99KB
La Piedad, circa 1528.jpg 4.92MB
La Vierge et l'Enfant entre sainte Catherine et sainte Barbe, 1830-1832.jpg 4.47MB
Le concert apres le repas, c. 1525, Musee de Louvre.jpg 3.58MB
Le concert apres le repas, c. 1550, Chateau de Blois.jpg 779.41KB
Le concert apres le repas. Private collection.jpg 477.02KB
Le concert apres le repas (also known as The Flirtatious Scene), c. 1545-1560, Musee de Flandre.jpg 181.08KB
Lot and his daughters. 1550. Kunstpalast Museum Dusseldorf..jpg 658.01KB
Lucretia first wife of Lucius Colatinus Tarquinius.jpg 132.67KB
Maddalena leggente di Ambrosius Benson (attr.).JPG 2.59MB
Madonna and Child_16th century.jpg 968.08KB
Madonna and Child.jpg 1.79MB
Madonna and child (detail).jpg 205.32KB
Madonna and Child By Circle of Ambrosius Benson (Crocker Art Museum).jpg 1.49MB
Madonna mit dem Kind vor Seelandschaft.jpg 261.39KB
Madonna with Child.jpg 1.57MB
Madonna with Child - Palermo, Italia.jpg 152.49KB
Man praying. late 1520's.jpg 1.14MB
Man with a Quill, 16th century.jpg 258.71KB
Maria mit dem Kind.jpg 75.53KB
Maria mit dem Kind .jpg 280.48KB
Penitent Saint Jerome, with Saint Peter and a Donor as Saint Paul.jpg 284.87KB
Portrait eines Mannes.jpg 263.09KB
Portrait of a Gentleman, oil on panel, c1525-45_detail.jpg 2.84MB
Portrait of a Gentleman, oil on panel, c1525-45.jpg 2.48MB
Portrait of a Gentleman in a fur-trimmed black mantle and hat, his left hand on a wooden table with a carnation and papers.jpg 510.34KB
Portrait of a Lady said to be Queen Katherine Parr, sixth wife to Henry VIII.jpg 393.37KB
Portrait of a lady wearing dark costume and a white headdress, holding a cat .jpg 209.57KB
Portrait of a Man at a Window_ circa 1530.jpg 432.04KB
Portrait of a Man Holding a Rose, 1525.jpg 198.49KB
Portrait of a Man in Prayer, circa 1525.jpg 1.46MB
Portrait of Anne Stafford. circa 1535.jpg 4.75MB
Portrait of a youngish man folding his hands.jpg 4.42MB
Portrait of a young man with engagement ring (a Goldsmith).jpg 1.15MB
Portrait of George, 3rd Baron of Hastings and 1st Earl of Huntingdon.jpg 76.91KB
Portrait of Jacoba van Beieren.jpg 113.98KB
Portrait of Jean Wyts.jpg 174.87KB
Portrait of Otho Stochoven, 1542.jpg 621.69KB
Portraits of Cornelius Duplicius de Scheppere and his wife Elizabeth Donche.jpg 2.20MB
Saint Ann, the Christ Child and the Virgin Mary.jpg 1.82MB
Saint Isidore, circa 1530.jpg 904.10KB
Saint Leander, circa 1530.jpg 855.67KB
Saint Mary Magdalen.jpg 214.46KB
Santo Domingo de Guzman, circa 1528.jpg 4.29MB
Santo Tomas y un donante.jpg 1.73MB
Sibilla_Persica_after_Ambrosius_Benson_19th_C.jpg 91.59KB
St Anthony of Padua.jpg 3.01MB
The Descent from the Cross. 1528.jpg 4.08MB
The Holy Family [1].jpg 198.55KB
The Holy Family [2].jpg 152.11KB
The Immaculate Conception.jpg 307.06KB
The Lamentation, 1520-1525.jpg 2.26MB
The Lamentation, 16th century.jpg 3.50MB
The Lamentation.jpg 3.89MB
The lamentation over the dead Christ.jpg 2.85MB
The left wing of a triptych Saint William of Maleval with two kneeling donors.jpg 985.14KB
The Magdalen Reading_detail.jpg 157.47KB
The Magdalen Reading, 1535.jpg 8.37MB
The penitent Magdalen.jpg 610.68KB
The penitent Magdalen - Benson, Ambrosius (follower).jpg 2.23MB
The penitent Mary Magdalen.jpg 1.03MB
The Pentecost, 16th century.jpg 676.73KB
The Persian Sibyl. 1530's.jpg 212.05KB
The Rest on The Flight into Egypt.jpg 1.32MB
The Virgin and Child.jpg 771.16KB
The Virgin and Child [2].jpg 244.10KB
The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne_detail.jpg 745.71KB
The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne.jpg 102.00KB
The Virgin Mary with the Child Jesus in a Shirt.jpg 2.80MB
The Wedding in Cana.jpg 2.97MB
Triptych of Madonna with Child.jpg 1.27MB
Virgin and Child in a Landscape.jpg 1.68MB
Virgin with the Pear, first half of 16th century.jpg 112.87KB
Young Woman in Orison Reading a Book of Hours, 1532.jpg 2.88MB
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