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Title Battlefield.V.Deluxe.Edition-FULL.UNLOCKED
Category Games
Size 44.04GB

Files List
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Activation.dll 2.45MB
Activation64.dll 2.90MB
amd_ags_x64.dll 118.81KB
AnselSDK64.dll 655.31KB
bfv.exe 232.55MB
bfvTrial.exe 275.21MB
cas_01.cas 1.50GB
cas_01.cas 817.27MB
cas_01.cas 957.67MB
cas_01.cas 1.50GB
cas_01.cas 790.80MB
cas_01.cas 114.23MB
cas_01.cas 1.39GB
cas_01.cas 1.06GB
cas_01.cas 1.50GB
cas_01.cas 908.97MB
cas_01.cas 880.04MB
cas_02.cas 1015.84MB
cas_02.cas 8.51MB
cas_02.cas 1.07GB
cas_02.cas 1023.86MB
cas_02.cas 3.66MB
cas_02.cas 1.05MB
cas_02.cas 1023.41MB
cas_02.cas 997.42MB
cas_02.cas 1023.88MB
cas_02.cas 1.06GB
cas_02.cas 1009.08MB
cas_03.cas 1023.62MB
cas_03.cas 1.41GB
cas_03.cas 1023.41MB
cas_03.cas 1023.96MB
cas_03.cas 6.89MB
cas_03.cas 1022.52MB
cas_03.cas 875.98MB
cas_03.cas 767.49MB
cas_04.cas 1008.75MB
cas_04.cas 1023.41MB
cas_04.cas 1023.45MB
cas_04.cas 1.35MB
cas_04.cas 1023.26MB
cas_04.cas 1023.97MB
cas_04.cas 1021.90MB
cas_05.cas 82.66MB
cas_05.cas 1020.20MB
cas_05.cas 1023.93MB
cas_05.cas 6.63MB
cas_05.cas 1023.99MB
cas_05.cas 346.84MB
cas_05.cas 661.65MB
cas_06.cas 19.61MB
cas_06.cas 1023.94MB
cas_06.cas 1023.83MB
cas_06.cas 1023.70MB
cas_06.cas 15.62MB
cas_06.cas 1.32GB
cas_07.cas 343.80MB
cas_07.cas 1019.35MB
cas_07.cas 1023.97MB
cas_07.cas 17.45MB
cas_08.cas 55.25MB
cas_08.cas 176.37MB
cas_08.cas 27.52MB
cas_09.cas 11.46MB
cas_09.cas 7.35MB
cas_10.cas 4.23MB 5.97MB 1.83MB 12.30MB 2.14MB 716.36KB 209.80KB 1.40MB 1.36MB 1.74MB 3.00MB 3.34MB
chunkmanifest 545B
Cleanup.dat 80.63KB
Cleanup.exe 907.79KB
cs_CZ.rtf 11.50KB
dbdata.dll 1.01MB
de_DE.rtf 11.86KB
EAWebKit64.dll 20.70MB
en_US.html 43.31KB
en_US.rtf 8.66KB
Engine.BuildInfo_Win64_retail.dll 17.31KB
es_ES.rtf 10.37KB
Extension.Twinkle.Codec_Win64_retail.dll 951.81KB
Extension.Twinkle.JavaScriptCore_Win64_retail.dll 2.32MB
fr_FR.rtf 11.74KB
GfeSDK.dll 4.02MB
GFSDK_Aftermath_Lib.x64.dll 120.31KB
initfs_Win32 381.73KB
installerdata.xml 21.74KB
InstallLog.txt 9.73KB
it_IT.rtf 10.89KB
ja_JP.rtf 31.59KB
ko_KR.rtf 28.64KB
layout.toc 9.20KB
mnfst.txt 6.25KB
pl_PL.rtf 12.90KB
pt_BR.rtf 9.96KB
ReadMe!!.txt 47B
ru_RU.rtf 53.53KB
Technical Support.en_US.rtf 62.19KB
Touchup.dat 88.89KB
Touchup.exe 907.29KB
tr_TR.rtf 12.37KB
vc_redist.x64.exe 13.90MB
vc_redist.x86.exe 13.13MB
version.json 36B
zh_CN.rtf 18.88KB
zh_TW.rtf 18.80KB