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Lesson 1. Introduction.mp4 14.96MB
Lesson 10. Finishing the Header.mp4 76.55MB
Lesson 100. CLIENT Finishing checkboxes.mp4 205.22MB
Lesson 101. CLIENT Adding Radio options.mp4 210.44MB
Lesson 102. SERVER Crating the shop route.mp4 209.26MB
Lesson 103. SERVER Finishing the shop route.mp4 61.90MB
Lesson 104. CLIENT Showing Shop cards.mp4 93.23MB
Lesson 105. CLIENT Shop loadmore button.mp4 114.50MB
Lesson 106. CLIENT Shop grids.mp4 61.84MB
Lesson 107. ADMIN Add products form.mp4 129.08MB
Lesson 108. ADMIN Add products form 2.mp4 77.86MB
Lesson 109. ADMIN Add products form 3.mp4 172.09MB
Lesson 11. Slider section.mp4 157.01MB
Lesson 110. ADMIN Finishing the Add products form.mp4 216.68MB
Lesson 111. ADMIN Adding the File Upload.mp4 179.44MB
Lesson 112. ADMIN Adding the File Upload 2.mp4 202.96MB
Lesson 113. ADMIN Finishing the File Upload.mp4 160.74MB
Lesson 114. ADMIN Manage Brands component.mp4 217.41MB
Lesson 115. ADMIN Finish Manage Brands..mp4 171.40MB
Lesson 116. CLIENT Adding the Product Detail component.mp4 202.76MB
Lesson 117. CLIENT Product Info detail.mp4 110.28MB
Lesson 118. CLIENT Product detail, images section.mp4 172.35MB
Lesson 119. CLIENT Finishing the detail, adding Lightbox.mp4 156.42MB
Lesson 12. Adding a countdown.mp4 129.31MB
Lesson 120. CLIENT Quick fix to Prod detail.mp4 28.90MB
Lesson 121. CLIENT Adding items to Cart.mp4 214.06MB
Lesson 122. CLIENT Finish the add to cart.mp4 131.91MB
Lesson 123. ADMIN Cart component.mp4 173.02MB
Lesson 124. ADMIN Creating the cart blocks..mp4 131.59MB
Lesson 125. ADMIN Calculating the total..mp4 103.72MB
Lesson 126. ADMIN Removing cart items..mp4 182.53MB
Lesson 127. ADMIN Adding the Paypal btn.mp4 194.22MB
Lesson 128. ADMIN Finishing Paypal..mp4 123.02MB
Lesson 129. ADMIN Creating the SUCCESS BUY route.mp4 161.91MB
Lesson 13. Finishing countdown.mp4 156.36MB
Lesson 130. ADMIN Finishing the SUCCESS BUY route.mp4 170.96MB
Lesson 131. ADMIN Creating the Action and dispatching.mp4 135.78MB
Lesson 132. ADMIN User History.mp4 63.37MB
Lesson 133. ADMIN Updating personal info.mp4 157.68MB
Lesson 134. ADMIN Finishing Update personal info.mp4 151.60MB
Lesson 135. ADMIN Creating the Site Info.mp4 172.19MB
Lesson 136. ADMIN Getting the Site Info.mp4 190.17MB
Lesson 137. ADMIN Finishing Site info.mp4 163.05MB
Lesson 138. GIT and GITHUB.mp4 159.87MB
Lesson 139. Adding SSH keys - MAC USERS.mp4 67.41MB
Lesson 14. Venue NFO component.mp4 121.96MB
Lesson 140. Adding SSH keys - WINDOWS USERS.mp4 61.29MB
Lesson 141. Adding Heroku to the mix.mp4 48.01MB
Lesson 142. Deploying the project.mp4 139.86MB
Lesson 143. Deploying the project 2.mp4 226.10MB
Lesson 144. EMAILS Using Nodemailer.mp4 119.03MB
Lesson 145. EMAILS Sending a welcome Email.mp4 161.02MB
Lesson 146. NOT FOUND Adding not found route..mp4 36.83MB
Lesson 147. ORDER ID Adding custom PO.mp4 130.01MB
Lesson 148. ORDER ID Sending email with PO.mp4 139.72MB
Lesson 149. FILE UPLOAD Uploading files.mp4 189.87MB
Lesson 15. Highlight section.mp4 158.47MB
Lesson 150. FILE UPLOAD Uploading files 2.mp4 131.29MB
Lesson 151. FILE DOWNLOAD Downloading files.mp4 38.65MB
Lesson 152. PASSWORD Adding forgot password.mp4 169.83MB
Lesson 153. PASSWORD Adding forgot password 2.mp4 144.98MB
Lesson 154. PASSWORD Adding forgot password 3.mp4 160.82MB
Lesson 155. PASSWORD Finishing forgot password.mp4 79.50MB
Lesson 156. Boilerplate.mp4 32.79MB
Lesson 157. Bundle and structure.mp4 54.68MB
Lesson 158. Rendering.mp4 52.75MB
Lesson 159. JSX.mp4 47.96MB
Lesson 16. Button reusable component.mp4 82.94MB
Lesson 160. Structure and exporting.mp4 51.05MB
Lesson 161. Dynamic data.mp4 28.77MB
Lesson 162. Functional and class based components.mp4 45.62MB
Lesson 163. Adding some style.mp4 72.63MB
Lesson 164. Events.mp4 93.82MB
Lesson 165. A little bit more of classes.mp4 46.81MB
Lesson 166. React state.mp4 86.10MB
Lesson 167. Using props.mp4 74.95MB
Lesson 168. Using props 2.mp4 36.49MB
Lesson 169. Using props 3.mp4 61.66MB
Lesson 17. Adding prices.mp4 147.75MB
Lesson 170. Children props.mp4 40.11MB
Lesson 171. More on styles.mp4 144.92MB
Lesson 172. Using CSS modules.mp4 144.73MB
Lesson 173. Filtering state.mp4 156.77MB
Lesson 174. Routes installing it.mp4 40.17MB
Lesson 175. Routes Adding routes.mp4 97.98MB
Lesson 176. Routes Linking.mp4 65.08MB
Lesson 177. Routes Params and URL's.mp4 97.89MB
Lesson 178. Routes Switch.mp4 46.33MB
Lesson 179. Routes Redirections.mp4 69.05MB
Lesson 18. Footer and Location section.mp4 91.72MB
Lesson 180. React Lifecycles.mp4 56.00MB
Lesson 181. React Lifecycles ..continued.mp4 115.61MB
Lesson 182. Conditional rendering.mp4 57.22MB
Lesson 183. Pure components.mp4 51.19MB
Lesson 184. Returning arrays.mp4 58.94MB
Lesson 185. HOC's.mp4 97.08MB
Lesson 186. HOC's ...continued.mp4 76.95MB
Lesson 187. React transitions.mp4 105.44MB
Lesson 188. React transitions 2.mp4 67.60MB
Lesson 189. CSS transitions.mp4 62.89MB
Lesson 19. Adding a Scroll To.mp4 123.71MB
Lesson 190. Transition group.mp4 85.97MB
Lesson 191. Proptypes.mp4 159.16MB
Lesson 192. Proptypes 2.mp4 40.00MB
Lesson 193. Refs.mp4 47.41MB
Lesson 194. Controlled and uncontrolled.mp4 149.14MB
Lesson 195. Form template.mp4 140.31MB
Lesson 196. Form template 2.mp4 130.96MB
Lesson 197. Form template 3.mp4 145.03MB
Lesson 198. Adding textarea and select.mp4 101.07MB
Lesson 199. Validation.mp4 147.60MB
Lesson 2. First Project Overview.mp4 24.61MB
Lesson 20. Deployment to Surge.mp4 60.34MB
Lesson 200. Validation 2.mp4 136.31MB
Lesson 201. REDUX Installing and connecting.mp4 86.30MB
Lesson 202. REDUX Reducers.mp4 119.69MB
Lesson 203. REDUX Action creators.mp4 119.77MB
Lesson 204. REDUX Dispatch.mp4 82.44MB
Lesson 205. REDUX Containers.mp4 38.59MB
Lesson 206. REDUX PRACTICE Intro and setup.mp4 116.88MB
Lesson 207. REDUX PRACTICE Adding redux to home.mp4 178.71MB
Lesson 208. REDUX PRACTICE Finishing home and adding the artist view.mp4 270.95MB
Lesson 209. REDUX PRACTICE Fixing issues.mp4 71.56MB
Lesson 21. Project setting up.mp4 87.13MB
Lesson 22. Adding a Header.mp4 115.32MB
Lesson 23. Finishing Header, adding Footer.mp4 122.68MB
Lesson 24. Home featured Animation.mp4 112.71MB
Lesson 25. Home featured Animation...continued.mp4 157.69MB
Lesson 26. Home Finishing featured Animation.mp4 172.75MB
Lesson 27. Tags RC.mp4 132.30MB
Lesson 28. Adding Firebase.mp4 145.43MB
Lesson 29. Home Adding the Match blocks component.mp4 145.07MB
Lesson 3. Second Project overview.mp4 24.38MB
Lesson 30. Home Finishing the Match blocks component.mp4 131.93MB
Lesson 31. Home Meet the players component.mp4 163.03MB
Lesson 32. Home Finishing player card.mp4 152.93MB
Lesson 33. Home Finishing player card...continued.mp4 90.03MB
Lesson 34. Home Enroll reveal component.mp4 79.30MB
Lesson 35. Home Enroll, starting with form fields.mp4 167.53MB
Lesson 36. Home Enroll and form fields 2.mp4 197.49MB
Lesson 37. Home Enroll and form fields 3.mp4 176.58MB
Lesson 38. Home Finishing Enroll and form fields.mp4 169.78MB
Lesson 39. Auth Login component.mp4 120.50MB
Lesson 4. Third Project overview.mp4 31.03MB
Lesson 40. Auth Finishing Login.mp4 67.02MB
Lesson 41. Auth Creating a Dashboard.mp4 152.46MB
Lesson 42. Auth Private Routes.mp4 171.82MB
Lesson 43. Auth Public Routes.mp4 93.45MB
Lesson 44. Admin Matches endpoint.mp4 215.30MB
Lesson 45. Admin Edit Match - creating the form.mp4 153.90MB
Lesson 46. Admin Edit Match - creating the form 2.mp4 218.94MB
Lesson 47. Admin Adding functions.mp4 228.58MB
Lesson 48. Admin Finishing Edit matches.mp4 132.02MB
Lesson 49. Admin Add Match.mp4 70.59MB
Lesson 5. Installing NODE Js - MAC.mp4 15.61MB
Lesson 50. Admin Players Endpoint.mp4 100.25MB
Lesson 51. Admin Add players - creating the form.mp4 164.26MB
Lesson 52. Admin Players fileuploader.mp4 185.97MB
Lesson 53. Admin Players fileuploader ..continued.mp4 146.16MB
Lesson 54. Admin Finshing add players.mp4 160.74MB
Lesson 55. Admin Edit player.mp4 173.85MB
Lesson 56. Creating The Team component.mp4 265.53MB
Lesson 57. The matches Creating the component.mp4 173.09MB
Lesson 58. The matches Adding transitions.mp4 162.41MB
Lesson 59. The matches Filters.mp4 147.28MB
Lesson 6. Installing NODE Js - WINDOWS.mp4 14.59MB
Lesson 60. The matches Finishing filters.mp4 54.97MB
Lesson 61. Adding a 404 PAGE.mp4 51.05MB
Lesson 62. DEPLOY to production..mp4 102.36MB
Lesson 63. Installing Mongo DB - MAC.mp4 62.49MB
Lesson 64. Installing Mongo DB - WINDOWS.mp4 65.44MB
Lesson 65. installing Robo 3T - MAC.mp4 27.94MB
Lesson 66. Installing Robo 3T - WINDOWS.mp4 18.70MB
Lesson 67. SERVER initial setup.mp4 101.88MB
Lesson 68. SERVER .env and middleware.mp4 67.81MB
Lesson 69. SERVER User model.mp4 82.35MB
Lesson 7. Project setting up.mp4 46.22MB
Lesson 70. SERVER Registering users.mp4 77.86MB
Lesson 71. SERVER Hashing passwords.mp4 90.44MB
Lesson 72. SERVER Login users and creating tokens.mp4 219.84MB
Lesson 73. SERVER Auth route.mp4 172.87MB
Lesson 74. SERVER Logout.mp4 59.85MB
Lesson 75. SERVER Brand model and routes.mp4 157.33MB
Lesson 76. SERVER Woods model and routes.mp4 80.06MB
Lesson 77. SERVERAdding products.mp4 189.68MB
Lesson 78. SERVER Getting products by ID.mp4 128.08MB
Lesson 79. SERVER Getting product by order..mp4 122.98MB
Lesson 8. Creating the Header.mp4 116.52MB
Lesson 80. CLIENT Starting with the client.mp4 159.65MB
Lesson 81. CLIENT Header anf footer.mp4 190.03MB
Lesson 82. CLIENT Setting Redux up..mp4 98.97MB
Lesson 83. CLIENT Adding a Register login component.mp4 115.87MB
Lesson 84. CLIENTCreating the login.mp4 115.01MB
Lesson 85. CLIENTCreating the login 2.mp4 170.99MB
Lesson 86. CLIENTCreating the login 3.mp4 95.58MB
Lesson 87. CLIENT Finishing the login.mp4 128.72MB
Lesson 88. CLIENT Creating the Register.mp4 139.90MB
Lesson 89. CLIENT Finishing register.mp4 158.15MB
Lesson 9. Header sidedrawer.mp4 174.37MB
Lesson 90. CLIENT Creating the dashoard.mp4 107.67MB
Lesson 91. CLIENT Preventing routes.mp4 219.89MB
Lesson 92. CLIENT Header links.mp4 148.12MB
Lesson 93. CLIENT Finishing Header links.mp4 123.16MB
Lesson 94. CLIENTHome slider promotions.mp4 192.98MB
Lesson 95. CLIENTHome cards.mp4 118.84MB
Lesson 96. CLIENT Home cards 2.mp4 157.49MB
Lesson 97. CLIENT Finishing home cards.mp4 126.07MB
Lesson 98. CLIENT Startting the Shop component.mp4 151.19MB
Lesson 99. CLIENT Shop checkboxes.mp4 178.66MB 141.13MB
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