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(01) [Mariah Carey] Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue).wav 40.45MB
(01) [Mariah Carey] Honey.wav 50.51MB
(01) [Mariah Carey] It's Like That.wav 34.21MB
(01) [Yao Si Ting] Donna Donna.wav 41.11MB
(01) [Yao Si Ting] Scarborough Fair.flac 26.02MB
(01) [Yao Si Ting] Sealed with a kiss.ape 22.91MB
(02) [Mariah Carey] Butterfly.wav 46.12MB
(02) [Mariah Carey] Obsessed.wav 40.74MB
(02) [Mariah Carey] We Belong Together.wav 33.88MB
(02) [Yao Si Ting] Fields Of Gold.wav 55.83MB
(02) [Yao Si Ting] Starry, Starry Night.flac 29.40MB
(02) [Yao Si Ting] You are.ape 19.19MB
(03) [Mariah Carey] H.A.T.E.U..wav 45.02MB
(03) [Mariah Carey] My All.wav 38.89MB
(03) [Mariah Carey] Shake It Off.wav 39.17MB
(03) [Yao Si Ting] Angel.flac 23.77MB
(03) [Yao Si Ting] I Finally Found Someone.wav 42.39MB
(03) [Yao Si Ting] Rain and tears.ape 20.22MB
(04) [Mariah Carey] Candy Bling.wav 40.90MB
(04) [Mariah Carey] Mine Again.wav 40.66MB
(04) [Mariah Carey] The Roof.wav 52.87MB
(04) [Yao Si Ting] 2 Become 1.wav 40.70MB
(04) [Yao Si Ting] Green sleves.ape 23.25MB
(04) [Yao Si Ting] Where's My Love.flac 24.71MB
(05) [Mariah Carey] Fourth of July.wav 44.19MB
(05) [Mariah Carey] Ribbon.wav 43.91MB
(05) [Mariah Carey] Say Somethin'.wav 37.76MB
(05) [Yao Si Ting] Do that to me one more time.ape 22.87MB
(05) [Yao Si Ting] I Cry.flac 26.37MB
(05) [Yao Si Ting] Somewhere My Love.wav 30.89MB
(06) [Mariah Carey] Breakdown (featuring Bone Thugs-n-Harmony).wav 47.73MB
(06) [Mariah Carey] Inseparable.wav 35.95MB
(06) [Mariah Carey] Stay the Night.wav 39.91MB
(06) [Yao Si Ting] Don't Cry For Me Argentina.flac 30.09MB
(06) [Yao Si Ting] Home On The Range.wav 41.94MB
(06) [Yao Si Ting] I knew I loved you.ape 26.29MB
(07) [Mariah Carey] Babydoll.wav 51.56MB
(07) [Mariah Carey] Get Your Number.wav 31.46MB
(07) [Mariah Carey] Standing O.wav 40.38MB
(07) [Yao Si Ting] Jambalaya.ape 23.59MB
(07) [Yao Si Ting] Make believe It's Your First Time.wav 41.56MB
(07) [Yao Si Ting] You Raise Me Up.flac 31.37MB
(08) [Mariah Carey] Close My Eyes.wav 43.76MB
(08) [Mariah Carey] It's A Wrap.wav 40.18MB
(08) [Mariah Carey] One and Only.wav 32.76MB
(08) [Yao Si Ting] How could an angel break my heart.ape 23.90MB
(08) [Yao Si Ting] Take a Bow.flac 26.60MB
(08) [Yao Si Ting] The Streets Of Jamie.wav 46.40MB
(09) [Mariah Carey] Circles.wav 35.46MB
(09) [Mariah Carey] Up Out My Face.wav 37.22MB
(09) [Mariah Carey] Whenever You Call.wav 43.89MB
(09) [Yao Si Ting] Goodbye.wav 41.14MB
(09) [Yao Si Ting] Last walts.ape 20.42MB
(09) [Yao Si Ting] No Matter What.flac 27.03MB
(10) [Mariah Carey] Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise).wav 38.56MB
(10) [Mariah Carey] Up Out My Face (The Reprise).wav 8.65MB
(10) [Mariah Carey] Your Girl.wav 27.98MB
(10) [Yao Si Ting] Careless whisper.ape 26.60MB
(10) [Yao Si Ting] How Did I Fall In Love With You.flac 25.54MB
(10) [Yao Si Ting] Nobody.wav 43.15MB
(11) [Mariah Carey] I Wish You Knew.wav 36.15MB
(11) [Mariah Carey] More Than Just Friends.wav 36.58MB
(11) [Mariah Carey] The Beautiful Ones (featuring Dru Hill).wav 70.29MB
(11) [Yao Si Ting] Down By The Sally Gardens.wav 42.45MB
(11) [Yao Si Ting] Every Time.flac 23.68MB
(11) [Yao Si Ting] When you believe.ape 27.58MB
(12) [Mariah Carey] Outside.wav 48.16MB
(12) [Mariah Carey] The Impossible.wav 40.46MB
(12) [Mariah Carey] To the Floor.wav 34.93MB
(12) [Yao Si Ting] Edelweiss.flac 23.76MB
(12) [Yao Si Ting] Longer.ape 22.26MB
(12) [Yao Si Ting] Moon River.wav 39.05MB
(13) [Mariah Carey] Honey (So So Def Radio Mix)' (featuring Da Brat and JD).wav 40.10MB
(13) [Mariah Carey] Joy Ride.wav 41.01MB
(13) [Mariah Carey] The Impossible (The Reprise).wav 24.50MB
(13) [Yao Si Ting] La isla bonita.ape 25.71MB
(13) [Yao Si Ting] The Sound Of Silence.flac 21.45MB
(13) [Yao Si Ting] The Thing You Are To Me.wav 47.86MB
(14) [Mariah Carey] Angel (The Prelude).wav 10.80MB
(14) [Mariah Carey] Fly Like a Bird.wav 39.20MB
(14) [Mariah Carey] Honey (Def Club Mix).wav 63.57MB
(15) [Mariah Carey] Angels Cry.wav 40.69MB
(15) [Mariah Carey] Sprung.wav 34.64MB
(16) [Mariah Carey] Languishing (The Interlude).wav 25.84MB
(16) [Mariah Carey] Secret Love.wav 31.92MB
(17) [Mariah Carey] Don't Forget About Us.wav 39.26MB
(17) [Mariah Carey] I Want To Know What Love Is.wav 34.85MB
(18) [Mariah Carey] Makin' It Last All Night (What It Do).wav 39.06MB
(18) [Mariah Carey] Obsessed (Cahill Radio Mix).wav 33.76MB
(19) [Mariah Carey] Obsessed (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit).wav 32.36MB
(19) [Mariah Carey] So Lonely (One & Only Part II).wav 39.26MB
(20) [Mariah Carey] Obsessed (Jump Smokers Radio Edit).wav 33.60MB
(20) [Mariah Carey] We Belong Together (Remix).wav 44.68MB
(21) [Mariah Carey] Obsessed (Friscia And Lamboy Radio Mix).wav 42.32MB
[Mariah Carey] Butterfly.cue 5.69KB
[Mariah Carey] Butterfly.m3u 641B
[Mariah Carey] Butterfly.m3u8 644B
[Mariah Carey] Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.cue 7.43KB
[Mariah Carey] Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.m3u 987B
[Mariah Carey] Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.m3u8 990B
[Mariah Carey] The Emancipation Of Mimi.cue 6.67KB
[Mariah Carey] The Emancipation Of Mimi.m3u 831B
[Mariah Carey] The Emancipation Of Mimi.m3u8 834B
[Yao Si Ting] Endless love.cue 16.43KB
[Yao Si Ting] Endless love.m3u 531B
[Yao Si Ting] Endless love.m3u8 534B
[Yao Si Ting] Endless Love II.cue 4.14KB
[Yao Si Ting] Endless Love II.m3u 540B
[Yao Si Ting] Endless Love II.m3u8 543B
[Yao Si Ting] Eternal Singing EndLess Love IX.cue 4.90KB
[Yao Si Ting] Eternal Singing EndLess Love IX.m3u 547B
[Yao Si Ting] Eternal Singing EndLess Love IX.m3u8 550B
01. Angel eyes.wav 66.64MB
01. Born To Play Guitar.flac 164.40MB
01. Born To Play Guitar.PNG 179.75KB
01. Colour to the Moon.wav 45.57MB
01. Dominic Miller - Air (Feat. Danny Gottlieb, Richard Drexler).flac 28.39MB
01.Dreamlover.flac 85.64MB
01. Fanfare for the Common Man.wav 37.31MB
01.I cry.flac 25.72MB
01.Love at First Sight.dff 172.49MB
01. Mua Tren Pho Hue - Duy Khanh.wav 66.78MB
01. Nguoi O Lai Dua Do.wav 62.14MB
01. Phan Ma Hong - Huong Lan.wav 53.03MB
01. Phan To Tam.wav 53.35MB
01.Speak softlylove.flac 21.92MB
01. Symphonic Dances_ No. 1 Non Allegro.wav 29.97MB
01.Tái kiến diệc thị bằng hữu.flac 26.67MB
01. The Firebird Suite - Internal Dance (Excerpt).wav 48.65MB
01. Tuong tu 4 (A).wav 419.68MB
01.Walking in the air.flac 23.90MB
01.Woman In Love.flac 24.79MB
01 - Ao lua Ha Dong.flac 29.16MB
01 - Beo Dat May Troi.flac 41.51MB
01 - Biet Khuc (Nguyen Anh 9).flac 33.19MB
01 - Body & soul.flac 23.79MB
01 - Canh Chim Co Don - Thai Hoa.wav 53.70MB
01 - Can You Feel It.flac 25.79MB
01 - Chia Tay Tinh Dau , Nguyen Ngoc Thien.flac 34.09MB
01 - Chuyen Ben , Doan Chuan - Tu Linh.flac 40.53MB
01 Em hay ngu di.wav 152.66MB
01 - Gui Gio Cho May Ngan Bay - Send Wind To The Flying Cloud.flac 41.28MB
01 - Ha Trang.flac 51.84MB
01 - Hay Ve Day Ben Anh.flac 32.04MB
01 Hotel California.flac 375.15MB
01 Jeff Golub - Nightlife.flac 29.05MB
01-Kim Chung Guitarist - Niem khuc cuoi.wav 33.81MB
01 - Loi Bat.flac 7.02MB
01 - Midnight In San Juan.flac 33.99MB
01 - Mt. Airy Road.flac 43.27MB
01 - Mua thu khong tro lai , Pham Trong Cau.flac 26.82MB
01 - Nhu Canh Vac Bay.flac 35.59MB
01 Peter White - Chasing the Dawn.flac 33.43MB
01- Quynh Huong - Huong Lan.wav 44.96MB
01 - Ru Rung.flac 64.03MB
01 - Thuy Chi - Khoang Troi Cua Be.flac 23.22MB
01 - Ve que.flac 36.58MB
01 - Viens M'embrasser - Hay den voi em.flac 34.01MB
01 Yeu la chet trong long.wav 149.92MB
02. Allegro.wav 42.87MB
02. Con Duong Mang Ten Em - song ca.wav 44.55MB
02. Dau Xot Ly Chim Quyen.wav 66.54MB
02. Duo For Violin & Cello, Op.7 - Allegro Serioso, Non Troppo (recorded in Japan 1978).wav 80.19MB
02. Eumir Deodato - I Want You More (Feat. Novecento, Al Jarreau).flac 28.54MB
02.Hero.flac 91.78MB
02. Letter to my Mother.dff 111.35MB
02. Mong Sau (A).wav 303.81MB
02. Nature boy.wav 44.76MB
02. Phien Khuc Chieu Mua - Thanh Tuyen.wav 44.28MB
02.Skellig.flac 33.53MB
02.Tonight i celebrate my love.flac 24.92MB
02. Trong Con Hy Vong.wav 44.75MB
02.Unchained melody.flac 22.10MB
02.Vô ngôn đích kết cục.flac 23.50MB
02. Wear You Out (feat. Billy Gibbons).flac 117.33MB
02. Wear You Out (feat. Billy Gibbons).PNG 156.68KB
02. Would You Break My Heart.wav 33.30MB
02. Zapateado.wav 36.31MB
02.黄昏.flac 28.35MB
02 - Anh Khang & Thuy Chi - Em Toi.flac 20.15MB
02 - Bon Mua Thay La.flac 25.84MB
02 - Brazilian Stomp.flac 37.34MB
02 - Chieu Tim - Purple Twilight.flac 25.48MB
02- Chut Nang Mong Manh - Thai Chau.wav 56.50MB
02 - Dem Nghe Tieng Mua Roi.flac 25.15MB
02 - Gian Hon.flac 48.76MB
02 - Ha Trang (Trinh Cong Son).flac 35.39MB
02 - Hoa Thom Buom Luon.flac 48.36MB
02 - In the mood for love.flac 30.38MB
02 Jeff Golub - Bobby's Mood.flac 28.85MB
02 - Keepin' It Cool.flac 21.29MB
02-Kim Chung Guitarist - Cay dan bo quen.wav 54.94MB
02 - La Maladie D'amour - Si tinh.flac 24.86MB
02 LK Ky Niem - Thuyen Vien xu.wav 226.66MB
02 - Mat biec.flac 30.12MB
02 - Mimosa.flac 37.90MB
02 - Mong Duoi Hoa , Pham Dinh Chuong, tho Dinh Hung.flac 35.89MB
02 - Ngoc dong Huong Giang.flac 26.03MB
02 Nhin nhung mua thu di.wav 118.33MB
02 Peter White - Who's that Lady.flac 27.81MB
02 - Ru Doi Da Mat - Hien Thuc.wav 50.10MB
02 - Ru Em Tung Ngon Xuan Nong.flac 30.11MB
02 - Ru Em Tung Ngon Xuan Nong.flac 34.81MB
02 - Ru ta ngam ngui , Trinh Cong Son.flac 23.95MB
02 - Ve Day Nghe Em , Tran Quang Loc.flac 38.32MB
03.Anytime You Need A Friend.flac 93.73MB
03. Back Up Mama.flac 157.14MB
03. Back Up Mama.flac.png 128.11KB
03. Beautiful love.wav 37.44MB
03. Chuyen Tinh Quan Ben Ho.wav 56.41MB
03. La Gambo in Tenor.wav 39.16MB
03. Left Alone.wav 59.51MB
03. Me Hau Giang.wav 55.94MB
03.Nặc ngôn.flac 17.62MB
03. Nguoi Ve Giua Dem Mua - Duy Quang.wav 48.51MB
03. Novecento - Vision (Feat. Danny Gottlieb, Wayne Dockerty).flac 28.14MB
03. O clarissima mater.wav 31.25MB
03.Smoke gets in your eyes.flac 23.50MB
03. Symphony No.9 In E Minor, Op.95, From The New World - Allegro Con Fuoco.wav 37.04MB
03. The Ocean.dff 112.06MB
03. Tien em (A).wav 280.59MB
03.Truly Madly Deeply.flac 27.82MB
03. Xin Yeu Toi Bang Tinh Nguoi - Huong Lan.wav 58.54MB
03.Yesterday once more.flac 31.79MB
03.老地方.flac 30.62MB
03 - Across The Sand.flac 31.12MB
03 - Always Thinkin' Of You.flac 26.65MB
03 - Biet ly , Dzoan Man.flac 38.98MB
03 - Brazilian Stomp.flac 33.35MB
03 - Cat Bui.flac 34.33MB
03 - Chi Con Anh Mat.flac 28.92MB
03 - Chi toi.flac 39.66MB
03 Dau chan dia dang.wav 154.46MB
03 - Dong Song Lo Dang , Viet Anh.flac 34.63MB
03 - Goi Giac Mo Xua (Le Hoang Long).flac 27.20MB
03 - Gui Gio Cho May Ngan Bay , Doan Chuan - Tu Linh.flac 49.76MB
03 Jeff Golub - Always There.flac 31.62MB
03-Kim Chung Guitarist - Nhu canh vac bay.wav 24.81MB
03 - Loi Ru Cua Me.flac 46.05MB
03 - Magique Boulevard - Dai lo dem.flac 20.13MB
03 - Mot Coi Di Ve.flac 33.91MB
03 - Niem khuc cuoi.flac 50.08MB
03 - Over the rainbow.flac 26.11MB
03 Peter White - Turn it Out.flac 36.38MB
03 - Qua Cau Gio Bay.flac 57.65MB
03 - Ru Doi Di Nhe.flac 27.87MB
03 - Thuy Chi & M4U - Phia Cuoi Con Duong.flac 29.93MB
03 Tinh ho.wav 138.44MB
03- Tinh - Huong Lan.wav 66.60MB
03 - Tinh Nghe Sy - Artists Love.flac 29.04MB
03 - Uot Mi - Cam Van.wav 69.43MB
04. Alfredo Golino - Delicious (Feat. Maurizio Fiordiliso).flac 30.02MB
04.First of Maya.flac 22.01MB
04. Flesh and Blood.wav 57.85MB
04.Happiness.flac 27.21MB
04. Hoi Hue Co Thuong Khong.wav 50.83MB
04.It doesn't matter.flac 20.90MB
04. Mating Dance.wav 49.18MB
04.Music Box.flac 102.19MB
04. Nearness of you.wav 60.43MB
04. Ngay Da Dom Bong - Son Ca.wav 49.87MB
04. Nghe nhung tan phai (A).wav 396.88MB
04. Nhat Ky Cua Hai Dua Minh - Duy Khanh.wav 56.06MB
04. Nhung Giai Dieu Khong Quen.wav 56.26MB
04.Phán tam niên.flac 24.45MB
04. Respighi, Queen of Sheba Suite_ War Dance.wav 29.85MB
04. The Carmen Ballet - IX. Torero.wav 27.13MB
04. Too Late (feat. Kim Wilson).flac 93.14MB
04. Too Late (feat. Kim Wilson).flac.png 129.98KB
04. Wedding of Love.dff 109.22MB
04.绝口不提爱你.flac 32.48MB
04 - Adieu! Sois Heureuse - Vinh biet em yeu.flac 28.97MB
04 - As time goes by.flac 25.08MB
04 - Chi toi.flac 31.97MB
04 - Dem dong , Nguyen Van Thuong.flac 40.71MB
04 - Diem Xua.flac 34.23MB
04 - Dreamin'.flac 31.36MB
04 - Em Mai La Niem Dau , Nguyen Ngoc Thien.flac 35.86MB
04 Hen ho.wav 151.90MB
04 - If You Ask Me.flac 23.87MB
04 Jeff Golub - Seventh Heaven.flac 33.61MB
04-Kim Chung Guitarist - Thuyen vien xu.wav 52.09MB
04- Loi To Tinh Mua Xuan - Thai Chau.wav 49.06MB
04 - Ly Cai Mon.flac 39.10MB
04 - Maybe Tonight.flac 25.42MB
04 - Mua Hong.flac 28.91MB
04 - Nang Thuy Tinh - Pham Thu Ha.wav 52.25MB
04 Peter White - Bullseye.flac 31.55MB
04 Phoi pha.wav 164.26MB
04 - Rieng mot goc troi.flac 41.61MB
04 - Thuong Nhau Ngay Mua (Nguyen Trung Cang).flac 40.80MB
04 - Thu Quyen Ru - Seductive Fall.flac 33.13MB
04 - Toi Da Biet Yeu.flac 25.48MB
04 - Tro Chuyen Cung Chim Khuyen.flac 22.07MB
04 - Vet Lan Tram.flac 42.32MB
04 - Xom Dem , Pham Dinh Chuong.flac 44.61MB
05.Because of you.flac 28.54MB
05. Billy Cobham - Okky Dokky.flac 32.81MB
05.Just when I needed you most.flac 23.08MB
05. Mong Em Con Ngay Mai.wav 60.65MB
05.Now That I Know.flac 96.35MB
05. Old Fashioned Saturday Night.wav 45.27MB
05.Only Love.flac 28.77MB
05. Phut Cuoi - Giao Linh.wav 56.88MB
05. Quen di tinh yeu cu (B).wav 260.24MB
05. Sagittarius.dff 96.50MB
05. Sau Ngay Hanh Quan - Huong Lan.wav 41.18MB
05. Serenade.wav 36.05MB
05. Tham Thi.wav 43.98MB
05.Thiên nhược hữu tình.flac 22.60MB
05. Touch.wav 50.26MB
05. Vos Flores Rosarum.wav 33.92MB
05. Whiskey, Beer & Wine.flac 150.17MB
05. Whiskey, Beer & Wine.PNG 163.40KB
05. You don't know what love is.wav 70.03MB
05.月光.flac 23.43MB
05 Chi chugn do thoi.wav 157.89MB
05 - Chieu Tim , Dan Tho, tho Dinh Hung.flac 29.28MB
05 - Cho Phien.flac 44.93MB
05 - Dem Dong - Winter Night.flac 44.02MB
05 - Doc mo (Thy Trang).flac 43.98MB
05- Giot Sau - Huong Lan.wav 43.80MB
05 Jeff Golub - Daylight.flac 27.77MB
05-Kim Chung Guitarist - Ha trang.wav 32.09MB
05 - La Do Muon Chieu (Doan Chuan & Tu Linh).flac 36.05MB
05 - Last Song.flac 28.15MB
05 - Me yeu con.flac 29.26MB
05 - Nature boy.flac 26.36MB
05 - Ne Me Quitte Pas - Dung xa toi.flac 36.87MB
05 - Nguoi Tua Man Thuyen.flac 45.80MB
05 - Nhin Nhung Mua Thu Di - Hong Hanh.wav 48.46MB
05 - Nhu Chua Bat Dau.flac 29.79MB
05 Peter White - Just My Imagination.flac 29.51MB
05 - Pho Xa , Le Quoc Thang.flac 37.38MB
05 - Since You're Gone.flac 29.53MB
05 - Thu quyen ru , Doan Chuan - Tu Linh.flac 31.28MB
05 - Thuy Chi - Giac Mo Trua.flac 34.76MB
05 - Tinh Nho.flac 34.91MB
05 - Tuoi Da Buon.flac 36.96MB
05 - Uot Mi.flac 40.67MB
05 Xin cho toi.wav 161.28MB
05 - You Were There For Me.flac 29.55MB
06. Alfredo Golino - For You (Dad).flac 35.39MB
06.Because I love you.flac 25.00MB
06. Ben Nay Bien.wav 53.68MB
06. Billy the Kid (suite from the Ballet) - Gun Battle.wav 21.19MB
06. Cuon Theo Chieu Gio - Huong Lan.wav 57.86MB
06. Diva.dff 123.40MB
06.Hotel California.flac 38.05MB
06. I fall in love too easily.wav 39.27MB
06.Just Once Last Dance.flac 27.70MB
06. Kiss Me Quick (feat. Kim Wilson).flac 98.20MB
06. Kiss Me Quick (feat. Kim Wilson).PNG 164.65KB
06. Lift Your Veil.wav 76.83MB
06. Martin Minoit son Portian au Marche.wav 21.92MB
06. Nen Huong Yeu - Duy Khanh.wav 52.21MB
06.Never Forget You.flac 79.31MB
06. Ngan thu ao tim (B).wav 456.26MB
06. Songs of Rejoicing.wav 39.98MB
06. Tieng Quoc Dem Trang.wav 56.54MB
06.You've got a way.flac 28.98MB
06.我不想说.flac 32.23MB
06 - Ban tinh cuoi.flac 25.93MB
06 - Bien Nho (Trinh Cong Son).flac 43.24MB
06 - Chi Toi , Tran Tien.flac 36.90MB
06 - Collaboration.flac 36.12MB
06 - Diem Xua - Thai Hoa.wav 49.29MB
06 - Dieu Ly Qua Cau.flac 38.18MB
06 - Em Hay Ngu Di.flac 32.78MB
06 - Ha Trang , Ru Ta Ngam Ngui.flac 55.59MB
06 - Huyen thoai me.flac 34.64MB
06 Jeff Golub - (oh no) no mo yo.flac 28.38MB
06-Kim Chung Guitarist - Mat biec.wav 45.26MB
06 - La Thu - Letter.flac 38.10MB
06 - La Vie 'Cest Une Histoire D'amour - Mot chuyen tinh.flac 17.64MB
06 Lien Khuc - Vet lan tram - chieu mot minh qua pho.wav 173.97MB
06 - Me khuc , Bao Phuc - Anh Khoa.flac 24.05MB
06- Minh Mat Nhau Bao Gio - Thai Chau.wav 47.53MB
06 - Mua Roi.flac 43.19MB
06 Mua thu chet.wav 128.87MB
06 Peter White - Bueno Funk.flac 27.12MB
06 - Rainbow Man.flac 35.05MB
06 - Skylark.flac 31.51MB
06 - This Is The Song.flac 25.31MB
06 - Thuc Giac.flac 27.25MB
06 - Thu Quyen Ru , Doan Chuan - Tu Linh.flac 39.76MB
06 - Thuy Chi - Chuyen (Bai Hat Viet 2007).flac 27.48MB
06 - Xin Cho Toi.flac 32.56MB
07. Alfredo Golino - She's Just Born.flac 32.25MB
07.At Your Best.flac 34.98MB
07.Bão khẩn ngã tâm.flac 27.64MB
07. Chuyen Mot Chiec Cau Da Gay.wav 63.19MB
07. Crying Out Of One Eye.flac 134.46MB
07. Crying Out Of One Eye.flac.png 127.09KB
07. Day of wine and roses.wav 65.87MB
07. Duong Sang Nha Em - Huong Lan.wav 44.58MB
07. Four Seasons - Concerto in E Major, RV 269 'Spring' I. Allegro.wav 34.04MB
07. Ha noi ngay thang cu (B).wav 448.44MB
07.How deep is your love.flac 27.43MB
07. Khoi Lam Chieu - Phuong Dung.wav 46.07MB
07. Mat Hue Xua.wav 52.82MB
07.She wore a yellow ribbone.flac 22.38MB
07. So Sad.dff 113.80MB
07. Swan Lake_ Duo.wav 57.96MB
07. Volcano.wav 73.50MB
07. Wheel of Fortune.wav 38.61MB
07.Without You.flac 76.97MB
07.梦中的情话 (原创).flac 28.99MB
07 - Cat Bui Tinh Xa.flac 30.65MB
07 - Con Thuyen Khong Ben - A No-Landing Place Boat.flac 41.24MB
07 Doi goi em biet bao lan.wav 165.74MB
07- Goi Nguoi Yeu Dau - Huong Lan.wav 60.70MB
07 - Inh La Oi.flac 36.36MB
07 - Jamaica.flac 32.90MB
07 Jeff Golub - A Woman's touch.flac 29.78MB
07 - John L.flac 30.30MB
07 - Khong Con Mua Thu , Viet Anh.flac 29.72MB
07-Kim Chung Guitarist - Huong xua.wav 55.40MB
07 LK Ngam ngui - Roi day Anh se dua em ve nha.wav 159.18MB
07 - Movin' On.flac 24.11MB
07 - Mua thu cho em.flac 33.91MB
07 - My foolish heart.flac 33.37MB
07 - Nguoi Oi Nguoi O Dung Ve.flac 37.21MB
07 - Noi long , Nguyen Van Khanh.flac 27.90MB
07 - Paroles - Loi tam su.flac 22.03MB
07 Peter White - Glow.flac 31.74MB
07 - Phoi Pha.flac 32.16MB
07 - Song Ve Dau.flac 23.71MB
07 - Tan Phai.flac 32.09MB
07 - Tinh Nghe Si , Doan Chuan - Tu Linh.flac 27.90MB
07 - Tinh Nho - Thien Kim.wav 55.52MB
07 - Tinh Yeu Oi (Thanh Liem).flac 31.70MB
07 - Tro ve dong song tuoi tho.flac 23.04MB
08. (Baby) You Got What It Takes (feat. Joss Stone).flac 110.34MB
08. (Baby) You Got What It Takes (feat. Joss Stone).flac.png 130.68KB
08.Be thou my vision.flac 23.09MB
08. Chieu Mua Qua Song.wav 51.84MB
08. Dem Bo Vo - Duy Khanh.wav 49.19MB
08. Dua Em Vao Ha.wav 52.07MB
08. Eumir Deodato - Night Passage (Feat. John Tropea).flac 34.96MB
08. Heart of Glass.wav 50.39MB
08. It's Not Easy Being White.wav 35.05MB
08.Just To Hold You Once Again.flac 84.37MB
08.Last Christmas.flac 28.89MB
08. Libertango (Tangos arranged for Saxophone & Orchestra).wav 47.92MB
08.Longer.flac 20.67MB
08. Mr. Bones.wav 37.89MB
08. Mua thu canh nau (B).wav 341.86MB
08. My funny valentine.wav 90.75MB
08. Sau Nhung Lan Goi Moi - Thanh Thuy.wav 45.44MB
08. Secret Garden.dff 92.05MB
08.Vãn thu.flac 25.56MB
08.雨人.flac 25.27MB
08 - Chieu nay khong co em (Thy Trang).flac 41.42MB
08- Cho Du Co Di Noi Dau - Thai Chau.wav 57.55MB
08 - Chuyen Ngay Xua (Nhat Trung).flac 36.81MB
08 - Dau Chan Dia Dang.flac 47.52MB
08 - Duong Ve Nha Em.flac 32.58MB
08 - Em Den Tham Anh Mot Chieu Mua - Coming To You In A Rainy Twilight.flac 27.33MB
08 - Em Di Bo Lai Con Duong.flac 42.27MB
08 - From Me to You.flac 25.05MB
08 - Ha Trang - Lo Thuy.wav 51.48MB
08 Jeff Golub - Thank You, May I Have Another.flac 29.70MB
08 - Je Pense Encore A Toi - Em luon nho ve anh.flac 24.18MB
08-Kim Chung Guitarist - Dua em tim dong hoa vang.wav 53.05MB
08 - Long me , Y Van.flac 29.32MB
08 - Love Theme From 'Romeo & Juliet'.flac 25.42MB
08 - My funny valentine.flac 23.76MB
08 Peter White - Pedro Blanco.flac 27.54MB
08 - Que huong.flac 30.00MB
08 - Ru Con Nam Bo.flac 35.51MB
08 - Ru Ta Ngam Ngui.flac 40.90MB
08 - Ta Ao Xanh , Doan Chuan - Tu Linh.flac 44.70MB
08 - The Traveler.flac 25.75MB
08 - Tra No Tinh Xa , Tuan Khanh.flac 37.58MB
09. Adagio Cantabile from Sonata Op.13 (Pathetique).wav 58.22MB
09. Bantu.wav 22.76MB
09. Billy Cobham - Africa.flac 29.89MB
09. Blue Dream.wav 47.82MB
09.Dear friend.flac 20.44MB
09. Doi Nga Chia Ly - Huong Lan.wav 50.32MB
09.Hey jude.flac 27.87MB
09.Hồng hiệp tà lạc ngã tâm tịch mịch thời.flac 23.22MB
09.It's Not Goodbye.flac 33.49MB
09.Ive Been Thinking About You.flac 103.81MB
09. Journey to Venice.dff 116.78MB
09. Nho Tan Phi.wav 67.25MB
09. Nhu Gio Nhu May.wav 38.08MB
09. The very thought of you.wav 66.46MB
09. Turned My Upside Down.wav 44.82MB
09. Turn Me Wild.flac 153.69MB
09. Turn Me Wild.PNG 157.15KB
09. Vuon Tao Ngo - Giao Linh.wav 75.51MB
09.When i fall in love.flac 20.29MB
09 - A Moment With You.flac 26.18MB
09 - Bien Nho.flac 42.50MB
09 - Chuyen Ben - Leaving Boat.flac 35.58MB
09 - Doin' It.flac 29.76MB
09 - Huong ve Ha Noi , Hoang Duong.flac 30.93MB
09 Jeff Golub - Only A Memory.flac 27.68MB
09 - Khi Em Thoang Qua Doi Toi (Mai Anh Viet).flac 35.08MB
09-Kim Chung Guitarist - Ngay xua hoang thi.wav 46.58MB
09 - L'ete Inclien - Mau cua tinh yeu.flac 23.38MB
09 - Loi Buon Thanh - Giang Trang.wav 41.18MB
09 - My one and only love.flac 21.11MB
09- Ngau Hung Ly Chim Quyen - Huong Lan.wav 55.58MB
09 - Noi Long , Nguyen Van Khanh.flac 31.16MB
09 Peter White - When I'm Alone.flac 11.67MB
09 - Ru Tinh.flac 35.65MB
09 - Thang 4 ve.flac 40.25MB
09 - Thuong Nhau Ngay Mua.flac 33.22MB
09 - Ve Bien Hat , Bao Chan.flac 38.15MB
1. Killing Me Softly.flac 207.75MB
10. A Dream Story.dff 118.19MB
10.A living prayer.flac 22.60MB
10.All Ive Ever Wanted.flac 84.23MB
10.Can't help falling in love.flac 23.33MB
10. Crazy World.flac 175.09MB
10. Crazy World.PNG 166.47KB
10. Desperado.flac 166.86MB
10. Du Am Mua Ha.wav 49.94MB
10. Gio Nay Anh O Dau - Thanh Tuyen.wav 60.76MB
10.Hallelujah.flac 28.60MB
10. Long After You're Gone.wav 58.28MB
10. Mot Ban Tay - Duy Khanh.wav 56.67MB
10.Ôn hinh đích mục quang.flac 28.78MB
10. Que Huong Ngay Em Lon.wav 49.91MB
10. Softly, as in a morning sunrise.wav 49.62MB
10. Stanley Jordan - Easy Love (Feat. Novecento).flac 33.86MB
10. Star Dust.wav 43.67MB
10. Symphonie Fantastique, Op.14 Marche au Supplice (Marche To The Scafford)_ Allegretto non Troppo.wav 45.21MB
10. The Three Cornered Hat.wav 36.09MB
10.一生有你.flac 30.71MB
10 - Bien Khat , Truong Ngoc Ninh.flac 47.14MB
10 - Bong Chieu Ta , Nhat Bang.flac 23.41MB
10 - Cat Bui.flac 23.67MB
10 - Chuyen Ben - Leaving Boat (Live at Saxn'art Jazz Club).flac 31.72MB
10 - Con Do Chut Hong Phai (Vu Quoc Viet).flac 35.61MB
10 - For The Love Of You.flac 37.11MB
10 Jeff Golub - In Crowd.flac 25.72MB
10 - Liquid.flac 23.15MB
10- Ngau Hung Ly Qua Cau - Thai Chau.wav 46.34MB
10 - Nhu Mot Vet Thuong - Khanh Ly.wav 65.78MB
10 Peter White - Life Story.flac 23.29MB
10 - The good life.flac 29.14MB
11.Beauty And The Beast.flac 25.16MB
11. Coi Nghin Trung.wav 52.91MB
11. Huong Binh Luu Luyen - Huong Lan.wav 41.12MB
11. If You Want My Love.wav 40.13MB
11. I Just Fall in Love Again.flac 138.51MB
11.I swear.flac 27.71MB
11. Paolo Di Sabatino, Horacio _El Negro_ Hernandez, Carlitos Puertos - A New Toy (Feat. Daniele Scannapieco).flac 35.83MB
11. Pastoral.dff 99.50MB
11. Smarter Than I Was.flac 181.64MB
11. Smarter Than I Was.flac.png 135.50KB
11.Some where in time.flac 27.70MB
11. Song in the Night.wav 35.41MB
11. The Four Seasons_ Spring.wav 33.01MB
11. The Red Poppy, Ballet Suite, Op.70 - Heroic Coolie Dance.wav 40.93MB
11.Thu khứ thu lai.flac 29.81MB
11.他一定很爱你.flac 23.61MB
11 - Catch Me.flac 23.92MB
11 - Goi Ten Bon Mua - Pham Thu Ha.wav 53.01MB
11 - One Night (Alone With You).flac 29.47MB
11 Peter White - Baby Steps.flac 33.09MB
11 - Vi Yeu (Xuan Hieu).flac 30.14MB
12. Amazing Grace.wav 58.89MB
12. Bai Huong Ca Vo Tan.wav 53.62MB
12.Betrayal.flac 27.48MB
12. Close Your Eyes.wav 36.61MB
12.Nhất khởi tẩu quá đích nhật tử.flac 27.10MB
12. Paolo Di Sabatino, Horacio _El Negro_ Hernandez, Carlitos Puertos - Rua Alagoinhas 301 (Feat. Javier Girotto).flac 44.73MB
12. Rondo for a Little Child.dff 63.46MB
12. The Puppet Opera.wav 54.65MB
12. The Red Poppy, Ballet Suite, Op.70 - Chinese Dance.wav 20.97MB
12. Thick Like Mississippi Mud.flac 135.54MB
12. Thick Like Mississippi Mud.flac.png 125.82KB
12. Toi Se Dua Em Ve - Duy Quang.wav 42.12MB
12.We are One.flac 20.45MB
12.Without You.flac 28.58MB
12.月桂女神.flac 28.61MB
12 - Kissin' On The Beach.flac 37.85MB
12 - Rainy Night in Georgia.flac 30.38MB
13. Doves from the Tenere.dff 139.84MB
13. Firebird_ Infernal Dance Of All Of Kashchei's Subjects.wav 51.01MB
13. Flesh & Bone (Dedicated to B.B. King) (with Van Morrison).flac 134.48MB
13. Flesh & Bone (Dedicated to B.B. King) (with Van Morrison).PNG 161.75KB
13. Kinderspiele.wav 32.56MB
13.Love Me Tender.flac 22.00MB
13.One more time.flac 25.29MB
13.Proud of you.flac 23.96MB
13.Quý hậu phong.flac 23.46MB
13. Serenade for Strings, Op 48, II.Walzer.wav 40.13MB
13. Trace Elements - Ostinato (Live) [Feat. Paolo Di Sabatino, Christian Galvez, Jojo Mayer].flac 44.82MB
13.不要说抱歉.flac 22.36MB
13 - High Flyin'.flac 31.79MB
13 - Master Of Suspense.flac 29.51MB
14. Ave Maria.wav 30.82MB
14. Come Back Muddy.flac 172.89MB
14. Come Back Muddy.flac.png 148.53KB
14. Habanera Fantasia From Carmen.wav 33.54MB
14. Paolo Di Sabatino - F.S.Blues (Feat. Horacio _El Negro_ Hernandez, John Patitucci).flac 34.97MB
14. Regrets.dff 132.87MB
14. Symphony No.10 in E Minor, Opus 93 II.Allegro.wav 45.20MB
14 - Jo Ann's Song.flac 31.68MB
15. Autumn in Seattle.wav 59.66MB
15. Childhood Memories.dff 114.63MB
15. Liebesleid.wav 45.09MB
15. The Red Pony - Happy Ending.wav 31.51MB
15 - One Note Samba.flac 16.58MB
16. As Time Goes By.wav 41.88MB
16. Canon in D.wav 68.41MB
16. Time Passing.dff 134.94MB
17. On the Trail.wav 36.40MB
2. I'm Easy.flac 174.22MB
3. Fly Me to the Moon.flac 192.31MB
4. Close to You.flac 160.99MB
5. Love Will Keep Us Alive.flac 236.31MB
6. Stay Awhile.flac 175.23MB
7. Do You Wanna Dance.flac 177.19MB
8. This Masquerade.flac 237.05MB
9. Do that to Me One More Time.flac 198.12MB
A1 - Daydreamer.flac 69.76MB
A1 - Rolling In The Deep.flac 81.81MB
A2 - Best for Last.flac 83.47MB
A2 - Rumour Has It.flac 78.17MB
A3 - Chasing Pavements.flac 79.61MB
A3 - Turning Tables.flac 80.20MB
A4 - Cold Shoulder.flac 75.06MB
A4 - Don't You Remember.flac 81.53MB
A5 - Crazy for You.flac 63.57MB
A5 - Set Fire To The Rain.flac 86.34MB
A6 - He Won't Go.flac 92.14MB
A6 - Melt My Heart to Stone.flac 73.60MB
Adele - 19.cue 1.33KB
Adele - 19.m3u 302B
Adele - 19 (back).jpg 940.64KB
Adele - 19 (front).jpg 789.97KB
Adele - 19 (label_a).jpg 859.17KB
Adele - 19 (label_b).jpg 758.72KB
Adele - 19 (sleeve_a).jpg 1.29MB
Adele - 19 (sleeve_b).jpg 1.33MB
Adele - 21.cue 1.30KB
Adele - 21.m3u 289B
Adele - 21 (back).jpg 694.76KB
Adele - 21 (front).jpg 670.86KB
Adele - 21 (label_A).jpg 576.72KB
Adele - 21 (label_B).jpg 575.35KB
Adele - 21 (sleeve_A).jpg 448.53KB
Adele - 21 (sleeve_B).jpg 724.34KB
After Hours - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.32MB
Ai Cho Em Tinh Yeu - Lan Trinh.flac 26.29MB
Ai Cho Toi Tinh Yeu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.92MB
Ai Kho Vi Ai - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.86MB
Album Cover.jpg 270.93KB
Album Cover.jpg 75.22KB
Album Cover.jpg 155.27KB
Album Cover.jpg 131.99KB
Album Cover.jpg 25.50KB
Album Info.txt 2.02KB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan back.jpg 272.94KB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan booklet01.jpg 4.58MB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan booklet02.jpg 9.51MB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan booklet03.jpg 7.52MB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan booklet04.jpg 9.51MB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan booklet05.jpg 7.95MB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan booklet06.jpg 9.90MB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan cover.jpg 18.45MB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan disc.jpg 9.29MB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan disc1.jpg 249.77KB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan front.jpg 289.82KB
AngelEyes-TranManhTuan inside.jpg 17.96MB
Anh Hay Ve Que Em - Tan Nhan_ Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.23MB
Anh Hay Ve Que Em - Tan Nhan_ Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.10MB
Another Sad Love Song - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.72MB
Anything - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.62MB
Ao Anh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.48MB
April Rain - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 43.84MB
Artist - Album.accurip 3.05KB
Artist - Album.cue 2.95KB
Artist - Album.log 283B
Artworks 1.JPG 2.09MB
Artworks 2.JPG 2.56MB
Artworks 3.JPG 2.14MB
Artworks 4.JPG 2.36MB
Artworks 5.JPG 2.53MB
Artworks 6.JPG 1.94MB
Artworks 7.JPG 2.56MB
As Time Goes By - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 20.59MB
audiochecker.log 283B
Audition Plus.jpg 109.49KB
B1 - First Love.flac 59.45MB
B1 - Take It All.flac 73.29MB
B2 - I'll Be Waiting.flac 90.93MB
B2 - Right as Rain.flac 69.36MB
B3 - Make You Feel My Love.flac 64.84MB
B3 - One And Only.flac 117.86MB
B4 - Lovesong.flac 100.65MB
B4 - My Same.flac 66.74MB
B5 - Someone Like You.flac 90.73MB
B5 - Tired.flac 96.70MB
B6 - Hometown Glory.flac 84.35MB
back.jpg 940.82KB
back.jpg 78.72KB
back.jpg 207.13KB
back.jpg 99.07KB
back.jpg 67.23KB
back.jpg 82.71KB
back.JPG 840.99KB
back.JPG 1.50MB
back.JPG 637.50KB
back.JPG 700.12KB
back.JPG 1.16MB
Back.jpg 213.58KB
Back.jpg 754.63KB
Back.jpg 121.23KB
Back.jpg 270.42KB
Back.jpg 74.36KB
Back.jpg 297.46KB
Back.jpg 224.84KB
Back.jpg 36.49KB
Back.JPG 918.65KB
Back.JPG 538.55KB
Back.JPG 2.28MB
Back-1.jpg 72.93KB
Back Cover.jpg 925.69KB
Back Cover.JPG 2.18MB
Bai Ca Ha Noi - Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.35MB
Ben Doi - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 40.19MB
Ben Em La Bien Rong - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.91MB
Ben Song Xua - Thu Ha [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.74MB
Beo Dat May Troi.cue 1.77KB
Bien Can - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.58MB
Bien Can - Xuan Hieu.flac 35.42MB
Bien Khat.cue 2.16KB
Bien - Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.82MB
Biet Den Bao Gio - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless]_2.flac 27.04MB
Biet Den Bao Gio - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.00MB
Body & Soul.cue 2.25KB
Bong Thoi Gian - The Shadow Of Time.cue 2.61KB
Booklet_1.jpg 484.85KB
Booklet_1.JPG 833.25KB
Booklet_1.JPG 2.09MB
Booklet_2.JPG 873.10KB
Booklet_2.JPG 855.37KB
Booklet_2.JPG 1.81MB
Booklet_3.JPG 669.60KB
Booklet_3.JPG 672.34KB
Booklet_3.JPG 2.30MB
Booklet_4.JPG 1.00MB
Booklet_4.JPG 671.54KB
Booklet_4.JPG 1.63MB
Booklet_5.JPG 1.67MB
Booklet_6.JPG 1.92MB
Bossa Antigua - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.65MB
Bossa Real - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 49.52MB
box back.JPG 448.33KB
Brazilian Nights - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 37.98MB
Breathe Again - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.09MB
Bu Bossa - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.98MB
Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar.m3u 505B
Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar - Back.jpg 2.65MB
Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar - Booklet (1-2).jpg 461.06KB
Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar - Booklet (2-2).jpg 442.75KB
Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar - CD.jpg 1.04MB
Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar - Front.jpg 1.12MB
Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar - Inside (1-2).jpg 835.11KB
Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar - Inside (2-2).jpg 1.66MB
Buon - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.70MB
By The Time This Night Is Over - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.34MB
c00b748d-6191-40ba-80b2-9cbe12fffaa9_zps8b665f8c.jpg 151.16KB
C1.jpg 293.12KB
C2.jpg 196.69KB
Cam Xuc - Lan Trinh.flac 22.82MB
Cat Bui.cue 1.44KB
Cau Chuyen Dau Nam - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.27MB
Cau Chuyen Nho Cua Toi - Lan Trinh.flac 31.57MB
cd.jpg 31.31KB
CD.jpg 342.98KB
CD.jpg 41.65KB
CD.JPG 301.94KB
CD 1.JPG 50.18KB
CD 2.JPG 44.88KB
CDImage.JPG 2.50MB
CDImage.log 5.55KB
CDImage.wav.auCDtect.txt 1.14KB
CDImage.wav.png 79.75KB
Chan Tinh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.50MB
Chap Tay Hoa Dao Ca 9_ - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.05MB
Chay Theo Anh Mat Troi - Lan Trinh.flac 21.10MB
Chia Tay Tinh Dau - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.44MB
Chi Can Co Anh - Miko Lan Trinh Hiro Crespo.mp3 8.72MB
Chi Con Anh Mat - Xuan Hieu.flac 27.45MB
Chiec La Cuoi Cung - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.19MB
Chiec O Ngan Doi - Lan Trinh.flac 25.77MB
Chieu Cuoi Tuan - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.48MB
Chieu Nang - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.86MB
Chi Muon Yeu Anh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.06MB
Cho Buoc Anh Quay Ve - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.70MB
Chon Giau Mot Tinh Yeu - Le Quyen_ Ho Ng [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.02MB
Cho Nguoi - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.62MB
Cho Vua Long Em - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.54MB
Chuyen Tau Hoang Hon - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.26MB
Chuyen Tinh La Dieu Bong - Thu Ha [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.17MB
Clouds - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.47MB
Co Dan Quan Lang Do - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.30MB
Coi Tinh - Tuan Hung [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.14MB
Come Close - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 18.56MB
Come On Over Here - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.41MB
Coming For You - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.01MB
Con Mat Con Lai Guitar_ - Tran Hoai Phuo [FLAC Lossless].flac 13.01MB
Con Mua Roi That Lau - Lan Trinh.flac 27.25MB
Con Tim Dai Kho - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.66MB
Con Tim Tan Vo - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.34MB
Corcovado Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars_ - [FLAC Lossless].flac 47.33MB
cover.jpg 741.68KB
cover.jpg 34.76KB
cover.jpg 285.70KB
cover.jpg 59.89KB
cover.jpg 48.87KB
cover.jpg 90.50KB
cover.jpg 73.90KB
cover.jpg 81.05KB
cover.jpg 67.02KB
cover.jpg 39.99KB
cover.jpg 56.83KB
cover.JPG 652.14KB
cover.JPG 73.42KB
cover.JPG 1.30MB
cover.JPG 72.14KB
cover.JPG 813.29KB
cover.JPG 51.34KB
cover.JPG 602.56KB
cover.JPG 41.56KB
cover.JPG 866.39KB
cover.JPG 93.77KB
Cover.jpg 250.95KB
Cover.jpg 111.40KB
Cover.jpg 68.12KB
Cover.jpg 58.33KB
Cover.jpg 123.32KB
Cover.jpg 45.55KB
Cover.jpg 248.40KB
Cover.jpg 68.42KB
Cover.jpg 701.13KB
Cover.jpg 79.15KB
Cover.jpg 86.71KB
Cover.jpg 218.74KB
Cover.jpg 55.69KB
Cover.JPG 943.39KB
Cover.JPG 576.38KB
Cover.JPG 2.27MB
coverfh.jpg 39.99KB
Cuoc Dua Ky Thu - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 36.12MB
Da Khuc - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.46MB
Dang Cay - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.82MB
Dang Cay Loi Cuoi - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.82MB
Dan Tranh Ma - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 37.26MB
Dan Tranh Ma - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 38.45MB
Dao - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.86MB
Dat Nuoc Tinh Yeu - Tan Nhan_ Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.41MB
Dat Nuoc Tinh Yeu - Tan Nhan_ Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.23MB
Dau Roi Loi Ru - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 37.59MB
Deja Vu - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.10MB
Dem A Dao - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.91MB
Dem Co Don - Tuan Hung_ Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.95MB
Dem Tam Su - Le Quyen_ Thai Chau [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.24MB
De Nho Mot Thoi Ta Da Yeu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless]_2.flac 30.19MB
De Nho Mot Thoi Ta Da Yeu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.08MB
Dieu Khong The Mat - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.09MB
digipak.jpg 785.86KB
disc.jpg 103.13KB
Disc.jpg 302.07KB
Disc.jpg 169.56KB
Disc.JPG 786.83KB
Disc.JPG 772.70KB
Disc.JPG 2.57MB
disk.JPG 796.48KB
disk.JPG 1.56MB
disk.JPG 527.60KB
disk.JPG 375.94KB
disk .JPG 1.07MB
Di Vang Cuoc Tinh - Xuan Hieu.flac 29.25MB
Doc tau Saxo.cue 2.29KB
Doi Goi Em Biet Bao Lan Guitar_ - Tran H [FLAC Lossless].flac 19.61MB
Doi - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 39.30MB
Doi Thong Hai Mo - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 39.76MB
Doi - Thu Ha [FLAC Lossless].flac 43.51MB
Don_t Make Me Wait For Love - Kenny G_ L [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.70MB
Dong Song Lo Dang - Xuan Hieu.flac 37.41MB
Do not share elsewhere.txt 6B
Do Whatcha Gotta Do - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.71MB
DR10.jpg 19.63KB
Dung Vi Em La Bien - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.28MB
Duong Tau Mua Xuan - Tan Nhan_ Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.80MB
Duong Xua - Xuan Hieu.flac 36.58MB
Earl Klugh - The Best Of Earl Klugh.log 13.58KB
Em Con Nho Hay Em Da Quen Guitar_ - Tran [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.35MB
Em Den Tham Anh Mot Chieu Mua - Xuan Hie [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.76MB
Em Di Trong Chieu Guitar_ - Tran Hoai Ph [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.78MB
Em Se Nho Mai - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.86MB
Em Ve Keo Troi Mua - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.08MB
Encore - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.26MB
endlessloveiv.jpg 40.42KB
endlesslovev.jpg 33.43KB
Everytime I Close My Eyes - Kenny G_ Bab [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.92MB
Exceptional - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.53MB
fa126f52-449a-4b11-9786-4d50e556298c_zpsf6482cc5.jpg 215.06KB
Fall Again - Kenny G_ Robin Thicke [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.54MB
Fare Tale - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.99MB
File Integrity Verifier.txt 2.60KB
Find A Way - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.12MB
Find Me A Man - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.17MB
Fly Me To The Moon You Make Me Feel So Y [FLAC Lossless].flac 21.75MB
folder.jpg 1.63MB
folder.jpg 50.47KB
folder.jpg 42.94KB
folder.jpg 50.53KB
folder.jpg 43.17KB
folder.jpg 65.54KB
folder.jpg 14.29KB
Folder.jpg 342.80KB
Folder.jpg 847.68KB
Follow Your Dream (English Version) - Lan Trinh.flac 26.03MB
Follow Your Dream - Lan Trinh.flac 25.78MB
Font.jpg 162.28KB
foo_dr.txt 1.45KB
foo_dr.txt 1.41KB
foo_dr.txt 1.72KB
Forever In Love - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.34MB
Forever In Love Live_ - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.24MB
front.jpg 57.46KB
front.JPG 626.82KB
Front.jpg 61.77KB
Front.jpg 159.27KB
Front.jpg 829.39KB
Front.jpg 1.06MB
Front.jpg 183.79KB
Front.jpg 33.92KB
front box.JPG 445.04KB
Front Cover.JPG 2.39MB
Gap Nhau Trong Rung Mo - Tan Nhan_ Trong [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.51MB
G Bop Live_ - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.79MB
Gia Ban Dem Trang - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.23MB
Giac Mo Co That - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.16MB
Giac Mo Mua Thu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.63MB
Giay Phut Cuoi - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.10MB
Gio (Ngay Long Gio Yeu) - Lan Trinh Phuc Bo.flac 22.46MB
Girl From Ipanema - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.74MB
Giu Em Di - Thuy Chi.flac 30.68MB
Goc Pho Diu Dang - Lan Trinh.flac 18.73MB
Goi Giac Mo Xua.cue 2.84KB
Going Home - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.77MB
Good Ol_ - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.38MB
Gop La Mua Xuan Guitar_ - Tran Hoai Phuo [FLAC Lossless].flac 14.20MB
G-Walkin_ - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 39.46MB
Hanh Phuc - Tuan Hung_ Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.43MB
Han Mac Tu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 43.99MB
Hat Hiu Doi Nhau - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.49MB
Ha Tinh Que Minh - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.72MB
Ha Trang.cue 2.02KB
Hay De Em Ra Di - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.21MB
Hay Tra Loi Em - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 40.13MB
Hay Yeu That Long - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless]_2.flac 29.13MB
Hay Yeu That Long - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.08MB
Heart And Soul - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.29MB
Heart And Soul Live_ - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.51MB
Here We Are - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.27MB
He Wasn_t Man Enough - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.92MB
Hoang Tu Trong Mo - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 26.86MB
Hoa No Ve Dem - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.45MB
Hoa Sua - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.64MB
Hoa Uu Dam Toa Sang - Tan Nhan_ Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.25MB
ho trung dung - Back.jpg 466.42KB
ho trung dung - Back.jpg 466.42KB
ho trung dung front.jpg 277.71KB
ho trung dung front.jpg 277.71KB
How Could An Angel Break My Heart - Kenn [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.90MB
How Could An Angel Break My Heart - Toni [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.55MB
How To Touch A Girl - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.57MB
HuongLanCD-PhanToTam-1.jpg 38.51MB
HuongLanCD-PhanToTam-2.jpg 22.43MB
HuongLanCD-PhanToTam-3.jpg 13.21MB
HuongLanCD-PhanToTam-4.jpg 410.58KB
HuongLanCD-PhanToTam-5.jpg 382.48KB
HuongLanCD-PhanToTam-6.jpg 381.30KB
Huong Tham - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.27MB
Huong Thien - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.52MB
Hush Hush Hush I Will Survive - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 32.17MB
I_m In The Mood For Love - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 22.94MB
I_m Still Breathing - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.51MB
I Can_t Tell You Why - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.03MB
I Can Take You There - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.60MB
I Don_t Want To - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.62MB
If I Ain_t Got You - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.30MB
If - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 20.28MB
I Love Me Some Him - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.58MB
IMG_1.JPG 1.33MB
IMG_1919.JPG 2.11MB
IMG_1921.JPG 2.18MB
IMG_1933.JPG 897.96KB
IMG_1935.JPG 1.00MB
IMG_1982.JPG 542.43KB
IMG_1983.JPG 523.97KB
IMG_2.JPG 1.34MB
IMG_3.JPG 1.22MB
IMG_4.JPG 1.30MB
IMG_5.JPG 1.29MB
IMG_5124.JPG 1.58MB
IMG_5155.JPG 625.19KB
IMG_8545.JPG 598.96KB
IMG_8546.JPG 577.60KB
IMG_8547.JPG 617.37KB
IMG_8548.JPG 471.34KB
IMG_8551.JPG 720.65KB
IMG_8552.JPG 725.69KB
Info.nfo.txt 2.06KB
info.txt 1.32KB
info.txt 2.25KB
info.txt 4.89KB
info.txt 2.00KB
info.txt 4.82KB
info.txt 1.97KB
info.txt 2.04KB
info.txt 1.95KB
info.txt 3.76KB
info.txt 1.70KB
info.txt 4.34KB
info.txt 4.14KB
info.txt 875B
Info.txt 817B
Info.txt 817B
Info.txt 1.51KB
Inside_1.jpg 573.10KB
Inside_2.jpg 231.82KB
inside.JPG 777.87KB
Inside.jpg 937.63KB
inside1.JPG 687.84KB
Inside1.jpg 54.15KB
inside2.JPG 421.14KB
Inside2.jpg 63.92KB
inside3.JPG 578.25KB
Inside3.jpg 73.32KB
Inside pages.jpg 852.66KB
In The Late Of The Night - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.78MB
Intro - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 3.20MB
It Had To Be You - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 22.53MB
Jasmine Flower - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.82MB
Keepin' It Cool - EAC.log 5.65KB
Khoc Tham Dem Mua - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.11MB
Khong Gio Roi - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.74MB
Kho Nhạc Lossless.url 61B
Khuc Hat Song Que - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.87MB
Kiep Cam Ca - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 21.00MB
Lam Lo - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.18MB
Lan Cuoi - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.81MB
Lang Dang Chieu Dong Ha Noi - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.03MB
Lang Le Noi Nay Guitar_ - Tran Hoai Phuo [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.31MB
Lang Man Tren Doi - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.12MB
Lang Toi - Thanh Le [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.73MB
La Nguoi Phu Nu Anh Yeu - Lan Trinh.flac 20.37MB
LangVanCD007-1.jpg 37.89MB
LangVanCD007-2.jpg 21.67MB
LangVanCD007-3.jpg 9.32MB
LangVanCD007-4.jpg 423.68KB
LangVanCD007-5.jpg 381.83KB
LangVanCD007-6.jpg 365.63KB
LangVanCD041-1.jpg 37.02MB
LangVanCD041-2.jpg 20.40MB
LangVanCD041-3.jpg 12.91MB
LangVanCD041-4.jpg 413.74KB
LangVanCD041-5.jpg 378.01KB
LangVanCD041-6.jpg 372.40KB
LangVanCD112-1.jpg 39.17MB
LangVanCD112-2.jpg 21.54MB
LangVanCD112-3.jpg 11.57MB
LangVanCD112-4.jpg 449.82KB
LangVanCD112-5.jpg 442.15KB
LangVanCD112-6.jpg 418.65KB
Larry Carlton-Friends-01-Breaking Ground.flac 27.80MB
Larry Carlton-Friends-02-South Town.flac 33.55MB
Larry Carlton-Friends-03-Tequila.flac 28.14MB
Larry Carlton-Friends-04-Blues for T J.flac 31.85MB
Larry Carlton-Friends-05-Song In the 5th Grade.flac 35.57MB
Larry Carlton-Friends-06-Cruisin'.flac 34.80MB
Larry Carlton-Friends-07-LA & NY.flac 33.26MB
Larry Carlton-Friends-08-Friends.flac 30.25MB
Lay Phat Con Ve - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.94MB
Leave Get Out_ - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.07MB
Let It Flow - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.11MB
Let It Rain - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.22MB
Letters From Home - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.83MB
Lien Khuc Tuoi Da Buon Ru Mai Ngan Nam - Lan Trinh.flac 41.56MB
Like That - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.17MB
List.txt 899B
list bai hat.JPG 70.90KB
Loi Ca Dang Bac - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.95MB
Love Theme From Romeo Juliet A Time For [FLAC Lossless].flac 19.49MB
Loving You - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 20.80MB
Loving You Live_ - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 21.32MB
Mai Mai Ben Em - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.59MB
Mariah Carey - Butterfly.wav.auCDtect.txt 1.17KB
Mariah Carey - Butterfly.wav.png 78.24KB
Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.wav.auCDtect.txt 1.21KB
Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.wav.png 81.34KB
Mariah Carey – Music Box.fpl 4.78KB
Mariah Carey – Music Box.m3u 263B
Mariah Carey – Music Box.m3u8 266B
Mariah Carey - Number One.iso 2.94GB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Back.jpg 1.38MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Booklet (1-8).jpg 1.82MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Booklet (2-8).jpg 1.63MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Booklet (3-8).jpg 1.68MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Booklet (4-8).jpg 1.97MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Booklet (5-8).jpg 1.62MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Booklet (6-8).jpg 1.67MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Booklet (7-8).jpg 1.56MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Booklet (8-8).jpg 2.16MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - CD.jpg 1.16MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Front.jpg 1.46MB
Mariah Carey - The Emancipation Of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) (Japan) - Inlay.jpg 1.10MB
Marry Me (Acoustic Version) - Miko Lan Trinh.mp3 9.59MB
Marry Me (RnB Version) - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 29.95MB
Marry Me - Miko Lan Trinh.mp3 9.21MB
Maybe - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 21.39MB
Menina Moca - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 41.38MB
Mercy Mercy Mercy - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.30MB
Missing You Now - Michael Bolton_ Kenny [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.82MB
Mot Minh - Xuan Hieu.flac 27.39MB
Mot Nguoi Em Yeu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.88MB
Mot Thoi Da Xa - Thuy Chi.flac 29.59MB
Mua Chim En Bay - Pham Phuong Thao [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.78MB
Mua Dong Cua Anh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.46MB
Mua Ngau - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.31MB
Mua Nua Dem - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.81MB
Mua Rung - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.09MB
Mua Thu Nho Em - Thuy Chi.flac 24.25MB
Mua Va Em - Lan Trinh.flac 23.88MB
Muc Kien Lien Cuu Me - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 41.21MB
My Devotion - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.82MB
My Heart Will Go On - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.32MB
Neo Dau Ben Que - Phuong Thao [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.59MB
Neu Anh Dung Hen Lo Yeu Roi_ - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 37.31MB
Neu Em Duoc Chon Lua - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.98MB
Neu Nhu Ngay Do - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.43MB
Neu Xa Nhau - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 22.37MB
Never Just For A Ring - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.72MB
Ngay Mai Ben Nhau - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.42MB
Ngay That - Lan Trinh.flac 26.00MB
Nghe Cau Quan Ho Tren Cao Nguyen - Tan N [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.10MB
Nghe Tinh Minh Day - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.01MB
Ngoc Sang Troi Nam - Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.50MB
Ngoi Sao Nho - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless]_2.flac 22.03MB
Ngoi Sao Nho - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 21.98MB
Nguoc Dong Huong Giang - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.68MB
Nguoi Di Ngoai Pho - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.00MB
Nguoi Tinh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.88MB
Nguyenanh9222_zps6d06c95f.jpg 80.11KB
Nhin Em Xem (Look At Me Now) - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 32.18MB
Nho Que - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.15MB
Nho Ve Que Me - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 43.46MB
Nhu Canh Vac Bay.cue 1.72KB
Nhu Giac Chiem Bao - Tuan Hung_ Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.06MB
Nhung Thanh Pho Ben Bo Bien - Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 41.32MB
Nick Colionne - Keepin' It Cool.m3u 927B
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Back Cover.jpg 1.25MB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Foldout Page 1.jpg 894.02KB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Foldout Page 2 & 3.jpg 1.59MB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Foldout Page 4 & 5.jpg 1.99MB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Foldout Page 6.jpg 1.07MB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Foldout Page 7 & 8.jpg 2.04MB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Front.jpg 39.16KB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Front1.jpg 42.71KB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Front2.jpg 30.47KB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Front3.jpg 49.12KB
Nick Colionne - Keeping It Cool - Tray Inlay.jpg 1.12MB
Ninh Binh Que Me - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.62MB
Noi Ay Que Minh - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.23MB
Noi Dau Ngu Tri - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.68MB
Noi Nho Mua Dong - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 25.55MB
Noi Thoi Gian Ngung Lai - Tuan Hung_ Le [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.30MB
No Place Like Home - Kenny G_ Babyface E [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.34MB
Note To God - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.63MB
Nua Dem Ngoai Pho - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.55MB
O Hai Dau Noi Nho - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.52MB
One Breath - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 22.88MB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Butterfly.log 5.97KB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Buttfly001.jpg 1.02MB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Buttfly002.jpg 1.07MB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Buttfly003.jpg 1.23MB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Buttfly004.jpg 1.08MB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Buttfly005.jpg 793.29KB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Buttfly006.jpg 1.49MB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.log 7.85KB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel1.jpg 902.66KB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel2.jpg 1012.04KB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel3.jpg 1.22MB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel4.jpg 895.62KB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel5.jpg 418.77KB
OpenCD_Mariah Carey - Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel6.jpg 403.05KB
Pho Co - Thuy Chi.flac 30.51MB
Pho Quen - Lan Trinh.flac 22.79MB
Pho Xa - Chiec O Ngan Doi - Lan Trinh.flac 25.05MB
Phut Giao Thua Lang Le - Thuy Chi Tang Nhat Tue.flac 35.38MB
Phut Giay Hanh Phuc - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.65MB
Please do not share else where.txt 72B
Please do not share else where.txt 72B
Please do not share else where.txt 106B
Please do not share else where.txt 32B
Please do not share else where.txt 106B
Product description.jpg 327.83KB
Qua Ben Do Quan - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 38.51MB
Qua Muon Mang - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 37.02MB
Quang Dung - Goi Giac Mo Xua.log 12.54KB
Quang Dung - Goi Giac Mo Xua.m3u 1.07KB
Quang Dung - Goi Giac Mo Xua (2003) [FLAC] {HQM}.md5 1.58KB
Quang Nam Yeu Thuong - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.87MB
Quang Nam Yeu Thuong - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.73MB
Quay Lai Tu Dau - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.86MB
Quay Ve Voi Em - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.49MB
Que Me - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 47.25MB
Quen Mot Cuoc Tinh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.73MB
Rang Tram Bau - Tuan Anh_ Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.01MB
Readme First.txt 250B
Richard Clayderman - Souvenirs.m3u 375B
Roi Mot Mai - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.28MB
Ru Em Guitar_ - Tran Hoai Phuong [FLAC Lossless].flac 20.88MB
Ru Rung.cue 1.32KB
Ru Tinh - Thuy Chi.flac 35.56MB
Sang Ngang - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.95MB
Sao Anh Khong Ve Ben Em - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.33MB
Sao Em No Vo Tinh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.89MB
Sa Pa Noi Gap Go Dat Troi - Tan Nhan_ Tu [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.11MB
Sa Pa Noi Gap Go Dat Troi - Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.51MB
Sau Le Bong - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.69MB
Sau Tim Thiep Hong - Le Quyen_ Quang Le [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.60MB
Scandals (Dubstep Version) - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 56.07MB
Side A.wav 1.62GB
Side B.wav 1.44GB
Silhouette - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.26MB
Songbird - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.98MB
Song Doi - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless]_2.flac 36.64MB
Song Doi - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.84MB
Song Doi - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.52MB
Song Oi Dung Chay - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.96MB
Spanish Guitar - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.84MB
Stop and Go - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.44MB
Summer Love - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 40.07MB
Sunrise - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.92MB
Suong Lanh Chieu Dong - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.62MB
Ta Da Tung Yeu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.37MB
Tan Moi Tinh Dau - Lan Trinh.flac 33.84MB
Tell Me - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.60MB
tested.jpg 73.17KB
Tested.jpg 83.61KB
Thanh Thi - Thuy Chi.flac 35.95MB
Tha Thu Cho Em - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.86MB
The Best Of Earl Klugh.CUE 2.49KB
The Fox What Dose The Fox Day - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 48.70MB
The High Road - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.05MB
Theme From Dying Young - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.73MB
Them Mot Lan Nua - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.26MB
Them Mot Lan Yeu Thuong - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.32MB
The Moment - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.32MB
The Moon Represents My Heart - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 20.72MB
The Promise - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.85MB
The Shadow Of Your Smile - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 22.89MB
The Shuffle - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.28MB
The Way We Were - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 17.35MB
The Way We Were - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 17.24MB
The Way You Do Me - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.55MB
The Way You Look Tonight - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.59MB
This Time - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 22.44MB
Thoi Dung Chiem Bao - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.62MB
Tho Tinh Cua Nui - Tan Nhan_ Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.85MB
Tho Tinh Cuoi Mua Thu - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 39.73MB
Thu Bon Oi - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.63MB
Thu Ha Noi - Thuy Chi.flac 27.82MB
Thuong Ve Xu Hue - Tan Nhan_ Thu Ha [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.35MB
Thu Xa - Le Quyen_ Tuong Van [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.94MB
Thuyen Va Bien - Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.01MB
Tieng Hat Song Lam - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.55MB
Tieng Hat Tren Dinh Hoang Lien - Tan Nha [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.77MB
Tim Em La Cua Anh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.94MB
Tim Lai Lan Nua - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.38MB
Tim Trong Chieu Hoi Lim - Tan Nhan_ Tron [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.95MB
Tinh Ca Mat Troi - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.74MB
Tinh Dat - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.84MB
Tinh Doi - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.37MB
Tinh Khoi Mot Ngay - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.86MB
Tinh Khong La Mo - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 32.53MB
Tinh La The - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.51MB
Tinh Lo - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.17MB
Tinh Nghe Si.cue 2.56KB
Tinh Nghe Si.nfo 2.00KB
Tinh Nghe Si.sfv 637B
Tinh Ta Bien Bac Dong Xanh - Tuan Anh_ T [FLAC Lossless].flac 34.83MB
Tinh Tham Duyen Que - Thanh Le_ Dang Thu [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.20MB
Tinh Theo Ngon Gio - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 24.34MB
Tinh Yeu Tra Lai Trang Sao - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.16MB
Toi Dang Lang Nghe Guitar_ - Tran Hoai P [FLAC Lossless].flac 21.66MB
Toi La Nguoi Tho Mo - Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 37.34MB
Too Little Too Late - JoJo [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.05MB
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Tra Lai Thoi Gian - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.43MB
Trang Chieu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.79MB
Trang Khuyet - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 40.45MB
Trang Khuyet - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 40.23MB
Tran Manh Tuan - Beo Dat May Troi.log 4.37KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Beo Dat May Troi.m3u 227B
Tran Manh Tuan - Bien Khat.log 4.96KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Bien Khat.m3u 401B
Tran Manh Tuan - Body & Soul.log 5.03KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Body & Soul.m3u 266B
Tran Manh Tuan - Bong Thoi Gian - The Shadow Of Time.log 5.24KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Bong Thoi Gian - The Shadow Of Time.m3u 487B
Tran Manh Tuan - Doc tau Saxo.log 4.92KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Doc tau Saxo.m3u 360B
Tran Manh Tuan - Ha Trang.log 5.05KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Ha Trang.m3u 234B
Tran Manh Tuan - Nhu Canh Vac Bay.log 10.21KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Nhu Canh Vac Bay.m3u 223B
Tran Manh Tuan - Ru Rung.log 3.71KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Ru Rung.m3u 164B
Tran Manh Tuan - Ve que.log 4.33KB
Tran Manh Tuan - Ve que.m3u 217B
Tren Dinh Truong Son Ta Hat - Tuan Anh [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.58MB
Trong Noi Dau Tinh Co Guitar_ - Tran Hoa [FLAC Lossless].flac 16.54MB
Tro Ve Dong Song Tuoi Tho - Anh Tho [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.43MB
Tro Ve - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 45.60MB
Truc Dao - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.24MB
Trung Vuong Khung Cua Mua Thu - Lan Trinh.flac 30.38MB
Tup Leu Ly Tuong - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 49.37MB
Tuyet Roi Dem Giang Sinh - Thuy Chi.flac 30.80MB
Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.27MB
Uoc Gi - Xuan Hieu.flac 30.40MB
Valentine Deep House Remix - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 19.75MB
Valentine Ngot Ngao - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 23.67MB
Valentine Ngot Ngao - Miko Lan Trinh (Beat).flac 22.99MB
Van Biet La Nhung Nho - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless]_2.flac 31.20MB
Van Biet La Nhung Nho - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.20MB
Van Co Em Ben Doi Guitar_ - Tran Hoai Ph [FLAC Lossless].flac 22.12MB
Ve Ben Em - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 26.92MB
Ve que.cue 1.65KB
Ve Que - Anh Tho [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.90MB
Vet Thuong Cuoi Cung - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.03MB 400.73KB - Let's share together !.url 205B
Viet Nam Dao Phat Mot Niem Tin - Tan Nha [FLAC Lossless].flac 36.53MB
Vi Yeu - Xuan Hieu.flac 36.57MB
Vol.1 - Nhung Tinh Khuc Nhac Phap Hay Nhat.cue 2.47KB
Vol.7 - Hay Ve Day Ben Anh.cue 2.12KB
Vol 8 - Tinh khuc Ngo Thuy Mien.cue 1.81KB
Vui Voi Doi - Miko Lan Trinh.flac 26.49MB
Vung Troi Binh Yen - Xuan Hieu.flac 31.13MB
Weve Saved The Best For Last - Kenny G_ [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.15MB
Xa Em - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 22.03MB
Xa Hue - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.68MB
Xa Khoi - Tan Nhan [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.56MB
Xa Roi Mua Dong - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 23.25MB
Xa Roi Tuoi Tho - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 33.94MB
Xin Hay Cho Quen - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless]_2.flac 29.49MB
Xin Hay Cho Quen - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 29.45MB
Xuan Hieu_-_Vol.7 - Hay Ve Day Ben Anh.nfo 1.94KB
Xuan Hieu - Cat Bui.log 8.87KB
Xuan Hieu - Cat Bui.m3u 210B
Xuan Hieu - Cat Bui.nfo 1.77KB
Xuan Hieu - Cat Bui.sfv 367B
Xuan Hieu - Tinh Nghe Si.log 11.39KB
Xuan Hieu - Tinh Nghe Si.m3u 462B
Xuan Hieu - Vol.1 - Nhung Tinh Khuc Nhac Phap Hay Nhat.log 11.06KB
Xuan Hieu - Vol.1 - Nhung Tinh Khuc Nhac Phap Hay Nhat.m3u 414B
Xuan Hieu - Vol.7 - Hay Ve Day Ben Anh.log 12.26KB
Xuan Hieu - Vol.7 - Hay Ve Day Ben Anh.m3u 246B
Xuan Hieu - Vol 8 - Tinh khuc Ngo Thuy Mien.log 4.34KB
Xuan Hieu - Vol 8 - Tinh khuc Ngo Thuy Mien.m3u 228B
Xua Tan Niem Dau - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.12MB
Yao Si Ting (1).jpg 1.14MB
Yao Si Ting (2).jpg 1.14MB
Yao Si Ting (3).jpg 1.54MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Betrayal 黄昏 (Dong Thoi Gian).ape 26.81MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Hotel California.wav 64.54MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - I_swear.ape 27.18MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - It's not goodbye不要说再见.flac 33.42MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Last Christmas最后的圣诞节.flac 28.78MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Proud_of_You.ape 23.30MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Skellig斯凯里格岛.flac 33.46MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Truly madly deeply真的疯狂.flac 28.66MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Walking_In_The_Air.ape 23.15MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - Woman in love被爱包围的女人.flac 24.68MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - 如何愛上你 How Did I Fall In Love With You.ape 25.47MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - 寂靜之聲 The sound of silence.ape 21.43MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - 布滿星星的夜晚 Starry,starry night.ape 29.47MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - 愛在何方 Where's my love.ape 24.70MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - 我哭泣 I cry.ape 26.22MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - 斯卡保羅市集 Scarborough fair.ape 25.81MB
Yao Si Ting (姚斯婷) - 無論如何 No matter what.ape 26.94MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Back.jpg 3.56MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Disc.jpg 3.16MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Front.jpg 2.95MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside1.jpg 7.07MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside10.jpg 7.01MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside11.jpg 5.94MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside12.jpg 6.75MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside13.jpg 6.20MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside2.jpg 6.47MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside3.jpg 6.24MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside4.jpg 6.62MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside5.jpg 6.67MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside6.jpg 6.48MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside7.jpg 6.52MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside8.jpg 6.64MB
YaoSiTingEternalSingingEndlessLove2Inside9.jpg 6.66MB
Yao Si Ting - Eternal Singing EndLess Love IX .log 2.07KB
Yao Si Ting - Eternal Singing EndLess Love IX BACK.jpg 224.84KB
Yao Si Ting - Eternal Singing EndLess Love IX Disc.jpg 169.56KB
Yao Si Ting - Eternal Singing EndLess Love IX FRONT.jpg 183.79KB
Yao Si Ting - Eternal Singing Endless Love XI.cue 1.08KB
Yao Si Ting - Eternal Singing Endless Love XI.wav 514.93MB
Yesterday - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 17.48MB
Yeu La Yeu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 28.90MB
Yeu Thuong Gio La Qua Khu - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.60MB
Yeu Thuong Lo Lang - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 30.96MB
Yeu Thuong Mong Manh - Le Quyen [FLAC Lossless].flac 35.31MB
Yeu Thuong Muon Mang - Thuy Chi Minh Vuong.flac 39.93MB
You_re Beautiful - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.65MB
You_re Beautiful - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 27.70MB
You_re Makin_ Me High - Toni Braxton [FLAC Lossless].flac 31.52MB
You Raise Me Up - Kenny G [FLAC Lossless].flac 18.29MB
《 Endless loveⅥ DSD》.jpg 27.11KB
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