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[AllCDCovers]_freddie_hubbard_hub_cap_2003_retail_cd-back.jpg 186.85KB
[AllCDCovers]_freddie_hubbard_hub_cap_2003_retail_cd-cd.jpg 132.71KB
[AllCDCovers]_freddie_hubbard_hub_cap_2003_retail_cd-front.jpg 64.68KB
01. All Blues.mp3 40.67MB
01. Arietis.mp3 15.38MB
01. Asiatic Raes.mp3 15.50MB
01. Backlash.mp3 9.73MB
01. Body And Soul.mp3 10.67MB
01. Body And Soul.mp3 15.04MB
01. Bolivia.mp3 29.06MB
01. Bolivia.mp3 29.74MB
01. Breaking Point.mp3 23.56MB
01. Brigitte.mp3 21.20MB
01. Caravan.mp3 17.28MB
01. Down Under.mp3 17.44MB
01. First Light.mp3 25.49MB
01. Gibraltar.mp3 28.10MB
01. Gibraltar.mp3 24.02MB
01. Hubbard's Cupboard..mp3 8.87MB
01. Hub Cap.mp3 12.14MB
01. Jodo.mp3 53.97MB
01.jpg 4.46MB
01. Leaving This Planet.mp3 17.23MB
01. Lifeflight.mp3 20.02MB
01. Minor Mishap (Take 3).mp3 10.41MB
01. One of A Kind.mp3 16.39MB
01. One Of Another Kind.mp3 18.36MB
01. One Of Another Kind.mp3 18.18MB
01. Open Sesame.mp3 16.55MB
01. Pensativa.mp3 51.04MB
01. Philly Mignon.mp3 12.62MB
01.Polar AC.mp3 15.70MB
01. Povo.mp3 33.82MB
01. Put It in The Pocket.mp3 23.21MB
01. Red Clay.mp3 27.92MB
01. Red Clay.mp3 27.94MB
01. Sandu.mp3 10.26MB
01. Santa Anna Winds.mp3 21.83MB
01. Soul Surge.mp3 23.85MB
01. Spacetrack.mp3 38.78MB
01. Spanish Rose.mp3 14.96MB
01. Straight Life.mp3 40.08MB
01. Super Blue.mp3 18.11MB
01. The Core.mp3 21.59MB
01. The Love Connection.mp3 19.07MB
01. The Thrill Is Gone.mp3 18.42MB
01. Topsy.mp3 12.21MB
01. When You Wish Upon A Star.mp3 14.69MB
01.Without a Song.mp3 15.05MB
01. You're My Everything.mp3 15.16MB
01 - The intrepid fox.mp3 14.76MB
01 - Threnody For Sharon Tate.mp3 4.75MB
02. Back To Lovin' Again.mp3 10.55MB
02. Blue Spirits.mp3 28.02MB
02. Blue Spirits.mp3 20.75MB
02. Bob's Place.mp3 10.47MB
02. Boperation.mp3 11.31MB
02. Breaking Point.mp3 49.72MB
02. Brigitte.mp3 16.00MB
02. But Beautiful.mp3 14.81MB
02. But Beautiful.mp3 14.92MB
02. Caravan.mp3 24.76MB
02. Carnival (Manha De Carnaval).mp3 12.29MB
02. Crisis.mp3 19.52MB
02. Cry Me Not.mp3 11.10MB
02. Delphia.mp3 16.87MB
02. Ebony Moonbeams.mp3 28.93MB
02. Eclipse.mp3 19.04MB
02. Evidence.mp3 16.90MB
02. Far Away.mp3 25.05MB
02. Father And Son.mp3 15.16MB
02. God Bless the Child.mp3 29.28MB
02. God Bless The Child.mp3 29.50MB
02. God Bless The Child.mp3 29.50MB
02. Here's That Rainy Day.mp3 15.56MB
02. I'm a Fool to Want You.mp3 17.69MB
02. In a Mist.mp3 16.26MB
02. In A Mist.mp3 16.24MB
02.jpg 1.62MB
02. Keep Your Soul Together.mp3 22.90MB
02. Minor Mishap (Take 4).mp3 10.42MB
02. Mr. Clean.mp3 31.19MB
02. Naima.mp3 16.50MB
02.People Make The Word Go Round.mp3 13.27MB
02. Poor Butterfly.mp3 14.70MB
02. Prophet Jennings.mp3 12.64MB
02. Red Clay.mp3 16.38MB
02. The Changing Scene.mp3 13.34MB
02. The Eternal Triangle.mp3 17.93MB
02. The Return of the Prodigal Son.mp3 13.09MB
02.The Things We Did Last Summer.mp3 13.28MB
02.This is it.mp3 8.31MB
02. To Her Ladyship.mp3 13.79MB
02. True Colors.mp3 18.55MB
02. Uncle Albert - Admiral Halsey.mp3 19.04MB
02. Up Jumped Spring.mp3 16.33MB
02. Walkin'.mp3 44.53MB
02. Weaver Of Dreams.mp3 15.24MB
02. You Don't Know What Love Is.mp3 14.82MB
02 - First light.mp3 18.76MB
02 - This Is Combat, I Know.mp3 20.50MB
03. All Blues.mp3 39.33MB
03. All Blues.mp3 39.34MB
03.A Night in Tunisia.mp3 13.03MB
03. As Time Goes By.mp3 14.43MB
03.Betcha By Golly Wow.mp3 18.66MB
03. Betcha by Golly Wow.mp3 22.09MB
03. Blue Frenzy.mp3 14.56MB
03. Blues For Alvina (Take 3).mp3 19.76MB
03. Blues For Miles.mp3 14.95MB
03. Body And Soul.mp3 14.87MB
03. Bolivia.mp3 30.37MB
03. Born To Be Blue.mp3 17.02MB
03. Cascais.mp3 24.50MB
03. Chocolate Shake.mp3 9.13MB
03. Come Rain or Shine.mp3 19.20MB
03. Condition Alpha.mp3 8.84MB
03. First Light.mp3 25.52MB
03. Gypsy Blue.mp3 14.67MB
03. Happy Times.mp3 23.32MB
03. Here's That Rainy Day.mp3 12.09MB
03. Hub-Tones.mp3 19.25MB
03.jpg 1.96MB
03. Karioka.mp3 14.34MB
03. Lament For Booker.mp3 14.59MB
03. Little Sunflower.mp3 18.17MB
03. Luana.mp3 23.17MB
03. Marie Antoinette.mp3 15.33MB
03. Mirrors.mp3 14.20MB
03. Moment To Moment.mp3 13.17MB
03. My Romance.mp3 11.98MB
03. Naturally.mp3 13.62MB
03. Outer Forces.mp3 21.95MB
03. Society Red.mp3 18.30MB
03. Spirit of Trane.mp3 14.50MB
03. Spirits Of Trane.mp3 21.19MB
03. Suite Sioux.mp3 20.12MB
03. Take It to the Ozone.mp3 16.37MB
03. The Black Angel.mp3 19.06MB
03.Theme for Kareem.mp3 15.11MB
03. The Moontrane.mp3 14.91MB
03. The Outpost Blues.mp3 9.79MB
03. This Dream.mp3 20.80MB
03. Up Jumped Spring.mp3 22.16MB
03. Warp Factor 8.mp3 14.50MB
03. Was She Really There_.mp3 13.65MB
03 - One of another kind.mp3 22.79MB
03 - The Crowd.mp3 16.14MB
04. All Or Nothing At All.mp3 12.85MB
04. A Peck A Sec.mp3 13.35MB
04. Autumn Leaves.mp3 14.51MB
04. Birdlike.mp3 23.63MB
04.Blues by Five.mp3 11.47MB
04. Blues For Alvina (Take 5).mp3 16.90MB
04. Brown Eyes.mp3 26.91MB
04. Calling Miss Khadija.mp3 15.41MB
04. Cherokee.mp3 13.10MB
04. Corazon Amplio (A Song For Bert).mp3 12.05MB
04. Cunga Black.mp3 12.03MB
04. Dear John.mp3 37.44MB
04. Dear John.mp3 38.96MB
04. Dear John.mp3 38.96MB
04. Dedicated To You.mp3 7.86MB
04. Destiny's Children.mp3 23.80MB
04. Dizzy's Connotations.mp3 19.98MB
04. D Minor Mint.mp3 14.61MB
04. Dual Force.mp3 16.26MB
04. Embraceable You.mp3 10.35MB
04. Gettin' Down.mp3 15.27MB
04. Gospel Truth.mp3 11.50MB
04. Here's That Rainy Day.mp3 12.11MB
04. Hub - Tones.mp3 14.80MB
04. Joy Spring.mp3 15.58MB
04. Lament For Booker.mp3 22.19MB
04. Little Sunflower.mp3 21.43MB
04.Naturally.mp3 13.46MB
04. Nostrand And Fulton.mp3 16.41MB
04. On the Que-Tee.mp3 13.28MB
04. On the Real Side.mp3 14.73MB
04. Osie Mae.mp3 15.86MB
04. Prophet Jennings.mp3 12.59MB
04. Ride like the wind.mp3 8.88MB
04. Spirits of Trane.mp3 21.48MB
04. Summertime.mp3 23.52MB
04. Temptation.mp3 25.43MB
04. The Godfather.mp3 16.91MB
04. The Intrepid Fox.mp3 24.68MB
04. The Song My Lady Sings.mp3 18.32MB
04. Up Jumped Spring.mp3 15.85MB
04. Waver of Dreams.mp3 15.35MB
04. Yesterday's Dreams.mp3 9.09MB
04 - Happiness is now.mp3 13.21MB
04 - What A Good Time For A Kent State.mp3 3.41MB
05. Asteroid.mp3 15.33MB
05. Birdland.mp3 11.61MB
05. Black Orpheus.mp3 14.77MB
05.Body and Soul.mp3 11.08MB
05. Byrdlike.mp3 16.00MB
05. Clarence's Place.mp3 8.06MB
05. Cold Turkey.mp3 23.93MB
05. Coral Keys.mp3 12.23MB
05. Crisis.mp3 26.87MB
05. Desert Moonlight.mp3 18.70MB
05. For Spee's Sake.mp3 19.78MB
05. Full Moon And Empty Arms.mp3 12.54MB
05. Gypsy Lament.mp3 11.36MB
05. I wished I knew.mp3 18.00MB
05. I Wished I Knew.mp3 17.88MB
05. Jodo.mp3 16.31MB
05. Kuntu.mp3 51.50MB
05. Lament for Booker.mp3 22.12MB
05. Lazy Afternoon.mp3 23.11MB
05. Lonely Town.mp3 16.11MB
05. Loss.mp3 22.80MB
05. Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing.mp3 18.81MB
05. Mirrors.mp3 13.97MB
05. Nostrand And Fulton.mp3 14.21MB
05. Off Minor.mp3 12.94MB
05. One Mint Julep.mp3 13.89MB
05. Plexus.mp3 20.80MB
05. Sky Dive.mp3 17.45MB
05.Son Of Sky Diver.mp3 30.37MB
05. Surest Things Can Change.mp3 14.63MB
05. Take It to the Ozone.mp3 17.46MB
05. The 7th Day.mp3 24.84MB
05. The Nearness Of You (Take 3).mp3 11.86MB
05. The Rose Tattoo.mp3 15.19MB
05. Times 'R Changin'.mp3 12.69MB
05. True Colors.mp3 11.71MB
05. Up Jumped Spring.mp3 15.38MB
05. Up Jumped Spring.mp3 16.48MB
05 - Monodrama.mp3 6.65MB
05 - The summer knows.mp3 15.54MB
06. All Blues.mp3 17.54MB
06. Aries.mp3 7.15MB
06. Assunta.mp3 16.31MB
06. Blue Frenzy (Alternate Take).mp3 7.49MB
06. Blues For Brenda.mp3 16.01MB
06. Blues for Miles (Hip Hop Bop).mp3 17.12MB
06. Breaking Point.mp3 23.64MB
06. Brigitte.mp3 11.36MB
06. Brigitte.mp3 13.92MB
06. Brigitte.mp3 11.06MB
06. Cry Me Not.mp3 11.23MB
06. Echoes of Blue.mp3 22.33MB
06. Fantasy In D.mp3 15.85MB
06. Hub's Nub.mp3 16.12MB
06. Just A Ballad For Woody.mp3 12.63MB
06. Love Me Or Leave Me.mp3 18.02MB
06. Mason's Galaxy.mp3 16.80MB
06. Midnight at the Oasis.mp3 17.28MB
06. Naturally [alternate take].mp3 11.54MB
06. Number Five (Take 3).mp3 8.28MB
06. Plexus (alternate take).mp3 21.01MB
06. Red Clay.mp3 19.05MB
06. Red Clay [Alternate Version].mp3 42.93MB
06. Sabrosa.mp3 19.92MB
06. Skydive.mp3 22.06MB
06.Space Track.mp3 16.75MB
06. Theme for Kareem.mp3 13.94MB
06. The Melting Pot.mp3 17.41MB
06. Time After Time.mp3 15.51MB
06. Tomorrow's Destiny.mp3 16.32MB
06. You're My Everything (Alternate Take).mp3 14.91MB
06-30-2008 10;09;24PM.jpg 1.65MB
06 - Black Soldier.mp3 5.31MB
06 - Blues for Duane.mp3 17.07MB
07. All Of You.mp3 14.09MB
07. Breaking Point.mp3 14.22MB
07. D Minor Mint.mp3 15.13MB
07. Earmon Jr.mp3 14.41MB
07. Fragile.mp3 10.57MB
07. Gibraltar.mp3 14.55MB
07.Hub-tones.mp3 5.12MB
07. Hub-Tones (Alternate Take).mp3 18.34MB
07. Karioka.mp3 14.20MB
07. Lament for Booker.mp3 22.32MB
07. Lotus Blossom.mp3 18.89MB
07. Mirrors (Alternate Take).mp3 7.68MB
07. My Foolish Heart.mp3 10.95MB
07. No Me Esqueca (Don't Forget Me).mp3 17.74MB
07. Number Five (Take 5).mp3 9.04MB
07. Open Sesame (Alt Tk).mp3 16.78MB
07. Osie Mae.mp3 14.09MB
07. Sao Paulo.mp3 18.76MB
07. Skylark.mp3 10.38MB
07. Skylark.mp3 18.88MB
07. Too High .mp3 38.10MB
07. True Colors.mp3 22.66MB
07. Two moods for Freddie.mp3 9.82MB
07 - Giant steps.mp3 16.04MB
07 - Inrerlude I.mp3 13.29MB
08. For Spee's Sake (Alternate Take).mp3 18.09MB
08. Golden Earrings.mp3 15.52MB
08. Gypsy Blue (Alt Tk).mp3 17.16MB
08. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good).mp3 8.49MB
08. Inner Space.mp3 17.82MB
08. Lex (Take 2).mp3 14.04MB
08. One For Cannon.mp3 14.83MB
08. Reets And I.mp3 15.30MB
08. Tenderly.mp3 13.00MB
08. The Melting Pot.mp3 17.37MB
08. Tyner.mp3 13.94MB
08 - Interlude II.mp3 10.32MB
09. Birdlike.mp3 23.40MB
09. Lamento.mp3 18.12MB
09. Lex (Take 4).mp3 13.66MB
09. Thermo.mp3 9.96MB
09. Van Jay.mp3 19.80MB
09 - And Yet, There Could Be Love.mp3 10.23MB
1.jpg 190.82KB
1.jpg 20.89KB
1.jpg 17.48KB
1.jpg 26.92KB
1.jpg 1.73MB
1.jpg 161.17KB
1.jpg 31.79KB
1.jpg 90.02KB
1.jpg 90.09KB
1.jpg 1.81MB
1.jpg 64.23KB
1.jpg 1.70MB
1.jpg 67.25KB
1.jpg 114.88KB
1.jpg 114.88KB
1.jpg 130.28KB
1.jpg 40.37KB
1.jpg 17.23KB
1.jpg 26.51KB
1.jpg 24.01KB
1.jpg 42.93KB
1.jpg 17.06KB
1.jpg 51.52KB
1.jpg 7.01KB
1.jpg 9.34KB
1.jpg 25.65KB
1.jpg 12.63KB
1.jpg 12.65KB
1.jpg 17.17KB
1.jpg 25.05KB
1.jpg 10.51KB
1.jpg 78.55KB
1.jpg 33.04KB
1.jpg 27.24KB
1.jpg 31.86KB
1.jpg 37.05KB
1.jpg 2.06MB
1.jpg 33.66KB
1.jpg 99.20KB
1.jpg 98.67KB
1.jpg 48.25KB
1.jpg 43.43KB
1.jpg 170.62KB
1.jpg 86.90KB
1.jpg 95.67KB
1.jpg 31.16KB
1.jpg 32.38KB
1.jpg 19.18KB
1.jpg 101.96KB
1.jpg 16.86KB
1.JPG 401.15KB
1.png 279.96KB
10. Never Ending Melody.mp3 22.26MB
10. Time After Time (Take 2).mp3 15.98MB
10 - Postlude.mp3 2.50MB
11. Apothegm (Take 6).mp3 12.83MB
12. Apothegm (Take 14).mp3 13.19MB
1241458510_front.jpg 71.47KB
2.jpg 1.31MB
2.jpg 1.37MB
2.jpg 1.29MB
2.jpg 1.89MB
2.jpg 356.36KB
2.JPG 653.43KB
3.jpg 2.43MB
3.jpg 2.52MB
3.jpg 2.30MB
3.jpg 957.06KB
3.jpg 424.35KB
4.jpg 4.10MB
4.jpg 3.22MB
4.jpg 3.08MB
4.jpg 436.49KB
5.jpg 3.70MB
5.jpg 3.46MB
5.jpg 3.66MB
5.jpg 200.93KB
6.jpg 3.83MB
6.jpg 3.29MB
6.jpg 3.18MB
7.jpg 972.54KB
7.jpg 767.34KB
7.jpg 1.16MB
8.jpg 950.82KB
8.jpg 1.01MB
8.jpg 947.67KB
9.jpg 397.61KB
9.jpg 468.02KB
9.jpg 498.35KB
b.png 2.09MB
back_001.jpg 1.18MB
back_002.jpg 2.03MB
back.jpg 734.22KB
back.jpg 297.23KB
back.jpg 173.05KB
back.jpg 6.79MB
back.jpg 1.29MB
Back.jpg 55.04KB
Back.jpg 1.21MB
back.png 2.70MB
back in.jpg 4.39MB
back in.jpg 4.31MB
back in.jpg 880.35KB
back in.jpg 151.93KB
back out.jpg 3.36MB
back out.jpg 3.29MB
back out.jpg 809.68KB
back out.jpg 331.17KB
booklet_001.jpg 3.32MB
booklet_002.jpg 2.23MB
booklet_003.jpg 3.57MB
booklet_004.jpg 3.12MB
booklet_1,8.jpg 4.08MB
booklet_2,3.jpg 2.32MB
booklet_4,5.jpg 1.86MB
booklet_6,7.jpg 1.98MB
Booklet.png 26.46MB
booklet 01-14.jpg 1.13MB
booklet 02-03.jpg 84.71KB
booklet 04-05.jpg 148.29KB
booklet 06-07.jpg 347.92KB
booklet 08-09.jpg 345.43KB
booklet1.jpg 1.90MB
booklet 1.jpg 6.18MB
booklet 1.jpg 5.64MB
Booklet 1.jpg 2.08MB
booklet 10-11.jpg 292.69KB
booklet 12-13.jpg 251.43KB
booklet2.jpg 2.34MB
booklet 2.jpg 3.47MB
booklet 2.jpg 3.88MB
Booklet 2.jpg 2.82MB
booklet3.jpg 2.30MB
booklet 3.jpg 3.76MB
booklet 3.jpg 3.41MB
Booklet 3.jpg 1.47MB
booklet4.jpg 2.22MB
booklet 4.jpg 5.78MB
booklet 4.jpg 2.51MB
Booklet 4.jpg 3.58MB
booklet5.jpg 1.61MB
booklet back.jpg 551.61KB
booklet front.jpg 1.02MB
booklet in.jpg 4.75MB
booklet in1.jpg 608.32KB
booklet in2.jpg 1.16MB
booklet out.jpg 5.28MB
booklet out.jpg 913.46KB
cd_001.jpg 1.37MB
cd_002.jpg 1.37MB
cd.jpg 1.46MB
cd.jpg 1.69MB
cd.jpg 346.77KB
cd.jpg 1.71MB
cd.jpg 1.04MB
cd.jpg 423.43KB
cd.jpg 268.10KB
cd.JPG 464.96KB
Cd.jpg 816.64KB
cd.png 1.64MB
cover.jpg 12.12KB
cover.jpg 107.30KB
Cover-01.jpg 993.42KB
Cover-02.jpg 578.71KB
Digi-Front.jpg 59.59KB
digipack_outer.jpg 3.78MB
Disc.jpg 490.46KB
Disc.png 8.41MB
f.png 4.25MB
freddiehubbard.jpg 22.18KB
Freddie Hubbard.New Colors.back.jpg 302.60KB
Freddie Hubbard.New label.jpg 75.61KB
Freddie Hubbard.New Colors.front.jpg 216.87KB
Freddie Hubbard.New Colors.inlay.jpg 115.12KB
Freddie Hubbard - Ballads_Bk..jpg 500.47KB
Freddie Hubbard - Ballads_Ft..jpg 505.62KB
front.jpg 137.16KB
front.jpg 21.34KB
Front.jpg 42.93KB
Front.jpg 98.67KB
front.png 2.51MB
Front JP.jpg 289.45KB
image.JPG 17.86KB
Image0003.JPG 523.05KB
Image0004.JPG 318.81KB
Image0005.JPG 440.37KB
img630.jpg 212.21KB
img631.jpg 328.95KB
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Inner-01.jpg 406.21KB
Inner-02.jpg 1.74MB
insert_inner_1.jpg 793.40KB
insert_inner_2,3.jpg 1.69MB
insert_outer_1.jpg 2.41MB
insert_outer_2,3.jpg 5.49MB
inside-left.png 4.14MB
inside-right.png 4.23MB
label.jpg 117.74KB
notes.png 31.25MB
scan0001.jpg 2.85MB
scan0002.jpg 2.14MB
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scan0004.jpg 2.14MB
scan0005.jpg 1.85MB
scan0006.jpg 2.07MB
Scan-070929-0001.jpg 1.11MB
Scan-070929-0002.jpg 1.41MB
Scan-070929-0003.jpg 1.01MB
Scan-070929-0004.jpg 492.83KB
Scan-070929-0005.jpg 612.72KB
Scan-070929-0006.jpg 786.10KB
Scan-070929-0007.jpg 441.52KB
Scan-070929-0008.jpg 210.91KB
scan1.jpg 1.42MB
scan2.jpg 1.46MB
tray.jpg 4.00MB
Tray.png 8.91MB
Tray-in.jpg 2.05MB
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