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Title Siena Root - Discography
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01. Between The Lines.mp3 12.09MB
01. Coming Home.mp3 10.08MB
01. Dreams Of Tomorrow.mp3 7.27MB
01. Good and bad.mp3 18.25MB
01. Introduction.mp3 4.33MB
01. Mountain I.mp3 4.81MB
01. Secrets.mp3 8.47MB
01. Trippin'.mp3 11.31MB
01. We Are Them.mp3 24.37MB
02. 7 Years.mp3 12.32MB
02. Bhairavi Thumri.mp3 10.88MB
02. In The Desert.mp3 7.44MB
02. Just Another Day.mp3 10.65MB
02. Mountain II.mp3 5.67MB
02. Nightstalker.mp3 10.58MB
02. Tales of Independence.mp3 8.52MB
02. The Rat.mp3 7.87MB
02. Waiting For The Sun.mp3 13.72MB
03. Blues 276.mp3 8.67MB
03. Dreams Of Tomorrow.mp3 9.13MB
03. Over The Mountains.mp3 17.72MB
03. Shine.mp3 6.72MB
03. Spiral Trip.mp3 10.76MB
03. Sundown.mp3 10.03MB
03. Time Will Tell.mp3 13.41MB
03. Waiting For The Sun.mp3 18.24MB
04. Almost There.mp3 18.01MB
04. As We Return.mp3 9.26MB
04. Bhairavi Dhun.mp3 21.09MB
04. Bhimpalasi.mp3 18.92MB
04. Fever.mp3 13.63MB
04. Long Way From Home.mp3 22.80MB
04. Root Rock Pioneers.mp3 9.18MB
04. The Piper Won't Let You Stay.mp3 14.21MB
05. Above the Trees.mp3 8.14MB
05. Bairagi.mp3 9.41MB
05. Crossing the stratosphere.mp3 9.78MB
05. Into The Woods.mp3 19.40MB
05. Outlander.mp3 11.22MB
05. Rasayana.mp3 20.44MB
05. The Way You Turn.mp3 10.89MB
05. Two Steps Backwards.mp3 8.14MB
06. Bhairavi.mp3 8.01MB
06. Growing Underground.mp3 9.15MB
06. Keep On Climbing.mp3 10.26MB
06. Reverberations.mp3 38.27MB
06. There and back again.mp3 8.13MB
06. What Can I Do.mp3 7.68MB
06. Wishing For More.mp3 8.62MB
06. Words.mp3 29.24MB
07. Ahir Bhairav.mp3 8.63MB
07. Empty Streets.mp3 11.36MB
07. Going Down.mp3 7.47MB
07. Little Man.mp3 10.20MB
07. Ridin' slow.mp3 13.87MB
07. The Summer Is Old.mp3 18.39MB
08. Bhimpalasi.mp3 3.29MB
08. In My Kitchen.mp3 22.71MB
08. No Filters.mp3 8.76MB
08. Reverberations.mp3 27.11MB
08. Roots.mp3 10.82MB
08. The Break Of Dawn.mp3 10.73MB
09. Imaginarium.mp3 9.08MB
09. Long Way From Home.mp3 23.37MB
09. Shree.mp3 5.72MB
09. Trippin'.mp3 14.09MB
09. Whole Lotta Love.mp3 12.45MB
10. Joe.mp3 23.64MB
10. The Echoes Unfold.mp3 11.69MB
10. Until Time Leaves Us Again.mp3 14.23MB
11. Words.mp3 10.48MB
12. Rasayana.mp3 20.88MB
13. Into the Woods.mp3 19.09MB
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3.jpg 1.25MB
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8.jpg 884.94KB
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back.jpg 55.87KB
back.jpg 1.13MB
book 1.jpg 4.81MB
book 2.jpg 4.71MB
book 3.jpg 4.07MB
book front.jpg 4.60MB
cd.jpg 1.84MB
cd.jpg 1.69MB
CD.jpg 404.51KB
cover_A.jpg 654.70KB
cover_B.jpg 708.14KB
cover.jpg 45.55KB
cover.jpg 341.90KB
cover.jpg 76.73KB
cover.jpg 88.51KB
cover.jpg 69.86KB
cover.jpg 62.21KB
cover.jpg 84.89KB
cover.jpg 157.55KB
Disc-1.jpg 1.76MB
Disc-2.jpg 1.77MB
front_small.jpg 100.23KB
front.jpg 69.09KB
front.jpg 4.58MB
front.jpg 1.71MB
Front.jpg 3.84MB
inside.jpg 3.41MB
Inside-1.jpg 4.16MB
Inside-2.jpg 2.01MB
Inside-3.jpg 2.01MB
side A.jpg 57.67KB
side B.jpg 70.29KB
SienaRoot(2008)_booklet1.jpg 1.09MB
SienaRoot(2008)_booklet2.jpg 956.64KB
SienaRoot(2008)_booklet3.jpg 430.44KB
SienaRoot(2008)_cd.jpg 855.90KB
SienaRoot(2008)_front.jpg 1.95MB
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