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'1972-savage rose.jpg 2.17MB
'72-savage rose.jpg 2.21MB
001.jpg 3.31MB
001.jpg 2.72MB
001.jpg 3.81MB
001.jpg 3.39MB
001.jpg 2.78MB
001.jpg 5.57MB
001.jpg 4.66MB
001.jpg 1.91MB
001.jpg 5.98MB
002.jpg 2.07MB
002.jpg 2.50MB
002.jpg 1.89MB
002.jpg 2.47MB
002.jpg 2.90MB
002.jpg 4.05MB
002.jpg 1.88MB
003.jpg 2.14MB
003.jpg 1.41MB
003.jpg 2.95MB
003.jpg 4.00MB
003.jpg 1.72MB
003.jpg 893.39KB
003.jpg 2.67MB
003.jpg 613.61KB
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004.jpg 1.77MB
004.jpg 68.29KB
01. A Girl I Knew.mp3 4.37MB
01. Black Angel.mp3 8.16MB
01. Byens Lys.mp3 2.65MB
01. Byen Vagner (The City Awakes).mp3 15.08MB
01. Homeless.mp3 18.69MB
01. I'm Satisfied Mr. Captain.mp3 6.22MB
01. I den unge morgen.mp3 7.39MB
01. Jeg Har Drшmt Om Min Elskede.mp3 9.18MB
01. Kom Og Varm Dig Ved Min Side.mp3 7.59MB
01. Lille soldat.mp3 15.26MB
01. Long Before I Was Born.mp3 7.77MB
01. Morgensang.mp3 7.91MB
01. Open Air Shop (Live) - 1968.ogg 6.92MB
01. Revival Day.mp3 10.12MB
01. Sunday Morning.mp3 8.74MB
01. The Joker.mp3 8.23MB
01. The Joker.mp3 8.51MB
01. The Joker - 2001.ogg 4.03MB
01. The Messenger Speaks.mp3 12.65MB
01. Universal Daughter.mp3 12.12MB
01. Vanished.mp3 11.61MB
01. Vi Kжmper For At Sejre.mp3 7.25MB
01. Voice of Revolution.mp3 12.05MB
01. Vredens Bшrn.mp3 10.60MB
01. Wild child.mp3 13.88MB
01. Your Sign-My Sign.mp3 7.28MB
02. A Girl I Knew - 1968.ogg 5.57MB
02. Dear Little Children Of Mine.mp3 9.02MB
02. Dear Little Mother.mp3 6.05MB
02. De Unge Elskende (The Young Lovers).mp3 15.37MB
02. De Vilde Blomster Gror.mp3 11.67MB
02. Filiberto.mp3 11.87MB
02. Flyv min fugl.mp3 10.28MB
02. Flшjten Bag Muren.mp3 6.86MB
02. For Your Love.mp3 11.01MB
02. For Your Love - 2001.ogg 5.63MB
02. Go'morn Go'morn.mp3 8.75MB
02. I'm Walking Through The Door.mp3 10.46MB
02. Ild Og Frihed.mp3 14.19MB
02. Listen to thisTune from mexico.mp3 7.31MB
02. Look Out.mp3 8.46MB
02. No More Love To Give.mp3 10.22MB
02. Open Air Shop.mp3 12.80MB
02. Planet Of Paradise.mp3 10.98MB
02. Savage Rose.mp3 2.58MB
02. Silkevжrket.mp3 7.64MB
02. Skibet uden navn.mp3 11.37MB
02. Sov, Lillesшster, Til Morgengry.mp3 10.42MB
02. Stewball was so tired.mp3 7.66MB
02. We go on.mp3 10.51MB
02. What Do You Do Now_.mp3 15.39MB
02. What Do You Do Now.mp3 12.07MB
03. A las cinco de la tarde.mp3 5.05MB
03. Balladen Om Den Store Hest Som Ikke Ville Drikke.mp3 14.46MB
03. Borgerens Dod (Dead Of The Citizen).mp3 7.98MB
03. City Of Angels.mp3 9.00MB
03. De Vil Alle Vжre Med.mp3 9.31MB
03. El Pueblo Unido.mp3 8.58MB
03. Evening's Child.mp3 3.31MB
03. Freedom to Love.mp3 9.26MB
03. Fri som en sommervind.mp3 8.15MB
03. Granny's Grave.mp3 11.72MB
03. Let's See Her.mp3 9.09MB
03. Lille Melankoline.mp3 13.98MB
03. Lost in a Jungle.mp3 18.73MB
03. Mama Mama.mp3 7.37MB
03. Mama Mama - 2001.ogg 3.51MB
03. Ride My Mountain (Jade) - 1968.ogg 6.57MB
03. Run Rose.mp3 7.76MB
03. Ryesgade.mp3 8.03MB
03. Sailing Away.mp3 10.63MB
03. Sig ikke farvel nu.mp3 7.73MB
03. Spirer.mp3 4.16MB
03. Ticket to Paradise.mp3 9.42MB
03. Unfold.mp3 7.10MB
03. Woman.mp3 9.49MB
03. You'll Know In The Morning.mp3 11.10MB
03. You Be Free.mp3 3.49MB
04. Ballad Of Gale.mp3 14.19MB
04. Bella Ciao.mp3 10.71MB
04. Darling dear.mp3 13.14MB
04. De To Gamie (The Two Old).mp3 10.16MB
04. Don't Worry Mama.mp3 9.39MB
04. Endnu Dufter Jasminen.mp3 8.73MB
04. Evenings Child - 1968.ogg 4.38MB
04. Happy Day Angel.mp3 8.87MB
04. Hej Johny.mp3 8.63MB
04. Help the Lonely Child.mp3 7.33MB
04. Langdans.mp3 6.79MB
04. Linedans.mp3 8.82MB
04. Lonely Heart.mp3 8.95MB
04. Long Before I Was Born.mp3 3.17MB
04. Madhouse wedding.mp3 11.79MB
04. Margerita & Kristaq Tutulani.mp3 11.19MB
04. Oh Baby Where Have You Gone_.mp3 5.10MB
04. Precious Love.mp3 9.78MB
04. Precious Love - 1998.ogg 4.66MB
04. Ride My Mountain (Jade).mp3 13.17MB
04. Sangen for livet.mp3 15.33MB
04. Solen Var Ogsa Din.mp3 12.16MB
04. Speak softly.mp3 13.54MB
04. The Shoeshine Boy Is dead.mp3 11.10MB
04. You Made Me Stay.mp3 11.35MB
04. Your Lifetime's A Fairytale.mp3 14.64MB
05. Afsted afsted.mp3 15.82MB
05. A Girl I Knew.mp3 10.70MB
05. Ain't my baby beautiful.mp3 10.48MB
05. Balladen Om Joe Hill.mp3 11.04MB
05. Bruden Pyntes (Dressing Of The Bride).mp3 9.22MB
05. Early Morning Blues.mp3 8.05MB
05. Harassing.mp3 9.75MB
05. I Hear Them Coming.mp3 9.38MB
05. Johnny Don't.mp3 19.32MB
05. Johny don't.mp3 1.24MB
05. Krжmmernes Fiasko.mp3 7.84MB
05. Mor danmark.mp3 7.21MB
05. My Family Was Gay - 1969.ogg 8.88MB
05. Princess.mp3 8.52MB
05. Refugee.mp3 12.27MB
05. Refugee.mp3 11.85MB
05. Sig Mig Hvor Lжnge.mp3 6.24MB
05. Soldier On The Run.mp3 12.06MB
05. Soul Of Love.mp3 8.57MB
05. Spansk Soldatervise.mp3 7.15MB
05. Stagolee's Victory.mp3 13.37MB
05. The Castle.mp3 9.76MB
05. The poorest man on earth.mp3 4.26MB
05. The Shepherd & Sally.mp3 12.33MB
05. Vanished - 1998.ogg 5.86MB
05. Your Daily Gift.mp3 5.65MB
06. And I Dream.mp3 5.84MB
06. Bryllup (Wedding).mp3 8.13MB
06. Crazy Man.mp3 7.50MB
06. Den snehvide lilje.mp3 15.01MB
06. Everybody Must Know.mp3 6.82MB
06. Exit.mp3 1.75MB
06. Heysel stadion.mp3 9.66MB
06. His Own Happiness.mp3 4.38MB
06. If.mp3 9.95MB
06. Jeg venter pе dig.mp3 11.69MB
06. Links in a Chain.mp3 8.79MB
06. Meet Me There.mp3 9.24MB
06. Min Lille Sol.mp3 10.29MB
06. Palжstinas Sang.mp3 9.95MB
06. Planet of Paradise - 1998.ogg 5.52MB
06. Rеbet I Natten.mp3 6.92MB
06. So Long Gone.mp3 8.44MB
06. Speak Softly - 1971.ogg 6.78MB
06. Sunday Morning.mp3 3.61MB
06. Tarantula.mp3 7.64MB
06. The Waters run deep.mp3 15.20MB
06. Think It All Over.mp3 11.51MB
06. Travelin'.mp3 6.89MB
06. Traveling Child.mp3 12.30MB
06. Visen Om Gulddukatene.mp3 6.35MB
06. You'll Know In The Morning.mp3 12.58MB
07. Beautiful Day.mp3 8.12MB
07. Black Angel.mp3 7.95MB
07. Dagene og nжtterne.mp3 9.06MB
07. Dear Little Mother - 1972.ogg 4.64MB
07. Devil.mp3 11.90MB
07. Dreamland.mp3 14.60MB
07. Gods Little Hand.mp3 5.70MB
07. I Maria Luisa Skakten.mp3 9.41MB
07. I Need You Baby.mp3 11.31MB
07. Kom, Lille Unge.mp3 6.02MB
07. Kommer I Snart!.mp3 6.19MB
07. Life's Other Side.mp3 5.94MB
07. Life's Other Side.mp3 2.42MB
07. Lightly come, lightly go (Song for an unborn child - Sara's song).mp3 6.25MB
07. Love Is What We Need.mp3 12.39MB
07. Nattergalen fra kosova.mp3 5.08MB
07. Savage Rose.mp3 6.26MB
07. Shine.mp3 12.60MB
07. Soldaternes Dod (Death Of The Soldiers).mp3 4.01MB
07. Solen Ligger Derude.mp3 4.28MB
07. Sorrow's hands.mp3 12.84MB
07. The Messenger.mp3 10.65MB
07. The shoeshineboy is dead.mp3 12.28MB
07. Trжkfugle.mp3 7.11MB
07. Vеgner en tidlig morgen.mp3 6.68MB
07. Where Have All the Flowers Gone - 1995.ogg 4.74MB
08. 4. maj.mp3 8.94MB
08. Black Angel - 1995.ogg 4.01MB
08. Byen Vågner (The Town Wakes Up) - 1972.ogg 8.28MB
08. Dans under broen.mp3 4.44MB
08. Dear Little Mother.mp3 2.51MB
08. Den Dode By-Mode Butikken Plyndres (The Death City-Fashion Shop Robbery).mp3 17.80MB
08. De To Haner.mp3 10.39MB
08. Evenings Child.mp3 8.13MB
08. Heartbeat of Love.mp3 8.91MB
08. Her Story.mp3 10.64MB
08. Hvis Side Er Du Pе.mp3 6.03MB
08. Inuit Nunat.mp3 8.86MB
08. Krise.mp3 7.15MB
08. Malaya.mp3 9.75MB
08. Mr. World.mp3 8.85MB
08. My family Was Gay.mp3 18.14MB
08. Screams of captured birds.mp3 12.84MB
08. Slavesang.mp3 9.79MB
08. Solen var ogsе din.mp3 13.28MB
08. Tameless Child.mp3 8.20MB
08. Tapiola.mp3 18.20MB
08. That's where i'm going.mp3 9.09MB
08. The Earth & The Sky.mp3 9.90MB
08. Walking In The Line.mp3 7.75MB
08. When the Train Comes In.mp3 10.05MB
08. You'll Know in the Morning.mp3 9.37MB
09. Afrika.mp3 13.82MB
09. A Trial In Our Native Town.mp3 16.54MB
09. Balladen Om Hr. Tidmand.mp3 11.45MB
09. De Arbejdslшse.mp3 3.67MB
09. Dear Little Mother.mp3 10.23MB
09. Den sorte engel.mp3 12.05MB
09. Envision.mp3 6.32MB
09. Flшjten Bag Muren.mp3 9.06MB
09. Gadens Stjerne.mp3 6.53MB
09. Hvor Er Du _.mp3 3.75MB
09. Refugee.mp3 4.99MB
09. Romano song.mp3 13.38MB
09. Savage Rose (Take Me Higher).mp3 15.24MB
09. Shining .mp3 9.55MB
09. The Dreamland - 1971.ogg 7.10MB
09. There's a Lovesong.mp3 11.65MB
09. The Storm.mp3 10.45MB
09. What Do You Do Now - 1995.ogg 5.76MB
09. Where Have All the Flowers Gone.mp3 10.07MB
09. White Swans' Marriage Clothes.mp3 5.63MB
09. Your daily gift.mp3 13.74MB
10. Amandla.mp3 8.71MB
10. Howling.mp3 12.29MB
10. Kun en lille tid endnu.mp3 8.38MB
10. Lindш.mp3 8.26MB
10. Med Alt Det Vi Ser.mp3 9.23MB
10. Rastlшs trodsig og sжr.mp3 8.85MB
10. Ravnen.mp3 7.67MB
10. Revival Day - 1971.ogg 5.14MB
10. Sleep.mp3 4.58MB
10. Smile.mp3 9.22MB
10. Thank You.mp3 7.25MB
10. Waste And Lullaby.mp3 6.99MB
10. Wild Child.mp3 5.55MB
10. You'll Know in the Morning -1978.ogg 6.09MB
11. Dit Ansigt.mp3 8.02MB
11. Gadernes Bшrn.mp3 7.67MB
11. Granny's Grave - 1971.ogg 5.40MB
11. Kejserens Nederlag.mp3 6.88MB
11. Mig og lille solskin.mp3 10.06MB
11. The Shoeshine Boy Is Dead - 1973.ogg 5.65MB
11. You'll Be Alright.mp3 7.62MB
11. Your Daily Gift.mp3 10.84MB
12. Det Er Tid Nu.mp3 7.95MB
12. Leve Palжstina.mp3 11.00MB
12. Mеnebarn.mp3 9.22MB
12. Sad Child Ballet.mp3 11.28MB
12. Shine - 1972.ogg 6.22MB
12. Vжvervise .mp3 7.17MB
12. Wild Child - 1973.ogg 7.05MB
13. Bella Ciao.mp3 10.01MB
13. Song of Palestine - Live 2002.ogg 7.09MB
13. The Messenger Speaks - 1971.ogg 6.72MB
14. A World Aflame (Not in Our Name) - 2002.ogg 5.78MB
14. Stien I Bjerget.mp3 10.48MB
15. Pе Stengrund.mp3 7.50MB
16. Ilden I Minernes Ovne.mp3 6.16MB
17. Partisansangen.mp3 7.93MB
18. Rшdt, Rшdt Som Blod.mp3 8.49MB
19. Spindevisen.mp3 11.11MB
2001-savage rose.jpg 8.17MB
2009-05-10.jpg 1.14MB
2009-05-10 (10).jpg 713.08KB
2009-05-10 (11).jpg 2.47MB
2009-05-10 (12).jpg 7.12MB
2009-05-10 (2).jpg 1.26MB
2009-05-10 (3).jpg 2.38MB
2009-05-10 (4).jpg 2.50MB
2009-05-10 (5).jpg 3.43MB
2009-05-10 (8).jpg 2.81MB
2009-05-13.jpg 2.50MB
Back.jpg 986.93KB
Back.jpg 104.18KB
Back.jpg 1005.59KB
Back.jpg 819.11KB
Booklet01.jpg 1.42MB
Booklet02.jpg 1.17MB
Booklet03.jpg 1.23MB
Booklet04.jpg 1.24MB
Booklet05.jpg 1.22MB
Booklet06.jpg 1.18MB
Booklet07.jpg 1.23MB
Booklet08.jpg 1.24MB
Booklet09.jpg 1.18MB
Booklet10.jpg 1.18MB
CD.jpg 773.28KB
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Cover.jpg 285.60KB
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Inlay 6.jpg 388.67KB
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Inlay 6.jpg 483.25KB
Inlay 7.jpg 362.01KB
Inlay 8.jpg 426.22KB
Inside.jpg 775.87KB
Obi.jpg 508.71KB
Obi.jpg 233.48KB
Obi.jpg 220.55KB
Savage Rose_The Best Of-Back.jpg 1.45MB
Savage Rose_The Best Of-Cd.jpg 93.32KB
Savage Rose_The Best Of-Front.jpg 106.88KB
Savage Rose_The Best Of-inside.jpg 298.77KB
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savage rose.jpg 216.12KB
savage rose.jpg 216.38KB
savage rose'01.jpg 4.78MB
savage rose'1972.jpg 2.58MB
savage rose-'1972.jpg 4.09MB
savage rose'1998.jpg 2.74MB
savage rose'2001.jpg 4.79MB
savage rose'72.jpg 4.90MB
savage rose-'72.jpg 5.51MB
savage rose'98.jpg 2.97MB
savage rose-1.jpg 3.75MB
Savage Rose-1.jpg 2.72MB
savage rose-2.jpg 2.99MB
Savage Rose-2.jpg 3.38MB
savage rose-3.jpg 3.96MB
savage rose-4.jpg 2.17MB
savage rose-5.jpg 2.53MB
savage rose-6.jpg 3.76MB
savage rose-7.jpg 2.53MB
savage rose-8.jpg 3.73MB
Savage Rose-back.jpg 1.68MB
Savage Rose-CD.jpg 1.38MB
savage rose-disc.jpg 2.60MB
Savage Rose-face.jpg 1.32MB
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