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Title Epica - bootlegs
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01.flac 31.97MB
01. Originem.flac 15.93MB
01 - Cry for the Moon.flac 52.38MB
01 - Encore Break.flac 14.24MB
01 Epica - Karma.flac 17.90MB
01-Huban K'u.flac 8.68MB
01 Intro.flac 1.97MB
01- Intro.flac 12.12MB
01 Intro - Originem.flac 13.88MB
01 Karma.flac 7.94MB
01 - Karma.flac 20.84MB
01 Originem.flac 14.32MB
01 Originem.flac 11.62MB
01 - Originem.flac 12.27MB
01 - Originem.flac 11.03MB
01 Samadhi.flac 8.29MB
01 Samadhi.flac 7.43MB
01 Samadhi - Resign To Surrender.flac 47.00MB
02.flac 39.48MB
02. The second stone.flac 38.48MB
02 - Cry for the Moon.flac 56.06MB
02-Dance Of Fate.flac 35.75MB
02 - Drum solo.flac 24.39MB
02 Epica - Monopoly On Truth.flac 43.01MB
02 Monopoly On Truth.flac 48.58MB
02 - Monopoly on Truth.flac 40.65MB
02 Originem.flac 11.81MB
02 Resign to surrender.flac 32.23MB
02 Resign to Surrender.flac 40.60MB
02 Sensorium.flac 31.69MB
02 The Second Stone.flac 35.25MB
02 The Second Stone.flac 33.45MB
02 The Second Stone.flac 31.54MB
02 - The Second Stone.flac 32.47MB
02 - The Second Stone.flac 29.21MB
02- The Second Stone.flac 29.96MB
03.flac 34.34MB
03. The essence of silence.flac 41.84MB
03 - Design Your Universe.flac 53.13MB
03 Epica - Sensorium.flac 32.22MB
03 Sensorium.flac 35.55MB
03 Sensorium.flac 34.30MB
03 Sensorium.flac 27.51MB
03 - Sensorium.flac 31.14MB
03 The Essence of Silence.flac 34.47MB
03 The Essence Of Silence.flac 32.54MB
03 The Essence Of Silence.flac 30.96MB
03 - The Essence of Silence.flac 29.13MB
03 - The Essence of Silence.flac 28.78MB
03- The Essence Of Silence.flac 30.30MB
03-The Last Crusade.flac 29.08MB
03 The Second Stone.flac 32.22MB
03 Unleashed.flac 38.20MB
03 - Unleashed.flac 39.73MB
04.flac 52.21MB
04. The last crusade.flac 36.33MB
04 - Consign to Oblivion.flac 56.49MB
04 - Deter the Tyrant.flac 40.43MB
04 - Encore.flac 18.32MB
04 Epica - Unleashed.flac 34.49MB
04 Fools of damnation.flac 45.87MB
04 Martyr Of The Free World.flac 34.26MB
04 Sensorium.flac 34.55MB
04 - Sensorium.flac 33.05MB
04-Sensorium.flac 33.70MB
04 The Essence of Silence.flac 30.13MB
04 Unleashed.flac 39.51MB
04 Unleashed.flac 38.08MB
04 Unleashed.flac 36.03MB
04 Unleashed.flac 34.80MB
04 - Unleashed.flac 32.92MB
04- Unleashed.flac 36.24MB
05.flac 83.69MB
05. Unleashed.flac 43.90MB
05 Epica - Martyr Of The Free World.flac 35.84MB
05 Martyr of the Free Word.flac 40.26MB
05 Martyr Of The Free Word.flac 36.73MB
05 - Outro.flac 9.55MB
05-Quietus.flac 27.47MB
05 - Sancta Terra.flac 42.59MB
05 Seif al Din.flac 37.25MB
05 - Serenade of Self-Destruction.flac 55.85MB
05 Storm The Sorrow.flac 39.05MB
05 Storm The Sorrow.flac 34.89MB
05 - Storm the Sorrow.flac 34.31MB
05- Storm The Sorrow.flac 29.07MB
05 The Fifth Guardian.flac 3.98MB
05 The Last Crusade.flac 29.76MB
05 Unleashed.flac 30.62MB
05 - Unleashed.flac 35.31MB
06.flac 26.80MB
06. Storm the sorrow.flac 40.82MB
06 Chemical Insomnia.flac 34.39MB
06 Epica - Serenade Of Self Destruction.flac 60.14MB
06 Fools Of Damnation.flac 57.04MB
06 - Fools of Damnation.flac 53.17MB
06 Imperial March.flac 23.87MB
06 Martyr of the free word.flac 28.97MB
06 - Martyr of the Free Word.flac 33.96MB
06 - Sancta Terra.flac 41.09MB
06-Seif Al Din.flac 36.00MB
06 Serenade Of Self-Destruction.flac 67.17MB
06 The Last Crusade.flac 31.39MB
06 The Obsessive Devotion.flac 53.48MB
06 - Unchain Utopia.flac 32.73MB
06 Unleashed.flac 38.18MB
06- Victims Of Contingency.flac 25.93MB
07. Facade of reality.flac 70.39MB
07.flac 60.71MB
07 - Consign to Oblivion.flac 68.27MB
07 Cry for the moon.flac 53.04MB
07 - Cry for the Moon.flac 50.94MB
07 - Delirium.flac 28.94MB
07 Epica - Cry For The Moon.flac 65.01MB
07 Fools Of Damnation.flac 60.97MB
07- Fools Of Damnation.flac 53.72MB
07-Illusive Consensus.flac 54.86MB
07 Martyr Of The Free Word.flac 36.29MB
07 Martyr Of The Free Word.flac 35.32MB
07 - Martyr of the Free Word.flac 35.08MB
07 Martyr of the Free World.flac 37.13MB
07 Oliver Palotai Keyboard Solo.flac 6.15MB
07 Quietus.flac 28.16MB
07 The Obsessive Devotion.flac 47.54MB
08.flac 34.13MB
08. Sensorium.flac 38.10MB
08 - Blank Infinity.flac 25.36MB
08 Cry for the Moon.flac 65.69MB
08 Cry For The Moon.flac 55.05MB
08 - Drum solo.flac 20.05MB
08 Epica - Storm The Sorrow.flac 35.25MB
08-Linger.flac 21.57MB
08 Quietus.flac 29.60MB
08 Sensorium.flac 33.05MB
08 The Obsessive Devotion.flac 53.27MB
08 The Obsessive Devotion.flac 50.86MB
08 - The Obsessive Devotion.flac 49.54MB
08- The Obsessive Devotion.flac 44.86MB
08 Tides of time.flac 24.80MB
08 Tides Of Time.flac 27.67MB
09.flac 68.21MB
09. The obsessive devotion.flac 57.57MB
09-Blank Infinity.flac 27.78MB
09- Chemical Insomnia.flac 36.73MB
09 Epica - The Obsessive Devotion.flac 48.23MB
09 Sancta Terra.flac 35.86MB
09 Sancta Terra.flac 35.32MB
09 - Storm the Sorrow.flac 32.42MB
09 The imperial march.flac 20.42MB
09 The Obsessive Devotion.flac 52.97MB
09 The Obsessive Devotion.flac 46.65MB
09 - The Obsessive Devotion.flac 48.12MB
09 Unchain Utopia.flac 31.11MB
09 Victims of Contingency.flac 30.53MB
09 Victims Of Contingency.flac 26.23MB
09 - Victims of Contingency.flac 22.99MB
10. Victims of contingency.flac 29.59MB
10 Consign to Oblivion.flac 72.79MB
10 Epica - Sancta Terra.flac 29.94MB
10-Mother Of Light.flac 37.79MB
10 Presto.flac 21.95MB
10 Sancta Terra.flac 34.86MB
10- Sancta Terra.flac 39.68MB
10 - Storm the Sorrow.flac 30.84MB
10 The Last Crusade.flac 29.39MB
10 - The Last Crusade.flac 25.46MB
10 The obsessive devotion.flac 38.88MB
10 The Obsessive Devotion.flac 47.74MB
10 - The Obsessive Devotion.flac 46.29MB
10 Victims of Contingency.flac 25.91MB
10 Victims Of Contingency.flac 38.91MB
11. Cry for the moon.flac 68.67MB
11 Consign to Oblivion.flac 58.43MB
11 Cry For The Moon.flac 86.06MB
11-Cry For The Moon.flac 46.76MB
11 Cry for the Moon (The Embrace That Smothers - Part IV).flac 59.46MB
11 Design your universe.flac 57.69MB
11 Design Your Universe.flac 61.16MB
11 Design Your Universe.flac 55.16MB
11 Epica - Drum Solo (with headbanging contest).flac 11.44MB
11- Natural Corruption.flac 33.15MB
11 The Phantom Agony.flac 58.71MB
11 - The Phantom Agony.flac 48.89MB
11 - Victims of Contingency.flac 24.34MB
12. Drum solo.flac 39.59MB
12 Cry For The Moon.flac 54.04MB
12 Design Your Universe.flac 58.53MB
12 Drum Solo.flac 22.78MB
12 Encore Break.flac 12.82MB
12 Encore Break With Coen.flac 12.59MB
12 Epica - Quietus.flac 26.74MB
12 Outro.flac 7.88MB
12 Sancta terra.flac 28.96MB
12 - The Phantom Agony.flac 49.05MB
12-The Phantom Agony.flac 119.56MB
12- The Phantom Agony.flac 50.99MB
13. Design your universe.flac 95.18MB
13 - (encore).flac 11.99MB
13- (encore).flac 16.74MB
13 Cry For The Moon.flac 68.70MB
13 Design Your Universe (A New Age Dawns - Part VI).flac 82.12MB
13 Encore Break.flac 20.85MB
13 Epica - The Phantom Agony.flac 51.28MB
13 Quietus.flac 25.47MB
13 Quietus.flac 23.17MB
13 Sancta Terra.flac 40.76MB
14. Sancta terra.flac 49.46MB
14 Consign to oblivion.flac 59.37MB
14 Consign To Oblivion.flac 60.09MB
14- Cry Of The Moon.flac 72.13MB
14 Epica - encore break.flac 13.36MB
14 Sancta Terra.flac 41.69MB
14 Sancta Terra.flac 41.05MB
14 - Sancta Terra.flac 38.08MB
14 Storm The Sorrow.flac 39.34MB
14 Unchain Utopia.flac 32.78MB
15. Unchain utopia.flac 40.00MB
15 Consign To Oblivion.flac 64.58MB
15 Consign To Oblivion.flac 63.03MB
15 Epica - Delirium.flac 29.71MB
15 Outro.flac 7.15MB
15 Unchain Utopia.flac 34.42MB
15 Unchain Utopia.flac 32.96MB
15 - Unchain Utopia.flac 29.94MB
15- Unchain Utopia.flac 30.71MB
16. Consign to oblivion.flac 91.04MB
16 Consign To Oblivion.flac 88.94MB
16 - Consign to Oblivion.flac 56.22MB
16- Consign To Oblivion.flac 58.08MB
16 Consign To Oblivion (A New Age Dawns - Part III).flac 78.38MB
16 Epica - Blank Infinity.flac 28.39MB
16 Outro.flac 24.64MB
16 Outro.flac 7.17MB
17 Epica - Consign To Oblivion.flac 63.96MB
17- Outro.flac 18.05MB
18 Epica - Outro.flac 23.21MB
audiochecker.log 6.78KB
audiochecker.log 5.06KB
audiochecker.log 4.48KB
audiochecker.log 4.01KB
audiochecker.log 3.97KB
audiochecker.log 3.86KB
audiochecker.log 3.49KB
audiochecker.log 3.48KB
audiochecker.log 3.02KB
audiochecker.log 2.94KB
audiochecker.log 2.71KB
audiochecker.log 2.40KB
audiochecker.log 2.30KB
audiochecker.log 1.92KB
Audiochecker.log 4.32KB
Audiochecker.log 3.88KB
Audiochecker.log 3.75KB
Audiochecker.log 3.65KB
Audiochecker.log 3.59KB
Audiochecker.log 3.59KB
Audiochecker.log 3.57KB
Audiochecker.log 3.44KB
Audiochecker.log 2.71KB
audiochecker.txt 3.96KB
audiochecker.txt 3.50KB
audiochecker.txt 3.37KB
Back.jpg 89.76KB
d1t01.flac 18.35MB
d1t01.flac 7.45MB
d1t01 - Originem.flac 12.58MB
d1t02.flac 46.62MB
d1t02.flac 8.49MB
d1t02 - The Second Stone.flac 31.22MB
d1t03.flac 31.48MB
d1t03a.flac 3.09MB
d1t03b.flac 2.50MB
d1t03c.flac 40.00MB
d1t03 - The Essence of Silence.flac 32.42MB
d1t04.flac 46.96MB
d1t04.flac 33.49MB
d1t04 - Unleashed.flac 36.16MB
d1t05.flac 36.91MB
d1t05.flac 35.28MB
d1t05 - Storm the Sorrow new.flac 38.18MB
d1t06.flac 35.79MB
d1t06.flac 34.38MB
d1t06 - Fools Of Damnation (The Embrace That Smothers Part IX).flac 55.49MB
d1t07.flac 82.69MB
d1t07.flac 65.57MB
d1t07 - Victims of Contingency .flac 26.43MB
d1t08.flac 52.29MB
d1t08 - The Obsessive Devotion .flac 49.76MB
d1t09.flac 28.09MB
d1t09 - The Fifth Guardian (Interlude) .flac 3.90MB
d1t10 - Chemical Insomnia .flac 35.84MB
d1t1 - Samadhi.flac 8.01MB
d1t2 - Resign to surrender.flac 35.29MB
d1t3 - Sensorium.flac 29.79MB
d1t4 - Unleashed.flac 32.17MB
d1t5 - Martyr of the free word.flac 32.01MB
d1t6 - The obsessive devotion.flac 40.81MB
d1t7 - Imperial march.flac 24.50MB
d1t8 - Sancta terra.flac 30.45MB
d1t9 - Cry for the moon.flac 60.64MB
d2t01.flac 62.14MB
d2t01.flac 58.44MB
d2t01 - Sancta Terra .flac 38.58MB
d2t02.flac 25.48MB
d2t02.flac 12.59MB
d2t02 - The Last Crusade (A New Age Dawns Pt I) .flac 26.87MB
d2t03.flac 68.88MB
d2t03.flac 30.27MB
d2t03 - European accents.flac 6.11MB
d2t04.flac 80.81MB
d2t04.flac 34.89MB
d2t04 - Design Your Universe (A New Age Dawns - Part VI) .flac 63.59MB
d2t05.flac 37.16MB
d2t05.flac 36.35MB
d2t05 - Coen Janssen rambles.flac 7.62MB
d2t06.flac 61.12MB
d2t06.flac 27.34MB
d2t06 - Cry For The Moon (The Embrace That Smothers - Part IV).flac 56.65MB
d2t07.flac 54.18MB
d2t07.flac 10.05MB
d2t07 - Drum solo .flac 20.94MB
d2t08 - Unchain Utopia .flac 32.45MB
d2t09 - Consign To Oblivion (A New Age Dawns Pt III) .flac 58.19MB
d2t10 - Outro.flac 10.68MB
d2t1 - Kingdom of Heaven.flac 80.77MB
d2t2 - Consign to oblivion.flac 72.52MB
d2t3 - Tides of time.flac 26.00MB
d2t4 - Blank infinity.flac 25.99MB
d2t5 - The phantom agony.flac 47.79MB
Epica_Live in Karlsruhe 2012_ba.jpg 208.97KB
Epica_Live in Karlsruhe 2012_fr.jpg 104.56KB
Epica_Live in Langen 2012_ba.jpg 241.63KB
Epica_Live in Langen 2012_fr.jpg 168.06KB
Epica_Live in Tilburg 2012_ba.jpg 200.34KB
Epica_Live in Tilburg 2012_fr.jpg 472.55KB
Epica_Retrospect_ba.jpg 244.66KB
Epica_Retrospect_fr.jpg 325.68KB
Epica_Retrospect_inlay.jpg 103.06KB
Epica_Retrospect_inside.jpg 258.59KB
Epica_Retrospect_inside1.jpg 183.30KB
EpicaBack.jpg 87.83KB
EpicaDisc1.jpg 54.43KB
EpicaDisc2.jpg 63.33KB
EpicaEindhoven2013032301.flac 22.34MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032302.flac 42.81MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032303.flac 32.31MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032304.flac 43.07MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032305.flac 31.40MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032306.flac 59.79MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032307.flac 18.68MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032308.flac 37.36MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032309.flac 27.33MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032310.flac 33.05MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032311.flac 64.12MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032312.flac 46.69MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032313.flac 42.43MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032314.flac 36.84MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032315.flac 25.15MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032316.flac 50.51MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032317.flac 33.08MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032318.flac 38.33MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032319.flac 28.74MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032320.flac 40.89MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032321.flac 18.25MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032322.flac 71.70MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032323.flac 35.73MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032324.flac 61.11MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032325.flac 25.08MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032326.flac 41.09MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032327.flac 58.29MB
EpicaEindhoven2013032328.flac 45.16MB
EpicaFront.jpg 43.76KB
EpicaInsideFront.jpg 76.63KB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032901.flac 23.66MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032902.flac 7.96MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032903.flac 45.68MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032904.flac 31.57MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032905.flac 35.30MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032906.flac 55.88MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032907.flac 34.22MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032908.flac 33.20MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032909.flac 28.64MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032910.flac 49.22MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032911.flac 34.06MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032912.flac 53.97MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032913.flac 13.98MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032914.flac 61.35MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032915.flac 36.70MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032916.flac 60.15MB
EpicaKarlsruhe2012032917.flac 26.62MB
EpicaLangen2012042801.flac 10.53MB
EpicaLangen2012042802.flac 6.22MB
EpicaLangen2012042803.flac 38.49MB
EpicaLangen2012042804.flac 27.14MB
EpicaLangen2012042805.flac 30.32MB
EpicaLangen2012042806.flac 48.32MB
EpicaLangen2012042807.flac 36.45MB
EpicaLangen2012042808.flac 25.14MB
EpicaLangen2012042809.flac 22.87MB
EpicaLangen2012042810.flac 40.52MB
EpicaLangen2012042811.flac 30.18MB
EpicaLangen2012042812.flac 44.63MB
EpicaLangen2012042813.flac 10.70MB
EpicaLangen2012042814.flac 52.34MB
EpicaLangen2012042815.flac 36.59MB
EpicaLangen2012042816.flac 49.97MB
EpicaLangen2012042817.flac 7.08MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040301.flac 8.91MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040302.flac 36.99MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040303.flac 30.43MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040304.flac 56.76MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040305.flac 35.64MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040306.flac 33.71MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040307.flac 46.55MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040308.flac 29.64MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040309.flac 24.98MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040310.flac 83.20MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040311.flac 66.12MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040312.flac 12.74MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040313.flac 39.35MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040314.flac 66.03MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040315.flac 37.83MB
EpicaLudwigsburg2011040316.flac 15.53MB
Epica Ludwigsburg back.jpg 274.71KB
Epica Ludwigsburg front.jpg 336.08KB
Epica-PathOfLife-Back.jpg 611.94KB
Epica-PathOfLife-Front.jpg 1002.56KB
EpicaTilburg2012031601.flac 7.72MB
EpicaTilburg2012031602.flac 6.91MB
EpicaTilburg2012031603.flac 39.24MB
EpicaTilburg2012031604.flac 28.82MB
EpicaTilburg2012031605.flac 31.12MB
EpicaTilburg2012031606.flac 36.98MB
EpicaTilburg2012031607.flac 47.72MB
EpicaTilburg2012031608.flac 5.09MB
EpicaTilburg2012031609.flac 21.69MB
EpicaTilburg2012031610.flac 42.17MB
EpicaTilburg2012031611.flac 27.27MB
EpicaTilburg2012031612.flac 25.68MB
EpicaTilburg2012031613.flac 35.69MB
EpicaTilburg2012031614.flac 40.53MB
EpicaTilburg2012031615.flac 8.51MB
EpicaTilburg2012031616.flac 35.25MB
EpicaTilburg2012031617.flac 39.14MB
EpicaTilburg2012031618.flac 56.70MB
EpicaTilburg2012031619.flac 18.06MB
EpicaTilburg2012031620.flac 34.65MB
EpicaTilburg2012031621.flac 61.07MB
EpicaTilburg2012031622.flac 19.65MB
EpicaTrayLiner.jpg 69.53KB
Front.jpg 62.29KB
info.txt 2.63KB
info.txt 2.60KB
info.txt 2.00KB
info.txt 1.42KB
info.txt 1.28KB
info.txt 1.24KB
info.txt 1.19KB
info.txt 1.19KB
info.txt 1.15KB
info.txt 1.12KB
info.txt 1.10KB
info.txt 1.10KB
info.txt 1.06KB
info.txt 1.06KB
info.txt 1.04KB
info.txt 1001B
info.txt 982B
info.txt 981B
info.txt 954B
info.txt 751B
info.txt 733B
info.txt 584B
info.txt 450B
Info.txt 1.82KB
Info.txt 1.17KB
Info.txt 930B
InsideFront.jpg 58.74KB
InsideFront2.jpg 52.87KB
Poster.jpg 72.04KB
track01.flac 8.39MB
track02.flac 44.09MB
track03.flac 32.15MB
track04.flac 37.29MB
track05.flac 34.13MB
track06.flac 46.68MB
track07.flac 25.69MB
track08.flac 54.18MB
track09.flac 9.21MB
track10.flac 32.04MB
track11.flac 59.61MB
Tray.jpg 61.42KB
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