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Title Twisted Insane - Discography
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01 Fo Real.mp3 8.00MB
01 Gkkm.mp3 5.38MB
01 The Initial High.mp3 1.92MB
01 The Initial High.mp3 2.18MB
01 The Initial High.mp3 2.90MB
01 The Initial High.mp3 3.70MB
01 The Initial High.mp3 4.28MB
01 The Initial High.mp3 4.87MB
01 The Initial High.mp3 5.23MB
01 The Initial High.mp3 5.71MB
01 The Initial High Into Brainmatter.mp3 3.19MB
02 Brainsick.mp3 3.23MB
02 Good Evening (Skit).mp3 2.18MB
02 Kick Rocks.mp3 11.92MB
02 Much Love.mp3 7.36MB
02 Round 8.mp3 8.22MB
02 The Evergassin Gobstopper.mp3 7.69MB
02 The Insane Asylum.mp3 3.38MB
02 The Last Demon.mp3 4.22MB
02 The Return.mp3 4.26MB
02 Too Much.mp3 9.82MB
02 Twisted Insane.mp3 7.86MB
03 AK47s in the Freezer.mp3 11.60MB
03 Baron Samedi.mp3 7.00MB
03 Black Magic.mp3 9.69MB
03 Down the Street (Skit).mp3 1.49MB
03 He's the Shit.mp3 6.51MB
03 ILL Smith.mp3 6.90MB
03 Kill Everybody (Skit).mp3 2.37MB
03 Orbit.mp3 5.93MB
03 Pick Your Poison.mp3 7.96MB
03 Root of All Evil.mp3 14.13MB
03 Tribulations.mp3 7.47MB
04 Bat Outta Hell.mp3 7.06MB
04 Brainsyck.mp3 6.06MB
04 Ed Gein.mp3 12.83MB
04 Joe Jackson,Consigliere.mp3 10.52MB
04 N.T.S..mp3 5.99MB
04 Silverback Gorilla.mp3 11.61MB
04 Smoke, Drink, Eat, Fuck.mp3 4.71MB
04 Stack It Up.mp3 10.36MB
04 The Winess.mp3 1.17MB
04 Valley of Death.mp3 8.40MB
04 What's Up.mp3 7.33MB
05 21 Thousand Units.mp3 8.27MB
05 Another Face in the Window.mp3 7.34MB
05 Bottle Run.mp3 2.31MB
05 Die Slow.mp3 5.72MB
05 H.G.H.mp3 6.77MB
05 Lucifer.mp3 13.35MB
05 Nightmare.mp3 7.52MB
05 Nightmare.mp3 12.25MB
05 Shoot to Kill.mp3 2.57MB
05 South East.mp3 5.00MB
05 Split Up.mp3 9.74MB
06 A Message to the Rap Game.mp3 7.31MB
06 Burnt Out.mp3 10.52MB
06 How I'm Feelin.mp3 6.73MB
06 I Went Insane.mp3 7.63MB
06 Ken and Ryus Massacre.mp3 6.39MB
06 Mary Jane.mp3 4.61MB
06 Nitrous.mp3 6.90MB
06 Stompin in My Chuck T's.mp3 9.86MB
06 The Leash.mp3 8.65MB
06 The Myth.mp3 2.24MB
06 Venom (Re-Twisted).mp3 11.15MB
07 187 Is the Tale from the Darkside.mp3 2.59MB
07 Bill Clinton.mp3 7.79MB
07 Bodies in the River.mp3 6.89MB
07 Full Speed Ahead.mp3 8.05MB
07 Quit.mp3 10.71MB
07 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.mp3 6.53MB
07 The Dookie Monster.mp3 10.46MB
07 The First 48.mp3 12.23MB
07 The Walk Up.mp3 1.57MB
07 Visions.mp3 15.48MB
08 Activate.mp3 1.99MB
08 Dreamin.mp3 6.46MB
08 Drugs Sex and Violence.mp3 9.54MB
08 In My Darkest Hour.mp3 7.88MB
08 My Counseling Session.mp3 9.11MB
08 My Side of Town (Skit).mp3 869.28KB
08 Night Vision.mp3 9.90MB
08 Shoot for the Face.mp3 6.84MB
08 Sick.mp3 6.81MB
08 Underground Psycho.mp3 9.78MB
09 Fade.mp3 9.90MB
09 Get Down.mp3 9.86MB
09 I Created War.mp3 2.72MB
09 Monster.mp3 8.58MB
09 No Heart.mp3 7.76MB
09 Ride on Them.mp3 4.47MB
09 The Gang.mp3 6.75MB
09 The Hardest.mp3 11.39MB
09 Ticklish.mp3 6.53MB
09 What's in the Backyard.mp3 3.73MB
10 A Dance with the Devil.mp3 5.22MB
10 Beautifully Wonderful.mp3 7.77MB
10 Busy Boi.mp3 8.37MB
10 From the Dome (Original) Try to See.mp3 3.27MB
10 Fuck School.mp3 1.05MB
10 I Could've Been.mp3 7.30MB
10 Miss Fortune,Death Sentence.mp3 8.70MB
10 Oe.mp3 8.32MB
10 Speak of the Devil.mp3 6.21MB
10 The Dark Room.mp3 10.63MB
11 Beneath the Stars.mp3 12.47MB
11 Bloody Mary.mp3 7.33MB
11 Dome Split.mp3 4.22MB
11 Gangbangswag.mp3 8.95MB
11 In My.mp3 6.29MB
11 Machine Gun.mp3 7.97MB
11 Ruins.mp3 8.97MB
11 Scary Slaughter.mp3 6.93MB
11 Slippin.mp3 6.28MB
11 The Taco Shop.mp3 11.67MB
12 Beetle Juice.mp3 9.89MB
12 Brain Damage.mp3 12.67MB
12 Chop Suey.mp3 13.75MB
12 Dab 2 the Face.mp3 10.31MB
12 Don't Stop the Train.mp3 7.76MB
12 Finger or a Nose.mp3 3.65MB
12 Insanes Interlude.mp3 4.68MB
12 Monsters.mp3 2.11MB
12 On One.mp3 13.19MB
12 Who Is My Enemy,Death Sentence 2.mp3 8.21MB
13 Bang.mp3 6.66MB
13 Conversation.mp3 4.97MB
13 Drunk and High.mp3 3.19MB
13 Fee Fi Fo Fum.mp3 6.61MB
13 Isolated.mp3 9.64MB
13 Lose My Mind.mp3 7.62MB
13 Netflix and Kill.mp3 9.99MB
13 Shoot.mp3 8.07MB
13 Smash.mp3 8.91MB
13 The Wrong One.mp3 8.00MB
14 Behind the Mask.mp3 8.35MB
14 Brainsick.mp3 10.72MB
14 Eat the Evidence.mp3 6.54MB
14 I Want To.mp3 8.74MB
14 On My Shit.mp3 9.82MB
14 Stop.mp3 5.97MB
14 The Cemetary (skit).mp3 4.77MB
14 Up Late.mp3 8.77MB
14 Voodoo.mp3 7.31MB
14 Won't Pass.mp3 12.07MB
15 About You.mp3 10.72MB
15 Animal Mindstate.mp3 6.81MB
15 Floor Boards.mp3 6.64MB
15 Fuck Em All.mp3 8.39MB
15 Got to Get Some.mp3 8.28MB
15 I'm Sick of.mp3 11.62MB
15 Smoke and Mirrors.mp3 11.31MB
15 The Chop Shop.mp3 8.29MB
15 The Life We Live.mp3 5.56MB
15 Venom.mp3 8.55MB
16 Bleed.mp3 7.38MB
16 Dump.mp3 6.39MB
16 Fusion.mp3 8.39MB
16 In the Wind.mp3 8.61MB
16 Promise.mp3 9.27MB
16 The Cemetary.mp3 3.79MB
16 They Don't Want Me Ballin'.mp3 8.27MB
16 Voices.mp3 8.68MB
16 We Gonna Get Bizzy.mp3 2.35MB
17 In the Dirt.mp3 5.81MB
17 Kakhis and Houseshoes.mp3 8.30MB
17 Life After Death.mp3 11.50MB
17 No Rest for the Wicked.mp3 7.17MB
17 Sad Song.mp3 8.44MB
17 The Wall.mp3 7.49MB
17 Tonight.mp3 8.07MB
17 Work.mp3 10.40MB
18 200 Round Clip.mp3 4.13MB
18 Creepin Thru the Dark.mp3 26.18MB
18 Gangsta.mp3 4.90MB
18 Let Me Live.mp3 10.17MB
18 Night Chronicles.mp3 8.80MB
18 Sweetdreams.mp3 19.12MB
18 Sweet Dreams.mp3 3.46MB
18 The Wrong Set.mp3 10.66MB
19 A Spider in the Night.mp3 6.35MB
19 Brainsick 1.0.mp3 10.49MB
19 Make It Out of This Room.mp3 8.84MB
19 Sweet Dreams.mp3 1.79MB
19 Sweet Dreams.mp3 3.67MB
20 About You.mp3 10.26MB
20 Frome the Dome.mp3 9.11MB
20 I Kill.mp3 7.96MB
20 Spell on You.mp3 6.79MB
21 Somethin Scary.mp3 3.17MB
21 Sweet Dreams.mp3 14.54MB
22 The Good the Bad and the Ugly.mp3 7.69MB
Ar Vazquez feat. Twisted Insane - Ar Vazquez feat. Twisted Insane Manslaughter.mp3 6.92MB
Bankrupt Records feat. Twisted Insan - My Mind Won't Work.mp3 9.03MB
Beast Mode Division feat. Smoke, Twisted Insane, JL B.Hood, Marz, Bishop & D-Loc 'the Gill God' - Kill Em All.mp3 8.30MB
Bibster Beats feat. Twisted Insane & Dez Looca - Plasma.mp3 8.23MB
Bishop Slice feat. Dalima, Ca$his, Twisted Insane & Apostle Gabriel Cross - Halo in the Dark.mp3 6.10MB
Bulletproof & The Fool feat. Bukshot & Twisted Insane - Unfinished Business.mp3 6.34MB
Butcha Beezee feat. QYX & Twisted Insane - Voices.mp3 11.39MB
Christopher McLaren feat. Twisted Insane - Through the Eyes of God.mp3 2.88MB
Cover.jpg 13.82KB
Cover.jpg 23.79KB
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Cover.jpg 58.61KB
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Cover.jpg 79.70KB
Cover.jpg 118.21KB
Cover.jpg 128.73KB
Cover.jpg 140.37KB
Cover.jpg 142.81KB
Cover.jpg 251.86KB
CringeBeatz feat. Twisted Insane & Dikulz - Filled with Sin.mp3 4.69MB
DaDon feat. Jay Crazii, GadeDrengen, Fluenci, Twisted Insane & Iso - Daemoner.mp3 19.47MB
Da Golden Child feat. Twisted Insane - Mr. Thug.mp3 4.53MB
day day feat. Twisted Insane - day day Keep It 100.mp3 9.44MB
Doctor Worx Savage feat. Twisted Insane - Strangest Things.mp3 4.73MB
Emil Euro feat. Twisted Insane - Hello.mp3 8.35MB
Flecks feat. Twisted Insane & Choppie Chopp - Enter the Beast.mp3 5.15MB
Grimmace feat. D-Loc & Twisted Insane - Hyphy Choppin.mp3 9.48MB
HeXtheRex feat. Twisted Insane - Dark$ide.mp3 3.27MB
Hitta Castro feat. Twisted Insane, M Dot Baggz, Hard Hitta & Young Kaii - Out of My Mind.mp3 3.82MB
Illanoise feat. GrewSum, Twisted Insane & King Iso - Brain Matter.mp3 7.38MB
Immortal Soldierz feat. Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous & Twisted Insane - Murda Klan.mp3 6.36MB
JAS feat. Twisted Insane, Mickey Factz, Emilio Rojas & Oswin Benjamin - Massacre.mp3 7.86MB
J-Clawsin feat. Twisted Insane, Kamikazi & Rcthahazard - Stickin Wit It.mp3 5.99MB
Kindrosys feat. Twisted Insane - Super Trill.mp3 3.77MB
King K Lab feat. C. Ray, King Iso & Twisted Insane - Don't Say a Word.mp3 6.47MB
LeftSide Deafinit feat. Twisted Insane & SuperStah Snuk - Music Box.mp3 10.29MB
Mr. Endo G & Young Deuce feat. Twisted Insane, Fo Rilo, D-Low & K-Rino - Natural Clickin'.mp3 14.25MB
Nomad1c feat. Twisted Insane & Big Loony - Beast.mp3 4.86MB
O.Z the Hitmaker feat. Twisted Insane - The Come Up.mp3 9.34MB
Pistol Pete feat. D-Clark & Twisted Insane - Pistol Pete C'mon Man.mp3 13.51MB
Playz feat. Fury Figeroa, Twisted Insane, Creeper & King Iso - Never Gotta Hide.mp3 8.67MB
Reckless Anxiety feat. Twisted Insane & Marka - Reckless Anxiety Are We Alone.mp3 9.13MB
Renizance feat. Twisted Insane, Luni Mofo & Immortal Soldierz - Murda Melody.mp3 5.27MB
Twisted Insane feat. Fisty Cuffs, The Jokerr, Big Hoodoo & Mike P. - Graveyard Shift.mp3 8.60MB
Twisted Insane - Murda Kill.mp3 6.96MB
Twisted Insane - Sickological.mp3 7.54MB
Vbl feat. Twisted Insane - Twisted and Strange.mp3 5.47MB
Yung Statz feat. Kamikazi, Twisted Insane, Mizury, Omega Sin & Twistid Rob - Efm6.mp3 7.89MB
Yung Statz feat. Twisted Insane, Mister Hyde, Twistid Rob & Jay Razzkull - Full House.mp3 6.62MB
Yung Statz feat. Twisted Insane - Ascended Beings.mp3 2.59MB
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