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006_-_DD_Resix.mp3 3.52MB
01- 00PLAYA [x tECH n9NE].mp3 5.77MB
01 MC Chris (Townie Remix).mp3 3.83MB
01 mcchris is dead.mp3 8.03MB
01 mcchrisownz.mp3 7.63MB
01 Ownz (Shook Ones Remix).mp3 6.77MB
01 You Got What I Need.mp3 3.15MB
02 006 (Welcome To New York City Remix).mp3 7.70MB
02 Badass.mp3 4.07MB
02 First Date.mp3 2.49MB
02 older crowd.mp3 7.60MB
03 Illy Oi.mp3 7.64MB
03 mcchris #1 with the ladies (porno2000 remix).mp3 3.21MB
03 resse.mp3 6.29MB
03 Wiid (Duffle Bag Boy Remix).mp3 9.69MB
04- Awesome Bartender [x rEHAB].mp3 3.17MB
04 Hijack (zoomzip remix).mp3 4.27MB
04 IG-88 (Trees Remix).mp3 6.31MB
04 pizza butt.mp3 6.18MB
04 Tractorbeam.mp3 6.29MB
05 hoodie ninja.mp3 7.17MB
05 Illy Oi (Wet Wipes Remix).mp3 4.48MB
05 Robotdog.mp3 5.21MB
06 Evergreen.mp3 4.82MB
06 Lowercase (Amphetamix).mp3 4.42MB
06 on-.mp3 5.61MB
07 Fett's Vette (The Good, the Baddd and the Ugly).mp3 6.26MB
07 Gauges (Amateur Remix).mp3 6.23MB
07 kill it.mp3 4.82MB
07- SmackABitchUp [x tHE pRODIGY].mp3 4.93MB
07 Variety.mp3 6.32MB
08 Geek.mp3 5.36MB
08 Pizza Butt (Booyaka Remix).mp3 8.90MB
08 rollercoaster.mp3 5.93MB
08 Toothpick Spliffs.mp3 6.60MB
09 nrrrd grrrl.mp3 5.75MB
09 On Star (Liquid Swords Remix).mp3 6.57MB
09 Rats.mp3 5.83MB
10 falynn.mp3 4.08MB
10 Reese (Raise Up Remix).mp3 6.85MB
10 Stoptime.mp3 8.52MB
11 the masturbation song.mp3 6.28MB
11 Wiid (Kryptonite Remix).mp3 7.76MB
11 Yachtbirds.mp3 10.13MB
12 Carebear.mp3 2.95MB
12 freaks.mp3 6.90MB
12 Ten Year Old (Oh Boy Remix).mp3 7.00MB
13 Boys Dont Cry.mp3 7.46MB
13 never give up.mp3 7.52MB
14 My Name Is.mp3 8.98MB
24bossk.mp3 5.52MB
40 oz Of Doom! - MC Chris, MC1980, Just Say Yes.mp3 3.33MB
Across the Desert.mp3 4.31MB
After_Dark_With_Neville.mp3 9.28MB
a ghost took my 40.mp3 5.37MB
Arkham Asylum.mp3 4.21MB
ArmageddonMan(10YearOld--Bad_Water-Remix).mp3 2.99MB
Attention Deficit - Be Together (Feat. mc chris).mp3 5.12MB
Back to THE MOON (Ducktales vs mc chris Is Back).mp3 4.47MB
Bad (dd) Runner.mp3 4.87MB
beetle.mp3 3.89MB
Beware the Mushroom Road (Super Mario RPG vs On The Road).mp3 6.70MB
Blaque Plaztik (Kamikaze Phoenix Remix).mp3 2.88MB
Blastic (Bootleg).mp3 7.11MB
Boosk_on_a_Segue_(ShaquanBaker's_ALT.mp3 3.23MB
Booties For Breakfast.mp3 1.67MB
Bossk Worldwide.mp3 7.88MB
buckel up (REMIX - Bigg V).mp3 4.68MB
Care Bear (Snobots Remix).mp3 1.43MB
Cave Safari by BonOfTheDead.mp3 1.38MB
Come Visit Me, Dawg.mp3 1.70MB
D4SB_remis.mp3 8.85MB
dbs4_(pod'd_it_remix)_2.mp3 6.33MB
Dengars_Dumptruck_Mr_Zongrs_Over_1.mp3 5.01MB
Dengars Dumptruck.mp3 2.96MB
Din Din.mp3 5.25MB
distantLands(with You).mp3 6.41MB
DJDerp Presents Weed & Jelly Pizza Fet. MC Chris!!.mp3 5.61MB
doc-mario-jelly-inside-beep-remix.mp3 3.79MB
Dq Blizzard (Snobots Remix).mp3 2.75MB
drinkin blunts smokin 40's.mp3 2.25MB
EmoParty_ShaquanBakers_UNTIL_IT_DO.mp3 3.87MB
emoparty.mp3 3.16MB
Evergreen (Original Version).mp3 3.07MB
Evergreen IGN Original.mp3 4.74MB
Everywhere.mp3 2.49MB
FA Q..mp3 6.10MB
Fetts Vette (Snobots Remix).mp3 3.07MB
For The Shorties (feat. Schooly D).mp3 2.04MB
For The Win.mp3 1.99MB
FTWhalo.mp3 1.95MB
Gauges_(ShaquanBaker's_HeartBreakChr.mp3 3.30MB
Gemberling Theme Song.mp3 765.73KB
go_robot.mp3 1.47MB
Halo FTW (One Gabillion Plays Intro).mp3 1.92MB
Hesh's Birthday Song.mp3 1.07MB
Hesh's Wedding Rap.m4a 1.51MB
Hesh's Wedding Rap (DVD Extended).mp3 3.60MB
Hesh's Wedding Rap (TV Original).mp3 2.58MB
Hijack (Snobots Remix).mp3 2.36MB
Hipster Hunter ( April 29,1992 Mix ).mp3 2.86MB
I_Want_Candy.mp3 4.70MB
i am teh awesome.mp3 2.94MB
IG-88_Hits_Chinatown.mp3 2.51MB
Illy Oi (Oi Vey Mix).mp3 1.61MB
indiana jones reggae dub remix.mp3 10.71MB
Insanoflex Rap.mp3 1.12MB
island hating.mp3 2.92MB
I Want Candy.mp3 1.62MB
I Want Candy (F-Art Remix).mp3 2.96MB
Japanese Maid (Beer and Chocolate Remi.mp3 5.29MB
jessej_Zuckuss.mp3 4.20MB
Katamari Damacy (Austin Texas Concert Intro).mp3 1.14MB
Local Heroes.mp3 3.80MB
lullabie.mp3 5.23MB
lullabye sweet dreams remix.mp3 6.00MB
m and z rough.mp3 3.70MB
Marshmellon Collie and the Infinite Playground (Part I) [REMIX WARS] by Piece Palace.mp3 5.17MB
massacred mc chris mashup.mp3 3.22MB
mc_chris_-_Drinkin'_Blunts_(Headies_Version).mp3 5.56MB
MC_Chris_-_Drinking_Blunts_(Leo_K3_Remix)_.mp3 3.99MB
MC_Chris_-_Smackababy_(Doughy_Remix).mp3 4.81MB
MC_Chris_-_Zuckuss_Prius_(Doughy_Remix).mp3 1.98MB
mc chris VS Tiesto - I Will Be Smoking 40s (Extended Club Mix by Scuzzy89) mp3 6.70MB
mc_chris006_remix--dezbot.mp3 9.81MB
mc chirs - Popcorn Frog Vs Contra ( Mx Almond Moombah Remix).mp3 3.02MB
MC Chris - 006.mp3 6.46MB
MC Chris - 006.mp3 5.57MB
MC Chris - 006.mp3 5.35MB
MC Chris - 58.9.mp3 5.27MB
MC Chris - Arulapragasam.mp3 4.95MB
MC Chris - Awesome Fucker.mp3 5.53MB
MC Chris - Awesome Fucker.mp3 3.62MB
MC Chris - Badass.mp3 3.24MB
MC Chris - bench warmer (skit).mp3 675.48KB
MC Chris - best day ever.mp3 7.14MB
MC Chris - blaque plaztik (Kamikaze Phoenix remix).mp3 2.87MB
MC Chris - Blastic.mp3 4.25MB
MC Chris - Bossk On A Segway.mp3 3.88MB
MC Chris - Boys Don't Cry.mp3 5.96MB
MC Chris - buckle up.mp3 6.06MB
MC Chris - Buckle Up.mp3 4.96MB
MC Chris - bum leg (skit).mp3 2.97MB
MC Chris - Carebear.mp3 2.35MB
MC Chris - Check The Ring, Yo.mp3 5.95MB
MC Chris - Christmas Vacation.mp3 6.36MB
MC Chris - clue.mp3 14.43MB
MC Chris - congo (skit).mp3 9.83MB
MC Chris - Cookie Breath.mp3 2.38MB
MC Chris - dead ringers.mp3 8.43MB
MC Chris - Deep Space Travel (skit).mp3 4.88MB
MC Chris - Dengar's Dumptruck.mp3 8.44MB
MC Chris - Dengar's Dumptruck.mp3 6.54MB
MC Chris - Dirty Dick (skit).mp3 4.81MB
MC Chris - discord.mp3 6.90MB
MC Chris - Distant Lands.mp3 6.41MB
MC Chris - Distant Lands.mp3 3.65MB
MC Chris - dq blizzard.mp3 3.11MB
MC Chris - Drinkin' Blunts.mp3 4.43MB
MC Chris - Emo Party.mp3 7.15MB
MC Chris - Emo Party.mp3 3.75MB
MC Chris - Emo Party.mp3 3.32MB
MC Chris - engine.mp3 828.60KB
MC Chris - everest.mp3 6.95MB
MC Chris - Evergreen.mp3 3.84MB
mc chris - Evergreen (Optimiss Mix).mp3 4.31MB
MC Chris - evergreen (remix).mp3 4.31MB
MC Chris - everything (skit).mp3 1.44MB
MC Chris - fake ending (skit).mp3 8.24MB
MC Chris - falynn.mp3 2.45MB
MC Chris - Fett's Vette.mp3 4.55MB
MC Chris - fett's vette (the good, the baddd and the ugly).mp3 6.26MB
MC Chris - fireplace and pipe.mp3 6.48MB
MC Chris - foreverrr.mp3 7.98MB
MC Chris - freaks.mp3 4.19MB
MC Chris - Fresh Organic Produce (skit).mp3 6.70MB
MC Chris - FTW.mp3 3.02MB
MC Chris - fuckin up my christmas.mp3 2.48MB
MC Chris - Gauges.mp3 5.73MB
MC Chris - Geek.mp3 4.42MB
MC Chris - geek (remix).mp3 5.36MB
MC Chris - give up the ghost.mp3 14.32MB
MC Chris - halloween.mp3 6.05MB
MC Chris - Han Solo.mp3 4.56MB
MC Chris - Happy Hunting (skit).mp3 14.65MB
MC Chris - harry potter (skit).mp3 908.01KB
MC Chris - help wanted.mp3 7.07MB
MC Chris - herzog (skit).mp3 10.87MB
MC Chris - Hijack.mp3 5.00MB
MC Chris - Hijack.mp3 4.07MB
MC Chris - hijack (zoomzip remix).mp3 4.26MB
MC Chris - Hipster Hunter.mp3 5.99MB
MC Chris - hoodie ninja.mp3 4.26MB
MC Chris - Hoodie Ninja.mp3 4.00MB
MC Chris - i'm a fuckin wizard.mp3 6.65MB
MC Chris - IG88.mp3 3.39MB
MC Chris - IG-88's '57 Chevy.mp3 4.25MB
MC Chris - IG-88's '57 Chevy.mp3 4.03MB
MC Chris - IG88 untested methods remix.mp3 9.52MB
MC Chris - I Heart Drugs.mp3 4.35MB
MC Chris - Illy Oi!.mp3 6.10MB
MC Chris - jalalabad (skit).mp3 10.46MB
MC Chris - Japanese Maid.mp3 6.83MB
MC Chris - Japanese Maid.mp3 4.76MB
mc chris - Japanese Maid (Cleaning My Electrohouse Mix by Scuzzy89).mp3 10.82MB
MC Chris - jelly inside.mp3 6.79MB
MC Chris - jones.mp3 10.90MB
MC Chris - jump hole.mp3 7.17MB
MC Chris - kill it.mp3 3.08MB
MC Chris - Kindle (skit).mp3 3.29MB
MC Chris - Kingdom Farts.mp3 5.22MB
MC Chris - kleptomaniac.mp3 8.56MB
MC Chris - Kray (skit).mp3 4.10MB
MC Chris - let me in.mp3 9.56MB
MC Chris - lightning lickers.mp3 27.89MB
MC Chris - Lowercase.mp3 3.23MB
MC Chris - luigi.mp3 7.02MB
mc chris - Lullaby (Orchestral Hippity Hop Remix).mp3 3.64MB
MC Chris - lullabye.mp3 6.62MB
mc chris - Lyrical Cool Whip [mc chris is back re-mix] feat. Busdriver.mp3 4.76MB
MC Chris - mac and cheese and cut up hot dogs.mp3 4.39MB
MC Chris - magic (skit).mp3 11.18MB
MC Chris - mc chris is back.mp3 7.52MB
MC Chris - mc chris is dead.mp3 4.90MB
MC Chris - mc chris Is Dead.mp3 6.94MB
MC Chris - MC Chris Owns.mp3 6.09MB
MC Chris - metaphor (skit).mp3 6.45MB
MC Chris - muddy bars (skit).mp3 3.19MB
MC Chris - My Name Is.mp3 7.18MB
MC Chris - necronomicon (skit).mp3 40.32MB
MC Chris - nerd cave.mp3 5.94MB
MC Chris - never give up.mp3 5.18MB
MC Chris - Neville.mp3 6.55MB
MC Chris - Neville.mp3 5.03MB
MC Chris - Neville.mp3 3.44MB
MC Chris - ninja mom (skit).mp3 3.24MB
MC Chris - nrrrd grrrl.mp3 3.64MB
MC Chris - number one fan.mp3 8.63MB
MC Chris - oasis.mp3 13.93MB
MC Chris - older crowd.mp3 4.81MB
MC Chris - Older Crowd.mp3 5.08MB
MC Chris - OMC.mp3 4.39MB
MC Chris - OMC (PhRieQ's Mix4.19).mp3 2.62MB
MC Chris - on.mp3 3.51MB
MC Chris - on the road.mp3 9.35MB
mc chris - On The Road (tate remix).mp3 7.93MB
MC Chris - part one.mp3 8.46MB
MC Chris - Part One.mp3 4.04MB
MC Chris - pickle barrel.mp3 8.18MB
MC Chris - pitchfork (skit).mp3 12.43MB
MC Chris - pizza butt.mp3 3.70MB
MC Chris - popcorn frog.mp3 6.37MB
MC Chris - pop punk is dead (skit).mp3 1.59MB
MC Chris - Potato Cakes.mp3 9.19MB
MC Chris - Potato Cakes.mp3 5.49MB
MC Chris - Potato Party.mp3 6.16MB
MC Chris - PwOm.mp3 5.09MB
MC Chris - Race Wars (Skit).mp3 7.09MB
MC Chris - Rats.mp3 4.65MB
MC Chris - reese.mp3 3.77MB
MC Chris - restart.mp3 9.08MB
MC Chris - robitussin.mp3 2.79MB
MC Chris - Robot Dog.mp3 4.16MB
MC Chris - Rocky's Robot Butler (skit).mp3 5.71MB
MC Chris - rollercoaster.mp3 4.24MB
MC Chris - Sam-E (Skit).mp3 7.81MB
MC Chris - shawlogram.mp3 7.63MB
MC Chris - Smackababy.mp3 5.51MB
MC Chris - smell something.mp3 5.38MB
MC Chris - Stop Time.mp3 6.81MB
MC Chris - sworn (PWOM remix).mp3 7.96MB
MC Chris - tarantino.mp3 7.24MB
MC Chris - Tasty Face.mp3 4.67MB
MC Chris - Ten Year Old.mp3 4.50MB
MC Chris - ten year old (ADHD remix).mp3 5.41MB
MC Chris - The Bridge of Fire (skit).mp3 6.56MB
MC Chris - The Cave of Mysteries (skit).mp3 10.19MB
MC Chris - the jungle gym (skit).mp3 1.26MB
MC Chris - the masturbation song.mp3 3.69MB
MC Chris - the slide (skit).mp3 1.19MB
MC Chris - Time Warp.mp3 4.50MB
MC Chris - tony.mp3 13.46MB
MC Chris - Toothpick Spliffs.mp3 5.27MB
MC Chris - Townie.mp3 4.81MB
MC Chris - townie (remix).mp3 3.82MB
MC Chris - Tractorbeam.mp3 5.02MB
MC Chris - Twin Peaks.mp3 4.76MB
MC Chris - Variety.mp3 5.05MB
MC Chris - wednesday.mp3 7.86MB
MC Chris - where is my 40.mp3 6.28MB
MC Chris - where the ghosts at.mp3 6.77MB
MC Chris - White Kids Love Hip-Hop.mp3 3.86MB
MC Chris - Wiid.mp3 5.34MB
MC Chris - wiid (Mr. PhRieQ's B-Day Puff Mx).mp3 3.98MB
MC Chris - Yachtbirds.mp3 8.10MB
MC Chris - Zuckuss' Prius.mp3 5.25MB
Micro Trash.mp3 2.69MB
My Name Is (Live - Steady as She Goes).mp3 3.24MB
My Name Is Brak (Scratch Vocal Demo).mp3 667.26KB
neville remix.mp3 6.52MB
nrrrd grrrl.mp3 3.41MB
Number One With The Ladies 2000.mp3 3.24MB
OMC (Snobots Remix).mp3 2.24MB
OMC PhRieQ's Mix4.19.mp3 2.62MB
Party Without Me (Purevolume Version).mp3 6.10MB
Party Without Me (Radio Version).mp3 4.60MB
peanutbuttarhymez.mp3 4.35MB
Peer Gynt (DMOC Version).mp3 4.08MB
Peer Gynt (First Cut).mp3 3.33MB
Peer Gynt (Live).mp3 2.55MB
popcorn frog - mcchris meets d&dsluggers.mp3 3.79MB
Popcorn In the Morning.mp3 5.02MB
Potato_Cakes_-_DD_Resix.mp3 3.61MB
Potato Cakes remix.mp3 3.63MB
Potato Punk Mix.mp3 6.35MB
Prime Cutt (Scratch Vocal Demo).mp3 1.16MB
Punk Rock Academy.mp3 2.09MB
QT (Kill Tarantino Mix).mp3 3.50MB
Red Moon.mp3 4.93MB
Roommate From Hell (Featuring mc chris).mp3 4.59MB
Sealab 2021, New Shows (Mono).mp3 633.33KB
Sealab 2021, New Shows (Stereo Reverb).mp3 805.37KB
secret song.mp3 3.86MB
Smooth Getaway.mp3 6.63MB
Solo PUNCH (F-Zero vs Han Solo).mp3 6.13MB
spaceanimals-icantfindmybiru.mp3 7.50MB
Sticky's Beatshack.mp3 1.57MB
sworn PWOM remix.mp3 7.96MB
Ten Year Old (Snobots Remix).mp3 2.68MB
thadd-brooklyn(hipster).mp3 3.54MB
Thank You For Being A Fan.mp3 4.76MB
theghostofthe503+smackababybutterfunkremix.mp3 3.28MB
This is why I'm 006.mp3 9.98MB
Townie (Demo).mp3 2.54MB
Track No01 - MC Chris - MC Chris Attax.mp3 4.91MB
Track No02 - MC Chris - Whiskey River.mp3 6.35MB
Track No03 - MC Chris - Body Rock.mp3 4.26MB
Track No04 - MC Chris - MC Chris #1 With The Ladies.mp3 4.52MB
Track No05 - MC Chris - Alphabeta Max.mp3 6.66MB
Track No06 - MC Chris - Don't Give A Turd.mp3 4.53MB
Track No07 - MC Chris - Down On The Farm.mp3 5.96MB
Track No08 - MC Chris - The Shit That Reeks.mp3 3.09MB
Track No09 - MC Chris - Pop Goes The Weasel.mp3 3.45MB
Track No10 - MC Chris - Party Going On.mp3 4.66MB
Track No11 - MC Chris - Phone Message.mp3 775.33KB
Track No12 - MC Chris - U Got What I Need.mp3 6.39MB
Track No13 - MC Chris - MC Chris Number 2000.mp3 6.17MB
Track No14 - MC Chris - DQ Blizzard.mp3 6.77MB
Track No15 - MC Chris - First Date.mp3 5.11MB
Tractor Beam (Snobots Remix).mp3 1.87MB
twin peaks tpa remix.mp3 4.33MB
Unthinkable Guages.mp3 6.49MB
Variety (Summer Remix).mp3 1.86MB
Where is my 40 (venaul mix).mp3 8.47MB
where is my 40 DrunkBastard Mix.mp3 4.17MB
Where is my generic party mix (Vomit and Blood Breath).mp3 8.07MB
Where Is My Rock.mp3 7.10MB
wheres my 40_final.mp3 3.08MB
White Kids Love Hip Hop (Snobots Remix).mp3 2.17MB
Who Knows The Win.mp3 4.54MB
Whynot Minot.mp3 4.75MB
Wiid (optimiss surf mix).mp3 4.78MB
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