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Title Draconian (Sweden)
Size 1.26GB

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01. A Scenery Of Loss.mp3 21.31MB
01. Heavy Lies The Crown.mp3 15.50MB
01. Hellspawned Fire.mp3 7.59MB
01. No Greater Sorrow.mp3 12.34MB
01. Prologue - Gracefallen.mp3 1.73MB
01. Seasons Apart.mp3 15.20MB
01. She Dies.mp3 17.38MB
01. Sorrow Of Sophia.mp3 17.35MB
01. The Amaranth.mp3 12.07MB
01. The Cry Of Silence.mp3 29.35MB
01. The Drowning Age.mp3 17.01MB
01. The Oath Of Wisdom.mp3 6.38MB
01. The Solitude.mp3 7.33MB
02. Away.mp3 9.75MB
02. Daylight Misery.mp3 12.92MB
02. Devil's Moon.mp3 7.84MB
02. Return To Solitude.mp3 15.64MB
02. Serenade Of Sorrow.mp3 6.65MB
02. Silent Winter.mp3 11.62MB
02. The Cry Of Silence.mp3 9.65MB
02. The Last Hour Of Ancient Sunlight.mp3 12.75MB
02. The Sacrificial Flame.mp3 17.43MB
02. The Wretched Tide.mp3 14.38MB
02. Through Infectious Waters (A Sickness Elegy).mp3 18.78MB
02. When I Wake.mp3 13.62MB
03. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal.mp3 9.80MB
03. Earthbound.mp3 18.97MB
03. End Of The Rope.mp3 15.33MB
03. Luciferian Warwinds.mp3 6.92MB
03. Lustrous Heart.mp3 11.22MB
03. Memento Mori.mp3 4.61MB
03. Pale Tortured Blue.mp3 14.58MB
03. Riders Of The Black Earth.mp3 5.54MB
03. The Apostasy Canticle.mp3 22.87MB
03. The Dying.mp3 22.75MB
03. Una Tertius.mp3 1.00MB
04. Cthulhu Rising.mp3 19.19MB
04. Elysian Night.mp3 18.32MB
04. Expostulation.mp3 5.08MB
04. Not Breathing.mp3 13.20MB
04. Serenade Of Sorrow.mp3 11.76MB
04. Sleepwalkers.mp3 15.67MB
04. Stellar Tombs.mp3 14.12MB
04. Storm Of Damnation.mp3 4.52MB
04. Storm Of Damnation.mp3 6.50MB
04. The Midwinder Sleep.mp3 10.62MB
04. The Solitude.mp3 18.36MB
05. Deadlight.mp3 15.27MB
05. Death, Come Near Me.mp3 34.93MB
05. Fallen Tears.mp3 4.45MB
05. Heaven Laid In Tears (Angels' Lament).mp3 16.09MB
05. Moon Over Sabaoth.mp3 13.72MB
05. No Lonelier Star.mp3 18.24MB
05. Reversio Ad Secessum.mp3 17.48MB
05. The Failure Epiphany.mp3 14.78MB
05. The Morningstar.mp3 18.66MB
05. Unfold Thine Hands.mp3 1.21MB
06. Burial Fields.mp3 10.72MB
06. Dead World Assembly.mp3 13.72MB
06. Dusk Mariner.mp3 18.59MB
06. It Grieves My Heart.mp3 18.14MB
06. Morphine Cloud.mp3 17.53MB
06. The Abhorrent Rays.mp3 12.99MB
06. The Amaranth.mp3 12.49MB
06. The Gothic Embrace.mp3 19.93MB
06. The Morningstar.mp3 10.94MB
07. Akherousia.mp3 6.08MB
07. A Phantom Dissonance.mp3 13.25MB
07. Bloodflower.mp3 12.93MB
07. Dark Oceans.mp3 5.39MB
07. Dishearten.mp3 15.43MB
07. On Sunday They Will Kill The World.mp3 9.93MB
07. The Everlasting Scar.mp3 14.03MB
07. The Gothic Embrace.mp3 10.78MB
07. The Sethian.mp3 15.94MB
08. Cauda Draconis (I - Black Diamond Eyes; II - The Star Of Kliffoth).mp3 9.39MB
08. Claw Marks On The Throne.mp3 13.31MB
08. Death, Come Near Me.mp3 35.48MB
08. Forever My Queen.mp3 6.75MB
08. It Grieves My Heart.mp3 17.45MB
08. Rivers Between Us (Feat. Daniel Anghede).mp3 15.84MB
08. The Empty Stare.mp3 13.49MB
08. The Quiet Storm.mp3 15.44MB
09. Night Visitor.mp3 8.94MB
09. September Ashes.mp3 2.94MB
09. The Armies Of Lucifer.mp3 1.94MB
09. The Death Of Hours.mp3 18.14MB
09. The Marriage Of Attaris.mp3 20.66MB
10. Ascend Into Darkness.mp3 20.61MB
10. Storming Heaven.mp3 8.10MB
10. Wall Of Sighs (Bonus Track).mp3 12.28MB
10. With Love And Defiance (Bonus Track).mp3 10.24MB
11. Epilogue - A New Paradise.mp3 4.66MB
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cover.jpg 269.63KB
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cover.jpg 235.28KB
Scan_01.jpg 643.79KB
Scan_01.jpg 735.14KB
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Scan_01.jpg 1.19MB
Scan_01.jpg 1.85MB
Scan_02.jpg 120.27KB
Scan_02.jpg 893.13KB
Scan_02.jpg 1.34MB
Scan_02.jpg 646.68KB
Scan_02.jpg 1.20MB
Scan_02.jpg 1.27MB
Scan_02.jpg 1.47MB
Scan_03.jpg 736.07KB
Scan_03.jpg 772.59KB
Scan_03.jpg 1.26MB
Scan_03.jpg 988.90KB
Scan_03.jpg 1.42MB
Scan_04.jpg 678.41KB
Scan_04.jpg 1.30MB
Scan_04.jpg 1016.47KB
Scan_04.jpg 1.23MB
Scan_04.jpg 1.45MB
Scan_04.jpg 780.31KB
Scan_05.jpg 827.62KB
Scan_05.jpg 1.28MB
Scan_05.jpg 722.70KB
Scan_05.jpg 1.15MB
Scan_05.jpg 1.16MB
Scan_05.jpg 981.84KB
Scan_06.jpg 835.00KB
Scan_06.jpg 1.25MB
Scan_06.jpg 1.46MB
Scan_06.jpg 1.13MB
Scan_06.jpg 1.33MB
Scan_06.jpg 838.03KB
Scan_07.jpg 645.94KB
Scan_07.jpg 1.25MB
Scan_07.jpg 642.54KB
Scan_07.jpg 701.18KB
Scan_07.jpg 1.29MB
Scan_07.jpg 1.52MB
Scan_08.jpg 603.45KB
Scan_08.jpg 1.28MB
Scan_08.jpg 713.02KB
Scan_08.jpg 700.79KB
Scan_08.jpg 1.32MB
Scan_08.jpg 717.69KB
Scan_09.jpg 387.75KB
Scan_09.jpg 1.34MB
Scan_09.jpg 134.90KB
Scan_09.jpg 501.60KB
Scan_09.jpg 1.23MB
Scan_09.jpg 906.03KB
Scan_10.jpg 777.72KB
Scan_10.jpg 1.33MB
Scan_10.jpg 993.80KB
Scan_11.jpg 782.05KB
Scan_11.jpg 616.13KB
Scan_11.jpg 534.28KB
Scan_12.jpg 417.84KB
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Russia (RU) 46
Ukraine (UA) 11
Belarus (BY) 4
Republic of Lithuania (LT) 1
Kazakhstan (KZ) 1
Australia (AU) 1
Azerbaijan (AZ) 1
Hungary (HU) 1
Republic of Moldova (MD) 1
Latvia (LV) 1
Israel (IL) 1
Bulgaria (BG) 1
Estonia (EE) 1
Total 71
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