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Title Best Rock Ballads from beginning till now 2016- FLAC
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01.Andromeda - Eclipse.flac 41.91MB
02.Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - Black Star.flac 32.44MB
03.Myrath- My Inner War.flac 62.96MB
03.Uriah Heep - Sunrise.flac 23.34MB
04.Genesis - Dancing With The Moonlit Knight.flac 50.00MB
05.Manowar - Heart Of Steel.flac 28.15MB
06.Pink Floyd- Pigs On The Wing 1.flac 8.00MB
07.Avantasia- The Scarecrow.flac 73.66MB
08.Dream Theater - Another Day.flac 31.78MB
09.Uriah Heep - Been Away Too Long.flac 33.36MB
10.Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There.flac 10.64MB
100.Evergrey - Wake A Change.flac 28.71MB
101.Scorpions- Always Somewhere.flac 32.05MB
102.Reminiscence Part II - Regrets.flac 15.16MB
103.The Police- Every Breath You Take.flac 22.32MB
104. Kiss - The Cat Man Disc Four - Beth.flac 14.77MB
105.Pain of Salvation- Morning On Earth.flac 28.55MB
106.Led Zeppelin- Since I've Been Loving You.flac 43.21MB
107.Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven.flac 45.40MB
108. Vision 14teen- Blood Of Eden (x All Love Must Die) (x The Rite)(x This is the..flac 73.46MB
109.Domain - I Ain't No Hero.flac 23.53MB
11.Emerson Lake & Palmer - Still... You Turn Me On.flac 16.30MB
110.Queensryche-Silent Lucidity.flac 36.54MB
111.Creedence Clearwater Revival - (Wish I Could) Hideaway.flac 20.24MB
112.Uriah Heep- Circle Of Hands.flac 41.51MB
113.Twinspirits - Don't Kill Your Dreams.flac 26.16MB
114.Uriah Heep- Rain.flac 17.59MB
115.Seventh Wonder - Tears for a Father.flac 11.90MB
116.Uriah Heep- The Easy Road.flac 13.68MB
117.Simon&garfunkel-The Sounds of Silence.flac 20.01MB
118.Scorpions- White Dove.flac 25.36MB
119.Jethro Tull- Wond'ring Aloud.flac 10.62MB
12.Genesis - Visions Of Angels.flac 39.93MB
120.Deep Purple- Child In Time.flac 60.67MB
121.Symphony X- Communion and the oracle.flac 56.32MB
122.Baroness- Fugue-Purple.flac 11.45MB
123.Scopions-Always Somewhere.flac 31.88MB
124.Reminiscence Part II - Regrets.flac 15.14MB
125.Kiss - Beth.flac 16.87MB
126.Pain of Salvation-Morning On Earth.flac 25.79MB
127.Led Zeppelin- Since I've Been Loving You.flac 47.72MB
128.Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven.flac 40.56MB
129. Vision 14teen- Blood Of Eden (x All Love Must Die) (x The Rite).flac 82.90MB
13.Judas Priest- Dreamer Deceiver.flac 30.69MB
130. Scorpions-Holiday.flac 34.32MB
131.Queen- Lily Of The Valley.flac 9.01MB
132.Symphony X- Paradise lost.flac 42.85MB
133.Haken- Because It's There.flac 26.39MB
134. Guns N' Roses - Knockin' On Heaven's Door.flac 34.55MB
135. Pain of Salvation-Oblivion Ocean.flac 27.08MB
136.Scorpions- Wind of Change.flac 32.94MB
137.Yes - Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day.flac 33.23MB
138.Cornerstone-House Of Nevermore.flac 33.64MB
139.Gary Barden-Need Of Some Love.flac 41.82MB
14.Manowar- Master Of The Wind.flac 30.56MB
140.Iron Mask-Warchild Requiem.flac 14.92MB
141.Masi-Writing On The Wall.flac 38.32MB
142.Simon&Garfunkel- I Am a Rock.flac 16.38MB
143. Eva Cassidy-Ain't No Sunshine.flac 16.20MB
144.Symphony X- Shades of grey.flac 32.42MB
145.Queen- Somebody To Love.flac 33.44MB
146.Scorpions- When The Smoke Is Going Down.flac 23.17MB
147.Avenged Sevenfold - Crimson Day (Hail to the King).flac 35.82MB
148.Avantasia-Draconian Love.flac 32.37MB
149.Led Zeepelin- D'yer Mak'er.flac 32.19MB
15.Peter Gabriel - Mother Of Violence.flac 14.45MB
150.Myrath- Fade Away.flac 30.14MB
151.Led Zeppelin- Gallows Pole.flac 33.34MB
152. Guns N' Roses - Civil War.flac 46.34MB
153.Pain of Salvation- Undertow.flac 30.19MB
154.Almah-Almah.flac 33.85MB
155.Mattson-Chained To My Pain.flac 27.90MB
156.Rob Rock-Unconditional.flac 30.72MB
157.Uriah Heep- Tales.flac 27.29MB
158.Black Sabbath- She's Gone.flac 30.10MB
159.Pain of Salvantion- Dedication.flac 24.06MB
16. Pink Floyd - Nobody Home.flac 17.95MB
160.Boston- More Than a Feeling.flac 21.65MB
161.Almah-Forgotten Land.flac 30.27MB
162.Elegy-Labyrinth Of Dreams.flac 37.37MB
163.UDO-Tears Of A Clown.flac 27.16MB
164.Jethro Tull- Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll Too Young To Die.flac 32.03MB
165.Symphony X- A winter's dream - Prelude.flac 20.44MB
166.Queen-Nevermore.flac 6.70MB
167.YES- From the Balcony.flac 13.98MB
168.Led Zeppelin- I Can’t Quit You Baby.flac 27.10MB
169.YES- Mood For a Day.flac 12.98MB
17.Aeon Zen- Hope's Echo Pt. I - The Wake.flac 13.77MB
170.Firewind-Before The Storm.flac 23.41MB
171.Empire-Teenage Deadhead.flac 29.06MB
172.Saracen-Where Was There's God.flac 51.69MB
173.Uriah Heep - Dreams.flac 34.14MB
174.Andromeda- Go Back To Sleep.flac 36.42MB
175.Jethro Tull-Weathercock.flac 24.16MB
176.Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who’ll Stop the Rain.flac 17.58MB
177.Queen- Jesus.flac 23.50MB
178.Queen- Love Of My Life.flac 19.40MB
179.Led Zeppelin- Bron-Y-Aur Stomp.flac 25.24MB
18.Avantasia- In Quest For.flac 24.06MB
180.UFO- Love To Love.flac 48.92MB
181.Manowar-Blood Brothers.flac 28.70MB
182.Supreme Majesty -By Your Side.flac 46.33MB
183.Mob rules-Hold One (Reprise).flac 30.27MB
184.Tarot-Tides.flac 38.78MB
185. Guns n' Roses - Sorry.flac 35.10MB
186.Evergrey- Missing You.flac 17.61MB
187. Avenged Sevenfold - Acid Rain (Hail to the King).flac 36.37MB
188.Bon Jovi - Bed Of Roses.flac 43.63MB
189.Avantasia- Lucifer.flac 21.05MB
19.Avantasia - The Story Ain’t Over.flac 31.52MB
190.Gary John Barder-Change The Wind.flac 31.55MB
191.Brazen Abbot- AI'll Be Free.flac 20.89MB
192. Silent Force-In Your Arms.flac 44.30MB
193.Axel Rudi Pell-Like A Child Again.flac 28.20MB
194.Manowar-Master Of The Wind.flac 38.25MB
195.Europe-Carrie.flac 26.80MB
196.Rod Stewart- Sailing.flac 30.12MB
197.The Animals- The House of the Rising Sun.flac 14.86MB
198.Pain of Salvation- Falling.flac 11.23MB
199.Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody.flac 29.55MB
20.Emerson Lake & Palmer- From The Beginning.flac 24.98MB
200.Threshold-Avalon.flac 31.97MB
201.Vitalij Kuprij-Living To Live.flac 52.08MB
202.Simon & Garfunkel - El Condor Pasa (If I Could).flac 15.80MB
203.Evergrey- The Aftermath.flac 50.06MB
204.Avantasia- A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies.flac 37.40MB
205.Pain of Salvation- Second Love.flac 29.47MB
206. Status Quo - In the Army Now.flac 28.94MB
207.Harry Nilsson - Without You.flac 19.75MB
208.Thnderstone-Another Time.flac 22.52MB
209.Vandem Plas-Fireroses Dance.flac 43.71MB
21.Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here.flac 26.04MB
210.Guns n' Roses - This I love.flac 29.88MB
211.Seventh Wonder - One Last Goodbye.flac 28.08MB
212.UDO-One Love Voice.flac 30.01MB
213.Tearsof Anger-Sell My Soul.flac 34.34MB
214.Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do-Edited cut.flac 65.39MB
215.Sund and Steel-Sund And Steel.flac 44.76MB
216.Sarah Brightman -The Phantom Of The Opera (Live).flac 33.74MB
217. Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You.flac 29.89MB
218.Slade- My Oh My.flac 30.99MB
219.The Rolling Stones-Angie.flac 26.63MB
22.Avantasia - What Kind Of Love.flac 30.79MB
220.The Rolling Stones-Fool To Cry.flac 24.18MB
221.Aspera - Reflections.flac 9.21MB
222.Avantasia - A Restless Heart And Obsidian Skies.flac 41.13MB
223.Myrath- My Inner War.flac 64.92MB
224.Anthropia - The Torn Off Wing of the Butterfly.flac 39.10MB
225.Anthropia - Breeze in the Leaves (Epilogue).flac 26.46MB
226.Ayreon - The Charm Of The Seer.flac 25.98MB
227.Ayreon - Actual Fantasy.flac 8.29MB
228.Ayreon - Day Eleven- Love.flac 23.36MB
229.Ayreon - Dreamtime.flac 31.00MB
23.Eternity X - A Day In Verse.flac 47.68MB
230.Ayreon - Beneath The Waves.flac 48.69MB
231.Ayreon - Day Six- Childhood.flac 32.09MB
232.Ayreon - Day Sixteen- Loser.flac 29.94MB
233.Ayreon - Carried By The Wind.flac 27.55MB
234.Ayreon - Day Nineteen- Disclosure.flac 28.73MB
236.Ayreon - The Awareness.flac 36.62MB
237.Andromeda - Eclipse.flac 40.40MB
238.Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - Black Star.flac 29.68MB
239.Black Sabbath - Changes.flac 26.31MB
24.Eternity X- Cancer.flac 26.21MB
240.Dire Straits -Brothers In Arms.flac 22.54MB
241.Camel - Mystic queen.flac 37.55MB
242.Eagles - Hotel California.flac 33.78MB
243.Foreigner - Starrider.flac 29.04MB
244.Genesis- Dancing with the Moonlit Knight.flac 43.03MB
245.The Doors-Hello, I Love You.flac 15.36MB
246.Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe.flac 20.56MB
247.Avantasia-Lucifer.flac 22.28MB
248.Mötley Crüe - God Bless The Children Of The Beast.flac 9.11MB
249.Pain of Salvation Cribcaged.flac 43.00MB
25.Eternity X - Despair.flac 24.88MB
250.Pain of Salvation No Way.flac 42.72MB
251.Pain of Salvation She Likes To Hide.flac 18.58MB
252.Pain of Salvation Yellow Raven.flac 30.87MB
253.Pain of Salvation- Road Salt.flac 21.93MB
254.The Doors- People Are Strange.flac 12.02MB
255.Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here.flac 29.38MB
256.The Doors-Riders on the Storm.flac 42.19MB
256.The Police- Roxanne.flac 22.25MB
257.Speaking To Stones- Nothing.flac 28.09MB
258.Speaking To Stones- Waiting For...flac 39.62MB
259.Camel-Stationary Traveller.flac 28.55MB
26.Pink Floyd - Pigs On The Wing 2.flac 9.05MB
260.SymphonyX The sacrifice.flac 34.47MB
261.Thin Lizzy - Parisienne Walkways.flac 18.14MB
262.Thin Lizzy -Still In Love With You.flac 44.00MB
263.Uriah Heep - Sunrise-Edited cut.flac 22.99MB
27.Rush - Different Strings.flac 19.36MB
27.Uriah Heep - Come Back To Me.flac 28.12MB
28.Jeff Beck - A Change Is Gonna Come.flac 45.73MB
29.Avantasia - Farewell.flac 45.94MB
30.Avantasia - Runaway Train.flac 52.33MB
30.Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Lucky Man.flac 35.11MB
31.Manowar - The Crown And The Ring [Lament Of The Kings].flac 25.05MB
32.Pink Floyd - Mother.flac 31.17MB
33.Avantasia - Anywhere.flac 29.99MB
34.Avantasia - Blowing Out The Flame.flac 27.33MB
35- Pink Floyd - Paranoid Eyes.flac 15.56MB
36.Uriah Heep - Sympathy.flac 32.56MB
37.Avantasia - What's Left Of Me.flac 30.23MB
38.Defyance - Never Fade Away.flac 26.03MB
39.Uriah Heep - Love Or Nothing.flac 18.05MB
40- Uriah Heep - The Dance.flac 32.14MB
41.Avantasia - Cry Just A Little.flac 30.19MB
42.Uriah Heep - Choices.flac 37.93MB
43.Avantasia - Into The Unknown.flac 25.61MB
44.Avantasia - The Great Mystery.flac 63.99MB
45.Genesis - Carpet Crawlers.flac 29.47MB
45.MindSplit - Through The Eyes Of A Child.flac 20.22MB
46.Avantasia - Inside.flac 12.71MB
47.Avantasia- The Edge.flac 27.22MB
48.Avantasia- The Tower.flac 63.37MB
49.Manowar - Father.flac 24.99MB
50.Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Put a Spell on You.flac 29.13MB
51. Simon&Garfunkel-Mrs. Robinson.flac 23.21MB
52.Mike Oldfied- Muse.flac 9.18MB
53.Uriah Heep- The Wizard.flac 18.97MB
54.Uriah Heep- Wonderworld.flac 25.40MB
55.Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is.flac 34.75MB
56.Guns 'N Roses- Since I don't Have You.flac 24.88MB
57.Haken -The Path.flac 14.57MB
57.Queen- We Are the Champions.flac 17.79MB
58.Time Requiem-Quest Of A Million Souls.flac 30.40MB
58.Yes - Future Times - Rejoice.flac 47.72MB
59.Circus Maximus-Silence From Angels Above.flac 25.77MB
59.R.E.M.- Hairshirt.flac 21.91MB
60.Yes- And You And I.flac 65.86MB
61.Evergrey- Barricades.flac 20.45MB
62.Jethro Tull- Cold Wind To Valhalla.flac 31.27MB
63.The Beatles- Eleanor Rigby.flac 7.84MB
63.Yes - It Will Be a Good Day (The River).flac 34.20MB
64.Ten Years After - Positive Vibrations.flac 25.18MB
65.Uriah Heep-Stealin'.flac 31.16MB
66.Uriah Heep-The Park.flac 29.35MB
67.Queen- Killer Queen.flac 18.76MB
68.Camel -You are the one.flac 30.25MB
69.Queen- You Take My Breath Away.flac 25.76MB
70.Led Zeppelin - Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.flac 37.25MB
71.Slade- Coz I Luv You.flac 22.76MB
72.Tarja - I Walk Alone (Single Cut).flac 28.70MB
74.Cornerstone-Arrival.flac 6.94MB
75.Axel Rudi Pell-Broken Heart.flac 30.27MB
76.Axel Rudi Pell-In The Air Tonight.flac 58.98MB
77.Cornerstone- Sail On Stormy Waters.flac 32.82MB
78.Heeloween- A Take That Wasn't Right.flac 29.98MB
79.Uriah Heep - Blind Eye.flac 21.84MB
80.Jethro Tull - Bouree.flac 21.22MB
81.Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World.flac 20.43MB
82.Uriah heep - July Morning( cut edition).flac 59.16MB
83.Simon&Garfunkel - The Boxer.flac 25.57MB
84.Evergrey - These Scars.flac 31.36MB
85.Rainbow- Catch The Rainbow.flac 35.94MB
86.King Crimson- Epitaph (Including March For No Reason & Tomorrow And Tomorrow).flac 51.51MB
87.Sting- Englishman in New York.flac 23.72MB
88. Marillion - Kayleigh.flac 26.17MB
89.The Moody Blues- Nights in White Satin.flac 26.08MB
90.Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills And Far Away.flac 29.95MB
91. Uriah Heep- lady in black.flac 36.04MB
92. Yes - Madrigal.flac 16.43MB
93.House of Lords-All The Pieces Falling.flac 36.29MB
94.Evergrey- Closer.flac 16.59MB
95.Karelia-.Cross And Crescent.flac 25.99MB
96.White lion- When the children cry.flac 27.02MB
97.DefyanceLoved Honor More.flac 33.69MB
98.Jethro Tull - Mother Goose.flac 21.40MB
99.Andromeda - Survival Of The Richest.flac 30.04MB
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