Online API

We provide Online API for notification about content sharing/downloading via Bittorent Network. F.e. we can send email for Right Holders if somebody sharing copirated content. Or send email to police is somebody sharing child pornography.

How it works

  • You specify content attributes (category, IMDB ID, infohashes) and desirable geo region.
  • F.e. movie "Arrival" for Germany or France. Or "Adobe Premiere Pro CC‎" for Europe Union. Or "Any pornography" for Islamic countries.
  • We will send you email with IP address and additional info when user will be sharing/downloading torrent.
  • We can attach ".torrent" file to letter, our server will emulate torrent tracker protocol. In such way you will connect firstly to this IP address to get evidence.

We will provide personal area for Online API on the site soon. But right know you can email up [email protected] and we will email you back as soon as possible.